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Hopeless Hearts


jessicamarcia requested: Jungkook + Idol/Fan AU 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 17,378
Author’s Note: Tbh I had some apprehension about this request because an idea I stumbled upon that just kept coming back to me was directly from this fantasy I kept about having about what would happen if I ever meet Jungkook and how and this just feels very personal to me as a result. Regardless, I decided to share because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t decide to contribute my pain to the fandom.

ALSO, sentences in italics are being spoken in Korean.

Summary: You never understood the gravity of your position as an intern working Kcon until you fall for one of your favorite idols, Jeon Jungkook—quite literally too.


Sometimes you think you have a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to your job.

On one hand, it’s a pretty incredible opportunity, one that you acknowledge not a lot of people get to experience first hand: which is working as an intern in the event operations department for Kcon—the annual Korean convention in which big Kpop groups will travel around the world to bring their music and their joy to the international fanbase. For someone who never actually had the means and the ability to make the trip as an audience member of your own accord, it’s fascinating to witness the back-the-scenes sight of how much effort and how much time goes into planning and organizing an event of this scale.

And because Kcon it in of itself is half a convention and half a concert, there were always many people needed to cover the different subsections of the event, which is where your role as an intern came into play. Given that there were two interns in the department of organizing the physicality of the event, you were put on the team mainly in charge of organizing the convention while the other intern assisted with scheduling of the talents and making sure the performances would go by smoothly.

But on the other end of that spectrum, working with vendors really allows you to see how many people handle responsibility and deadlines and it makes you want to pull the hair out of your roots. You like to think of yourself as a fairly reasonable person, giving a vendor 24 hours to respond to emails at the latest before having to resort to more emails and phone call—but this is absolutely ridiculous.

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jason grace

tends to keep his emotions to himself until he just breaks down

piper makes sure he lets it out when she sees that he’s on lock down mode

adores piper

like seriously

usually isn’t very reckless but if he sees you bullying anyone he will take you down

is actually very easy to make friends with, especially after the war, he’s really nice and respectful if you haven’t done anything to him or his friends

the seven + nico and reyna are everything to him

he hasn’t ever had a place where he has felt completely home so he’s forever grateful for his friends

has a couple of nerd glasses and he takes them on when he’s reading

everyone is (but piper) is surprised to see that jason grace is actually cute as hell

he’s kinda oblivious to other people feelings and doesn’t always notice when people are hurting or when he’s said something he shouldn’t have, so sometimes he comes off as insensitive

he’s a great leader but he’s not very good at handling the pressure

sometimes it just crushes him

so he was really relieved when frank took his place as preator and he always makes sure to help frank so that the same thing doesn’t happen to him

when he’s got a song stuck in his head, it repeats like a mantra for weeks

super super protective of his friends

people stealing his glasses to see if he stumbles into things and he just rolls his eyes because really guys if my sight was that bad i would’ve known i needed glasses

he forgives leo pretty fast both because hes not really one to hold grudges and also because it hurt so much when leo was gone why would jason wanna stay away when he got him back again

keeps his promise to himself and doesn’t drink at all, even when everybody else is

gets help to build a room in his cabin where the zeus statue can stand because its creeping him out

the blue jellybeans

he’s addicted to them

the monthly dinners with the prophecy heroes was his idea

he’s a cute ass slightly dangerous mama dork

trust me its scientifically proved


It was the bitter cold nipping at his ears that caught Jungkook off guard as he made his way through the barren campus to class.

‘Ah, I definitely underdressed,’he quietly chided himself as the chilly winds tousled his hair around–  granted, that’s what he got for not checking the weather when he rolled out of bed a half an hour earlier. A cardigan was definitely not enough. It was surprisingly cold for what was supposed to be a spring morning– a steaming cup of hot coffee was the only thing to provide some sort of solace to his hands as he also forgot to wear gloves. Yet as much as he disliked the cold, he disliked morning classes even more. But alas, it was the only block of time he could fit in his schedule – the woes of being a double major.

And so, it was his rambling thoughts that accompanied him to class that morning. ‘I guess the only good thing about morning classes is how quiet it is, he mused as he opened the doors to the main building, finally reaching his destination. He always appreciated silence, as it was one of the rarer thing to come by these days. There was a strange sense of tranquility that the morning brought, only to be filled with the bustling chatter of college students as gradually filled up the streets to go to class as the day went on.

