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miyusawa + 44 uwu

Prompt #44 “why is so hard to breathe when you’re standing next to me?” - miyusawa

Kazuya arrived in front of Eijun’s apartment and gave a small wave when he saw Eijun waiting for him. He took in Eijun’s appearance once he was next to him. Besides the fact that he was well dressed and his hair was neater than usual, Eijun was fidgeting and had his eyes focusing on everything except for Kazuya. 

“Did I make you wait long?” 

“N-no, not at all,” Eijun replied.

“Ready to go?” Kazuya held his arm out for Eijun to grab onto.

Eijun stared at Kazuya, flushed all the way to his neck. He gripped his shirt till his knuckles turned white. 

“Why is it so hard to breathe when you’re standing next to me?” Eijun’s voice shook. 

Kazuya lifted his jacket to his nose and took and sniffed it, catching a hint of his cologne and laundry detergent. 

“I don’t know, is it my cologne?” Kazuya asked while he continued to inspect his clothing. 

Eijun lightly punched Kazuya’s chest and shook his head in disbelief.

“You’re an idiot, you know that?”

Kazuya laughed before taking Eijun into his arms. He returned the embrace, burying his head in Kazuya’s neck. 

Eijun pulled back and scrunched his nose.

“On second thought, I think it might be your cologne.” 

“Shut up.” Kazuya grabbed Eijun’s nose between his fingers and gave it a squeeze. 

Eijun giggled and swatted Kazuya’s hand away. He linked his arms with Kazuya and gave him a wink.

“Ready to go?”

* BTS at the mall *
  • Namjoon :accidently explodes the whole mall " I've done nothing for god's sake "
  • Jin :goes to the Mario shop and buys everything " Anything for you , Mario "
  • Suga :NAPS . and he gave no fck at all that day .
  • J-Hope :screaming over everything he finds cute "AAAHHHH ! that shirt is so cute "
  • V :being a lost puppy " where is the other ? "
  • Jungkook :finding beanie , plain T's ( his usual clothes lol )
  • Jimin :following Jungkook ( believe me , he'll never leave Jungkook's side )

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Imagine Jim needs Spock's signature on something and he doesn't even look and signs. Jim asks why and Spock says, "I trust you." Jim gives him a huge hug and says, "that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me." Because Spock truly means it.

imagine jim immediately drafting a paper that says ‘I, by signing this document, agree that I am indeed a huge nerd’ and hands it to Spock, to sign.

spock, (bless his heart) signs it without looking again, and jim keeps that document for many years to come


odd ball love live unit albums inspired by this drawing by @kaitoelichika !! (u can tell where i gave up and my hand cramped, iM SORRY ITS BEEN LIKE THREE WHOLE DAYS WORKING ON THIS AND I HAD TO REDO RIRIRI BC I DELETED SOME LINE ART ON ACCIDENT)

RIRIRI - kotoeli trusted rin too much now under her jurisdiction they’ve become a weird character idol group that posts more wacky skits and life hack Q & A videos then MV’s (when they write a song tho its so ridiculously meme worthy its unbelievable…)

their name is RIRIRI for eri, rin, and kotori!

Tokyo Sweethearts - a stupidly gay acoustic indie group all their live shows happen at cafes nozomi writes most of the lyrics bc when honoka does it it usually becomes some convoluted angsty song abt her current crush (which is low key on everyone holy shit). They post vlogs every once in awhile but mostly its films of lives.

thier name is tokyo sweethearts…bc it cute….look at them

Breezy Charm - nicopana overpowers the group with idol themed charm but all their bg music is on traditional instruments bc its the only thing umi can play. They post a shit ton of promos for whatever they’re doing and nico runs a shitposty twitter for them. umi secretly loves being in a super cutesy group but she’ll never admit it.

they’re breezy charm bc umi is a sea breeze and nicopana are charming! it was going to be like sea foam but ‘foam’ doesn’t seem like a word nico would allow

I received so many human drawings of Ink (some I still need to reblog //sobbs SO MUCH STUFF TO REBLOG GUYS IM SORRY FOR THE LATE), and it gave me the motivation to do my own so here it is, really rough and quick before I go to bed!!

