im so upset you dont understand

On the Gishwhes Facebook live stream today I asked a question in the comments section. I wanted to know if the winners trip accommodates Jewish people who can only eat kosher, like me.
I got a lovely response from a previous winner, as well as an informative one from the official Gishwhes.

And then I get a comment from some hateful gisher who wants to know if she’ll be accommodated if she only eats k**e.

Of all the places to experience vehement antisemitism and to have a slur directed at me on Tisha B'Av of all days, I didn’t expect it from the Gishwhes community. Not gonna lie, I’m nearing tears. If you know the history of Tisha B’Av, you’ll know why this is making me have a more emotional response than I normally would have.

I’ve never been called that before. And the first time it happens to me is connected to Gishwhes, the thing that brings me some of the happiest moments in my life.

Am I over-reacting? I don’t know. But honestly this has made it real to me, more than anything else, that antisemitism really is everywhere. If I can experience it from Gishwhes, there’s really nowhere to get away from it.

Anyone else that cant stand the "empathy is the most important human thing! You're not a human/good person without it!!" thing??

Like while my empathy is lower towards other humans, but hyper towards animals, i do still have sympathy? And i just am more logical thinking so i just dont always agree on or understand why you’re upset? Why do you insist on that i cant have morals because of that??? Or that im inherently selfish because of it?!

…Why do you think neurotypical expressions are the standard of which how human you are is meassured?

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!!! I would be so happy if you did a pta dads comfort fic where morality is comforting logic about not understanding emotion well? like, logic gets really angry but can't figure out why, and morality helps him through it with "you are not a robot, its okay to be upset." and snuggles??? please dont hurt your hand though!!! I love your writing!

This is really short considering how much it took me! I hope you like it!

Oh, and, dont worry. I wont be using my hand at all for tomorrow so hopefully my wrist goes back to normal ahaha

Not a Robot

PTA dads/Logicality

Warnings: There are some tears, talk of feelings, im probably missing one


“What is the point of him calling me over if he won’t even listen to me?!”


“No Mo! I refuse to calm down. I don’t get it!”

Morality watched with worried eyes how his boyfriend walked around the room. Thomas, along with Princey and Joan, were planning a new video and Logic was summoned to help only for him to be ignored every time he tried to give his opinion. He had even threw the door open without worrying of the loud “SLAM” that resonated thru the house.

“It’s not the first time this has happen, why would he even summon me in the first place?”

Logan threw himself face up besides Morality, staring at the ceiling with his brow creased in anger and worry. It was unfair, really, but there wasn’t much Morality could do to help his boyfriend feel better.

“Feeling any better sugar?”

“I’m not even sure what im feeling. Isn’t that rich, me not knowing something and admitting it freely”

Morality layed himself down on top of Logic’s chest, hearing his heartbeat and the patter of breathing that his beloved had, he knew what he wanted to say but it was harder than he thought to put it into words

“You are not a robot darling, its okay to be upset”

“Sometimes it feels like you are the only one who thinks that”

“The others worry too dearest; it’s just slightly more complex for them to express it. Roman thinks you already know it, and you know how hard is for anxiety to express himself”

“Im so exhausted”

Logan’s voice sounded tiny, and he felt like he was carrying the world in his shoulders. He didn’t want to be ignored, or to be thought of as only a robot. He wanted his friends to realize they were hurting him

“its okay, it’s okay to cry too Logan”

And just like that the proverbial walls broke and Logan cried, tears of anger and frustration with just a touch of actual sadness going freely down his face and soaking the bed the he had shared so many times with the father

“I love you, and I know you feel things”


“They love you too Logan, im sure of it”

Logan stared at his boyfriend, before changing positions and putting his face in Morality’s chest, snuggling up to him and sighing softly. He was still tired, he was still confused, but he had Morality at his side

“I love you Mo”

“I love you too Logan”

So, Im a shift manager at a place famous for roast beef. I always wear a headset when I’m on the floor, even when Im not im drive thru just in case some shit goes down or a team member needs help. Last night, while I was doing paperwork, this guy pulls up to the speaker with a really loud truck. The drive thru person (we’ll call him R) tried to take his order like usual, but couldnt hear him, so he asked if the guy could turn off his vehicle. The guy then got pissy and R said “Im sorry, its really hard for me to hear you” and the guy started yelling. I cut in and said in my manager voice “sir, you either need to pull forward or turn off your vehicle because we have no idea what you’re saying.” He then shouted that this was bullshit and I told him we wouldn’t serve him if he used that kind of language. He then left. I genuinely dont understand why he was so goddamn upset.

