im so sorry if this was already someones idea

~ 11 Questions Tag ~

Thank u so much @amazinglovelace for tagging me !!! <3

Answer the 11 questions given to you then make up 11 NEW questions for the next tagged people to answer!

1: Who is the first person you’d call with really exciting news?

first question and im already stuck on an existencial crisis rip i have no idea tbh 

2: What color do you wish your room was?

pastel violet ((soon!!))

3: Do you have a crush on anyone atm? (Any type of crush: platonic, tumblr, romantic, whatevs!)

i cant think of any rn D:

4: What is the dominant color in your wardrobe?

black, bc i need to match my soul 

5: Do you like shopping?

yes, until i start trying on things and realising that nothing looks good on me lmao

6: Can you cook? If so, what’s your favorite meal to cook?

i rly enjoy cooking but idk if i do it good tbh and (its not a meal but idgaf) i love cooking cakes and stuff like that 

7: Do you collect anything?


8: On a scale of “who the hell is that” to “Phil trash #2”, how obsessed with Dan and Phil are you?

“Phil trash #2″ 

9: Have any pets? Want any pets?

i have a cat. i want 10 more cats

10: If you could go on a vacation anywhere for a month with no consequences or fees where would you go?


11: (cheeky q coming your way!) Any suggestions for my blog? I’d love to hear them! ^-^ 

omg no!! i mean, your blog is goals!!! i dont think u should change anything tbh <3

My questions!!!!: 

1: Your favorite food?

2: If you could live on a fictional universe (Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc) wich one would it be?

3: How/why did you start using tumblr?

4: Favorite disney movie?

5: When did you started watching Dan&Phil?

6: Thoughts about space?

7: Are you worried about something atm?

8: Tea or coffee?

9: What kind of music do you listen to?

10: Summer or winter?

11: Favorite part of the day?

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fallingslowly8718 asked:

What an interesting concept! Im really intrigued by the little peak you gave us into this universe. My heart breaks for Caroline, especially instead of saying "Say your a vampire" Like I expected, she said "Say I'm not crazy", and it said so much. How long must she have been waiting for some validation. I'm sorry it didn't come out like you planned, but writers are their biggest critics. I know we've never talked on here before, but if you ever need someone to bounce ideas off, feel free to me

Thank you :) It’s really given me a boost and I’m already starting the next part!

anonymous asked:

Why would you need to have cute date ideas with someone else don't you already have a partner ???

well gee anon sorry for having a close friend.
Btw the person I tagged is a lesbian and im male.

and yeah im in a relationship but i also value my friendships?? like?? damn i didnt know i could so stuff with my friends PLATONICALLY.

hell: or God is real

wowwowowwow im really sad. theres not much left for me honestly. its sad when the only friends you have are distant ones. no one can really stand me i guess…… i dont really know how to keep relationships. im sorry im not very stable. im sorry im so sarcastic and brutal. i feel so alone. i dont want a lover. i just want someone who will take me for me. everyone at this damned school needs a different ellen in order to be seen with me. i cant be me but alas, i gave up that stupid idea of changing myself and it has provided me with nothing. although there are some there whom I really love. the ones who accept me and I could thank them enough because without them I might have killed myself already. but really, im not meant for this school. i dont think my parents understand that. i dont really fit in. my reputation doesnt click with anyone. only some of the guys.. but then i ruin that by hooking up with them. i wonder if college will change anything. i wonder if theyll accept me over there. thats why i want to go far away. i cant stand it down here. i cant stand this anymore. i tired of constantly fighting an uphill battle with these people. i stand alone in my ideas and no one ever bothers to listen. its their way or nothing. it drives me insane. sure the bible may say that a guy cant love a guy but it also says you cant have tattoos and youve got a fucking airplane on your back. i try to understand and i try to listen but why dont they ever shut the fuck up and sit down and actually listen to another opinion for once in their god damned lives. they are trapped in bubbles and ironically enough, theyll stay in them because most of them arent smart enough to make it out of the south. sure im not the brightest bulb in the shed but i fucking try. i dont think its cool to fail. i dont think its cool to not care. just stop shoving your ignorant and naive lifestyle down my throat. wake up and realize where you are living. you opinion is not the only one. nor is it necessarily the right one. what is it going to take for these people to shut up and listen? what is it going to take for these people to stop worrying about the small stuff? about petty situations or about what people think of them? i am not calling myself a professional in those aspects of my life but fucking try damnit. sorry im not going to be like you. sorry im not going think the same things you do. so suck it up and go fuck yourself.   

anonymous asked:

I was trying to imagine the girl versions of 1d. I think Louis is def Kristen Stewart, Liam is Lilly Collins and Niall reminds me so much of Gigi. Who do you think Harry and zayn are??

i really thought about this but it’s so hard for me to come up with anyone?? i like the choices you’ve already thought of but i have no idea how to go about choosing someone aahh im so sorry!!