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collegebf! daniel

a/n; happy birthday to kang choding hehe,, dedicated for my dearest mother @mongniel aurora until she disowned me so im trying to validate myself and also the loyal mom, ariane @deepdickdaniel

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  • major: vetinary
  • minor: sports science
  • honestly took up vetinary bc of peter and rooney
  • so he could save on the fees to the vet
  • though he puts up a strong front he is often a kultz and actually really soft??
  • likes kids too and often swings by the early childhood department to visit minhyun
  • but let’s face it, animals like him better than the babies do
  • has a phobia of insects, especially flying ones
  • hence cant join practical lessons that involves specimen or live insects
  • his classmates would be kind enough to share with him the notes they took in class, but he would rather fail the topic than look at notes of insects
  • there was once his friend, ong threw a fake spider whilst daniel was studying and he screamed, pushing off the seemingly 1 ton table and chair away from him
  • ong was like,,, “are you sure he wants to be a vet next time”
  • despite his phobia of insects, he will actually grin and bear it when he needs to remove lice from animals
  • red bull and gummy addict, but more likely to die of shock from insects than diabetes
  • you will always spot a can of red bull on his lecture desk, and bet 10 bucks it has a love note attached to it from his admirers
  • fairly popular in school, because a soft, tall and cute guy doing vetinary?? he just screams boyfriend material in that white lab coat
  • and glasses slipping down his nosebridge just makes him look even more cuter
  • loves dancing as a hobby so he took it up as his minor
  • does b-boying and modern dance, looks equally hot in both
  • when the school hall is filled with girls, it is either some kpop boy band is performing, or daniel and his dance group, wanna one are performing
  • has so much charisma in his dancing, the idea of “cute daniel” gets thrown away
  • but a cute bunny most of the time who is addicted to gummies
  • surprisingly, hasn’t dated a lot as contrast to rumours that he’s a fuckboy
  • he really hates fucking around with others’ feelings… despite being choding(childish) around his hyungs of wanna one
  • meanwhile you,, a medicine student trying to keep up with the expectations of society
  • to be honest, you’re doing well
  • but not well enough to enter the top hospitals of seoul
  • and you’re here on scholarship anyway, might as well make use of it to make your parents proud
  • you’re your parents’ only child too, the pressure to do well is also quite high
  • you barely dated, the only time was in high school where you were a foolish teenager dating your best friend
  • you did have classmates confessing to you though, but everything stayed platonic
  • they weren’t upset surprisingly, they were more than willing to be friends with you too
  • eventually they found their other halves, but are still good friends with you
  • you were glad guys in your faculty were understanding,, unlike some that disliked you after that
  • you were friends with jaehwan, your old friend since the both of you were in diapers
  • he took up music, and ended up having lots of college scholarship offers
  • he eventually went to your college, despite it not one of his first few choices
  • “my friend would die a lonely virgin if i didnt help her with her love life”
  • “shut up jaehwan, 80% of your girlfriends broke up with you because your laugh is annoying”
  • “i dId NOT aSk for this sLaNdEr”
  • anyway, you had no idea how jaehwan ended up in wanna one(and daniel’s roomate), depite his “boom boom-bastic” dance skills
  • winkwonk
  • but that boy’s vocals can reach to the gods in heaven and appease them
  • he tried to matchmake you with all of the members of wanna one(excluding the minors of course) but it all failed because your friend was the worst at being discreet
  • the lords of venus eventually shined upon you when daniel was sent to your faculty for “emergency” treatment
  • “y/n,,, we need you to fix daniel, quick.” jaehwan said breathlessly over the phone
  • “if he needs a one night stand, im not an option, you know that, kim jaehwan.”
  • “no, that stupid boy accidentally cut himself while trying to disect a frog… and he’s bleeding a lot.”
  • “oh the flower boy from vetinary?” you nodded as you took your first aid kit, “but you aren’t even majoring in vetinary, jaehwan, what are you doing with daniel?”
  • “he called me to call you– ok nevermind, i’ll explain to you later, we’re on our way to your faculty. wait for us outside the medicine labs.”
  • “uh okay.”
  • so there you were, waiting outside the medicine labs with your first aid kit
  • seconds later, you saw 3 boys running towards you, one visibly taller than the other 2
  • you could finally make out their faces, it was jaehwan, daniel and another boy, wonwoo whom you were friends with due to jaehwan’s failed matchmaking
  • “y/n,, i think daniel is gonna suffer from anaemia…”
  • you tried to stifle your laughter as you examined the cardigan wrapped around daniel’s hand
  • “he won’t. don’t worry.” you assured them as you unraveled the cardigan, “let’s just hope it’s nothing too deep…”
  • when you revealed the wound, it was just a minor cut, though not as minor as a paper cut but definitely bleeding
  • you glared at jaehwan, who smiled sheepishly and resigned to his death after you treated daniel
  • you dressed the wound quickly, lips pursed in concentration
  • what you didnt notice was daniel’s gaze, which was on you the whole time
  • he had a weird feeling in his stomach, he wanted to use his other hand to run it through your hair
  • he tried to shake it off, but he got more and more attracted to you when he saw your eyes meeting his to make sure he isnt uncomfortable
  • this wasnt the first time daniel saw you though, he often saw you on jaehwan’s lockscreen, as your friend had set the selca both of you took as his lockscreen