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THERE ARE STILL PPL SAYING THAT TAMLIN WAS NOT MEANT TO BE ABUSIVE AND THAT SJ MAAS BOOKS ARE TOXIC BC THEY PROMOTE ABUSE HOW CAN U LITERALLY MISS THE WHOLE STORY OF ACOTAR OH MY GOD. also calling feyre stupid for staying in an abusive relationship literally go look it up on youtube ppl shame her for a realistic reaction & refuse to read onwards im so so so fucking pissed oh my LORD


bc the fact that ppl say those things….makes me SO ANGRY.

I think people were upset seeing tamlin go from alpha male hero to alphahole abusive prick. I dont think they really understand that he was NEVER good for Feyre, even in acotar. Some people really really shipped Feylin, and probably felt all betrayed by SJM for “ruining” his character in acomaf. But if you look closely at his actions in acotar, you can see him showing the first signs of abuse and control over Feyre (SJM herself has said that he wasn’t meant to be that great even in book 1). 

I don’t see how Feyre staying with Tamlin for like, 1/8th of acomaf promotes abuse? that’s ridiculous. Real life survivors and victims of domestic abuse STAY WITH THEIR ABUSERS on a REGULAR basis. It’s INCREDIBLY difficult to get out. Escaping an abuser isn’t easy, and even once you’ve escaped, your abuser could potentially hunt you down… (cough cough Tamlin sending Lucien for Feyre) (oh god now I dislike Lucien all over again) (ik ppl love him but I have never been okay with this part of him) (obv i hate tamlin more but still) 

Feyre escapes Tamlin and starts to make her own life. It’s beautiful. It’s done in a realistic manner. It takes her a while to get over her trauma, to stop feeling guilty for leaving Tamlin. The abuse narrative is so wonderfully written, and it amazes me that people would say these books promote abuse when they are LITERALLY WRITTEN TO DO THE OPPOSITE. Seriously, in the context of the romance genre, acotar is a huge neon sign saying STOP ROMANTICIZING ABUSIVE MEN AND WRITE HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS INSTEAD. Because on some levels, Tamlin is SO TYPICAL for romance. And most romance authors will make their alphas into great heroic guys, who overcome their protective issues. But IRL if a guy walks like an abuser, talks like an abuser, and acts like an abuser, then…he’s definitely an abuser. People don’t change for the better necessarily. SJM’s portrayal of Tamlin is so realistic and well done and subverts so many romance tropes as does her characterization of Rhysand.

Also this ask is timely since October is domestic violence awareness month. 

about the hamilton casting call

im honestly so mad right now??? people (white people in particular) are getting so angry about the fact that the hamilton casting call calls for non-white actors who can rap.

you might want to sit down for this one,,,, but hamilton is a non-white musical.

for every sally and jim that yell “discrimination!!!11!!” when they see this, it kinda makes me wanna stick a pencil in my eye socket. why? because these whiny brats cant stand the fact that something excellent is being saved for poc.

newflash. almost every broadway musical out there calls for white actors. we live in a world that is blatantly whitewashed, you can pretty much succeed in any path you take.

so can you please for the love of god let poc have this????

lin manuel specifically wrote this musical with the ideology that it would be america now telling the story of america then. and while you may argue that america now does indeed contain white people, the fact of the matter is, this musical was to be utilized by less privileged people in order to really stick it to the founding fathers who were very, very racist. irony in a musical???imagine that.

daveed even said in an interview the importance of non white casting was to really emphasize on a nation that often excludes people of color. and the musical really allows people of color to feel like they were actually apart of the nation!!!! this is a positive thing people!!! can you relax???

so white people, i beg you. if you’re really a hamilton fan, you won’t complain about the lack of white actors, because you know this was lin’s intention and this is a huge step for poc looking in the direction of an acting or singing career. be a supporter, even if you cant star in the musical you love, help the cast!! help the people that do try out!!! encourage people!!! positivity!!! YAY

don’t love hamilton for what you want it to be. love it for what it is.