Upon entering the classroom, he took a preliminary scan of the seats. Much to his chagrin, a good chunk of the seats in the area that he usually sat had already been occupied by his fellow students.

Maybe getting coffee right before class was a mistake– especially considering that he woke up late.

Actually no, that was a silly thought. If he had to be honest to himself he hadn’t, he probably wouldn’t survive the morning without– the caffeinated drink was a necessity these days more than a want. Ah, but it was his own fault for staying up so late the prior night to begin with …

As he bantered back and forth with his conscience, his footsteps made way to the back row with fewer people where his eyes fell upon a young man clad in all black. But what Jungkook noticed was not the attire nor the presence of the other – rather, it was the drink sitting in front of the bespeckled young man.

It was from the very same cafe as the drink he had in his hand– one of his favorite spots. The cafe in question was one of the hidden gems he had found – not that many people knew about it as it was off campus. It was actually next to one of the dance studios he attended, but even that was a bit far from the college grounds. 

“Excuse me,” he addressed the raven haired male with an inquisitive smile, taking a small step forward as if to make his presence known in the least intrusive way possible. There was a brief pause as the eyes behind the pair of glasses met his own, “is this seat taken?” – First Meeting

// College!AU JK based off of @ask-architectyoongi‘s AU!  :D

Attempted some sort of character sheet and wrote a drabble based off of what could have been JK & Suga’s first time meeting????? I got a bit carried away with it sorry LOL/LOOKSAWAY >___>

love.exe | ch 5

Originally posted by beautifulshuas

chapters:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

summary: you don’t know what’s wrong, and jun isn’t the same. he wishes he was human, and you wish you knew. but everything gets better eventually, and he feels whole again. wonwoo needs help.

characters: android!jun/female reader, members of svt, members of pristin

genre: angst, hurt/comfort, fluff

word count: 3.0k

a/n: soooo here’s what happens from ur pov. also more angst cause i like torturing yall n it was too much fluff in this story already also im trying to rewire nayoung’s character bc i feel like shes too ooc forgive me ill do it subtly

also i was trying to get this out sooner but i ended up getting headaches and feeling like crap for the last few days so i apologize for that

warnings: cursing, unedited sorry abt mistakes, ya just cursing

Shutting the front door behind you, you walked towards Wonwoo, who was waiting outside his own door.

“Yo.” He greeted, dark sweatshirt still pulled over his tall frame.

“You said you had something to show me?” you asked, looking around for something he might’ve been holding.

He shook his head, grinning bashfully. “Lied about that, sorry. Just wanted to get you out here. Wanted to talk for a little bit.”

You raised your eyebrows. “Okay.”

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❝ 100+ f.r.i.e.n.d.s starter sentences
  • “well, no problem, we’ll just use it to stop the bleeding.”
  • “this is huge! this is bigger than huge this is - what’s bigger than huge?”
  • “oh i’m so sorry, i just gave away the ending didn’t i?”
  • “i mean - how, how did this happen?”
  • “i mean isn’t that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic?”
  • “so what the hell happened to you?”
  • “there was always this little voice inside my head that kept saying its never going to happen.”
  • “i never would’ve gone for it with her if it hadn’t been for you.”
  • “how is that a silver lining?”
  • “you want to know what i’m thinking?”
  • “i was trying to spare your feelings.”
  • “okay, you have to stop the q-tip when there’s resistance!”
  • “okay, sweetheart, i’ll see you later.”
  • “you think you could close your eyes for just a sec?”
  • “i sort of did a stupid thing last night.”
  • “okay, ______, why don’t you just go get dressed and be on your way.”
  • “you’re not pathetic, you’re just sad.”
  • “this is about your horrible mistake.”
  • “okay, you’re going to have to not touch my ass.”
  • “you’re sure he’s going to be able to crack that code?”

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anonymous asked:

Ladybug finds an adorable stray cat which Chat Noir is jealous of, and Adrien just happens to find out about!

Okay sorry this took forever, I got super into it and I wanted it to be perfect. I hope you like it, enjoy! (Will post on soon) I like to call this one “The CATastrophe”. hehe. 

EDIT: Included the link - 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Awwww, whats this?”

Chat stopped walking and turned around to see Ladybug on her hands and knees on the roof, crawling around the corner.

