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Based on @smol-hux‘s Theme day AU, I’m having a super time doing these!

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So, now is the first time I share something I have been thinking, don’t be so hard on me, senpais.

I can tell everyone has noticed that Ksoo seemed really off in this Lotto’s promotions, right? And everyone believes it have to do with JI and I though, do you remember when there was a rumor about ksoo leaving s_m for awhile before e_xo’s debut? but at the end someone in the company went to his house, talked to him and convinced him to return to the company? Well what if that person was JI himself, convincing/talking to ksoo to return with him and have a debut together and ksoo agreed, so ksoo’s motivation #1 to being in e_xo is JI (and of course his own dreams) and now he doesn’t feel really comfortable (not at his 100%) because JI isn’t there. I’m not trying to say that ksoo feels uncomfortable with other e_xo members because everyone knows thats not the case or that he feels sad/not happy about he and JI don’t sharing schedules/promote together because when they had their own schedules they seem fine (bc we already know shady mofos never given them a together schedule apart from group promotions like music shows fukcyousm), is just that JI is ksoo’s motivation and knowing that JI is probably alone in home, with his feet injured and upset because he can’t promote with them, got him sad as well. (You know is a couple thing, when one is sad the other is sad as well, love is a terrifying thing, when my bro was dating his gf (now his wife) when she felt sad he’ll felt sad as well just because she was, love is no joke).
So if ksoo’s bae is sad at home, he’ll be sad as well whenever he is at (in this case in the place that get his bae sad: the promotions stages)
And yeah, that’s it. Idk if I’m wrong and someone already proof that the rumour about ksoo (ab leaving s_m) is fake or something but I truly believe this can be one fine reason to why ksoo is so upset right now. And be free to correct me if I’m wrong at something, I’ll appreciate it a lot!<3

[ cor igni. ]

“Breathe, Mr Papadakis,” the EMT instructed dispassionately, looking over at his partner with irritation evident in the knit of his brow. It had been the fourth time in as many weeks that the old man had called 911 for sundry minor reasons, and while everyone involved was understandably chafed at being called to respond to a virtually unessential call, Cullen didn’t appreciate their attitude. Mr Papadakis was still a patient who needed their help.

All at once Mr Papadakis’ labored breathing turned to gasping, earning a frown of concern from the EMT. He nodded at his partner, who was checking his watch with obvious impatience. “Hey, you bring the O2 up?”

The EMT leaning against the wall by Cullen’s subordinate, Romero, let out a groan of lethargic displeasure. “Shi— Um. Darn. Dude, that’s like eight floors down.”

The former nodded towards Cullen and Romero. “Make one of them do it. They love carrying shit. Like pack mules. You could get them to carry half your house up Mt Everest if you told them there was a fire at the top.”

Cullen hardly needed to see Romero to know he was bristling indignantly, and before the kid could let loose the first of what was sure to be a string of expletives, Cullen clapped him on the shoulder, gave him a knowing sort of nod and started down the stairs towards the ground floor. The fire engine was equipped with a spare tank, which Cullen opted to take instead of the the one from the ambulance, if only for the ease of retrieving it later. No messy tug of wars over recovering equipment, and the less conversation with those particular EMTs, the better.

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There is a post straight from Ngozi herself in which (although it’s an au or is it oooh) Hilary Knight is Shitty’s sister.

With a simple Google search, you see that Hilary Knight does, in fact, have brothers:

William, James, and Remington. My first thought was Remington because, oh my god, how pretentious does that sound, right? But that wouldn’t work because we know Shitty’s name starts with a B.

This led me to William.

William, which can be shortened to Bill.