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So I saw you don't really like shipping Lapis with anyone but I've seen Jaspis and Lapidot as well with a couple other shipping art with her from you. I hope I'm sounding rude I'm not trying to off that way ;_; But your ok with drawing her with Peridot,Jasper, Pearl etc?

it is true that ive experimented with lapis ships before and drawn them a couple times, but ultimately ive come to the conclusion that i dont enjoy them and they make me really uncomfortable (for reasons i didnt understand at the time, and after more thought to the matter, do understand now). i feel that everyone should be able to explore ships theyre curious about and come to whatever conclusion feels right to them about any particular ship! 

as for lapis herself… to give you some insight, she reminds me of some really nasty people ive had the misfortune of knowing, so shes very unsettling to me. she’s capable of some really terrifying things and its all conveniently hidden under bows and flowing fabric and a delicate thin physique.

aaaaghgghhgh i know this is probably going to upset some people, but i feel like i at least owe it to you all to be honest about my feelings so you can maybe understand where im coming from a bit better! 

as for the content i draw (ive had a lot of asks like “why dont you ever draw this thing”), please remember i do this all for fun!! i choose to draw things that inspire me and seem interesting or challenging or just strike my fancy! jasper is my very favorite so… thats why shes in the majority of my art LOL. i do enjoy drawing other characters and ships, but most of the time im the happiest drawing her, so thats what i do! 

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E: Its like…its like being told you aren’t something that you are. That you know you are. I grew up with that and uhm…I mean I uh…I don’t know Jared well enough but I understand.

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I really heckin love your writing and I was wondering if you could do headcanons for Jared x reader with ADHD thank :0

Thank you and I love this concept💕 (sorry if its a little long, i get carried away with jared)

-when Jared first met you, he thought your hyperness was really cute and “spunky” as he liked to call it

-honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jared had a little bit of ADD himself, that’s probably what drew him to you

-but when it came to being in class together, you two were a m e s s

-you constantly tried to get his attention, like poking him with a pencil or constantly tapping him on the shoulder

-at first, he thought it was funny and adorable, but when he HAD to listen to the lesson, he would get a little frustrated

-when you tapped him one last time, he turned to you
“(Y/N), im trying to pay attentio-”

-you held out a little paper heart you had made for him

-he practically melted on the spot, you were just so cute

-although when you actually tried to do your homework, you easily got frustrated
“i just… im just stupid and i dont understand and i never will”

-he is having N O N E of that
“you’re not stupid. here let me show you”

-it didnt matter how long it took, he would stay up with you all night if he had to

-you were so precious to him and he hated seeing you upset and so hard on yourself

-you often woke him up from his naps too
“jared…jar…jarbear…J A R E D”
“i love you and im hungry”

-even though you can be a handful sometimes, he still loves you and never stops you from being yourself

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2. Reaction to you stressing out about studying for finals and you confess to them out of the blue that you've considered dropping out

this one hits home for me lol (i dropped out of college one too many times) ive realized that i respond to these reactions more like scenarios so i dont know if i should start calling them gif scenarios or keep calling them gif reactions. idk

Originally posted by giphygiff


Mark - after you confess your feelings about school, he gets upset at first. being smart came naturally to him so he didn’t know what it felt like to struggle in classes. he was upset and had a dark tone at first when scolding you about dropping out. after calming down after a few minutes he embraces you in a tight hug. “im sorry y/n…i dont want you to drop out. i know youre smart enough. dont give up ill do anything i can to help you.”

Jaebum - when you confess to him about wanting to drop out, he nods slightly. he can understand your feelings but he won’t let you drop out or he will do his best to keep you from dropping out. he doesn’t want you to waste all the sacrifices you’ve already made to be in school. if it does end up to you dropping out with no warning he doesnt know what he will do.

Jackson - he’s shocked at your confession. how could you drop out? you had been doing so well. he couldn’t understand why you would have the urge to quit. he sighs and holds your hands. “ill help you study. i don’t know if id really be of any help but ill do whatever i can to make sure that you stay in school and succeed.”

Jinyoung - he sighs to himself, noticing how quiet you’ve been when he brings up the topic of school. at first he didn’t think anything about it, but as time went on he noticed how drained you’ve become once you got home from classes. one night when he asks about a class you’ve been struggling in you snap and cry into his chest, letting everything pour out. you confess your thoughts about wanting to drop out. he holds you close and reassures you as much as he can. “baby, dont drop out. you’ll regret it so much. i know its hard, trust me i know how hard it is to get good grades. i’ll be with you every step of the way.” he mentally prepares himself for the future if that time ever came that you actually did drop out. he wouldn’t be upset at you. he could never be upset at his princess.

