im so tired i need a nice and warm bubble bath mhmm

Rated M (Smut) “It shouldn’t be this hard” + Suga

Getting home from a stressful day at work you quickly find yourself in a warm bathtub full of bubbles. Soaking your aching body as it begins to relax. Your phone vibrates and you find it still in the sweater you had pulled off which was laying on the floor next to the toilet. You reach for it careful not to splash water on the floor and swipe it open. It was a text from your boyfriend Yoongi  “Jagi, let me know when u get home. I’ll be home later with something delicious to eat, miss you” a goofy smile grew on your face. Yoongi never failed to make you make your heart smile, he gave you energy when you were tired and comfort you when you were upset. You quickly replied “I’m home baby, I had a super stressful day. I’m currently in the bath tub and I’m planning on taking a nap after so if you get home and I’m asleep, I’ll just eat later. I love youuu~~♡♡♡” clicking send you take your way out of the tub and into your bedroom your bed was practically screaming your name. You quickly slipped into some comfortable shorts and a loose shirt and slide into the covers. You became a human burrito and in a matter of seconds drifted to sleep.

Yoongi unlocked the front door as he juggled his gym bag in one hand and groceries on the other. He was going to buy food but decided to cook you something nice to brighten up your mood. He set everything down and tried calling you to you “y/n I’m homee” when he doesn’t get a response he can only assume you’re still asleep. Walking to the bedroom you two share he opens the door quietly and sees you spread out on the bed. He smiles seeing you deep asleep, his head tilts and his tongue slides over his lips. Your legs were spread enough for him to be able to notice that you weren’t wearing any panties under them. He made his way to your bedside and lightly kissed your lips “baby I’m home, im going to cook something delicious for us okay?” And brushed a hand over your hair. Half asleep you nodded your head and shifted turning to your side. Yoongi’s eyes traveled down and stared at your ass. “Fuck, It shouldn’t be this hard” He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, trying to ignore the tight feeling of his hard on pressing against his jeans and walked out of the room quickly.
Yoongi got to work fast cooking and making a delicious meal. He tried his best to not make too much noise so you wouldn’t wake up from your nap. He knew how hard you’d been working recently and he wanted to show you that he appreciated your patience and hardwork as he spend a lot of time working in the studio. He set out plates on the table and served the food. After getting everything set up all that was missing was you. Yoongi walked back to the room and once again found you in that very compromising position he had found you in before. This time he wouldn’t just look, walking up to the bed and caressed your long legs. He grabbed one with each hand and pulled you down where your legs hung over the edge of the bed taking a closer look he could see your pretty pink folds and he slowly pulled down your shorts. Using one finger he ran it slowly up and down feeling the warms of your core. “Mhmm Yoongi what are you doing” your voice is sluggish as you wake up feeling yourself being played with. “I’m having a snack before diner” his breath could be felt on your inner thigh as he starts kissing and sucking the skin between your tights. Your breath quickly picked up as the pleasure climbed up your body. As a reflect your thigh tried closing you Yoongi held them down. “I know you’ve been really stressed lately and I thought u out might need some useful stress relief.” His tongue played with your nub as one of his fingers slip inside of your wet hole making you squirm and moan in pleasure. The room filled with his name and your hand in twined into his hair. “F-fuck Yoongi that feels amazing” you cried out the pleasure almost became too much to handle. Your body felt close to the edge as Yoongi inserted another finger, pumping faster and licking the juices that your body was releasing. You back arched and your legs tensed as your felt the orgasm take its toll on your body. “Yoongi im cuming” you moan intensifies and soon your body collapsed. You sat up and met Yoongi’s lips, his tongue parted tour lips and danced with yours. Yoongi stood up with your lips still locked onto his. He wrapped his arms around your waist and your arms around his neck. You would feel his erection though his jeans and you were about to let him go like this. Pulling away you stand up and push him to the bed. Slipping your shirt over your head “well now I’m naked an that’s not fair. Let’s lose the close oppa” Yoongi pulled his shirt off and threw it on the ground. With your help his jeans slipped off along with his boxers. “My time to have a snack and I’m starving.” You wink at Yoongi and get down on your knees. Taking his member into your hands his arms support his weight as he leans back. When your lips and tongue grace his member Yoongi’s head tilts back. You allow your mouth to take his whole length in and set into a fast Rhythm. Your head bobs up and down taking in as much of his length as you can without choking. Your hand works the rest that doesn’t go into your mouth. Yoongi erupts in low moans and hips meet the same rhythm as your head. “Faster jagi” his voice is heavy long with his breathing. One of Yoongi’s hands move to the back of your head and he begins to push your head forward. “Take it all in baby, I know you can” soon the sounds of Yoongi’s dicks hitting the back of your throat echos in the room along with his now loud moans. He let’s go allowing you to come up for breath. Working your hands up and down Yoongi cries out “Fuck I’m gonna-” and his warm seed spills over your hands and chest. Yoongi is silent for a few minutes trying to compose himself and catch his breath. He looks down at you and rolls over and head to the bathroom. You also stand up and follow him with him still on your chest and hands. Yoongi come out with a wet wrap and starts wiping your hands and chest clean. “I love waking up to the beautiful sight of my boyfriend between my thighs..” you kiss him as he continues to wipe you clean. “I love eating my girlfriend” Yoongi bites your bottom lip making you slightly moan. “What’s for diner?” You ask making Yoongi laugh and kiss your forehead. “Well once we put some close on you’ll find out.”

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