im so used to it lmfao

my best friend who is like a sister to me is LITERALLY getting ENGAGED to her girlfriend im sorry MY BEST FRIEND is getting married and im so happy about it and it’s all i think about to stay positive despite whats been going on in my life

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realistically why're you using gay as an insult to Kayla when you have so many LGBT sims??? pretty sure using gay to "offend" someone or cause issues is being homophobic. you can disagree but I'm sure most will agree with me lmfao

im not using gay as an insult. no one is. why would you assume being called gay is an insult?? 🤔🤔🤔


myungsoo will fight anyone who tells him not to wear black 

try not to think about the soft touches klance give each other when they’re lying in bed together. 

  • the way lance uses his thumb to trace circles into keith’s cheek, smiling at him all fond 
  • keith rubbing his hand along lance’s side in soothing motions, sometimes swiping his thumb across skin and tugging him closer when keith shifts to get comfy 
  • the soft humming lance does as he peppers keith’s face with light kisses, sometimes lingering long enough to press one to the corner of keith’s mouth
  • the way keith can’t help but smile at the kisses, eyes still closed and content as he tries to catch them all with his lips, most of the time he misses but the affection is all the same
  • how lance mumbles soft words to keith, telling him how beautiful and good he is, how much he loves him and about all the things he’s going to show him when they go home
  • and keith can never respond the way he wants to when lance comes at him with words like this - he’s never really been very good with words in general. he just tugs lance close to his chest, wrapping his arms around him as he presses a kiss to his forehead and breathes softly into his hair, mumbling i love yous in response as he strokes his hand along lance’s back
  • lance has the worst goosebumps

I was a show-off as a kid and loved to dress up. I was constantly in costume, drawing mustaches on with eyeliner and letting my sister plait my hair and all that. I was always trying to perform, but never with some dream to be on the stage. The stage was wherever I was standing at the time.

give him an even dye job please


…I can not believe that with my own two eyes I’m actually seeing Kai stopping Suho from touching Sehun while posing for a damn chicken ad.

i HATE people from the US who tell me why i care about trump being president like ???? it affects the whole world ????? if the US was a small ass country it wouldnt have an impact or would have a small one but the US is one of the biggest and strongest countries in the world and when the US elected the dumb ass orange cheeto for president it fucked up the whole fucking world lmfao so stop fucking telling me to stop caring about it cause i wont stop caring since it affects me too even tho im not from the US and thats that on that

myth blogger: i love greek mythology! especially–

me, cutting them off and rubbing my temples: especially hades and persephone. yea. here’s your mediocre desaturated edit of the myth starring Indie Singer as persephone And Mid-Twenties Guy From The CW With Long Hair And A Five O’Clock Shadow as hades. yea.