“My lady?” He walked back over to see what all the fuss was about. He got there in time to see Ladybug sittting crisscross-applesauce on the roof with a light caramel and dark brown long-haired tabby cat in her lab. She grinned proudly as she gently scratched his ears. Chat’s jaw dropped.

“Who’s cat is that?” He asked as soon as he regained the ability to speak. That fluffy little puffball was just sitting, happily curled up in her lap, like he totally deserved to be there. Chat immediately felt jealousy swell inside him. Which was totally stupid, he told himself, its a cat, and you are THE Chat Noir, crimefighter, partner to ladybug, defender of Paris, etc, etc. Have a little perspective, Adrien, he chided himself mentally. But then he saw her give him a loving, gentle kiss on the head and he swallowed hard. God, what he wouldn’t do to be that cat just then.

“I dunno, he was just sitting up here, curled up in an empty gutter. This poor little guy doesn’t have a collar, either.” She scratched down his back, and the cat purred loudly. Chat’s ear twitched.

“Well I’m sure he’ll be fine, we should go before our transformations run out.” Chat offered a hand to help Ladybug up.

“What?? No!” She turned as if to sheild the cat from Chat’s outstetched hand. “We can’t just leave him here. He’ll be cold, and hungry.” She nuzzled her cheek against his soft fur. “Won’t you baby? Awwww, who’s a wittle bitty baby waby-” her speech quickly devolved into baby talk. She was so cute holding that fluffy cat like that. Ladybug was so confident and strong and quick-witted, he didn’t often get to see her being a gushy teenage girl. He decided this was freaking adorable, and he couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his face.

“C’mon, he probably lives out here. Besides, I’m cold and hungry.”

“But he’s so sweet!” As if to accentuate her point, the cat curled his tail smugly around himself. “Im taking him home with me,” she declared, and stood up with the floof in her arms.

“No fair, you never let me come home with you,” Chat pouted, leaning his head on her shoulder. He blinked his big green eyes a few times. The tabby booped at his bangs as they fell across her shoulder. Ladybug sighed, but her lips were pulled back into a grin.

“Mon chaton, you aren’t a real cat.“ She playfully patted his head.

He gasped and threw his hand over his forehead dramatically. “My lady, you wound me deeply! How could you say such hurtful words to me, your only partner!” He cried with a grin. This time, she couldn’t help but laugh at his display.  Chat smirked. Let’s see that little puffball make her laugh like that.

“Mrowww,” the cat interrupted.

“He’s right, we should get going now. Ill see you tomorrow night, chaton.”

“Till then, my lady,” he said with a very typical dramatic Chat Noir bow, a cheesy grin, and, for added flair, backflipped off the roof.

Ladybug just smiled and shook her head as she walked off. A quiet evening on patrol usually left them with a lot more energy, but finding this adorable cat made a nice quiet night with Chat Noir even better.

Chat climbed back into his window, closed it, and detransformed. As usual, Plagg plopped himself down in the middle of his oversized bed and moaned loudly.

“I need Camembert,” he groaned, dramatically throwing a leg up. “So tired…”

“Plagg, come on, you didn’t even have to fight today.” Plagg flew himself over and perched himself on Adrien’s head.

“I thought you were gonna fight that alley cat Ladybug picked up,” Plagg laughed and rolled over onto his belly. Adrien sputtered.

“Please Plagg, that’s insane, I’m not going to fight a literal alley cat!” he swatted Plagg off, who floated away and kept bellowing for cheese until Adrien finally gave him some. That cat Ladybug picked up was just a pet, he reminded himself. He was her partner, the only one she trusted with her life, and her with his. Their bond was special. He smiled to himself as he started the shower.

Marinette carefully made her way back to her house, which is much more difficult that one expects with a cat in one arm. Luckily for her, she was able to get her window open with one arm.

“Alright kitty, here we go,” she whispered as she set him gently on the desk. The cat mrrrowed in mild protest at having been manhandled so and began to furriously lick his paws. “Tikki, spots off.” A flash of light briefly illuminated the room as she detransformed. The cat jumped a little at the light. Tikki perched herself on Marinette’s shoulder.

“Marinette, why did you bring that stray cat home?” She squeaked, eyeing the cat suspiciously.

