im so sorry


20 style challenge days 11-20!

11. Marvel comics, scene from one of my fanfics!
12. Studio Ghibli, my favorite AU! INSPIRED by the wonderful @sol–lux
13. Samuri Jack, last fanfiction I read, (mysterious sickness + gossiping friends = love?)
14. Sailor Moon, clothes swaapping my 1st and 2nd fave characters
15. Cowboy Bebop, a svene from the best fanfic EVER @starsinew ’s Theoretical friction of Lucky Stars!!! Go read it!!
16. Hunter x Hunter, a character you’d want a sleep over with.
17. @gingerhaze or Noelle Stevenson’s style!!! A character I’d go to tea with. This woman is my hero. No. Joke. Go read NIMONA.


I did a 20 day style challenge!!


1. Fave character, your style

2. Fave THH character, Lavendertownes style.

3. Fave SDR2 character, @cactuskhee ’s wonderful style, <3 ( just bought pretty carms from her, cant wait for them to comeeeee)

4. Fave DRAE character, tim burton style

5. Fave V3 character (no spilers please) Gorillaz

6. Draw your Otp, @dyndoodlies … they have beutiful art ch3ck them out and cheer them on!!!

7. Fave straigh ship, pokemon

8. Fave gay ship, Disney

9. Talent you wish you had, Steven Universe

10. A character with the same astetic as your favorite stuffed animal, Scott Pilgrim

So I saw a friend talking about how Spirit Halloween will be making a set of Kingdom Hearts costumes

So I decided to check them out, knowing they probably weren’t going to be high quality cosplay costumes or anything.

“Huh, okay, that actually doesn’t look too bad.”

But when I got to Sora, the costume isn’t what made me lose it

I wasn’t sure why i just lost it. I don’t know it if it was the wig, his forced smile that looks like he’s getting so close to just losing his shit, or his scruffy beard for some reason. It wasn’t the costume I swear

I snorted and laughed for a good 20 minutes because this was the first thing that popped up into my head

“When Donald doesn’t heal you for 50 years”

What do I do with these feelings?
These newspaper clippings
These reports, so fucking
“22 killed, 59 injured”
They don’t add in the words “human lives”
They don’t add in the words “affliction”
22 human lives lost, 59 humans bleeding,
Thousands reeling from trauma
and millions
that they’re next, another concert
another play, another
place they just wanted to smile

so fucking sorry
that one idea,
one extremist turned into
teenagers, who were waiting
for their chance to turn this around,
Crying as their best friend
lay unmoving on the ground
in what was supposed to be
the happiest moment
of their finite little 17 years of life

You didn’t deserve this
You deserved
the excitement of your first paycheck
the sorrow of lost love
that vacation in the Maldives you always wanted
You didn’t deserve
to be a liar when you told your mother you’d be home for dinner tomorrow

—  you are more than another incident to add to the list