im so upset i just want to draw

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I just wanted to say that a while back I felt upset that you didn't draw anything for namjoons birthday & it made me feel weird. I saw someone a whileeee ago ask about it & you said you couldn't think of anything & it made me upset. But then I re-evaluate and thought she's a person & can do what she wants & that she draws for her own pleasure probably not for mine lol. But I just wanted to say this cause I think you should draw for you & not others. Even if others like myself get upset.

Ahhh i really dont want anyone to get upset about this ;;; like sometimes i just cant draw anything and its not about the member its just about me ;; i dont want to draw something that i dont like just for the sake of posting so yeaaah!

Btw guys i guess im back!! Last week was a really tiring week because of uni i couldnt do anything but here i am!! I hope you wont be too mad at me ;0;

Darling Little sister Fake Ah crew x Reader (prolouge to another thingy)

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contrary to popular belief, Ryan was actually the perfect child growing up.Always doing as his parents told him, always taking his punishments without sass when he did something wrong, never talking back, never stepping a toe out of line. He was the perfect child, 

His sister on the other hand, was quite the opposite. Y/n was a problem child, she always stole things, got in fights, barely did her homework, and snuck out almost every single night. she was a parents nightmare.

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But Ryan wouldn’t wish for a better sister. 

Whenever she would steal, she would always grab something for him. Gifts ranging from snacks to a brand new video game with the game console included. 

She would get in fights with younger kids who bullied Ryan, eventually giving the kid some grade school street cred. 

She didn’t do much of her homework, cause she was always helping ryan with his, and making sure he studied for his tests, and helping him with his projects. she was a very intellectual individual even though her grades said other wise.

And many times, when her parents fall asleep. She’ll sneak out and take ryan with her, taking him to the movies, amusement park,or just to walk around the town eating ice cream together. 

Yup, his life was pretty awesome. 

But as he got older, he realized something. He used to think his amazing sister was invincible, and the world was amazing,but she wasn’t, and the world was anything but.

As he got older he’d see her come home, covered his cuts and bruises,he would patch her up, no matter how much she protested. always telling him that he ‘should’ve seen the other guy’, and ironically telling him not to ever get in a fight. Their parents were more brutal to her, locking her in her room for days on end. which was okay cause she would always sneak out her window for a couple hours and come back.One day, she was screamed at by her mother because Ryan had seen her kissing their next door neighbor Daniel Adams, and thought that it was so wonderful she had found a girlfriend he wanted to tell his mom and dad. 

They didn’t think it was so great either. 

they screamed and shouted for what seemed like hours, ryan worriedly listening from he top of the stairs, and eventually y/n ran up to her room and slammed the door shut, she had a bright red hand print on her cheek.

But of course, the only thing running through the young boys mind was that it was his fault. 




“ i’m so sorry.” he cried as she wrapped her arms around him and smiled, rubbing his back. “ i thought they’d be happy!” he said and she pulled him away so she could look him in the eye.

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“ you didn’t do anything wrong Rye-Rye.” she said, using his nickname that always made him smile. “ ma and pop just don’t get that i’m happy, but it’s okay.” you said and he look up at you with wide, tear-filled eyes. 

“ really?” he asked and you nodded, tickling him under the chin as he giggled and hid his face in your side. 

“yup!” you said, popping the ‘p’. “ cause i have you, “ y/n said and he grinned. “ and you know what?” she asked and he tilted his head to the side. 

“what?” he asked and she chuckled, bringing him in for a big hug. 

“ i dont care what they think, cause im happy. and that’s all that matters. so no matter what, always do what makes you happy, you got that rye?” you asked and he smiled and held up his pinkie, while closing his eyes and holding his other hand over his heart. 

“ i, james,ryan,haywood pinkie promise to always do what makes me happy.” he vowed and you giggled, doing the same. 

“ And i y/n, m/n, haywood, pinkie promise to also always do what makes me happy.” you said and you guys wrapped your pinkie fingers together and you smiled, pressing a kiss onto his head. 

“ so ryan, wanna sneak out and grab some pizza?”

“ You Bet!’cause pizza makes me happy!”

“ Good, always be happy little brother, always.”


.” GETTIN’ BEEEEEVED!!!!” Gavin shouted happily as they walked into a bar/restaurant , annoying Michael so much he smacked the brit upside the head. 