  • as much as daniel wanted to meet you, he didn’t want to give you the wrong impression because of his rumours
  • and now he finally did, but he was pretty sure you’re gonna hate him for being over-reacting
  • “done,” you patted his dressing and pushed his hand towards him, “it’s nothing too deep, don’t worry. but make sure to take it off when you’re showering, if you need any help just give me a call.”
  • daniel shot you one of his signature eyesmiles, “thank you so much, i’m sorry i had to make you rush down for me…”
  • “no its fine! just call me whenever. i hope you get well soon.” you smiled, then tiptoed to daniel’s ear, “just don’t tell jaehwan though, he can be a little, nosey.”
  • you were lying if you said daniel wasn’t attractive and totally did not win you over with his eyesmile in the span of 3 seconds
  • “and kim jaehwan, you owe me a meal. for helping your friend and putting up with your drama.”
  • at this point, daniel was totally smitten
  • everyone could see it, even the members of wanna one started teasing him about it
  • “i can set you up with a date with y/n if you want–”
  • “no i dont like her peter and rooney are my girlfriends”
  • daniel totally did not ask almost everyone in his faculty for your number
  • when he finally had the guts to text you, he was all giddy when you replied, jumping up whenever he heard the personalized notification just for your contact
  • meanwhile, while you were talking to daniel, you really loved it when he talks about animals, it seemed like all time has stopped in the world and his passion for taking care of animals is just so attractive
  • and he didnt seem like the usual fuckboy everyone perceived him to be
  • one day, daniel asked you out for a pizza date, and you immediately agreed
  • because free pizza and a cute date, why not
  • the both of you ended up going to laundry pizza, just bc daniel said ioi went there to take their album jacket photos there LOL
  • but the pizza there was good so you weren’t complaining
  • daniel ended up paying for the both of you, after 15 minutes of rentless argument over who should pay
  • the both of you also went to the arcade, wasting your money on those claw machines
  • you didn’t get anything, but you had fun throwing airballs at the basketball machine thingy
  • daniel walked you back pretty early, because he knew you had a morning lecture the next morning
  • not gonna lie, you wanted to stay longer but daniel was not gonna have any of it
  • daniel walked you till your doorstep, and your hands were fumbling through your purse for your keys
  • looks like someone forgot their keys,,,
  • you laughed humourlessly as you tried to open the locked door, but only for daniel to giggle along with you
  • your roomate was out too, and she wouldn’t be back till the next morning
  • “i dont think its safe for you to be sleeping outside, why dont you stay over at my place?”
  • “im–”
  • “ok let’s go”
  • you didnt even say anything and here you are, at daniel’s dorm, unsure of what to do
  • just watching daniel hastily clean up his dorm is quite amusing
  • “jaehwan wont be back till really late, he has an event to attend to.” daniel smiled as he proceeeds to kick the sweet wrappers under the sofa, “i’m sorry you have to put up with this, y/n.”
  • “no, no, thank you for letting me stay here, or i’ll be freezing in the cold right now.” you shook your head, yawning
  • “do you want a change of clothes? i have a hoodie you can wear…hopefully”
  • you never knew you would be staying in daniel’s dorm, on his bed, in his hoodie
  • until today
  • you slept fairly well, with daniel’s scent invading all your senses
  • until you felt something on your foot
  • you woke up, scared
  • the thing kept probing at your feet, and soon it was licking it
  • you screamed, and soon enough daniel ran into his room to see what happned
  • “y-y/n?” he rubbed his eyes as he turned on the lights, “what happened?”
  • “s-something was at my foot”
  • daniel moved the sheets, and he found rooney peacefully sleeping on the foot of the bed
  • “i’m sorry, rooney always likes to invade the bed in the middle of the night,,, i should’ve told you earlier”
  • “it’s fine, i was just too shocked hahaha”
  • silence
  • “maybe i’ll sleep with you, so peter and rooney wont disturb us”
  • you stared at daniel, as he quickly waved his hands, “no, no, i wont do anything, i swear, you can end me if i do.”
  • neither of you could sleep, so daniel nudged you
  • “y/n… i know its weird to say this but,, i like you”
  • well that was really weird
  • “i don’t expect you to accept me and all but i just wanna let you know that i–”
  • you cut daniel off with a kiss, as he sneakily snaked his arms around your waist to bring you closer
  • after a good like, 20 seconds, you pulled away, “me, rejecting kang daniel?? no way.”
  • ever since the both of you started dating, jaehwan started to brag about himself, saying that the both of you were a couple thanks to him,,,
  • but would shut up immediately after he sees you in the vicinity because he would be running away from you
  • a very cute relationship, daniel would always wrap his arms around your shoulders and snuggle you close to him
  • instant ramen dates are a big thing and you always have to clean up after daniel
  • but he helps of course, after hearing you nag at him for the nth time
  • he would always make you a bento before your papers, with a note that says, “with this bento, you will do well! fighting! love, daniel”
  • and vice versa, you would bake him muffins too
  • sweetest boyfriend, but the type to say pick up lines to annoy the heck out of you
  • they arent even smooth, theyre hella bad
  • and yes, kang choding still exists
  • you have to physically stop him from buying/eating more gummies or his teeth would rot
  • since daniel is relatively bigger in size, you would always steal his clothes and he would always wonder how his clothes would mysteriously go missing
  • he would know the answer when he sees you the next morning
  • the whole campus ships the both of you sm
  • please love kang daniel
In The Name Of Love: Part Four



