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can you explain the dagger? i took a break for a while and missed that

welllllllllllllllllll… way back yonder, many years ago (sept 2013) harry went and got a lovely rose tattoos.. what a glorious thing it is.

a dagger and a rose go together… it’s just. they DO okay. like a compass and a ship and a heart and an arrow and an anchor and a rope. THEY JUST GO. here see:

anywayyyyyyyyyyy.. there is also THIS site which gives us a lot of nautical tattoos in particular places of ones body… hmmmmm it’s just a coincidence if you’re an anti… it’s damn straight up trolling and fate if you ask any larrie.. but whatevs.

Sooooooooooooo for an entire YEAR we were all banging on about how louis needs to get a dagger to go with harrys rose… we had hope. 

(theres a lot more receipts but you get my point)

so anyway… one glorious thursday night during the australian spring time when the boys were on A Current Affair the day after the arias.. it was being livestreamed and we all noticed louis had a new tattoo (he got it the night of the arias, the 26th nov) and then we noticed LOUIS GOT THE DAGGER LOUIS GOT THE FUCKING DAGGER AFTER A YEAR OF US SAYING HE NEEDS TO GET THE DAGGER HE GOT THE DAGGER LARRY IS REAL THEYRE IN LOVE AND LOUIS GOT THE DAGGER.

and we died and really haven’t gotten over it… then we got this confirmation from the actual artist who did it… just you know, letting us know and confirming it was in fact a dagger…

so just add this dagger and rose to the list of couples tattoos… they’re so in love it makes me sick.

fav ensemble bits in hamilton:

- when they vocalize alongside burr when says “see him now as he stands” in the first number

- how they almost overpower burr’s part in Non-stop

- the start of Satisfied. you kno the part

- in Wait For It when the male ensemble members echo burr then the female cast members then all of them at once throughout the whole song and how they get louder and louder towards the end until the last line

- all of Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

- bLOW us all awaaaAAy

- the commentary during the cabinet battles

- when they join hamilton’s part in The Room Where It Happens and everyone’s just frantically yelling at burr