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Louis always telling Harry to cut his hair and how much he misses the shorter and curlier version of Harry and Harry always refuses to cut it and then he just rolls his eyes. Secretly he’s kinda hurt bc Louis is his boyfriend and Harry values his opinion, even tho Louis is just teasing.

Louis knows that Harry always struggles to keep it out of his face during concerts so tonight he decides to have a hair tie incase Harry wants to put in into a bun at some point and so backstage Louis turns Harry around and helps him put it into a bun and Harry’s frustrated with his hair so he says “Maybe your right Lou, maybe it’s getting too long…”

And without even hesitating Louis turns Harry around and pulls him into a passionate kiss and tells him “Never ever change a thing about you, I love everything about you.”

Alright it’s time to set myself on fire…


‘You will kneel,’ the queen murmurs, her voice soft as velvet.

I should kneel, but my pride won’t let me. Even here, in front of Silvers, in front of the king, my knees do not bend. ‘I will not,’ I say, finding the strength to look up.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard [ vaveyard ]

one thing i can never get over about on parp is when you go into a group chat and see someone playing the character you play

and watching them do it badly

i mean there’s having a different way to rp the same character with different headcanons and reactions and then there’s just

playing the character so poorly you can tell they just never bothered to research a damn thing about them beforehand and it gets to a point where you just want to rip off your knee caps and grill them BBQ style

and i know rping is about having fun but there’s always going to be certain things that make you feel offended in some lowkey way about things like this

I just read the post about Tao’s history since predebut and all the back lash he received. I wish i could be a strong Hailang and fight back the haters with biting words and fire, but I’m crying now after i read it because i can’t possibly imagine how absolutely painful it must have been, to be so hated and humiliated and feeling so alone. How did it feel, seeing your brothers become popular and successful while you were spit upon for every word that left your mouth? How did it feel, to fall from such a happy and high place because people are hateful and selfish? I’m so sorry Tao. I wish i could have been there for you. I wish i found EXO sooner. I wish i could protect you just as much as i truly want to. I wish you were loved as much as you deserve, i wish i could take all the hate and point it at myself. You deserve so much better, I’m so sorry. I wish i could do something. I’m crying as i write this, my heart hurts. I’m crying because i dont know how many times he’s wanted to cry but couldn’t because he’d be hurt. I’m so sorry