im so upset this show ruined me

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THERE ARE STILL PPL SAYING THAT TAMLIN WAS NOT MEANT TO BE ABUSIVE AND THAT SJ MAAS BOOKS ARE TOXIC BC THEY PROMOTE ABUSE HOW CAN U LITERALLY MISS THE WHOLE STORY OF ACOTAR OH MY GOD. also calling feyre stupid for staying in an abusive relationship literally go look it up on youtube ppl shame her for a realistic reaction & refuse to read onwards im so so so fucking pissed oh my LORD


bc the fact that ppl say those things….makes me SO ANGRY.

I think people were upset seeing tamlin go from alpha male hero to alphahole abusive prick. I dont think they really understand that he was NEVER good for Feyre, even in acotar. Some people really really shipped Feylin, and probably felt all betrayed by SJM for “ruining” his character in acomaf. But if you look closely at his actions in acotar, you can see him showing the first signs of abuse and control over Feyre (SJM herself has said that he wasn’t meant to be that great even in book 1). 

I don’t see how Feyre staying with Tamlin for like, 1/8th of acomaf promotes abuse? that’s ridiculous. Real life survivors and victims of domestic abuse STAY WITH THEIR ABUSERS on a REGULAR basis. It’s INCREDIBLY difficult to get out. Escaping an abuser isn’t easy, and even once you’ve escaped, your abuser could potentially hunt you down… (cough cough Tamlin sending Lucien for Feyre) (oh god now I dislike Lucien all over again) (ik ppl love him but I have never been okay with this part of him) (obv i hate tamlin more but still) 

Feyre escapes Tamlin and starts to make her own life. It’s beautiful. It’s done in a realistic manner. It takes her a while to get over her trauma, to stop feeling guilty for leaving Tamlin. The abuse narrative is so wonderfully written, and it amazes me that people would say these books promote abuse when they are LITERALLY WRITTEN TO DO THE OPPOSITE. Seriously, in the context of the romance genre, acotar is a huge neon sign saying STOP ROMANTICIZING ABUSIVE MEN AND WRITE HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS INSTEAD. Because on some levels, Tamlin is SO TYPICAL for romance. And most romance authors will make their alphas into great heroic guys, who overcome their protective issues. But IRL if a guy walks like an abuser, talks like an abuser, and acts like an abuser, then…he’s definitely an abuser. People don’t change for the better necessarily. SJM’s portrayal of Tamlin is so realistic and well done and subverts so many romance tropes as does her characterization of Rhysand.

Also this ask is timely since October is domestic violence awareness month. 

just think about it. there would be no Supergirl without Alex Danvers. Kara may have learned love from her parents on Krypton, but she learned about a whole new type of love on Earth. From Alex. That’s why Kara always sees the good in people. She learned it from her sister. Her sister, who didn’t want her in the first place, who suddenly had a freak kid to look after, who treated her poorly. But the thing is, Alex changed. Alex went from mildly tolerating Kara to being the person Kara loves most and who loves Kara the most. Alex Danvers’ entire life went from revolving around her new alien sister and keeping her at arm’s length, to protecting her with her entire life and more.

Everything Alex has ever done was for Kara. To protect her. To keep her little sister safe. To make sure that Kara never felt unloved or unwanted. And that’s why Kara risked everything, everything, to save Alex and exposed herself. Can you imagine that type of love? To risk your entire life, a safe and quiet life that everyone around you has very carefully worked for and sacrificed for, for one person? And to build up from that courage, use that love to help others, to see the good in others, even if they are aliens, or criminals, or Luthors. 

The CW keeps shitting on this, forgetting that the Danvers’ sister are the heart of the show. That the reason this show technically ‘exists’ is because Kara risked herself to save her sister. And I’m so incredibly upset, that after such an emotional episode Kara and Alex did not get a chance to have a moment. Not a real one anyways. Kara should have had an equal emotional moment with Alex. Because Alex is her hero and losing her would have undoubtedly ruined Kara. She was wrecked just from the time. But afterwards? A quick hug and that’s it? Unrealistic. 


A BTS/ Kim Seokjin Fanfiction

Summary: He looked like an angel, and spoke like a singer. Next to you, a university student surviving on 5 hours sleep a night, and holes in your shoes, he seemed to have it all. But at the end of the day, you were both just Existing. You just cant help but think, it might be more fun to Exist together…

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31

Chapter 31

‘It was the dancing again…wasn’t it?’

The silence that answers you confirms that you’re right before he ever has to respond. The moment of tenderness blended with fiery passion that the two of you had shared previously, had slowly simmered down to a comfortable peace between you both as you’d settled into the sheets, and proceeded to lay quietly together for a while. However, the question had been plaguing you since you’d seen the way his smile held too much tension at the restaurant earlier that evening, his attempt at pretending everything was fine so that you could celebrate finishing your exam had been touching, but caused you to worry about him constantly until you were laid there with him in your arms, head cushioned on your chest as he listened to you breathe, and you were able to ask him outright.

You remember before when you’d gone to watch him perform and he’d been a little quiet afterwards, which at that point you’d just put down to him being tired, but each time since when he’d talked about past concerts and had casually mentioned times he’d ‘messed up’, you’d observed the subtly puzzled expression that was paired with the words, and so the moment you’d seen it flash across his face at the restaurant when you’d asked him how work was, you’d known he was drowning in his own thoughts.

And you cared too much about him to let him ever think he wasn’t the most beautiful human being- inside and out- in existence.