“He seemed lonely and sad, I couldn’t just leave him all alone. Look at him, he’s so cute!” She grinned down at Tikki, who was returning her smile with a dubious glance. “Oh Tikki, I’m sorry, I suppose I should have asked you first, its just so hard to when I’m in costume, and-”

“-Oh Marinette, its okay!” Tikki zipped up to her face. “I think its sweet you want to take him in. Cats can be a very big responsibility, and you already have so much on your plate. Also,” she added, glancing at the cat again, “cats tend to think Im some kind of bird.”

“I’ll keep you safe,” Marinette reassured Tikki as she cupped her kwami in her hands. Tikki nuzzled her cheek happily.

“Now come on Marinette, its late and you have school tomorrow.” Tikki reminded her.

“Alright, let me get something for the cat to eat.” Marinette slipped her shoes off and slooowly opened her bedroom door. She had no idea how to take care of a cat, but she figured they probably liked fish. “I know we must have a can of tuna in here somewhere,” she muttered softly to herself as she riffled through the kitchen cabinets as quietly as she could muster. “….no….no….aha!” She triumphantly pulled the tuna can from the shelf. She grabbed a can opener and cut the can open.

“Psssst, kitty cat?” She crept back into her room and set the can down.

“Mrowwww!” The cat leapt enthusiastically off the desk to lap up the tuna.

“There we go” Marinette smiled, then yawned. “Alright Tikki, I’m definitely going to bed now.”

“Wait one second, Marinette!” Tikki piped up. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“My alarm clock is set, my laundry is done, my homework is finished…. I don’t think so?”

“You have to give you new pet a name, silly!” She chuckled.

“Oh! Right!” She paused and sat on her bed and watched the light and dark brown fluffball purr loudly through mouthfulls of tuna. “Well he certainly likes Tuna…. is that a good name? A cat named Tuna?”

“I think its cute!”  giggled Tikki.

“Tuna the cat it is!” Marinette declared with a yawn. “Goodnight, Tikki.”

“Goodnight, Marinette.”

Adrien was tired.
More tired than someone his age should be, he determined as he walked off the set of his latest photoshoot in these crazy tight jeans. Admittedly, they looked amazing on him, but beauty is pain and these jeans were proof of that. Oh well, he shrugged as he crossed the street. He pulled out his phone and checked the time. Well, on the bright side, it was only 6:30, meaning they’d finished almost a half an hour early. He had time! Time…..for what, though? Patrol with ladybug wasn’t until 9. Father wasn’t expecting him home until 7-ish. He could just walk around? Enjoy the day? Or- Suddenly his empty stomach interjected with a loud gurgle. That’s right, he had a light lunch today. He grinned. He would go visit the Marinette’s bakery. Father wouldn’t know because he’d think he was still at the shoot. He pumped a fist in the air excitedly. Carbs! Pasties! Freedom! He was so excited he jogged the whole 4 blocks.

“Ting, ting,” the door bell rang as he walked in. He loved everything about this place. The ring of the door when you walked in, the smell of pastries, and Mr. and Mrs. Dupain-Cheng were so nice every time. It was so comforting.

“Hello, Adrien,” Smiled Mrs. Dupain-Cheng warmly as she walked to the counter from the kitchen. He grinned brightly. He often felt more welcome here than in his own home.

“Hello Mrs. Dupain-Cheng,” he said, unable to keep the big grin off his face.

“You’re in a good mood today,” She noted, returning his smile and punctuating it with a small chuckle. “What can I get for you today?”

“Well, I-” He was abruptly interrupted by the sound of a loud crash from upstairs, followed by a yell.

“Mom!!” Came a desperate cry from upstairs even as Marinette climbed down the stairs cradling a squirming cat in her arms. “Mom, I think Tuna’s hungry, he keeps jumping up on my desk and biting my sl-” she froze when she saw Adrien standing in the bakery. “A-Adrien!”

“Hi, Marinette,” he said with a small wave and a smile. “You have a cat?”

“Y-Y-… cat! Yes, I, um, I found a stay cat last night, and he followed me home, and, well, I….” She trailed off nervously before clearing her throat in an effort to regain some composure. “This….this is Tuna.” She held out the fluffball of a feline to Adrien, who now wore a small red collar with a tag that read “Tuna”.