You lived a life much different than any other married couple on the planet, it was full of action and mystery. But the only mystery that was unsolved was your marriage. Stuck in the boring routine of the lifeless marriage the both of you were caught in, Tony and Steve make plans to get the two of you back together - with the help of Bruce Banner. You had three weeks, and each session you noticed a change in your love life. But things could get far more messy than the both of you intended.

Notes: Bucky x Wife!Reader, Tension, Smut, Cussing, Small amount of Bondage (not in that way, lol) Let me know what you think, and let me know if you want to be tagged. :)

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Causing Trouble - YoongixReader (Delinquent!Au)

Requesthey hey hey! i see that ur request are open!! whaddya think of a delinquent AU with yoongi? like the boys and him are delinquents who think theyre real bad and all that ish but then meet the reader whose a real mafia boss (not the seductive one but a dangerous one which immense power in the underground world her name is feared by everyone but the boys dont know dat ) anyways they get into trouble and the reader has to come in between cuz the other gang is the readers target. she just has unfinished business with the gang that has problems with the bts boys so she steps in and “saves” them sorry if it’s a bit vague but what do you think? ~ sora

Words: 5.3k

Warnings: a little violent I guess?

A/N: wow ok, this turned out longer than i expected. I had a bunch of fun writing it though, I don’t usually write this kinda style. Also I live in a town with more cows than people so im v v sorry if it’s super cheesy i know next to nothing abt city life. and I hope its what you wanted! I think I stuck to the prompt pretty well. 

P1 P2

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Water Colour tattoos

*Warnings: None
Punk Phil/ Pastel Dan
Coffee shop, because I’m a sucker for these clichés*

