im so sorry they just looked hella cute

“you guys secretly love each other.”

summary: you wake up to minhyun and jaehwan cuddling and you’re hella confused.

person: hwang minhyun ft kim jaehwan aka saranghae team lmfao

firstly i had no idea wtf a sleep au is,, so im sorry if this didnt meet expectations someone pls tell me what a sleep au is lmfao so i kinda just made this hella different than requested but oh whale….. someonE TELLMEPLES

  • you and minhyun have been friends for about 4 years
  • and it didnt rlly bother you at the fact u guys like to sleep next to each other
  • yeah both of u have crushes but none of u have admitted
  • smh
  • anyways
  • the wanna one members somehow know that uguys flirt like 26/9 (what am i doing help)
  • minhyun invited u over the dorm bc he got so fuckn bored
  • ur like “i JUST SAW YOU TWO DAYS AGO?? smh CLINGY”
  • then minhyun left u on read and he knows ur gonna slap him in the face
  • so the doorbell rings
  • and daehwis like “I GOT IT DID U ORDER FOOD ANYO- oH Y/N!!”
  • daehwi pulls u into a hug and u blush bc wtf hes so cute what even?
  • “what are you doing here y/n??” ong smirks “oHMYGOD UR HERE FOR MINHYUNRIGHT??”
  • you blush and ur like “nah i gotta clean ur dorm smh.. i hope u guys dont mind that i’ll be staying over tonight??”
  • “oF COURSE NOT” daniel smirks
  • “whos there? AISHDDHDH Y/N!”
  • minhyun runs to u and pulls u into a hug and ur lowkey dying bc hes so tall and u know ur gonna fall and die
  • “why dont yall jusT KISS ALREADY OHMYGOD” seongwoo screams
  • “shut up..” minhyun rolls his eyes
  • “ur so clingy what did seonho do to u i LEGIT JUST SAW U TWO DAYSAGO”
  • “why are you talkin about seonho” minhyun pouts “U CAME HEREFOR A REASON”
  • “bc i am the mum of seonho” u roll ur eyes
  • “Y/N-NOONA!” guanlin screams and runs to u 
  • “wHATTHEFUCKDHCHC” ur screaming inside
  • “ok you make me want to live here guanlin”
  • u kinda forget about cleaning the dorm so minhyun does it by himself and then jaehwan suggests about watching a movie
  • “hORRORRR”
  • “no i cant do that” you pout and daniel gives u a high five “i feEL YOU Y/N”
  • “why not romance.. ekekekek” uR WANTING TO SLAP THE HYUNG LINE SO BADLY
  • “ok hyung line.. u rlly want me to smack u dont u” you look at the maknaes “lOOK AT THE MAKNA!!ES!! SO!! WELL!! BE!!HAVED uNLIKE YOU ALL TREATING ME LIKT HIS”
  • “sungwoon UR GOING TO DIE TONIGHTHEHDHC” u scream mentally in your mind bc fuckandeveryone knows now u like the hwang minhyun and UR DYING
  • luckily minhyun is in the kitchen and he probably hasnt heard anything…
  • “hyung…. THIS WASNT THE RIGHT TIME” woojin tuts at sungwoon hyung
  • “this is why i love the maknaes.. my children”
  • ong throws a pfT at you and u smirk
  • timeskip to night
  • you’re getting ready for bed and you are like take the couch and minhyunslike nO just sleep beside me and u panic a little
  • “o..okay”
  • “why are you nervous? we’ve done this a lot”
  • you can hear small screams
  • “oh mygod whos screaming”
  • “jihoon hyung” guanlin giggles
  • “i know but like.. THERE are other people here..”
  • “just…. come closer y/n, its fine”
  • he snuggles next to you and u kinda just become the small spoon lmfao
  • “i love you.. y/n”
  • “i love you too..”
  • u kinda check to see if hes sleeptalking but nO
  • “im sorry i didnt say this sooner,”
  • the rooms dead quiet but u can hear some muttering
  • “the members were pushing me and i-”
  • “OUCH”
  • “iM SORRY CONTINUE I JUST” guanlin falls off his bed
  • bc ur smiling like an idiot
  • man
  • in the morning u wake up and some members are already awake
  • “morning y/n!” they greet u
  • you look to your left where minhyun was
  • “oh my god”
  • minhyun moves a little and opens his eyes
  • “OHMY-”
  • jaehwan falls off the bed
  • “oHMYGOD IM”
  • ur hella confused
  • the end.
  • whats a sleep au someone tell me asap

mystic-duchxss  asked:

I love your blog!!!! Can I request a hc where RFA + v, saeran and vanderwood (god i love ms vanderwood III i hope you do too!!!) react to MC being a vocalist and guitarist of a band??? Theyre pretty good and looks badass (& hella hot) while performing but is such a cute lil bean when not on stage??? This would be so fun to read im sorry if its too much?? I just love your writing so much!! Thank you!!!

Thank you so much!!! I don’t do Vanderwood headcanons because I don’t really know a lot about the character, I’m sorry, but I love the request!


  • When you invited him to one of your concerts he was so excited
  • “Are you going to dedicate a love song to me, babe?”
  • Well yeah you did??
  • Of course it wasn’t exactly the soulful ballad he was expecting
  • But daMN you sounded great and didn’t look too bad
  • Literally the second you came off stage he was so hyped
  • he’s nEVER smiled this much holy damn
  • “You’ve got to do some stuff with me one of these days!”


  • Seconds before going onstage you were completely normal
  • Just grinning and adorable as always
  • And then you were belting on stage
  • Yoosung.exe has stopped working saVE HIM
  • The entire time he was speechless
  • And to confuse him more you were cute as ever after the concert??
  • wHAT??


