im so sorry annie


i was tagged by the super lovely super sweet super kind @confessionsofashyfangirl for this rad tag game!!

The rules are simple; pick a handful of your most favourite K-Pop groups and write a memory you attach to them. Then tag some other people to do it. Enjoy!

here i go!!

shinee; omg djdjidjdid there was this Iconic night i remember between me and allie (@allonsy-allie) where i was discovering the shinee Boys and we were watching the old dance pranctices ?????!!!! and honestly it was amazing … like they were filmed by a potato ?? so Iconique??? i couldn’t stop laughing ://

got7; hmmm…… listening to A and feeling my body astral project OSJCODJDIDIDNDIDJD

monsta x; it’s a super shittt day im having, it’s raining and i’ve come out of the dentist feeling :// but i’m walking down the quiet street and listening to Need U and i smile a little when changkyun raps :(

bts; crying so bad listening to tomorrow :// also listening to spine breaker and silver spoon on repeat, losing my Shit …. scaring my sister … obsessed with the bangtan Bois… i was also off school for a long time and i was super lonely-that’s when i got into them :(

exo; listening to mama for the first time and nutting my heart out, playing it on repeat and yet again scaring the shit out of my sister. also seeing baekhyun for the first time in monster and realising he was the Sexiest most Beautiful man … only to watch exo showtime and see he’s a meme …

i’ll tag some fronds!! @allonsy-allie , @lavenderbyun , @meanyoongis , @ilhoonies , @seokjinings

akinohikari  asked:

owari is too predictable :P so FMA please~

ok i’ll use my secondhand knowledge here to answer this to the best of my ability aha. i’m sure once i finally,,, read more than one chapter of fma this will change but!!

favourite male: ed??
favourite female: olivier??????
favourite pairing: i read an edwin fic one (1) time so let’s just go with that lol
least favourite character: do i know enough charas to answer this…i dont think i do >.<
who’s most like me: idk i vibe with al hiding kittens in his armour so lets just go with that
most attractive: the girls just? in general. i think
three more characters i like: i dont know enough charas for this im suffering im so sorry

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