The light from the window shined down on the glossy wood floors of Dans room. The light was also shining in Dans eyes, which he didn’t particularly care for, considering it was 7 in the morning. Dan lay in bed, cuddled in the bubblegum pink blanket that he had on his bed, for a few moments, debating whether to go to bed or begin getting ready.
Dan decided to get up and he hesitantly threw the warm, soft blankets off of him. His bare feet touched the cold floor and he pulled them back onto his bed. He crawled over and looked out the window above his bed. It snowed last night. Just great. Dan groaned and threw his blanket on the floor, putting his feet on it and shuffled awkwardly over to his wardrobe. Was he feeling pastel or dark today? Dan grabbed a heavy baby blue sweater and decided on pastel. He pulled on a pair a light blue briefs and a pair of white skinny jeans. He pulled over the sweater and straightened it out. He looked in the mirror and smiled. He loved how this sweater fit. He topped the outfit off with light pink converse and a pink flower crown.
Dan grabbed his phone and headphones and did his best to stuff them in the tight pockets of his jeans. He decided to go to the library, but first, he needed his coffee, if it could be considered that. It was basically sugar, cream, and a lot of caramel and chocolate syrup. Dan started his voyage to the small coffee shop that was a few blocks away.
He began walking, looking at the blankets of broken snow that covered the trees without leaves and the small rooftops and the sidewalks. He sighed. Snow is really beautiful, it is, until it isn’t because it mixes with dirt and gross items from the streets. He got a block and a half over before some creep in a car pulled beside him, driving slowly next to him. The creep rolled down his window and licked his lips. “Hey sunshine, you need a ride?” Dan could feel the guys eyes rake over his body and he felt disgusting. “No, I dont. Go away.” Dan said confidently, keeping his head down and walked quicker. The man scoffed and rolled up his window after screaming pansy faggot towards Dan. It really didn’t affect him though.
Dan finally ordered his caramel mocha (a/n I don’t know coffee) and looked around for a seat. They were all taken so the hard decision comes up. Does he sit next to the scary looking dude with the black hair and tattoos or the geeky looking dude in the corner? He decided on the scary guy.
He walked over, timidly and smiled gently.
“Hi, uh, I’m sorry to bother you, but there’s no where else to sit. Can I sit here?” Dan looked up cowardly and the man was smiling at him.
“Yea, I’m not saving it for anyone. Make yourself at home sweetheart.” Dan blushed at the random pet name, and sat down quietly. His eyes scanned the tattoos on the mans arms. There was a lion on his left forearm, that was fading into a galaxy. There was a classic skull on his right forearm. He had a dragon on his neck and roses climbing up his right bicep. He had starry plugs in his ears and an eyebrow piercing on his left eyebrow. He looked pretty cool, if Dan was being honest.
“I like your crown.” The man smirked, and Dan kept his gaze on the glossy table.
“Thanks.” Dan mumbled, and then he felt a light touch on his chin as the man lifted Dans face to meet his eyes.
“Im not gonna hurt you for making conversation, ya know?” The man smiled and Dan felt himself being enticed by the blue eyes that captured his own. Dans face heated up and snapped his eyes away to the tattoo on the mans forearm. Dan sipped his coffee eagerly.
“I like this.” Dan looked back up. The man was smiling at him, and it was a warm smile, not at all scary like you’d expect.
“Thank you, it was my first one. I really like lions, always have.” Dan nodded and looked back down at the beautiful lines. He traced the outline with his finger. He watched the skin prickle slightly.
“Do you have any tattoos?” The man asked, his voice smooth as it made small conversation.
“No, I’ve wanted one but I’m never sure what to get.” Dan said, meeting the mans eyes.
“Well…” The man looked at Dan for a name.
“Dan.” Dan smiled shyly. The man smiled back.