  • He’d never been to any of your performances before so he really didn’t know what to expect
  • But he rEALLY didn’t expect that
  • You were literally performing with such power?? such passion??
  • you were literally cuddled up with him like an hour ago what’s going on
  • It takes him a couple seconds to really get his head around how amazing you are
  • And when you come off he starts to talk about all the promotion he could give your band
  • he’s pretty damn impressed


  • She almost had a mini heart attack oh lord
  • You had such an innocent exterior?
  • Of course she loves this
  • And is pretty much your biggest fan bless her
  • Literally supportive girlfriend all the way 
  • She’s gonna cheer you on the entire performance
  • From then on, you KNOW she’s gonna ask you about what sort of stuff you do


  • He knows
  • He’s seen the videos of your band performing
  • And he was sure to do little things to show off just who you were
  • You found yourself gifted with a very cute outfit
  • “It’s for your performance this weekend!”
  • And you still wore it
  • But the cute dress paired with a leather jacket?
  • Yeah you sTILL looked so badass
  • And long story short, it’s now his mission to make you look adorable instead of badass despite how much he loves seeing you looking that cool
  • But no matter what he throws he never succeeds
  • literally once he threw pink glitter at the stage what have you done


  • For some reason, Seven never showed him any of the recordings from your performances?
  • But then when he saw you he knew
  • “I’mgoingtokillSevenI’mgoingtokillSevenIswearI’mgoingtokillSeven”
  • He loved this side of you though??
  • And he’s nEVER going to forget this wow


  • You were always so precious and adorable??
  • When you went up he didn’t actually see how badass you were i say this way too much stOP ME
  • But there was something in your voice?
  • There was a new confidence in it that he couldn’t help but fall in love with all over again
  • He was cheering for you so much
  • And you know as soon as your performance is over he’s gonna be all over you

anonymous asked:

is the ask box open?? if so, how bout a scenario when the s/o walks in to see Bokuto, Akaashi, Kuroo, Lev, Oikawa, Ushijima wearing or trying on their skirts and bra :3 ((love this blog btw))

(What the actual fuck hahahahaha)

Bokuto would probably be the least embarrassed of them all, and might play it off the best - telling them he was just messing about, however his words weren’t too convincing.

Oikawa might say something like ”Oh, I was just trying to gauge your dress size so that I could buy you clothes…” , but would be rather red-faced whilst doing so.

Kuroo is likely to crack a joke to play it off, like ”Oh so you can look sexy in it, but I can’t??”.

Im sorry, but I literally cant even picture Ushijima doing that omg no. (He’d look hella cute in a skirt though)

Lev would most likely just stand there, motionless and dumbfounded. Why was he even doing this in the first place, he wondered.

Akaashi  would just look them dead in the eye and say, ”Forget you saw anything, okay?” before closing the door in their face.


Apocalypse!AU: Dan & Phil + Troye & Connor

You may’ve thought I was being unproductive today, but I was actually being hella overproductive.

You may’ve seen ‘Troye from my story’ with the description and all, and I honestly thought of doing these for everyone, but then I realized no one reads them anyway and also that I’m too impatient to post the sketches.

au where asahi is a bartender at a nightclub and nishinoya is a street fighter that frequents said nightclub, but they never meet because asahi has weekends off and nishinoya only ever comes to the nightclub on saturday nights

then one friday night nishinoya storms into the nightclub, bloodied and bruised from a fight, grunting out an order for the usual but asahi is so confused because im sorry sir, but what is your usual?

at this nishinoya looks up, prepared to growl the words stop messing around tanaka you shit until confused chocolate-coloured eyes come into his line of sight and the insult just dies away because holy fuck this guy’s hella cute 

from then on nishinoya comes to visit the nightclub on weekdays instead of weekends and he doesn’t mind that his schedule is all messed up, if only for the sake of seeing the cute bartender with pretty eyes and the gentle voice and the soft smile playing at the corners of his lip, and nishinoya can’t help but notice that whenever he’s sitting right at the bar that asahi ducks his head shyly, red streaked across his face from one ear to the other, jerky movements and hesitant exchange of words while taking nishinoya’s order showing his internal turmoil of what do I he’s staring at me again what do I do what do I do this is awfully nerve wrecking someone please save me how am i supposed to react in this situation and nishinoya has to wonder if asahi’s reaction is actually due to nishinoya being a fighter and nishinoya can only feel depressed because he thinks asahi’s afraid of him

and when tanaka sees their interaction on the week that he has shifts with asahi (who’s a total sucker for nishinoya’s attention by the way), he drags nishinoya to a corner and scribbles asahi’s contact across his arm with a firm look and aif you don’t find a chance to talk to him properly and ask him out I will go there and ask him for you and when tanaka sees his best friend and co-worker again the next weekend, asahi stutters out a soft ‘thank you’ to him before another one of nishinoya’s honest compliments have asahi flushing crimson again and asahi’s glass heart can’t handle 

the raven cycle & birds

re:  italian is a terrible language where everything is an innuendo

useful info before i start:

‘bird’ in italian is an euphemism for dick

now that we got that out of the way - let me tell you something

as an italian person who speaks english kinda maybe well and read the raven cycle in english, at first i didnt realize the potential for dirty jokes because tbh my brain was still processing how great the books are (i read them all in one go)

but now. oh boy. now i cant help but snort every time i read something along the lines of “ronan’s bird” because im actually twelve AND a terrible person

like yall come up with stuff like ‘omg what if one day chainsaw disappears and ronan gets hella sad so adam helps him look for her like ‘come on lynch lets go find your bird’’

and i just. im human. there’s only so much i can take im not saying its not a cute headcanon because tbh IT IS and i would read a fic abt it but like. my first thought was ‘have u tried looking in his pants’