Here’s my bae ;;//<//;; <3 It’s been ages since I drew humans please don’t hate me. For some reason I can’t take away the idea of him having Vitiligo???

Bond (J.S)

|1.7k WORDS WOOOO! Wassup my people, Jaimie’s back with another one for yaaaaaa, it starts of aight and gets shit as it goes on. You all know how much I love daddy!imagines so lol here’s another one and expect more 😊. I WILL GET AROUND TO DOING REQUESTS WHOCH ARE A YEAR OLD NEARLY HAHAHHA IM SO SORRY. I got bored and just gave up, soz guys, luv yas|

I carefully rest Rosie down in her crib and walk out of the room as quietly as I can. She’s such a light sleeper, even someone down the road closing their car door wakes her up in a fuss. It really doesn’t help that not even five minutes into her first nap of the day, four very loud, very obnoxious boys stomp their way into my flat, shouting and laughing at each other and slamming the door shit behind them.

It’s no surprise that the baby monitor next to me starts blaring out the 4 month old baby’s cries almost instantly.

“I’ve told you guys so many damn times to walk in silently and close the door quietly! Do any of you ever listen? No!” I hiss in a huff and start back down the hall to her room.

“Sorry!” John shouts after me - as Rosie’s father, he should have known better, especially since he was the one who slammed the door shut!

I look over my shoulder with a death glare at my old hook up buddy, “Shut up!” Rosie was a surprise baby. We were both surprised, to say the least.

After spending another 20 minutes calming her down and putting her back to sleep, I slip out of the room extra quietly and go back to the living room. John, Nate, Dillon and Derek had made themselves comfortable on the sofas, each with a plate of my food on their laps and a can of my Fanta each. None of them live here but they act like they do. When they notice me behind them, they turn around and I can instantly tell that they have something to tell me.

I sit down on the fluffy rug in front of them. “Do you think you can keep quiet whilst you’re here and she’s asleep?” They nod their heads, their mouths too preoccupied with crisp sandwiches to actually tell me yes. “If any of you wake her up, you’re getting her back to sleep.”

“Is she sleeping okay lately?” John asks after he finishes his mouthful. “I know you said last week she wasn’t.”

“She’s sleeping but only for an hour or two at a time, she’ll wake up to any noise in the night. I can’t even go to the bathroom without her crying or whining.”

Nates face breaks into a small smile, “Aw, she’s a mommys girl, how cute.”

I shake my head, “No, she’s just needy.” She’ll be a lot more independent when she’s older, I can already tell. But for now, she’s got me to cater to her every want and need.

Derek stuffs a handful of crisps into his mouth right before he asks, “If she’s not a mommys girl, is she a daddy’s girl?” He better not do that around Rosie when she’s older, she needs good manners.

“Nope, I don’t think she even likes John that much to be honest.”

Yep, every time tries John cuddles or feed or do anything with Rosie, she squirms away from him. He tries not to act like it effects him but I can tell that he’s upset by it. He never really got the chance to bond with her the first week of her life and he always seems to come around when she’s asleep. She’s never spent a night at his place simply because that’s their hangout place, that’s where they smoke and I don’t want her being in that environment.

“She knows he’s her daddy but she prefers me doing everything for her.” One day she’ll let him.


“Anyway, what did you guys come over here for? Other than to steal my food.”

Dillon, being the only one without a mouthful, answers my question. “We were gunna ask if you’re coming to Skates party tonight.”

“You couldn’t have asked me over text or called me?” I live 30 minutes away from any of these guys, and that’s without traffic.

“Well, Johnny boy wanted to see his daughter and we all wanted food, so what’s the point of us wasting money on food and him wasting gas coming out here by himself. We made it a road trip.”

Of course they didn’t want to spend money on food, they eat mine and expect me to just let them. “You lot are constantly eating my bloody food, I’m left having to ration on apples and toast every time you come round.” I need to be eating well if I’m breastfeeding my daughter and surviving on apples, bread and butter for up to 4 days before I get paid is a right pain in the ass. “But to answer your question, no, I am not going to Skates party tonight.”

“Y/N!” Nate frowns and drops the crusts of his sandwich on the plate. “You have to come! It won’t be the same without you!”