“Dan.” The name rolled off his lips like water down a river. “I happen to know a very good tattoo artist, so I could take you some time.” The man said and reached over to grab a napkin. He pulled a pen from the pocket on his button up shirt and wrote on the napkin. “Here’s my number, if you decide.”
Written on the paper was a number, a small doodle of a lion, and a name; Phil.
“Phil…” Dan mumbled in a whisper, a small smile gracing his lips. “I don’t have class until later, I’m sure we could hang out a bit longer.” Dan offered, hoping the offer would be accepted.
“Yea, that’d be cool.” Phil smiled and looked Dan in the eyes. They talked for a few more minutes.
“We could check out my favourite tattoo parlor, and maybe get you some ideas.” Phil offered, collecting their empty coffee cups and standing to throw them out. Dam followed. Phil was slightly taller than him, but not by much.
“That could be fun.” Dan smiled and they walked out into the cold, nose-nipping air.
They walked along the pavement and Dan could have sworn that Phil was brushing their hands together on purpose, but he wasn’t gonna mention it.
“It’s not too far from here.” Phil said, pointing down the street. “Just a few more minutes.” Dan smiled and looked back down at the snowy sidewalk, footprints and other marks embedded in the water crystals.
Phils shoulder brushed Dans and Dans ears felt warm, despite the freezing air. Here he was, walking along the road with an attractive man that he just met about an hour ago, and he was feeling giddy, with fluttering in his stomach. Phil looked over at Dan and smiled. Dan was unaware that the man beside him was feeling the same thing.
They reached the tattoo parlor and Phil entered with Dan, greeting the staff like they were best friends.
“This is Dan, he wants a tattoo, but he doesn’t know what. Got any suggestions?” Phil asked a bald, heavily tattooed man who was leaning against the piercing counter.
“He looks like a colourful man.” The bald man said, raking his eyes over Dans form. Dan felt self conscious and stepped from side to side.
“Yea, he is.” Phil admired and looked over at Dan. Dan smiled timidly.
“How about a flower?” Phil asked Dan, and Dan pondered it, while looking at the water colour tattoo designs on the wall.
“That’d be pretty, especially if we could do it like this.” Dan pointed and Phil walked over and smiled.
“We probably could.” Phil gazed at Dan as he looked over the pretty colours.
“I don’t have a lot of money though, how much would it cost?” Dan asked, and looked over at Phil.
“Don’t worry about it sweetheart.” Phil smirked and walked over to the bald man.
“Ya coming?” Phil asked and waved Dan over. Dan obeyed and shuffled over.
“So a watercolor ey?” The tattoo artist asked and began setting up the supplies. “Shouldn’t be too hard.”
Phil smiled and walked Dan over to the chair.
“I’m nervous. Does it hurt a lot?” Dan asked.
“Depends where you get it.” Phil smiled and patted Dans back. “Let’s start off easy.”
Dan decided on his left wrist. He was slightly shaky due to nerves and Phil could tell. Phil took Dans hand in his own and smiled at Dan.
“It’s alright, just squeeze my hand and it shouldn’t hurt too bad.” Dan smiled and gave it a testing squeeze. The buzzing of the machine filled the room as Dans first tattoo came to life.
30 minutes and loads of hand squeezes later, Dan had a beautiful blue and pink water colour flower on his left wrist and he couldn’t be happier.
“I’ll pay.” Phil said and Dan opened his mouthy to protest, but Phil was already walking to the register and paying. Dan frowned slightly. He didn’t have to do that.
They walked out the store, Phils hand brushing Dans gently and Dan smiled. Dan reached over and fully held Phils hand. Phil let out a surprised gasp before looking over to Dan and smiling. He stopped their feet and reached a hand that wasn’t being held up to Dans cheek and leaned in softly to kiss Dans cheek.
“I had fun today.” Dan said, his face ready, and his voice quiet. Phil smiled for the hundredth time that day.
“Me too. Let’s get together again.” Phil smiled, and Dan stepped forward and stood slightly on his toes to reach Phils lips in a small, chaste kiss.
The day wasn’t so cold after all.

