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Arrow Fanfiction Reviews Offered

Hi there.

My name is Anita and Im here to review your story. Yup, that’s about it.

This blog is exactly what it sounds like: a place for Arrow Fanfiction Authors to come to and request reviews. It’s really that simple. Every single fanfiction writer deserves some love for the magic you guys do, and Im here to do that in an orderly fashion.


You can either submit your story parameters on this Blog’s page, using the format below. 

General information about the story:
Additional Tags:
: (you don’t have to fill them all out, obviously)

Areas where you’d like me to focus most:
This is important.
Whether it’s plot, or characterisation, or dialogue - tell me. This is really to make sure that the review I leave with cover what YOU guys want to hear an opinion on. What I most want to get right is characterisation, for example, so I always want to hear an opinion on how I’m doing there. I’m assuming everyone has their own.

If you don’t specify anything (please do though!) Im likely to comment on: the things that most impressed me; my favourite line; what made me laugh; what made me swear at the screen; plot; pacing; characterisation; how your story made me feel (always expect this one, I’m big on that)

Or, share your story on Tumblr from AO3 and tag me to it. Whatever is easiest. (I advise using the submitting thingy, so that it’s easier for me to keep track of the stories).

Please don’t hesitate. I know that sometimes it feels like imposing when you ask for people to review your work, but its not. It’s why I made an actual separate blog about it.

Some things to remember:

1. I’M NICE.

Really, I am. I’ve been reading fanfiction for almost 7 years and I have yet to come across a story on which I didn’t have at least one positive thing to point out. (Just don’t ask me about grammar or punctuation, because I suck at those and unless the story is unreadable, I probably won’t even notice)

2. I will offer whatever constructive criticism I can **ONLY** if you specifically request it.  If you don't not, I’ll keep to things I loved about what I read.

3. Tell me if you’d rather I review here on this site, or on Ao3 or on Really, its the same to me, so if you wanna go specific, go for it.

4. If the story is a multi-chapter, I will read the first 10.000 words or so. For the next set, come around again.

5. THERE WILL BE NO CHARACTER BASHING OF ANY KIND IN MY REVIEWS. So if your character/pairing is not a fan favourite and you hesitate because of that, DON’T! I am the kind of fan that loves all characters of this show, so come at me bro, I’m prepared and open minded.

Any rating/genre is welcome too.

6. This my second blog - my primary blog is @yellowflicker09011996 . If you want to see how I review, HERE is a link to a few of them I’ve done.

7. I will open and close the  ‘queue’ of requests depending on how many requests I get. For example, I’ll finished with the first 10-20 requests before I open it again, just so that I don’t leave people hanging a long time, because I know that can get annoying.

8. Anyone else wanting to take part of this is welcome to! Seriously, offer stands open at any time.

Im a bit technologically challenged so I’m still trying to figure out how to make other people part of the blog (and the blog itself looks totally ugly right now, sorry about that) but that is no way a reflection to my ability to read and cheer your work on.

8. …I can’t think of anything else right now, but I will edit this post as time goes by.

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