im so sorry this is a shitty gifset

and as the world comes to an end
i’ll be here to hold your hand
‘cause you’re my King and I’m your Lionheart

happy belated birthday miyukeis <3

20 days ONE OK ROCK challenge day 18/20
Favorite live performance.

Every OOR live performance is awesome, but when I watched

Budokan’s Liar I got this “shit this is so awesome, I feel like I’m going so scream”-feeling for the very time.
Just look at the light and how much power they always put into this song. Especially Taka who fell absolutely exhausted on the floor after they played this during their JINSEI x KIMI = Tour.
Seriously, whenever I watch a live performance of Liar I get goosebumps.

Listen….I know the Shameless fandom is in shambles right now and everyone is pissed the fuck off and hurting and disappearing. 

But I just wanna throw out a message that as much as the writers try to ruin everything for us (and I mean literally everything) they can’t take away the fantastic content that all our fic writers and artists provide for us. 

I, for one, am going to keep writing and reading Mickey and Ian fics because I love them as a couple and as individuals…just not canonically. They had so much potential and there was love there, TPTB just ruined it with their dirty, greedy hands. 

I am still going to make shitty gifsets for you all to reblog. I’m still gonna stan for Mickey and pretend season six and seven never happened. Sorry, but you can pry his character from my cold dead hands.