so. after the new syw update, my phone person interest was piqued even more and i decided to go scouring. i listened to phone person’s entire playlist, analyzed the lyrics, took notes, scrolled through the phone person tag on kira’s oc blog, harassed my kind friend throughout all of this (im so sorry auggie i love you), and i have a sound theory.

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever talked about how weretiger!arin and the other were-creatures in your au were initially infected? Cuz they wouldn't have been born a were-creature, right? It seems like it would be a big moment in their lives

I had actually thought about this exact thing shortly after this au took off! Whether they were cursed to transform against their will or maybe they had this affliction transferred to them early in their lives I wasnt sure. But the idea of them having to face society and readjust to their previous way of life with this added burden of being so unnatural and different piqued my interest!

(This is actually longer than I expected it to be so im gonna put a readmore okay?)

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Verdict: Part 7

Notes: Ahhh!! its finished! thank you all for making Verdict happen. Hope you enjoy, send me your feedback! what was your favorite part? Smut, Fluffly.

Tags (Ive decided to keep it at this sorry everyone its just sooooo many!) : @redstarstan@fifi1433@banieldryan@christiestevenson@ccallie-mariee@imanhunter@laurenxyz@canikeepit-imkeepingit@buckytheplumfairy@han35 @starstar1012 @a1lucidity @yellowtheremarvelfan@dipdies@piercethemelendez @skyfullofharrystyles @trashybuchananbarnes@theavengerthatbringsthesnacks@michellelynne87@sebastian-stans-thighs@slice-of-calum @allyp1023 @candykittykat @krisay @re2d2 @wine-and-space-donuts @catcherintheclifford @allygabriela @wsternhaikus@animeroses318@unlikelycupcakequeen @tg1297 @your-reflectionn@carabarnes13 @sebastians-thighs-of-betrayal@whiteangelheart@givemegiggles @mizzzpink @mrs-lamezec@lottieeeeeeeee@dontstopwiththelyin @slickblitz @isaxhorror @amf71010@incoherentli@buckysteetime @ashtotes @damnbuckyishot@trylenawinchester@xunicornwhovianx @isabella-alana @life-is-good101 @crazychick010@anitavalija @smexy-bucky-waifu 

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Empty Promise


Hurling your booties to the floor as soon as you entered the house, you quickly stomped up the stairs, mind absolutely fuming.

Pulling off your dress before even reaching the bedroom, you let it slip to the ground, completely carless to where it landed.

Making a beeline straight for the restroom, you pulled off the rest of your undergarments, turning on the shower to the hottest temperature you could handle.

Stepping in, you faced the wall, letting the hot water rush down your back, needing the steam to sooth you as soon as possible.

Leaning your head back, you raised a hand to smooth out your hair before shifting so that the water could focus on your tense shoulders.

Feeling a small sob escape your lips, you leaned forwards to rest your forehead on the slick tile as the steam started to gather around.

Back hunched, you let the rest of your sobs rack through your body, fighting to finally be felt after weeks and weeks of pushing them away.

Sniffling, you absentmindedly went through the rest of your shower routine, sluggishly moving as you did.

Carefully stepping out as you finished, you firmly wrapped one of the towels around you body, shuffling over to stand in front of the mirror.

Wiping the fog off with one hand, you let the other brush back strands of hair that clung to parts of your face, finally capturing your broken demeanor.

Taking a shallow breath in, you preceded to open the door, allowing the steam to clear out from the bathroom.

Walking over to the closet, you started to pull out different shirts when suddenly you heard the front door slam downstairs.

Feeling anger bubble up again, you mentally beat yourself up for taking so long in the shower. You had planned to be asleep, if not at least just laying in bed, anything to avoid him for the rest of the night.

As his heavy footsteps neared closer and closer, you forced yourself to stay muted, rubbing a towel through your wet hair in front of the mirror.

Hey babe”

You saw a blonde head pass the doorframe followed by the sound of his phone being plugged into its charger.

Completely ignoring him, you flipped the towel to rest over the shower railing, hurriedly taking out your contacts.

Now shirtless, he stepped into the bathroom, quietly wrapping his arms around your waist.

Dropping his head to kiss the crook of your neck, you immediately brushed him off, stepping out to the carpet.

Whoa okay, what’s your deal?”

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OKA Y so im still reeling from all the amazing things i got to witness tonight and im not quite over the fact that i got to see them up close and personal but i want to make a report while it’s still fresh in my mind so bear with any lack of coherency!!