Youngjae - one night he walks in on you studying hard at the kitchen table. he walks up behind you rubbing your back. he leans forward and sees tears streaming down your face. his face goes pale as he twists your chair to face him. “y/n whats wrong!? what happened?” you shove yourself into his arms sobbing, confessing all of your bottled up feelings about school. he listens closely and nods silently letting you vent. “honey, if you think you need to drop out do so. i dont want you to because i know you can do it. youre definitely smart enough. but if you think that dropping out is the best decision, i wont stop you.” whatever you decide youngjae is prepared to follow you every step of the way.

Bambam - he could understand your frustration with school. he himself was never a good student. after you confessed your feelings of dropping out he sat in silence. since he was able to relate, he felt like he was being torn in two different ways. knowing that you’re such a better student than he is, he didnt want you to drop out. similar to youngjae, he would let you make that decision on if you really needed to drop out or not. he will always have the ride or die attitude with you

Yugyeom - after you tell him your frustrations of school, yugyeom nods and embraces you in a hug. “y/n, please don’t drop out. i know you’ll regret it immensely. im not that smart myself but ill do whatever i can to make sure that you succeed and have an amazing degree.” he helps you gain more confidence to get help from your professors. he uses every spare chance he has to help you with whatever he can whether it be studying or keeping you distracted when you start to panic and sink down again. yugyeom doesn’t want you to become a college drop out. he knows that if you stick it through and work as hard as you can you’ll do amazing things in the future. 

Not allowed to post in the main tag?

There seems to be a lot of discourse in the Shingeki no Bahamut fandom after episode 17. A lot of people are upset that the show has gained hate or dislike. Im amazed that they have demanded, yes demanded, that you post in the anti tag if you dislike the show or charinina. Apparently it hurts their feelings when they see you do this because they like the show. I can understand this and I dont blame anyone. But my dears, so what if you get upset? I get your argument, if you dont like it then you can post in an anti tag. I get it. But they don’t HAVE to. This is a social platform. They have every right to hate and dislike it as much as you have the right to love it. “But their being rude to MAPPA and to us fans!” Okay. Then scroll by. Or maybe have a good debate with them. But don’t let what someone said on the internet upset you. You do not own the main tag. I never understood the anti tag idea. It’s a good way to find others to agree with you, sure. But that’s about it.
In summary, please stop getting upset over different opinions. Of course this goes for people who dislike it as well.
Everyone is allowed in the main tag. I hope you all have a great day.

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hi but im new to the voltron fandom (i started watching the show?? a week or two ago im on ep 6.) but i reblogged something that is apparently s//h/e/i/t/h, you seems anti-it so can you explain to me why its bad?? i dont understand? its a ship right? why are ppl popping into my ask telling me to off myself, and to start starving myself again over something that im completely new to? im confused n rly Upset.

hey, i’m sorry you’re upset and that people are sending threats to you. i’m anti sh.eith because sh!ro is 25 and ke!th is 16. (minor spoiler ahead) they also have a brotherly relationship, so i’m uncomfortable with it.

“is that enough pasta?”

“are you gonna eat all that?”

“are you gonna wear that?”

“so do you shower with that… scarf on?”

“Not even water?” *Ramadan*

“maybe you should save some for later”


“im just saying”

Agni understands my struggles - his expression speaks to me on a personal level. #DoneWithUrShit 

when your friend says “get more pasta”

The signs from Gemini perspective

Aries: forever my spontaneous buddy. we can do absolutely nothing yet say we had the most fun. lol your witty insults are the best though sometimes harsh. i love that you are so caring and will do anything to make your loved ones smile.

