im so sorry i made this in like 10 minutes


favorite  episode of season 3 ❊  2:10 du er over 18, sant?

control your hoes, is all i’m saying.

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i watched one of your livestreams the other day and i really like your drawings but i was surprised to see you taking so many shortcuts to correct things in your drawings, like you made the arm too small so you just stretched it out bigger instead of properly drawing it over again it just seems like taking the easy way out and honestly im not as impressed with your drawings now

shrugs sorry about that
Shortcuts, imo, are tools you take advantage of to speed up your process.. I could easily erase and redraw it, but that would take 5-10 extra minutes out of precious time. That’s one of the biggest differences between digital and traditional art, but even in traditional art you can use shortcuts: Using rulers, stencils, using light boxes, light projectors to trace etc.
If you consider it cheating, that’s your opinion, so thanks for sharing.