im so very aware that this is bad pls dont remind me

‪"To the bone" trailer (also the new movie “feed”) ruined my night yesterday I was out here pacing and cryinnnn ngl. I’m not the gal to be this sensitive over a movie/show but hear me out. If this gets publicity like 13rw. I’m OUT. this ones way more backwards like if u care about people with EDS DONT PULL THIS SHIT (-: simple omg.

(Fully aware that some of the actors and the director have a past with an ed, and do amazing charity work) I’m not criticising lily or Keanu AT ALL, I appreciate her background with an ed.l and I think she’s so brave for it)

yes mental health should be talked about, but it’s like, that doesn’t take away from the character ygm? It’s a fiction film and the scenes of the trailer are taking the piss, there awful (triggering to the point of a relapse). It stigmatises mental illness, and 100% glamourises it. Her character is sassy, pretty and beautifully tragic, in a romantic way? get it taken down or im outta this joint /:‬

“I wish I had that problem” you wouldn’t wish for cancer or other life ending illnesses !!!

‪"it’s like you have calorie aspergers" *fist pumps* Get Away ya fool, they were celebrating??? when I was like 13 I would have watched it and get “tips"and shit. ‬I would have admired her character and thought of her as beautifully tragic. just based on the 2 minute trailer, it doesn’t show the ugly side of an ed.

‪nah im actually fuming with this ngl.‬
‪it’s the production and choice of character really. her, being someone i imagine i’d watch (when I was younger) n think woah i wish i could be like her. It already looks very cookie cutter, stereotypical girl with an eating disorder, who’s too skinny, counts all her calories, looks a certain way, and denies everything. “You look like a ghost”.

To an extent, that’s very real, but that’s not how all eds are at all. Even the name suggests you have to look a certain way to have an ed. a healthy looking body doesn’t equal a healthy mind (eating disorders are a mental illness not a physical one.) ‬

‪ppl may see this as taking it too seriously, but 1 in 4 ppl die with this illness. And the trailer alone promotes the wrong ideas. The dealt by makeup and close up of her bones rllllyyyy is just a criteria to who and who doesn’t have anorexia… :/ it makes a lot of us feel so invalid bc we didn’t look that sick at our lowest. It also makes someone struggling think “I’m not sick enough yet bc I don’t look as thin as her, so I don’t need help rn” ‬
Kinda reminds me of Cassie from skins: “I didn’t eat for three days so I could be lovely” that saids the COMPLETE wrong message to susceptible young people.

WHAT is comical about eating disorders. all the people saying we can’t step on eggshells around EDs is bullshit because humans are inherently vulnerable and respond to role models thus a show portraying a beautiful witty teen with an ED will never be ok

(Also I ain’t the only one who feels this way about the trailer at all)
Weight is simply a side effect of an eating disorder, but so is comparison. Maybe you were never tubed or forced into treatment or underweight. But it doesn’t make u less valid.

‪I’m still on the fence about this show, but I rlly admire lily and everyone for it. Just already have some issues with the way it’s been constructed. even tho it may help the minority of sufferers to have an idol etc, it still has its hung ups.‬ it would be amazing if it helped someone recover (as it’s a happy ending) it’s it’s cool to be proud of the context of the movie, but it promotes toxic actions and behaviours and 100% glamourises an ed, no doubt about it.

I’m sick to death of eds being portrayed in a glamorous light, or shown to be a phase/ problem that a little therapy can fix. To all vulnerable and impressionable audiences of the film, I fucking hope it doesn’t have a bad influence on ya bb

“To the bone” will be another middle class white girl who has anorexia and becomes skinny but makes some miraculous recovery. It will add nothing new to the eating disorder discussion and yet again, ignores OSFED. Anorexia is the most talked about and the most represented. There are countless movies and documentaries on it already with side characters having other types of eating disorders. For once I’d just like a movie that has an overweight/healthy weight person who has been starving and gets the help they need.

It make sufferers who are perhaps not as underweight (or who are unable to see themselves as that underweight) consequently see these underweight scenes and feel that they cannot seek help because they aren’t “thin enough” or “bad enough”.
Just thinking of the millions of young people who will watch it on Netflix KILLS ME inside. The show will make people without an ed think that that’s the reality of EDs, and not take certain people seriously. I hope they at least portray the loneliness/ brutality of an ed, if not the ugliness. :/
This show will 100% trigger someone into a relapse, that may/ will kill them. when it airs in a week, and ur in recovery pls be careful.