“It’ll be just like your last party I wasn’t at,” I brush it off, they had a party I didn’t go to on New Year’s Eve, they were fine without me then. “You’ll survive.”

“But it’s my birthday!”

“You used to come out with us all the time!”

“Why are you being such a downer? You were so fun last year!”

John didn’t say any of that, it’s kind of his fault I don’t go out anymore. He was the one who thought it would be fine to use an expired condom and didn’t tell me until I found out I was pregnant.

“I have a baby now! I’m a mum! I have an entire person who needs me to look after them!”

Frowns take over all of the boys faces, like they’ve only just realised what I just said. I think they think that because John gets as pissed as a stick and as high as a tree whilst being a father that I’ll be able to do it too.

But, no. John isn’t our child’s full time carer, he’s just her carer whenever he can be bothered to come around.

“Why can’t you ask one of your friends to look after the baby?”

I can’t stop myself from rolling my eyes, why can’t they understand that my baby is still a newborn and I need to be with her and I’m breastfeeding and I can’t drink alcohol and they know I don’t like being anywhere near any kind of drugs. “Because, believe it or not, all of my friends are all of your guys’ friends and all of them will be at your party tonight.”

“What about your family?”

“All of her family are in England, dumbass.” John answers for me, why are these guys so clueless all of a sudden? None of them have ever met my family because my family live in a different country, in a continent. “I want you to go, Y/N, you need to have some fun once in a while,” I don’t know whether to take that as an insult or not. “But I don’t want Rosie left with a stranger, so, I’m willing to let you go tonight and I’ll look after her.”


John wants to miss his best friends birthday so I can go without worrying about my baby being left with someone I don’t know? And so he can spend some one on one time with her?

This is new. Really new.

I really don’t know what to say. I’m touched, I am, but Skate is Johns best friend, I can’t let him ditch him just so I can go out and sit in a corner and watch people get drunk.

I’ve matured now that I’m a mum, I’m breastfeeding my baby, therefore I can’t drink alcohol until she’s finished nursing, and honestly? I don’t feel like going out. I’d rather sit on my sofa with my baby, in my tracksuit and watch the Kardashians.

That’s my idea of fun now.

So that’s exactly what I tell the boys. And their voices started to get louder, and louder, and louder, loud enough that Rosie started screaming and crying. They woke her up and they ate my food so it was definitely time to kick them out of my flat.

John wanted to try and help me out with the baby, which failed because she always refuses to calm down when she’s in his arms, so the boys waited downstairs in the car for him to come down.

I don’t think they realised that I wasn’t joking when I said that Rosie really doesn’t like John that much.

“Hold her right up against your chest.” I sigh after nearly 7 minutes of Rosie wailing in her fathers arms. “She’s not going to settle down if you’re holding her as far away as you possibly can.”

“She squirms away whenever I try to hold her properly though.”

I roll my eyes at him, “No, she squirms because you can’t hold her properly.” I reach out and gently push his arms up to his chest. “Maybe you should try with your shirt off.”


“So she can feel your heartbeat against your chest and she’ll start to bond better with you.”

Almost instantly, Rosie is back in my arms and Johns shirt is discarded on the floor. She’s taken away from me and practically shoved against her fathers chest.

She stopped whining.

She stopped moving completely, she stopped whining and moaning and cuddled up into Johns chest. A huge smile made its way onto his face.

“This is possibly the best feeling ever, He grins, his eyes not leaving his daughters face. This is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. "Maybe if I never have a shirt on around her, she’ll prefer me to you.”

I can’t help but laugh, “You think she’s gunna let you hold her like that when she’s a teenager?” He must’ve forgotten that babies grow up and get to the ages we just passed.

Oh, I just cannot wait for those days.


“Oh shit, yeah, I forgot.” Of course. “But seriously though, I want to build a really strong bond with her now because she’s my daughter, you know? I love her to pieces and even though I won’t be around every day and I’ll be across the country sometimes, I want her to know that I’m just a phone call away. No matter how old she is.”

“She knows, J, she loves you too.”