“Aww, he’s so cute, and….” He trailed off as he took the cat in his arms and Tuna batted at his bangs. This was surprisingly reminiscent of….. No, No way. That wasn’t possible…..was it??? Holy crap Adrien slow down! Just because Marinette got a cat the same time Ladybug happened to get a cat and looked exactly the same and the cat remembered him and-

Marinette was kind of confused. Adrien was staring at the cat like it contained the secrets of the universe. She peered curiously at his face. Nervousness was beginning to give way to worry. “Umm, Adrien? You don’t have to hold him if he bothers you, or you don’t like cats, or….?”

“Oh!” He snapped out of his sudden trance. “No no no I love cats, they’re like the best things ever-” He hurriedly reached out to give the cat back to Marinette. “I just remembered I’m late for….” he trailed off as Marinette reached out to accept Tuna back from him. Their hands touched and he froze and looked into Marinette’s eyes intently.

Oh God oh God oh God, Marinette prayed silently. What is he doing??? Her cheeks reddened more the longer he stared. Her heart was racing wildly. It was almost like he was looking for something???
“A-Adrien?” She finally managed to squeak out.

Her mother was giving him a really strange look. Shit, he was causing some kinda scene. “Oh! Sorry, M-Marinette. I have to go, Ill be backk later,” He said to Mrs. Dupain-Cheng. He bowed, yelled a hurried “thanks!” as he ran out the door and didn’t stop till he had turned the corner and was out of sight.
“I worry about that boy,” Mrs. Dupain-Cheng sighed as she shook her head. “Is he okay?”

“I have no idea…..” Marinette replied, obviously concerned as well. “Ill check on him tomorrow at school.”

“Good idea,” her mom said before heading back into the bakery kitchen. One thing is for certain, she thought as she took Tuna back upstairs, tomorrow was gonna be an interesting day at school.

Adrien’s head was spinning so fast he could feel himself getting dizy. Was it even possible? It wasn’t IMpossible…..right? He believed in coincidences, but this was too much….RIGHT??? He couldn’t think straight. His feet were walking home on autopilot while he tried to digest what just happened. How could he have missed it?? They have the same hairstyle for crying out loud. And blue eyes. And…. wait, no, there’s got to be more than one person in the whole of PARIS who had dark hair in pigtails with blue eyess….RIGHT???

“AAAAGH!” he cried. This whole thing was messing with his head.

“Adrien?” Nathalie called. Oops. He had actually made it home. “Are you okay?”

“Im fine, just tired. Long day, going upstairs to do homework!” One thing is for certain, he thought as he grabbed his backpack and took it back upstairs, tomorrow was gonna be an interesting day at school.

anonymous asked:

How & when do you discover your signiture style in oainting?

I don’t think there’s an exact moment or formulaic how I, or anyone for that matter, found a ‘style’. There was a certain period and a few works of mine from years earlier, which I do think to be the turning point for the pathway to where my work is now though. 

Up until three years ago, I used to dabble in a number of different ‘styles’, ranging from manga/anime, caricature cartoon, superhero comic, realism, and even abstract at one point. Heck, I even tried vector-art! It wasn’t until my final years at high school where I think my work began to take more solid form in terms of subject matter, style, colour etc.

This piece above, was done at the start of 2013. There was something ‘dreamy, surreal and magical’ about it, and I like to think of it as a result of me dabbling in so many different styles. In all those years of experimentation, parts of what I loved about each respective style combined to form this direction for my work; a blend between anime/cartoon/realism portraiture, a sense of abstract/surrealism through visual elements (like the hair) and colour. For the rest of 2013, I spent the year developing my art final for my art subject around this concept, which led me to experimenting with this newfound style further. I loved the direction, and had to take it further, refining my digital style and love for these ‘ethereal ladies’

Above, is my high school ‘art final’, which was a refined style of the first image. It was me wanting to push more realism and completely separate visual elements like the skin, from these more surreal/abstract representation of the hair. I loved it, and I didn’t stop there. This style exploration eventually led to me creating my first watercolour work in pushing this direction.

This above piece, played on the same qualities and aspects that I loved about this newfound style, and I began to feel comfortable in it, to a point where I even tried to replicate those principles into watercolor. This very piece, I believe, is the root of my ‘style’ that I still have today with my watercolor work.

