im so sorry if it looks like crap

ikathemadhatter  asked:

5, 6 and 10 >w<

5. Favourite villain

6. Favourite devil fruit
i mean devil fruits are all PRETTY DAMN COOL like LOGIAS ARE ALL SO COOL LIKE HOLY CRAP SO FUCKING COOL but you know what Kanjuro (as much and i honestly cant bring myself to really care at all about the samurai im sorry ii just. cant.) his DF is SO COOL as an artist think of all the dongs i could draw on things everywhere!

10. Least favourite Strawhat

every time I think a particular thought or thing about a character theres always my “but !!!!!!” reasons and honestly kudos to oda for creating a 9 member cast that I actually ALL enjoy bc im usually a “i like this ONE CHARACTER THATS IT” person but. I love them. all.

yeah same funnily enough, i saw some on my dash and im like yeesh bye ok

on one level that makes sense so yeah
the important part now is how they react to knowing his canon age

on another level tho omgggggg he does not look 15 holy crap
BUT whats in the past is in the past so like that doesn’t matter now, it cant be changed or helped. onwards and upwards. stop shipping a 25 year old w teenagers two-thousand-and-right-the-fuck-now

maybe this person didn’t know, idk
still, not a thing im interested in looking at or dealing with