Taurus: you want to be friends with everyone and you are too concerned with being popular. I dont trust these kind of people but you are so funny when you are comfortable. you are the worst texter so i call you right away when i see you writing me back

Gemini: so damn loud. you have good advice. i always go to you when i need a good drag. you seem detached but somehow you are always sensitive about something. you are a loyal friend, we cry together and i love you so much. I hate that you clam up when youre upset but i understand what youre going through. Im a gemini, i do the same. But other people dont understand that so its better to communicate your negative feelings aswell

Cancer: its true, you are moody! but i love teasing you out of your bad mood. and it always works! we flirt constantly. well i do, you are straight forward about your feelings and flirting is too complex for you haha. but when you flirt, you flirt with your eyes and smile. wyddd stop!! nothing compares to your touch and kisses! ure very jealous and possesive though, but just holding your hand and only looking at you in a room full of people makes that all go away. you are the best lover i have ever had. because unlike me you dont live in your head and that makes me want to live in the moment with you

Leo: so freakin passionate! I love it. you are perfect because i can have deep conversations with you and still keep it light. you are a mixture of my two favorite signs: cancer and aquarius. youre charming and a go-getter but sometimes a little competitive. why? just like me you are always ready to go out and look for the next adventure

Virgo: you have the kindest heart! i love your love for animals, but youre a little sneaky sometimes and you dont even realize you start real problems between people. youre too afraid of new things, i feel accomplished when i get you out of your comfort zone every other blue moon. i respect your intellect although it differs from mine sometimes. i feel i understand you better than you understand me.

Libra: hah! you are my best friends! we can chat for hours and still not be done talking. we have great banter, lots of inside jokes and we even understand each others body language. we like to organize parties together, entertain people and win them over to our friend circle. we’re proud of each other and give that little push to go for our dreams. one annoying thing is that we try to please each other all the time.

Scorpio: we are always ready to start some drama. we will throw people a bone and watch them argue. then we’ll be standing in a corner looking at them and ask each other why we are so evil and laugh about it all night. we’re always joking until one of us insults the other, hell cracks open a little bit but we get over it in a second like it never happened. normally i dont talk about my private life but with you i spill it all. it took you a while to tell me about yourself and our friendship became really strong after that. i feel you love me more than my mom does hahah love you scorp!

Sagittarius: can you stop showing me funny videos, youre making my stomach hurt from laughing. haha the internet would be boring without you! you are shy at first and its hard to make eyecontact with you but oh boy once you come out of your shell.. i like shy boys but your fiery side makes me too sad. Your shade is real and hits hard. i wish you were more careful with your words because you cant take them back once youve said them and i hold grudges so bad combo there :(

Capricorn: how do you appear so calm and collected on the outside but are so damned nervous inside? i always feel capricorns’ nervousness. youre like an alligator; quiet and meticulous. working on your next master plan to win power over people. youd be the best puppet master! youre very concerned with status but i like you best when you are not because you know how to have fun. youre one of my kinkiest friends ;) ;) lol. I like that you are accepting of people and very forgiving. Youre always there for the people you REALLY REALLY REALLY care about and thats a small tight circle of people, im glad im one of them

Aquarius: where do I start? i admire your intellect. talking to you is like having sex for the first time! all aquarius i know are effortlessly handsome and pretty. how? you make me want to be a better person. people dont often see your sensitive side, but i know your feelings can get intense. one thing i dont like though is that with other people you live in your head and bottle everything up inside until you boil over and spew out of control with them. dont do that! You are so freakin perfect. oh and you have a hate-love relationship with my cancerian friends, whyyyy

Pisces: you are like real life dolls! you are angelic and innocent looking with always a mischievous smile on your face. But behind that cute bubbly energy there is a really nasty side to your personality. you can be awefully mean when you act on your impulse and unfortunately you do it often :( you like to sweep problems under the rug because talking about it gives you heartburn! But it makes you look like you are not self-aware even when you are. People think you are detached from reality and selfish, but I see you use escapism as a coping mechanism. you are very smart! you love to learn and give. what i love the most about you is that you are patience with me and you can feel my energy without mistaking it for what its not.

hey guys so i just got some terrible news today and i’m just really upset about it and i kinda want to take a break, just for a few days or so. i’m very sorry, i just need a little bit of time to process this.

in the mean time, feel free to send me asks/requests/anything and i’ll get to them when i’m back.

i hope you understand.

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(I'm a new anon ig) my doctor diagnosed me with schizophrenia when I was 11. ive been living my whole life scared and cautious because of it. now, he told me he was completely wrong about my diagnosis and just.. im so upset. ive been so ashamed because of this just to find out I don't have it?? what should i do?

there isn’t much to really ‘do’ in that situation. and honestly sometimes doctors can misread symptoms and be wrong (Which is why i think second opinions are good ideas)

but the best thing you can do is to just accept and try to understand that the doctor was mistaken. yeah, its embarrassing, but its a great thing you dont actually have it.