“ Shut up you idiot, you wanna get the whole bar’s attention?” the brunette growled and a woman walked in front of them, sporting light brown shorts and a Hawaiian floral shirt. 

“ michael’s right gav,” jack said as they all sat down in a booth.” we just robbed a bank three hours ago, i think we should be trying to not draw attention to ourselves.” she said and gavin pouted, slouching in the booth.

“ meanie.”

“ so what do you guys want to get?” Geoff asked as he skimmed a menu. “ im in the mood for a hamburger, how about you jack?” he asked and the woman shrugged, mostly because her attention was on the figure whom just walked into the bar. they had a hood on, but was clearly upset. they had trudged into the place and sat down at the bar, setting their head against the counter and shooing away the bartender when they asked the person what they wanted to drink.

Of course this shouldn’t have bothered her that much. But she was the mom of her crew, and many times she has mad “mama days” as they liked to call it. where she is always trying to make sure everybody is okay and happy, and when they arent, she does all that she can to make them smile.

And now, she was in mama mode. 

“ Guys i’ll be right back.” she said as she walked over to the bar, taking a seat next to the sulky stranger. 

“ you okay there?” she asked and they merely mumbled a few incoherent syllables and she chuckled.

“ yikes, bad day?” she asked and they groaned, lifting their head up slight to set their chin on their palms. As soon as they did her heart stopped.

 The person was a woman, with s/c skin with multiple scars on it, and peircing e/c eyes, reminding her of ryan in a way.odd…..they had a look of sadness, anger, and just plain fatigue.

“ wanna talk about it?” she asked and they shook their head. 

“ no it’s fine, besides, it’s been more so a bad month than a bad day. this is just the cherry on top of the shitty cake.” She said and held out her hand. “ I’m y/n by the way.” she said and jack smiled.

“ and im jack, nice to meet you. you know….” she mused. “ ive been told im a great listener, and i give great advice. so why dont you just tell me about it?” she asked an dy/n sighed and sat up, letting her hood fall to reveal luscious h/c hair.

“ alrighty, but im sure you have better things to do with your time.”

“ you mean hang out with the drunk bumbling idiots i came here with?” jack asked, “ ha, no thanks.” she said and y/n let out a light laugh,flashing the brunette a smile. A smile that seemed so familiar, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it.

“ well, i guess it stared four weeks ago, i had gotten fired from the car workshop i worked at in san feirro. and of course my girlfriend thought it was a perfect time for us to move in together, “ she said and then shrugged. “ not that i minded anyways, she was super hot. so we moved in about two weeks ago ,and she bought a house here for us to live in.” she said and jack cringed. 

“ so wait. you have no job, and your girlfriend just bought a HOUSE, in LOS SANTOS?” She asked and y/n chuckled and nodded. 

“ yeah, she’s a bit quick when it comes to relationship stuff.”

“ i’ll say.” jack muttered as the woman continued with her story.

“ so then ive been trying to find a job, i mean im a mechanic so finding a job in los santos shouldn’t be that hard. everywhere i go all the jobs are sketchy as FUCK!” She groaned. “ and on top of that, today i came home to my girlfriend going cowgirl on our couch with the pizza guy.” she said sadly and jack’s eyes softened. 

“ man, im so sorry.” she said and y/n chuckled.

“ meh, it’s fine, i mean i have enough money for a motel and ill probably be moving back to san feirro so i’ll be fine. ive got a close friend i can stay with there. “ she said and let out a bitter laugh. “ i guess this is God’s twisted version of a birthday present. “ she mumbled and jack’s eyes went wide. 

“ wait a minute, “ she said, her heart practically shattering. “ it’s your birth-”

“ yup, turning 25. “ she said and jack rubbed her back.

“ shit man, im so sorry.” she said and y/n shrugged.

“ nah, it;s not so bad, i mean the only reason i was okay with us moving to los santos was because my brother lives here, but i haven’t heard from the guy in like five years, not even a birthday card.“ she said and sighed. “ he probably forgot, it’s understandable.”  she got up and stretched her arms, letting out a loud yawn.She turned to jack and sent the woman a sweet smile.

“ thanks for listening to me cry about my problem, felt kinda good. well, i guess ill see ya ‘round jack.” she said and before she could take one step, jack clamped a hand on her shoulder. 

“ what’s your brother’s name?” she asked and y/n smiled peacefully, as if thinking of a fond memory. 