‘…And the singing…I think my voice cracked about 5 times.’ He whispers after a moment or two, his breath rolling against your skin causing you to shiver as you stroke his hair soothingly, the sadness in his tired voice making your chest tighten unbearably.

‘You know the fans probably didn’t notice-‘

‘They did.’ He mutters quietly, his voice only growing sadder and you gently tilt his head up so that you could look down into his eyes, only to find the beautiful brown orbs covered by his eyelids.

‘Jagi, you know that even if they noticed, it would have been because they thought it was cute that your voice cracked, or…. they were worried that you were tiring yourself out. You don’t need to worry-‘ You try to reassure him, stroking his cheek all the while, but you trail off when he slowly turns his face into your stomach with a quiet groan, before pushing himself up onto his knees on the bed, head hanging heavily.

‘But I didn’t do well enough, Y/N.’

It’s the crushing disappointment at himself that radiates from his words, and the broken tone of his voice, that has tears pricking at your eyes as you shift to sit up properly, reaching out to hold his hands tightly in your own- his tshirt that you had stolen to wear bunching up around your hips- and feeling only the slightest bit of respite from the sadness when he manages to glance up at you.

‘I’m a professional…people pay money to see us, and im meant to provide a show. But if I mess up, I ruin it for them, they might get angry at me, or at any of the others because of me, and I cant-‘

‘Jin-nie, why didn’t you tell me you felt this way about all of this?’ you ask sadly, leaning towards him to press your lips to his knuckles and staying there to hide just how upset you were to see him so crushed over something he cared about so much, proceeding to wait patiently for a response.

‘No-one ever asked before. I’m not used to openly confessing to being bad at something. Sometimes if something significantly bad has happened during a concert we’ve discussed it afterwards and I’d start talking to one of the guys, but I usually just try to cheer the others up when they feel like they’ve done something wrong…they need it more than I do-‘

‘Baby…you’re crying.’ You whisper, having looked up at him when he’d begun talking and continued to watch as his eyes had filled with tears as he’d stared into thin air, his hands gripping to your own in his need for comfort causing you to be unable to wipe away the glistening beads as they’d dampened his cheeks.

‘I’m fine.’ He murmurs quietly, his voice cracking as he quickly fixes a smile on his face and moves his gaze to yours, the look obviously being an instinctive response with the way his eyes begin to dim after he realizes what he’d said and the way your expression told him you didn’t believe the words.

You slip your hands from his as you move to shift onto your knees beside him, instantly pulling him into a hug and wrapping your arms tightly around him as he buries his face in your neck, a small sob escaping him before his exhaustion is smothered against your skin. The heavy breaths that sink into your flesh, along with the tears that wet your shoulder, cause you to slowly pull him back till the two of you were laid in the bed once more, his cries barely being audible the whole time, with only his shoulders gradually stopping shaking being the indicator that he was calming down.

‘I’m always here for you to talk to, Jin-nie…I’ll always listen, always. So, you can keep comforting and looking after the others…but just remember I’m here.’ You whisper tearfully to him, pressing a kiss first to his hair, and then brushing his fringe back to touch your lips to his forehead, feeling his arms tighten around you in silent thanks.

‘I don’t deserve you.’ He murmurs as he pulls his head timidly back from your shoulder, nuzzling your neck before he manages to catch your eye, and properly puts some distance between you both on the pillows so that his eyes could rake over your face, his mouth opening again to talk before you managed to correct him.

‘You’re like some kind of angel…some kind of beautiful, clever, adorable, compassionate…angel.’

The way he whispers the words, like he was short of breath from the site before him, and having him stare at you all the while, whilst he smoothes his hand over your hair, pausing to cup your jaw and wipe your own tears away with his thumb, has you watching him dizzily, with only one thought pounding against the walls of your skull, so insistent, that it slips from your lips.

‘I love you.’

‘I love you.’

It was like some cliché movie moment, a simultaneous, unplanned confession, but even though you spare a moment for that thought, the rest of your head and your heart was filling with the sight and feel of him and his words as they fall from his lips, your chest tightening in suffocating happiness as the two of you slowly grow smiles that stretch your lips till your heads are bending together and your foreheads are touching, the moment allowing you to close your eyes to take it in, but you’re not able to remain blind for too long without needing to see the beauty laid right in front of you.

‘Was that too cheesy?’ he whispers after a moment, his hand sliding down to your hip and pulling you closer so that you could wind your limbs around one another properly, your head finding its way to rest against his chest, the warmth of it against your cheek making your almost instantly sleepy. But you make sure to keep your eyes open long enough to peek up at him with a smile as you answer.

‘You’ll never be too cheesy for me, My Prince.’


Reaching my limit of tolerance

Now I’ve come to the point where I seriously start to consider deleting my FB account. Literally all my friends are happy that Littlefinger was murdered. Yes, murdered, because that is how I see what happened. There was no justice there, there was no sense and no respect to the books. I am still furious over it and I still feel offended by it and it’s personal. A tv show ruined my most beloved character and the people who are supposed to support me, to understand why I am upset, just cheer over it. and laugh at me for being so emotional over a tv villain. I love my friends but right now at this point all I have to say to them is:

Thank you and good night. I know I will get hate over it but I don’t really care.

  • What she says: Im fine
  • operator: what is your emergency?
  • me: i dont have one. i just thought my fruit loops was in a really interesting pattern, but there's nobody else home and i wanted to show somebody it before i ruin it.
  • operator: sir, i can't see. i can only hear you.
  • me: oh.
  • operator: and now im really upset. i want to see that fruit loop pattern so bad but I can't. i wish you never told me about it. you've ruined my day. goodbye.