- harry and the pride flag :’) earlier on in the show he had already picked up a canadian flag and waved it around so when i saw him with another flag i assumed it was just another canadian flag because i saw the maple leaf on it - but this one had the rainbows on it as well and it was SO SO AMAZING TO HEAR THE SCREAMS ERUPT AS HE STOOD UP WITH IT WRAPPED AROUND HIM the fact that i went there as a rainbow direction participant and then saw him wrap himself in the flag and run down the catwalk just made me feel so validated and it was such an amazing show of support for lgbtq+ fans attending the show or seeing footage at home. it was SUCH a nice and surreal moment i couldnt believe what i was seeing as it was happenig and im so so happy i got the chance to witness it :’)
- i had my two signs with me (the rainbow direction one and act my age one) but mostly held up the rainbow one throughout the show. harry gave the rainbow sign a thumbs-up TWICE, the first time just a couple songs in, and then before the encore. especially after he had run up the catwalk with the pride flag i felt so much validation and confidence to continue to hold up the sign and not feel the slightest bit self-conscious about it
- i got to meet up with ivy @persimmonlions and another rd participant which was so lovely!! it was so so nice to know there were other rainbows in the crowd since at the beginning it felt like i was the only one
- also there was a person who said they really liked my shirt which was so nice to hear!!!
- niall’s speaking voice sounded a bit different than i expected??? idk it was like… even MORE irish than i thought.. but anyway otherwise the rest sounded EXACTLY like they do through recordings which was so so surreal it felt like i was watching a super hq concert video
- harry+fan interaction was the most wonderful thing ive ever witnessed. the older couple that he told to kiss (‘kiss her, you fool!’ yes, he really said that), calling out a couple people for looking bored, periodically asking people if they were okay, imitating fans’ dancing, singling out a fan and singing happy birthday to them, interacting with the small child who gave him the 'we missed you’ fan project sign but then wanted it back, the list goes oN AND ON the moral of the story is that harry was on FIRE tonight he was so warm and lovely and engaging and everything i hoped he would be like in person
- LIMA WAS SO GOOD TONIGHT TOO!!! he did his super fancy riffs at the end of through the dark, took over the falsettos in you and i and best song ever EFFORTLESSLY, had some great interactions with fans in my section, had that AMAAZING moment with the naughty boy sign - that was honestly the best moment of my life - he is a true performer and did not fail at encouraging us to 'sing it’ whenever possible
- louis is literally so tiny like i didnt even think to notice his height until near the end of the show because i was distracted by everything else but he is so compact and cute. he didnt come to my side or section very much since during a lot of songs he was hanging out back instead.of further up the catwalk but he sounded amazingg especially in no control he smashed his solos!!
- niall has a solo rap ep coming out later next week apparently and i dont know how i feel about that - he was quite delightful, he and liam had a super cute moment during act my age.. i think? and the part with the necklaces and the sunglasses and the hat and the rapping… i dont know what to say except that it was very entertaining
- it went by so fast?? like it was literally a 20-minute show the songs whizzed so fast i got whiplash
- in my section some fans brought a cardboard cut-out of zayn and people were posing with it and.. sad :(
- bUT the naughty boy sign!!!! It said 'niall has more tattoos then naughty boy has fans’ and liam laughed sO HARD AT IT I WAS CRYING (shout-out to the fan that made that i honestly love you) so basically ot5 is thriving!!! seeing how all five of them collectively dragged him together i wonder how much they rejoiced at zayns tweets…
- they’ve picked out the next sigle from the fifth album!!!!!! thanks @loam for the update
- spaces is truly dead thanks @god for listening to my cries of anguish leading up to the show
- also im such a fake fan bc i jammed out to diana like u wouldnt believe and i teared up at little things so miracles can actually happen guys
- i have more thoughts but my brain is very tired and this turned out longer than i meant it to be anyway
- so to sum up: today honesty felt like an alternate universe i cant believe they are real people and im not sure im alive and harry loves rainbows and i love one direction

'More Than Friends?' Nash Grier Imagine

Hi! This imagine took me a little longer than I expected, I apologize. 

Again, I havent wrote imagines in a while, so I’m sorry for any mistakes and what not. 

I just want to point out this imagine is from the past because Nash hasnt been involved with Magcon for quite a while now. 

Its a blast from the past. Jokes. Okay, but anyways, I hope you like it, if you do please reblog it! I’ve just started an imagine blog and would love if other people would see it. 

If you have any ideas/ requests just reply or send me a message! Thanks you guys!


“Alright mom, ill be back in a few hours.” You called, shutting the door behind you. You walked to your car and started it up and began to drive to your best friend Nash’s house. 

You knocked on the door, hearing tiny feet slapping across the hardwood floors inside his house, and Skylynn opened the door. 

“NASHIE YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS HERE!!!!!!!!!” She screamed, making you choke on the gum you were chewing. 

“Sky, Nash and I are only fr-” You started, cut of by Nash running in telling Skylynn the same thing. 

She rolled her eyes and said “Whatever. I’ll be swinging in my room. Don’t bother me.” She cuts her eyes at Nash then walks to her room and slams the door. 

“I’m sorry. Shes been in an annoying mood all day today.” He said, opening the door wider so you could walk in. 

“Oh, it’s fine. She means no harm.” You said, lightly pushing his arm. 

He laughs and walks into the living room, you following. 

“I assume you want to do the usual?” He asked. 

“I’m not a woman of change, my dear Hamilton." 

As soon as you say his first name, his head jerks up and he turns to face you with sharp eyes. 

”(Y/N), how many times have I told you not to call me that?“ He questioned. 

"Clearly not enough.” You teased. He turned his back to you and rolled his eyes. 

“Oh come on, Nash I was only kidding.” You said,  while you poked his sides. He began to laugh and squirm. 