“ ryan, his name is ryan. well, his actual name is james but he prefers to go by ryan.” she said and looked at jack, who’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates. 

“ you okay buddy?” y/n asked and jack looked at her and shook her head. 

“ oh um uh yeah, yeah im fine.” she said and y/n waved goodbye before putting up her hood and walking out of the bar. 

Even though she left jack still stood there. 

“ his name is ryan. well, his actual name is james but he prefers to go by ryan.”

oh my god, ryan has a sister??that poor girl, she’s gone through so-wait a minute. 

“ i haven’t heard from the guy in like five years, not even a birthday card. “


Jack was enraged, yes Ryan didn’t seem like the touchy feely type of guy. but family stays together! you watch over one another, especially during hardships!and to hear all that the poor girl was going through and to hear that she hasn’t seen Ryan in FIVE YEARS!?

She stomped over to their booth and slapped Ryan upside the head repeatedly.

“what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you!?” she growled as she slapped him in between each word. 

“ ow!what the hell jack?what did i do to deserve that?” he asked and she glared at him.

“ oh i don’t know, maybe abandoning your sister for five years and not even calling her to say happy birthday?!” she shouted, not caring if others were staring.

“ five years?” Michael whistled, “ damn dude, that’s cold.’’

meanwhile Ryan was just all sorts of confused. “ wait a minute, how do you know about y/n?” he asked and she rolled her eyes.  

“ i was just talking to her. and her life seems pretty shitty. “ she said and he looked at her worriedly. 

“ what do you mean?” he asked and jack scoffed. 

“ oh now you wanna be a good brother. well, she has no house , her girlfriend cheated on her, she’s out of a job, and she staying in a motel ALONE IN LOS SANTOS ON HER BIRTHDAY!” She shouted and ryan’s eyes went wide. 

“ oh my god, today is-holy shit it is!” he said and jumped out of the booth. “ and she cant stay alone in a motel here! los santos is extremely dangerous! oh my god, my precious little sister all alone is los santos on her birthday!?!?! what kind of brother am i!?!” he thought aloud as he got up and hurriedly put on his coat.

“ ryan where the ll are you going?” Geoff asked and Ryan gave him a look of ‘are you kidding me??’

“ dude, im going to get my baby sister!i cant leave her all alone!” he said and ran out of the building, the others following right after him.

“ Y/N?” He called out as walked on the side walk, looking all around for you. “y/n!?” he called out, as soon as he did a hooded figure turned around and  familiar voice called out. 

“ R-Ryan? is that you?” you called out, not being able to see him so well since it was pretty dark out side. 

“ Oh thank god Y/N!” He shouted and ran forward and before you could say a thing, he engulfed you in a giant bear hug, one which you gladly returned.

“ ryan oh my god it-ti’s been so long.” you said with a light laugh. “ man, you have some pretty ironic timing.” you said and he pulled away.

“ i know, and im sorry about all that’s going on and i just want you to know that i am here for you..”

“ wait- how do you know about-”

“jack told me?”

“ yup, right here.” jack said and Ryan nodded and you smiled.

“ well thank you but i gotta get going, i wanna go get a motel room before-”

“ no you’re not, “  jack and Ryan all said in unison.

“ i-i’m not?” you asked and look at the lads, whom merely shrugged. 

“ hell no! im not leaving my defenseless baby sister alone in los santos, are you insane?” Ryan said and you raised a brow at him.

“ im older than you!”

“ not important, i have a small apartment that we can both stay in until-”

“ are you kidding me?” Jack scoffed. “nu uh, she’s my new friend,”


“ 100% y/n.” jack said with a wink.” and there’s no way im letting her live along with you Ryan.”

“ I’m her brother!” Ryan shouted angrily, questioning his family skills was a personal offense, and he would not stand for it.

“ but you practically live at the penthouse!” jack shouted back and the man went silent. “ we all do, so why don’t we all help y/n collect her stuff from her bitch of an ex-girlfriend and she can live with us?” jack asked and looked at y/n.” i mean, if that’s okay.” she said and y/n smiled.

“ sounds great!”

And you did, you packed up your things from your ex-girlfriend’s house, who nearly had a heart attack when you showed up on the door with six extremely terrifying strangers with terrifyingly polite smiles that helped you get your things. little did you know they decided to blow up her car while she was working, Ryan said it was his way of making up for not seeing you often. you just thought he wanted to see something blow up.

