im so sorry if it looks like crap

jason grace

tends to keep his emotions to himself until he just breaks down

piper makes sure he lets it out when she sees that he´s on lock down mode

adores piper

like seriously

usually isn´t very reckless but if he sees you bullying anyone he will take you down

is actually very easy to make friends with, especially after the war, he´s really nice and respectful if you haven´t done anything to him or his friends

the seven + nico and reyna are everything to him

he hasn´t ever had a place where he has felt completely home so he´s forever grateful for his friends

has a couple of nerd glasses and he takes them on when he´s reading

everyone is (but piper) is surprised to see that jason grace is actually cute as hell

he´s kinda oblivious to other people feelings and doesn´t always notice when people are hurting or when he´s said something he shouldn´t have, so sometimes he comes off as insensitive

he´s a great leader but he´s not very good at handling the pressure

sometimes it just crushes him

so he was really relieved when frank took his place as preator and he always makes sure to help frank so that the same thing doesn´t happen to him

when he´s got a song stuck in his head, it repeats like a mantra for weeks

super super protective of his friends

people stealing his glasses to see if he stumbles into things and he just rolls his eyes because really guys if my sight was that bad i would´ve known i needed glasses

he forgives leo pretty fast both because hes not really one to hold grudges and also because it hurt so much when leo was gone why would jason wanna stay away when he got him back again

keeps his promise to himself and doesn´t drink at all, even when everybody else is

gets help to build a room in his cabin where the zeus statue can stand because its creeping him out

the blue jellybeans

he´s addicted to them

the monthly dinners with the prophecy heroes was his idea

he´s a cute ass slightly dangerous mama dork

trust me its scientifically proved

Me: wow I really should leave Tumblr and start having actual life irl
Actual life: hey look I just gave you tons of anxiety and made you feel super depressed, enjoy!
Me: um,
*scrolls 5739492 miles on my dashboard here and reblogs million pics/posts*

Anyway shit happens and I’m sorry I’m like this so here we go have a lovely Greg Lake’s photo it’s a positive thingy
I love you guys ❤


heterosexual pandering? in my danganronpa?? it’s more likely than you think


hi friends!! my name is chan and im currently 14, 15 in a few months. im looking for someone i can skype or facetime or imessage with and basically just talk to a lot. (and maybe send some weird vlogs to) im open to everyone, but i do love me some like minded people. im christian, but sexuality, gender or religion doesnt matter to me at all. i welcome people relatively close to age with me so say around 14-20 (sorry it’s just more comfortable). i have crappy mental illnesses so chat at your own risk (not that i bite).

some crap about me: 

shitty memes are my thing. crappy puns too, so come one come all.

i like video games. like a hella lot. i play games like league of legends (wouldnt mind playing with some new friends) and other stuff on steam. im a big fan of mmos and mmorpgs so if you like them too then definitely hit me up. i am also a huge fan of otome games like mystic messenger and similar romance anime like akagami no shirayuki-hime, amnesia or dialovers. [if you are a fan of such things then ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)] yandere (male)s are my children and i read and talk about them alot so :“)

i like a variety of music, from kpop to bands like fall out boy. but my favourite bands (at the moment) are definitely pierce the veil, panic at the disco and all time low.

i enjoy writing (alot), playing the piano, reading, coding etc etc. i have many different hobbies and i’d like to meet people who are similar. (fun fact: i cant dance at all)

you can contact me at my tumblr (limplamp) and maybe we can progress to other stuff later on?

anonymous asked:

just a lil recommendation// HOLY CRAP the book stranger//camren IS SO FREAKING GOOD NO JOKE LIKE I CANT. BUT WATTPAD IS LIKE FREAKING OUT AND WONT LET ME LOOK AT COMMENTS and im just pissed but so satisfied cuz it's such a great book.... ugh.... sorry 😂

Hmmm okay, I’ll note that one down. But on a scale of one to ten, how much will it make me cry? Because I’m really sensitive 😁

"I See The Light" - Vivi & Lewis
"I See The Light" - Vivi & Lewis



But yeah, have Lewis and Vivi singing “I See The Light” from Tangled because I’m HORRIBLY romantic and i just love this pair and i want them to be happy and in love forever and jsklgjslkdag

Excuse my crap audio editing skills and equipment

If you were married to Vernon...

okay so I got 2 requests for this so I decided to write it.. ^-^ also, I’m writing this on my phone because I REALLY needed something to post so sorry if the format is a little off lmao. and sorry if it’s short but once again I wrote it on mobile !!!! I hope you guys enjoy nonetheless.