It’s hard to tell someone exactly how to find a style, because a style can be determined in so many different ways. It can be a style based on colour, a style based on visuals, a style based on ideas/themes or even a style simply based on subject matter. For me, I think the way I found my style was because I was able to somehow merge all these aspects I loved about those styles I wanted to replicate all those years. I was able to combine my love for anime, realism, portraiture, superhero comics, cartoons & caricatures, and even abstract art. 

The thing is, don’t get too bogged down by this idea of needing to find and have a completely mindblowing and unique style. My work and style is definitely flawed and I’m sure there are thousands of artists whom my work is similar to. A lot of people feel like they HAVE to have a style, otherwise it doesn’t validate themselves as artists, and that can be more detrimental. We get caught up in this idea that without a style, we’re sucky and it makes us unsatisfied and want to give up. 

Everyone has their own unique little quirks and kinks that makes their work unique. Two people can draw the EXACT same drawing style visually, but their ideas and themes throughout their work can be completely different, and that is still stylistically unique! Keep practicing and experimenting with what you love, because what you already do is a reflection of what you want your work to show, it might just take time for you to realize what’s so special or unique about it.  

Keep going, because when you do stumble across it one day, it’ll definitely be worth the wait.

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wait what fanwars? what's happening I felt like I've been under a rock these days ;-;

Big Bang: has a comeback

Haters: “No!”

VIPs: “Bu–”

Haters: “they need to stop winning on music shows!! it’s annoying!!1!1 the songs are crap!111!!11″

VIPs: “you’re allowed to have your opinion but I like the songs so please don’t put me down because of it.”

Haters: “shut the fuck up im right and you’re wrong”

5 seconds later


VIPs: “I thought we were over this.”

Haters: “Yeah well this happened so i don’t like it and big bang should stop existing.”

VIPs: “I understand it was wrong and we’re sorry but I still like them.”

Haters: “You like them?????!/1?! that’s a sin!”

VIPs: “but your idols aren’t perfect either”

Haters: “Wow!! look at this!!!!11!1 can u believe it??/ VIPs are so fucking rude how dare they say this to me!11 I’m allowed to hate on who I want but don’t hate on the people i likek!!1! WOW VIPS. LOOK BIGBANG LOOK AT THE PEOPLE YOU’VE CREATED”

VIPs: “Bu–”

Haters: “vips are so rude i can’t believe this, stupid g-goat”

VIPs: “Goat? haha that’s sort of funny”

Haters: “SO LOW!11!!11 VIPs put DOWN THEIR OWN IDOLS?? EWWW1!”

VIPs: “oh sorry then.”

Haters: :))))))))

TOP somewhere in the background: “Stop this shit i don’t like it”

VIPs: “Ok”

Haters: “there’s nothing to hate on now what.”

5 seconds later

GD: *does interview*

Haters: “can u believe that!!?!?! he hates SHINee and EXO!?!?!? What was his song crayon?? lyrical genius yeah right!!!”

VIPs: “you mistranslated the interview, read this. he didn’t hate on anyone”

Haters: “no thankyou what i think sounds better i mean theyre worthless anyways so are their fans. all stupid for loving them.”

VIPs: “but we all like different things i don’t hate yours so pls don’t hate mine.”

Haters: *send death threats*

Haters: *act like victims when they get called out*

Haters: *add excuses when people tell them why they’re wrong*

VIPs: “we give up”

Haters: “about fucking time.”

5 seconds later



#I swear to god jace #we get it


Requested by:  @donghyuckstudies Ah okay so I know you asked for a scenario-type request, but after attempting to write it a couple of times, I felt that this kinda fit a headcanon better?? Idk I think it’s because it’s more comedic and a bit easier to put down here than it is with a scenario. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