But, you moved in with the crew, and became close with them all. playing games with the lads, and talking about serious stuff with the gents, and going out with jack at least once a week. that woman is the greatest wingman there ever will be.Of course you knew they were a bunch of extremely famous and dangerous criminals, i mean you weren’t stupid. they just didn’t know you were too. 

you created amazing and complex weapons and sell them to whomever is willing to pay the highest price. they thought you were making it up, until they saw your work.

Machine guns that are completely silent, A sniper rifle that can see through walls, completed with bullets that can fly through 3 foot plaster walls like a knife through butter, and fixing up cars to make them sweet as hell. you were also a little bit of a scientist on the side, that came as a shock to them all.

was Ryan upset?yes.

But was he extremely proud that his big sister was the most kick-ass mechanic los santos had ever seen? hell yeah.

And that’s how it happened. how you became known as the BlackSmith  the greatest mechanic and inventor in all of los santos, who works privately for the fake ah crew.

“ are you kidding me? we can’t let you make cool shit for other people! you’re making cool shit for us young lady!” (actual conversation you had with geoff) Helping them with numerous jobs, and fixing their heist when it gets broken like eVERY FUCKING WEEK JESUS MICHAEL I JUST MADE THIS YESTERDAY HOW THE FUCK IS IT ALREADY IN PIECES DICK HEAD.

But they had become family,  weird, crazy, psychotic, homicidal family, but none the less. you loved these dorks. 

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of course, this was only the beginning. Now, things were going to get even more interesting.

alright so this is like a little prolouge type thing for something else im writing, but also cans tand on it’s own, so yeah. this happened.

im so miserable like what the fuck lol my day was fucking awful and i still feel so shitty from fainting and being fucking out of it in a limbo hell for 15 minutes. i dont have the energy to do anything and im so hungry with nothing to eat and i just. want. to rip my hair out. im so upset and frustrated an i dont know what to do

happy floaty old art with a shamelessly stolen cheap low quality jpeg background

I remember i was really down one time, and drawing this was the only thing that cheered me up, and I still like it. And I’m finally posting it because im just done with things right now.

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HEY KEL who are some artists who have inspired your art style one way or another?? also what cons will you be attending in sg this year??

OMG I have so many inspirations tbh so i’m not too good at picking out which one has influenced my style directly??? UmM some artists I LOVE TO DEATH THO are REI, L1ng, JC LEYENDECKER, Dian MZ, Onorobo, James Jean, Akihiko Yoshida, Milkmanner, Paul felix, Annaxiin,sara, Hwei, Nozmo, Phil Noto, Junji Itou, Naoki Urasawa! There’s a longer list on my main blog (it’s very very long and still updating)

As for cons I’ll be at cosfest and EOY (maybe)!  

MORE ASKS UNDER CUT it’s v long im sorry

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remember when i linked pretender but creepily drew my robin bc i didn’t know what design to use, i found out what pez’s robin looks like so i can draw actual fanart now

ALSO IT GOT REALLY GOOD IM BREATHING HEAVILY FOR EVERY UPDATE, pls read if you enjoy ppl fighting w their jealous and petty thoughts. especially chrom. omfg. chrom dealing w/ his selfishness :^) yeah. lies on the floor

(warning for suicide attempt in beginning)

alright alright alright i read The Rin and Makoto Show: Entertainment on a Cosmic Level Brought to you by Divine Intervention by isuilde and haL_1 and let me tell you how i cried. RIVERS. I CRIED RIVERS.

seriously, it’s impossibly good, INSANELY, and it has everything and. ohmygod, no words can describe it.

i wish i could draw smth as beautiful and heartbreaking, but i obviously can’t so this is just youkai Rin. i don’t know shit about haori or how to colour or anything im so sorry i just wanted to do something ANYTHING.

cakekin  asked:

Hey, cutie :D I hope you are having a fantastic autumn so far! You know that I love your art, so much, everything you make. So I was wondering, do you have any tips on getting inspiration on what to draw? :3 ( I've been kinda depressed lately and I've had no inspiration what so ever, but I really want to draw, because it always makes me feel better.... )

I saved answering this till I could have lots of time to answer it. This is all just my personal ritual for what I do- I hope it’s does something for you the way it does something for me.

