im so sorry they just looked hella cute


Apocalypse!AU: Dan & Phil + Troye & Connor

You may’ve thought I was being unproductive today, but I was actually being hella overproductive.

You may’ve seen ‘Troye from my story’ with the description and all, and I honestly thought of doing these for everyone, but then I realized no one reads them anyway and also that I’m too impatient to post the sketches.
inspired by this post.  I just.  I really love the idea of Sans being afraid of Papyrus? so I did… a thing.  In canon, Papyrus reacts to Sans joking mostly with exasperation, which tends to get ignored.  Here, an angry look is generally enough to shut him down pretty fast.

(my immediate thought upon having this idea was “wait so does Sans just NEVER tell jokes then?” and I don’t think that’s the case, but he probably doesn’t do it in front of Papyrus super often)
(except he’s SANS so stuff still kinda slips out occasionally, much to Papyrus’ annoyance)

Bonus doodle:

cause I remembered how Paps chews Sans out for stuff like being lazy and in canon he just kinda brushes it off and im sorry I just really like scared shaky Sans