‪I called Netflix to let em kno.‬ it’s a free call too.
‪if u don’t agree, leave it be, just don’t make it cinematic ukno. stressed tf out. sigh. ‬

Lian and Damian headcanons

(Bc why the fuck not)

  • damian is lians favorite uncle. He teaches her the coolest sword moves, actually gave her a wooden sword to practice (and promised her, when jason wasn’t listening, that he would get her a real one on her tenth birthday), he never patronizes her, and practically treats her like an equal (which was a bit of a mess a bit but eventually damian learned when he could treat her like he would treat everybody else and when he need to remember she was just five years old)
  • Damian and lian conspire to get her a pet at least five times a month
  • damian promises lian she could be his robin once he finally takes the batman mantle..
  • dont tell anyone but damian really enjoys babysitting her…
  • “father, as much as it pains me to say this, you need to get hood on this case. He is obviously the best choice for a mision like this.” “Damian you’re not coming along, you’re aware of that, right?” “I do know. That’s why I suggest you also accept arsenals help” “Damian… you know you can visit lian anytime you want, right?” “what are you trying to insinuate father?” “… nothing. You’re right.” “Alright. Now if you excuse me I have homework to do. Oh and feel free to remind Todd I’m the only one in the country at the moment, and that last time Hawke babysat he didn’t color lians coloring book properly. I know this because lian told me herself.” “Ahá.”
  • Jason and Roy come back home a lot of times to find them sleeping on the sofa, still with either wooden swords or crayons on their hands
  • Jason definitely takes a thousand pics that he sends to dick, bruce, alfred, and cass.. (not tim or stephanie because he doesn’t want to be directly connected with that.. dick will probably put it on Facebook anyways so,)
  • Damian fights tooth and nail to keep Lian’s interest in swords alive… but of course the Archer DNA is stronger.. (or that’s what roy says. Damian knows theres no such thing)
  • Damian pretends not to know the basic archery techniques so Lian can teach him what she’s learning with daddy, aunt mia, and uncle connor
  • the moment lian knows she wants to become speedy and not robin after all, she tells roy and jason, very seriously, that she needs a little sibling so damian could have a robin…
  • (roy and jason take that request very seriously by the way..)
  • Lian doesnt let anyone but Damian help her with her drawings (“no dad! Uncle dami said those two colors dont match! They dont match!!”)
  • She starts using “fool”, “buffoon”, and “imbecile” when she wants to insult someone (and roy and jason cant really complain because it could always be worse)
  • theres that time lian insists on damian tagging along to their zoo visit (he listens to her pointing to the animals and telling him the names even if he had visited that same zoo with dick a thousand times), and she finds really amusing when some old lady tells jason he has two wonderful kids and damian and jason jump at the same time indignantly “HES NOT MINE” “IM NOT HIS KID”… and even more amusing when roy wraps his arms around damian and exclaims “i love my beautiful child!” (and admonishes damian when he tries to elbow him on the crotch, even if she does find it a bit amusing too)
  • When Damian is having a Bad Day he just stops by the Harper-Todd household, and he doesn’t even give explanations before sitting with lian to draw while she tells him about her day at kindergarten
  • one Halloween, Damian soberly announced Dick he wouldn’t be trick and treating with him anymore. Dick was heartbroken, thinking Damian has reached the “I’m too old for that!!” Phase, but when jason sent him a pic of damian in a speedy costume and lian in a green arrow one, with the caption “Oliver queen eat your heart out, you son of a bitch” he almost started crying
  • Damian most definitely attends Lians tea parties, even when Stephanie (and Cass) are also invited
  • When roy gives damian a ridiculous bright red “Best Uncle in da world” shirt, Damian seriously considers to stab him, before he sees Lian in a matching “Best Niece in da world” shirt. He wears it often and Bruce and Dick try very hard not to cry everytime.
  • connor and damian “agree” that they’re both lians favorite uncle.
  • “I’m favorite arrow uncle and you’re favorite bat uncle.” “I’m her favorite altogether but if that helps you sleep at night.. Alright, hawke”
  • Jason and roy see it as a victory.

title: how to get a boyfriend: a comprehensive guide by kuroo tetsurou
fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: kurodai
word count: 2311
summary: kuroo asks daichi out thru texts, then regrets it: the fic

for @maskyoursmile! i hope this is everything that u wanted!!

here on ao3

Daichi lets out a long, relieved sigh as he finally finishes his homework for the weekend. It’s only Friday, but he’s always found it much easier to do all of his homework as soon as he gets home from school instead of leaving it until Sunday night. It makes it a lot easier to enjoy his weekend, he finds, so even though the guys poke fun at him for it, he sticks to his routine because it’s something that works for him.

After a nice stretch of his arms and spine that leaves his bones feeling pleasantly melty, he reaches for his phone. He always turns it on silent and leaves it facedown while he does his homework to avoid any distractions, but Suga always sends him messages anyway so he figures he should probably check them and get back to him.

When he turns his phone over, however, he finds the screen flashing with an incoming call from Kuroo Tetsurou.

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