•literally the most awkward dork at your wedding
•blushes every time you look at him
•or every time anyone looks at him
•is trying to stay calm the whole time but as soon as he sees you his hands are shaking and his heart is beating really fast and his stomach drops
•so when you grab his hands they’re really sweaty and shaky but it’s ok bc you’re hoping he doesn’t notice how nervous you are and that the makeup is hiding the redness of your face
•and when the rest of his group starts making speeches
•he’s laughing nervously and face palming and really wishing that he could go to the bathroom instead of listening to embarrassing stories about him
•also stares at you a lot when you’re not looking because you look sO PRETTY OHMYGOd
•your honeymoon is in America
•you guys probably go to New York
•you visit the statue of libery, and central park, and the empire state building, and do a whole bunch of other stuff tbh
•and for the hell of it you guys end up going to cali too
•and possibly vegas who knows?? what happens in vegas stays in vegas
•then when you finally go home
•then it’s time to move out of your small little apartment and into a house w hansol
•it’s a ton of hard woRK
•most of it consists of you guys complaining and dragging boxes around while the rest of seventeen are planning to sleep twelve people in the guest room
•when you finally move in you spend three days trying to convince the boys to give you guys some peace and quiet for a while and leAVE
•you guys eventually get settled in
•but neither of you really know how to adult
•so you eat take out like every night and flop down on the couch and watch Netflix
•and when it’s time to do laundry or dishes you’re like ?????? fcK how do I do this ??????
•so most of the time your clothes are p wrinkled and you use paper tableware because you don’t feel like washing the dishes
•and eventually
•you get the hang of it
•a smol little adorable baby bean
•and you’re both excited
•he calls his parents and tells his sister and calls every member of seventeen and calls the fucking CEO of pledis like “IM HAVING A KID!!!!!!”
•constantly thinking about how you guys are gonna decorate the nursery and whats gonna happen when he has to go to work and “whAT IF YOU NEED ME WHILE IM GONE Y/N????”
•and when you finally go into labor
•he flips the fuck out
•and when he finally gets to hold the baby
•he’s so excited but he’s kinda crying at the same time
•he’s like “this is ouR KID Y/N WE MADE THIS !!!!!”
•and all of seventeen are crying and nostalgic because hansol is just like a little brother to them and they’re like “fCKK we’re getting old *cries for two hours straight*”
• just a roller coaster of emotions
•he’s also the really dorky kind of protective dad
•he’s like “y/N they have to wear a life vest in the pool what if they drown”
•or “no soda it’s bad for you and it’ll make you hyper and you might try to jump off of the couch and then end up breaking your arm so nO.”
•probably afraid to get pets because “whAT IF THEY GET HURT”
•overall a rlly cute and adorable dad/husband ok thank u for tuning in

SUP FRIENDS!! I’ve made a new commissions page. Sorry for my crap hand writing though, haha! Rewritten and details below!
So Im opening commissions, Im in need of cash while i look for a place to work, so i can save up for important things like food, life things, ect. If you can’t commission me, please spread the word!! ::D Thanks!


BUST: 8$  / Includes colour and a simple background
more detailed background :: +2$
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KNEE UP/WAIST UP: 13$ / Includes colour 
simple background :: +2$
more detailed background :: +5$
SKETCH UP: 10$ / Includes crosshatch shading

Additional characters:: +3$

Email me at :
Paid through Paypal

Will draw:
OCs | Fanart | Gore | Short simple comic strip
Won’t draw:
Anthro/furry or Animals | NSFW/porn | trees 

Questions? Shoot me a message here on tumblr! Thank you! 

Imagine #1: Dying Michael's Hair

A/N: first imagine, im new at this whole imagine/preference thing and i don’t quite know anything really, like how to make master list and crap like that but im going to learn soon, hopefully you’ll enjoy this. If you do, follow me and request please. (sorry it’s so short)

“What do I do? I’ve never done this before!” You giggle, holding up the boxes of blue hair dye, looking for some kind of directions.

Michael comes into the bathroom shirtless and he chuckles at the sight of you struggling.

“Need help?” He takes the hair dye out of your hands, and taking out the gloves of the container.

“You take these out, put them on your hands, put dye on it and put it in my hair,” he says, putting the gloves on your hands himself.

“I think I know how to put on gloves,” you playfully roll your eyes, crossing your hands.

“Well, apparently you don’t even know how to read directions, how will I ever trust with putting gloves on by yourself?” He jokes and you gasp but without forgetting to pout in the process.

He chuckles and meets his lips with yours and soon the pout turns into a full length smile.

“C'mon, we have a time limit,” he says as he gets the dye ready but you stop him in the process of it all.

“I don’t want to mess up your hair though,” you frown, “If I do, I won’t be able to live with myself,”

You thought it would be fun at first but that was before your anxiety started to kick it and now that it has, it’s in full speed.

“You won’t mess it up,” he chuckles and before you could interrupt him, he speaks over you, “And if you do, I can just simply go over it, okay?” He questions.

You silently nod your head making Michael break into a bright smile.

“Good,” he says kissing the top of your nose and then continue on with setting up, making sure nothing was left behind.

“Oh shit,” you gasp, cringing at the sight of Michael’s hair.

His eyes widens and he looks terrified. He tries to push past you to see what you’ve done to his hair but you blocked him off.

“What did you do to my hair?” He questions, not even sure why he’s asking if he knew he wouldn’t like the answer.

