im so sorry annie


au where jeff and annie are married and have amazing sex life also i should delete photoshop

“i let you go annie, with my hands, and my head. the heart -which cynics say is code for penis- wants what it wants. but i let you go” a mix for jeff and annie, in the halls of greendale and beyond, to a future filled with promise and romance and possibility [listen here]

01. Foolish Love- Allman Brown// 02. If I Be Wrong- Wolf Larsen// 03. Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran// 04. Devil’s Tears- Angus & Julia Stone// 05. Slow Show- The National// 06. Rivers & Roads- The Head & The Heart// 07. Gravity- Sara Bareilles// 08. Find a Way To You- Lenka// 09. All About Your Heart- Mindy Gledhill// 10. Heartbeats Accelerating- Coeur De Pirate// 11. What Can I Do (But Love You)- Joy WIlliams// 12. You Fill My Heart- Jason Walker// 13. Moments- Gabrielle Aplin// 14. Love Games- I Will, I Swear// 15. Hopeful Heart- Jason Walker 


🍰Happy Birthday Sweet Marvelous Flawless Anisa (swanshope)🍰