Artist block is terrible and usually for me, it’s a twisted relationship. It’s not even so much that I get a block and then im upset. Usually something happens and that problem I can’t control manages to choke me off and take the only thing I really have. It’s disruptive and makes me anxious. I get depressed and I can’t draw. It’s my only language, my only vent and my only communication and I become unable to utilize it. And a vicious cycle starts of being unable to draw because I’m depressed and upset, and than being depressed because I can’t draw.

Depending on the severity, I may need a isolation and coffee. I prefer to wake up early on a day off if I can. Take a morning bath. Make sure I feel like I have the day to myself—-and then this is my process.

First thing I usually do is clean my work area. I turn off all unnatural light (I feel calmer with just sunlight if that makes sense) and things like game systems and electronics— TV and entertainment all need turned off.

Open windows. I get anxiety really easy when I feel like I’m not in a good place. So I want peace, fresh air, calm. Even my texts going off can make me feel like my skin is buzzing even though I love my friends. So my phone I put on do not disturb and then I turn off notifications.

This means I look at my messages at my own leisure. And I don’t feel the mental nudge of ‘my phone vibrated 4 times I need look’. ‘People need me. I need to do interact.’

You could skip this, but cleaning helps me. I mean, aside from making a space, I also organize it. Make my room clear, and I make my bed, throw a load of laundry in. Air out the place. It’s mentally relaxing to know you’re starting a process for yourself.

Music. I’m heavily influenced by music. It’s my personal taste, but I prefer to listen to acoustic and folk, delta blues, house, chill wave. Specially when I’m depressed. I need to feel a sort of center, and I lean toward soft things till I feel better. I also like things with a fun beat but soft voices.


There is also an AMAZING app called IndieShuffle that I absolutely love. And also Birp!

New music can direct a feeling or idea, which can help foster your creativity.


I look at other peoples work. This comes in different ways and different styles- and not always related to the fandom.

So I recommend one of two things. Either start going through your favorite artist blogs or just look for new artists.

It doesn’t have to be because you want to draw like them. Actually I usually just start feeling really excited- thinking about making something and thinking about enjoying that completed feeling, and how maybe this feeling I have will be passed on when someone sees what I will make!

I have a few blogs that are great for this. Most recently these are my favorites. Some are artists, others are blogs that consistently load artwork from artists maybe not in the tumblr artist community or that promote artists in and out of tumblr.


artcicles (sweetsweeps)

Those are just a few— but even just your own. I have so many. i try to follow as many artists in different styles as i can just for this purpose.

I usually get in the mood from that, admiring and submersing and I’ll see something I want to try and I’ll try and guess how I can do it. Even if it’s digital— what can I do to mimic that coloring—-

So for an example I did this routine and here’s what I found.

(a painting by James Jean )

What I did

What i listened to: Night Beds - You Were Afraid

(You can see the post for this HERE)

Another useful thing is having inspiration blogs. I like to follow rustic and forest blogs, personal blogs from people who are out there doing things i cant, taking pictures of things i want to see. Everyone i think follows a few of those, i follow alot.

Ok—- im so sorry, it took a few months for me to get the time to do this and i wanted to actually draw a thing for it to show the example and—- i never forgot, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WAITING. And i hope in someway this helps.


what the fuck are aus

i still get notifications on these au posts so i thought the least i could do is make some more