“It’s not that bad, like you said, you can always go over it right?” His eyes widens once again and now he’s persistent to get pass you.

Once he does and faces the mirror, you burst into laughter. You had to hold your sides from how funny it was.

Michael faced a perfectly dyed head, angry ocean blue, to be exact. Nothing wrong with it, just a small joke you wanted to play on Michael.

He turns to you, smirking a bit.

“You’re going to pay,” he grins and before you could even think to put your feet in motion he picks you up in one swift movement, jolting you up on his shoulders.

You let out a scream as he slammed you onto the bed.

“Now it’s time to dye your hair,”

Look at our harvest today. Aren’t you glad you married someone like me? These crops tend to run around too much though. But it’s all fine and dandy, these ones are adorable I think I want more. Like three more, actually. Whatcha think?  

Your Scarecrow
PS we miss you already

kakashi would always insert a picture from the previous day of him and the kids in sakura’s lunch box with his chicken scratch note at the back cuz he knows she frames them all in her office for motivation. and every time she would miss them so darn much she ends up going home really early ;w;


How would you describe the relationship between her and Quicksilver? Obviously they’re brother and sister, twins…

They’re like the closest you can get. They’re the only thing that matters in the world. You see in the comics, every time you see an image for them, they’re always holding each other’s hand and looking over each other’s shoulder. They’re always so close, it’s almost uncomfortable. Aaron and I have been playing a little bit with those kinds of images just for ourselves, because we think it’s nice for them to have that tight, that real tight union.

You mentioned that she’s scattered. Is Quicksilver a grounding presence for her?

I think she’s a grounding presence for him as well. My understanding of twins is that they always balance each other out. When one’s high, the other one’s low. When one’s sick, the other one’s healthy. That happens, I think, a lot more often than not when people are really close as twins.

Elizabeth Olsen on Wanda and Pietro (x)

Dancing On My Own

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 692

Warnings: angst!!, song fic

A/N: I’ve actually restarted this over and over because I feel like it was so bad and I still think it’s so bad so I apologize. Based off of the song ‘Dancing On My Own’ (click here for it) because beautiful. 

The night originally started with regret for even thinking about coming to one of Tony’s many parties at the Stark tower but with many reassurances by Natasha that you looked wonderful in the full length crimson dress with a slit that came to the top of your thigh and your back exposed to the cool air of the night. You felt exposed. The dress and high heels contrasted to the usual sweats and slippers that had grown to be your home for the last eight months. 

Though none of these were the cause of your distress. It was the brown haired, blue eyed handsome man who was- still is your home. Word on the street was that Bucky Barnes found himself a beautiful girl and you couldn’t resist the perfect opportunity to see who Bucky Barnes had fallen for. 

But when the night went on, Natasha found herself someone to dance with and your new best friend was the glass filled with champagne as you stood by yourself in the dim lighted area of the room. Your eyes scanned the room. Tony was chatting with Clint. Steve was in the process of asking a woman to accompany him. When you were just about to give up that’s when you saw him.

The man who’s eyes were the deepest blue you’d ever seen and you’ll never get out of your head.  The man who made flowers bloom and stars burst in your stomach. The man who’s arms made you feel safe and comforted, no matter what they’ve done. The man who was your happiness for two years. The man who was gone from your life in a blink of an eye. 

Even from across the room, James Buchanan Barnes was the only thing that stood out. He was breathtaking. He was everything you planned your future with and his arm was wrapped around another. 

His arm was wrapped around her petite waist, the other holding her hand in the air as they danced gracefully to the slow song that played. Your eyes fixated on the girl. She was beautiful. Breathtaking, just like Bucky. 

The look on his face showed he cared a great deal about this woman. You knew that because that’s the look that he gave you for two years and it’s the face that you’re giving him at this moment in time. You just hoped the woman could see how much love Bucky had for her, something to never take for granted because one minute you have it and the next it’s given to another. 

As you continued to watch the couple dance, your heart ached. Why couldn’t that be you? Why couldn’t he have just loved you another day? Why can’t he look at you? Why can’t you move? 

They continued to move with each other gracefully, looking at the other with such admiration. The song matched them perfectly. The piano felt like it was meant for them. It was meant for them to dance to. They must’ve known this. They must’ve known that this song was for them because he began to lean down and she leaned up. And oh God, you knew you should have stayed home. You knew it. But you wanted to say goodbye. You wanted to be over him. You wanted to be in the arms of another. But no other would be him. He was your world. And your world was kissing someone else.

The tears fell freely down your cheeks, ruining your perfectly done makeup. Finally. the music died and you could feel yourself going with it. The lights began to brighten, causing the person beside you to look at you with sorrow as you put the now empty glass onto the table next to you.

“I’m still in love with you, Bucky,” you whispered softly before looking one last time at the love of your life. 

Bucky turned his head in time to catch the familiar silhouette walking to the exit. Immediately he knew it was you. Taking a glance at the blonde beside him then back at the exit. He couldn’t go after you. 

Afterall, it was his engagement party.