  • Aight so you’re an idol (not at SM, the company is up to you)
  • And one person who you always looked up to was Amber
  • I mean who doesn’t look up to Amber tbfh
  • But anyways she was like your older sister it was awesome
  • And one day at an awards show she was like “Brooooo you gotta meet these guys”
  • And so that’s how you met NCT!!!
  • They were so polite wth
  • But you didn’t get to talk to them much bc your group was about to go onstage
  • But a week later
  • You were invited to be in a special stage!!
  • You’re first practice with the other people in your special stage group was at SM
  • Ooooh fancy SM practice rooms
  • But anyways
  • Your practice with the others ran a bit long and NCT 127 was supposed to be using that room right after you guys
  • Your instructor was like “ONE MORE RUN GUYS THE BOYS CAN WAIT”
  • SO one more runthrough of the dance (with the bois watching)
  • Afterwards a certain little shit named Lee Donghyuck comes up and compliments your dancing!!!!!
  • And you’re just like lol thanks m8
  • And he’s like “yo wait do you have the math notes for class”
  • “Wait you’re in my math class”
  • “Yeah I need notes pls”
  • But you don’t have them on you so he just gives you his phone number to text him the notes
  • You never even agreed to give him the notes
  • But hey now you have a member of NCT’s phone number
  • At school a few weeks later he sits down next to you at lunch bc there’s no more room at his table and Mark refused to move
  • But you guys became good friends!!!
  • Everything was going well
  • But then
  • The roasting started
  • “Yooooo Y/N what’s up with your hair today it looks like a birds nest”
  • “Thanks buttface I modeled it after yours”
  • This kind of stuff happened for a while
  • It started off really nice and sorta like bickering siblings
  • Schoolgirl crushes began to form awwww yeaahh
  • But then it got more hostile??
  • Donghyuck started to (unconsciously you hoped) make fun of things you were genuinely insecure about
  • “Whoa, the acne’s getting out of control today… Is that ursa major on your face?”
  • “I heard your voice cracked yesterday during practice, who are you, Jisung?”
  • It was getting out of hand to say the least
  • So instead of confronting Hyuck you just tried to ignore what he was saying and eventually started drifting away from him
  • Whenever he asked why you weren’t talking to him you just said you were tired or busy
  • During a week off in between promotions, the other members of your group went home to visit family
  • However your family was out of town/too far away so you couldn’t visit them
  • So you were stuck at the dorm for a week by yourself
  • Even your manager was gone
  • You had decided it would be a really good idea to binge watch American Horror Story during that week
  • Big mistake
  • You were watching the season finale of the Asylum season when the doorbell rang
  • You were fully prepared to fight a serial killer
  • Seriously, you had your blanket over your head and a pen in your hand in case you needed to shank someone
  • You opened the door a crack to see who was out there
  • It was just Donghyuck
  • “Are you, like, dying in there? What was with the little girl scream?”
  • He was absolutely holding back giggles
  • “Shut up Hyuck.”
  • You opened the door fully so he could step inside.
  • “Alright, Hyuck, what do you want this time? Food? Phone numbers? Blackmail photos?”
  • “I’m here to find out why you’re ignoring me.”
  • Oh shit
  • “You think I don’t realize it but I d o”
  • oh shIT
  • “Well you see, I’ve already explained myself. I’m busy.”
  • “You’re on break.”
  • “I’m tired.”
  • “You’ve been making videos of you dancing for your group’s youtube page.”
  • You just huffed and looked away dramatically
  • Hyuck decides to take matters into his own hands
  • So, since he’s so extra, he grabs you by your shoulders and shakes the crap out of you
  • Donghyuck was shook™
  • Dongshook
  • Actually you were pretty shook too
  • “Wait watia twatit– you just said you liked me”
  • “You said it first”
  • “Shit you’re right”
  • There was awkward silence for a few seconds
  • Then Hyuck just turned around and opened your door and tried to leave
  • He turned around and stared at you like you were insane
  • “Wtf why would I take a dare like that of course I actually like you”
  • “Okay good bc otherwise this would be rlly awkward”
  • Before he can ask any other questions you quickly swoop in and kiss him lightly
  • THen bc you can’t handle it you push him out the door and shut it in his face
  • Mark legit texts you like “wtf what did you do to him”
  • That night he texts you a cheesy goodnight message
  • You are so done with him
  • He’s so done with you
  • You are done with each other
  • Yaaayyy romance
  • The End!!!!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on drawing baekhyun it always seems like I can't ever draw him right

HELLO MY DDUDE i am here and i made a very messy tutorial!! (( im sorry if its crap its 2am lol))

4 me the best way to get a drawing to look baekhyuny is the droopy eyes and the smile that curls @ the edges,, hes so cute

and then just add whatever hair u want my personal faves are down below

as for his face shape try and go for a short face but with some pretty sharp angles to give you that Baekhyun Jaw

i rly hope this helps ask me if u need nything else i had a lot of fun making this!! <33