  • please stop introducing me like oprah whenever we meet new people
  • please stop drawing cartoons of us and putting them on the fridge/in my lunch
  • im all ready to netflix and chill *wink wink* oh my god, you actually mean…you want to watch…………………….im not even upset your commentary is extremely interesting please tell me more about this thing ive never heard of before that youre super into
  • idk why im wearing this bird costume but tbh im just glad you’re having a good time
  • A Series of Increasingly Terrible Makeovers
  • I Should Never Have Agreed To Be on Your Reality TV Show
  • You Sell What On Etsy
  • you’re a supermodel on the run and suddenly im your accomplice in whatever it is they’re after you for but all i can think of is the thrill of the chase and the taste of extremely expensive lip gloss
  • you run a bakery and i do deliveries and i let you pay me in cake scraps sometimes cause i know you’re having a hard time
  • you dragged me to a family reunion and i have made instant friends with your weird great aunt thats drinking wine out of a solo cup and telling embarrassing stories about you and the other kids
  • i never thought i was that into muscles but right now i would kill a man just to lick your abs please go on about your collection of extremely small chickens im allll ears 
  • the three of us are finally getting married and i just want to work on plans but one of you wont stop arguing if the plural of spouse is spice and the other just wants to elope in vegas where no one will recognize us
  • we’re really struggling with the whole acting like adults thing so whenever we have to do an important official errand or something we pretend to be secret agents undercover and the mortgage guy keeps giving us weird looks
  • we’re in a long distance relationship and you came all the way here to surprise me but i hate surprises and we’re currently in the ER to see if i broke your ribs or not im so sorry
  • “i would fight a raccoon for you” “well i would fight a train for you” “i would fight abraham lincoln for you” “I WOULD FIGHT YOU FOR YOU” “BRING IT ON MOTHERFUCKER LETS GO”
  • you just got a shitty job and you think im here for moral support but im really just here to snap pics of you in your dorky uniform for the group chat
  • we arent sure if we want/will be able to handle having kids so as a trial run we’ve basically adopted our neighbor’s kids for the day and hoooo boy
  • yes you’re very good at the violin but if you practice at 6am again it’s going straight into the river i dont make the rules

EDIT: I AM FULL OF COMMISSIONS NOW! I got such a huge response, thank you so much! I have a LOT of stuff to draw now and if everyone who inquired about a commission comes through with payment then I will have made a decent chunk of money to go towards my surgery! Thank you so much for sharing this!


This dang tooth is really hurting. I’m going to have it removed, but I have no dental insurance and it is going to cost several hundred dollars at the very minimum. I have an appointment for just a consultation and it’s $180.

I have some money in my health savings account, but I might be forced to dig into my wedding fund. That’s really depressing and I really don’t want to do that. I’m gunna cry.

I’m offering cheap, quick commissions for $7 each. I’m going to do them in a cute, colorful fun style, as shown above. Hopefully I can get a little chunk of change so that my savings doesn’t take such a hard hit.


1. I will draw pretty much anything. But, I reserve the right to refuse any commission if I don’t want to do it. I will draw nudity. Your fetish doesn’t phase me. But I suppose I have limits lol.

2. You just can’t be too picky. I’m not going to get overly detailed, and I’m not going to give you proofs or revisions. You’re going to have to just roll with it. If you are the type of person that gets upset if someone draws a freckle out of place on your OC then this might not be for you.

3. No backgrounds :<

4. I will draw multiple characters, but it costs more. For example: two characters on the same page = $14, 3 characters = $21, etc. I might ask for more if you want some crazy props or whatever.

5. I’m just going to have fun and draw in this style, so don’t ask for something realistic.


My paypal is, but please note me first if you want a drawing.

If you don’t want one, I’d sure appreciate a reblog. Maybe  one of your followers wants one. I dunno. Thanks in advance to anyone who shares this, it really helps me out :) THANK YOU!!! <3

honestly there is so much good art on tumblr god bless the artists on tumblr. i see so much stuff on here i just want to stare at forever thank u so much for drawing things you love and drawing for us.

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I want to ask something bc you're one of my fav artists. Every time I think I draw something good, I show it to my mom hoping she’ll be proud of me. She always says, “I hate it. Why do you waste your potential is wasted on junk like this.” I’ve tried nearly EVERY style trying to make her proud but I can't. If I express my feelings she threatens to call a doctor because it's "not normal". It's really upsetting and I kinda want to quit art. I just can't convince myself good enough. Any advice?

what on earth is your moms problem holy shit

it is normal. it is so very normal omg please keep drawing im honestly baffled as to why your mom thinks that way


I just bought a new computer, I’m getting a car and I need to start paying for shitt with money that’s not financial aidddd

I’m making a new commission sheet 
With like
Updated stuff

Okay so let’s see here

I can do some headshot type dealios for $8.00
(I’ll add shoulders if you want)

Half body for $14.00
Extra Characters add $6.00

And then there’s full body for $22.00
Extra characters add $8.00

(don’t worry I’ll draw the feet)

Okay so that’s about it for now. I may add things later on but we’ll see.

  • Paypal only
  • I’ll draw anything/anyone
  • I prefer picture references to written ones, but if that’s all you have I will try my best
  • Please pay after all the details have been discussed and before you have the finished commission

Send me a message if you’re interested! c: