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BILLY: And he came over and started doing it as well. And then we’d say “Tig-tig. Tig-tag.” Like for no reason.
DOM: Tog-tig. 
BILLY: And then ELIJAH came over and said “What are you guys doing?” said, “Oh, we’re playing a game called Tig.” He says how do you play? And then we spent like the next two hours making up rules.
ELIJAH: And they’re trying to teach me, and of course I was getting everything wrong because they were making it up as they went along.
SEAN A: He couldn’t follow the game as the three of us were forever frustrated that he wasn’t following these new rules that we were continuing to make up.
DOM: So we would play. The three of us were constantly getting it right. Every time. ELIJAH tried a new way of tigging someone, we’d say “No ELIJAH, you can’t tig on a tog” “You can’t tag on a tig” “You have to do an elephant impression if you’re gonna tig BILLY” [SEAN A cracking up] “And if BILLY’s going to tig you back you have to get on your knees and take your trousers down.”