“I believe that Pearl was “owned” by Pink Diamond (Rose if the theory is correct) but unlike the other diamonds Rose treated her kindly and when the rebellion started she gave Pearl the chance to stay with her and taught her how she was more than just a servant and turned her into a very skilled sword fighter”

- we-hunt-those-who-hunt-us

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Really nice Shinachiku art! Interesting take on his clothes (not in a bad way)

thank you so much!!! ;////; i really suck at designing so its pretty simple. i love armsocks and he looks reeeaaalllyy good in those so he had to have them. gave him pretty much the same clothes just like my sk kid shisui haha orz

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I agree that 15-20 minutes is reasonable. Once I was giving one guy a blowjob and 45 minutes later he still hadn't finished. It was torturous. He was just trying to make it last as long as he could. I finally gave up and he got mad. I cried.

thats the most selfish thing ive ever heard oh my god how stupid of him im so sorry that happened to you babe. 

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A while ago, i sent u a message. I was going through a hard time, and your support and kindness helped me alot. I just wanted to say thank u, cause u motivated me and gave me courage. Im still not where i wanna be, but im working on it ahaha. this is long sorry, but i just want u to know that im very grateful and wish u all the best :"))

ur so cute omg thank u for coming back to my inbox and letting me how ur doing. it feels really nice to know i made a positive impact on someone’s life!!! i hope u continue to stay strong and work hard to achieve all your aspirations!!!! i’m rooting for ya ^_^

Quiet Snowfall||Closed with im-sansational


((I’m posting A LOT under cut just because of how lengthy it is omgimsosorry. ;A; ))

A quiet, almost muted, sob broke the silence surrounding the snowy forest.  A large door gave a groan as it was sealed shut as it once was, sealed completely with no way back.  Standing on the frozen ground was at small girl, silver pony tails tangled…red glowing eyes flickering as she wiped away her tears.  The small humanoid never asked for all of this…She was just running…trying to find a hiding spot from the other turrets…just to find a safe place until they left. She didn’t ask to fall into a portal and to where she was now…

The Underground…

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thank you SO MUCH to everyone who gave me advice so far I really needed it ;___; im sorry i didn’t answer all of you directly but I’m saving them for reference ilu ilu ilu ilu thank you so much aaa

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Hunter had reached Candice Blacks office. He hopes that this person will be a little more forgiving than the first person he met. Hunter opened the door to see the exact same person who caused the ruckus in the first place.'Great just my luck...' the rift walker thought to himself. {Finally back Im sorry it took so long!}

(No problem. Welcome back! ^ ^)

She gave him a stern look and asked gruffly, “What are you doing here? I thought you were talking to Dr. O.”

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Hello! First of all, I'm IN LOVE with your blog and your gifs! I was just wondering, do you think there's any chance of Thomas being alive somehow??

Thank youu :)

Oh god im so torn about this you have no idea. I gave it a lot of thought over the past few weeks/months, and the more I think about it, the more I don’t really believe it’d be a good idea to bring him back. I mean, don’t get me wrong I’d LOVE to see Thomas alive so he and Flint could have this fairytale ending. I would legit die from happiness. But from an objective POV, I don’t think it would work well with the show. Especially now after everything Flint and Miranda have been through. It would kind of erase these past 10 years of their lives. Flint went mad over everything that’s happened and Miranda is dead. What was it all for, you know? And how do you even incorporate him into the story now without it looking extremely cliched? Thomas in Flint’s dreams, that I’d definitely want to see. What I NEED to see. Both him and Miranda sort of haunting Flint for a while, mixing things up and challenging him. It has a stronger impact, more meaning and makes sense in Flint’s current story. But bringing Thomas back out of the blue now, 10 years later, it’s just ??? I think Flint will eventually need to move on if he’s to survive. He needs to find a new purpose, turn the page and start over. He’s been looking at everything through his past for too long. I’m not saying he needs to forget, just accept it, bc he’s already gone half insane. It’s dragging him down. If Thomas were alive and he came back, the shock would probably break Flint completely. Irreparably. I just want him to be alright, and if that means putting the past aside at some point because it hurts too much, then I’m okay with that. 

(tho i’d still kill to see them reunite bc my trash shipper heart is romantic like that.. so im really being torn between what would look right in the show and what i would want to see)