“There’s that smile!” You laughed, as his dimples profoundly show. 

He pushed you down on the couch and sat on your thighs. He grabbed your arms with one hand and held them above your head and began to tickle you with his free hand. 

“NASH STOP IT IM SORRY IM SORRY STOP STOP STOP STOP STO-” Your screams were interrupted by Hayes. 

“GET A FREAKIN ROOM!” He screamed and ran into the kitchen. 

Nash climbed off of you, while he rolled his eyes. 

“I’ll be right back.” He said through gritted teeth. 

You were shocked at how much that comment effected him. Of course you both were used to people mistaking you for a couple. It happened everywhere you went. You even stopped denying it in public places when people mentioned how cute you two were. Just said a quick “thank you” and went on. It was just easier that way. But why did Nash get pissed at a stupid comment that came from Hayes of all people. Hayes just does things to get under Nash’s skin. That’s why usually were at my house. 

You walked into the kitchen and see Nash’s jaw clenched and Hayes backed up against the counter with Nash in front of him. 

“Woah, Nash what’s the problem?!” You asked, running over there and pulling him aside. 

“I’m so freaking tired of my family bugging me about us. Were just friends and thats all we’ll ever be. You dont feel that way towards me and they just dont understand that. And I’m sick of everyone telling me how in love with you I am. I know my own feelings.” He vented, tearing up a little. 

"Hayes, give us a minute.” You told him. He nodded and walked into the living room. 

“Nash. Calm down. I know this last month has been hard for you, with all of this Magcon stuff happening. But you have to accept the fact that having a girl best friend will lead people to believe you two are a thing. And you dont feel that way about me, so were just gonna have to deal with it." 

He avoided your gaze and nodded. He pulled you into a hug, engulfing you in his big sweatshirt. 

"I love you.” He mumbled. 

“I love you too. Now lets go play Just Dance.” You smile up at him. He nods and you two link arms and walked into the living room. Hayes was sitting on the couch and was watching some football game. 

“Wanna play Just Dance with us?” You asked Hayes. 

He shook his head no but said he would watch. 

You and Nash put the disc in and he chose ‘Run The Show’, your favorite. You and Nash aced the dance and got perfects all the way through because you played so much. Hayes pushed Nash over, causing him to mess up, and you to win. You squealed with victory and Nash punched Hayes on the arm while Hayes cackled. 

“BRO WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” Nash yelled, you and Hayes doubled over with laughter. Nash rolled his eyes and you two continued to play.

After a few hours of chasing Skylynn, playing hide and seek, jumping on the trampoline with Nash and Hayes, and making cookies with the 3 siblings you decided you needed to get home.

Nash walked you to the front door and shut it, giving you two a little privacy. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked. You nodded and gave him a hug.

“Thanks for calming me down earlier..” He mumbled into your ear while continuing to hug you.

“It’s no problem.” You smiled. You let him go and began to walk to your car.

“(Y/N), wait!” He called.

You turned around and saw he was running towards you. ”What is it??” You asked.

“Remember earlier when you said that we weren’t together because I didn’t feel that way about you?” He asked, while he sucked his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Yes…” You said quietly.

“Well I do feel that way about you. And I want us to be a thing. And that’s why I get pissed when people comment on us, because we’re not together and it upsets me. And I know that you probably want to stay friends. But I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I needed to let you know because it’s eating me up inside. We see each other everyday and I don’t want this to make it awkward at all but I can’t keep it in anymore.” He confessed quickly.

You stand there, looking into his eyes as you both started to tear up. You opened your mouth to say something but shut it quickly when you had no words. He saw that and nodded his head. A tear falling down he turned to walk away and began walking into the house.

You wanted to call after him, to stop him from leaving, but you couldn’t. You tried, but no words would come out of your mouth. You liked him back, you always had. But you loved your friendship the way it was. No commitment. Just having fun. His oblivion to the true way you felt for him was the thing you cherished most. Why? You didn’t know. All those nights you stayed up until 4 dreaming about you two being together and going on dates, that’s what he just confessed he wanted. And you didn’t say anything. 

You walked to your car and started to drive down the road. You had to pull over and sit there silently. 


It had been a week now since all of that happened. Nash avoided you in school and didn’t come over to your house at all. No texts, calls, not even mentions on twitter. You cried every night that week. After thinking, you decided you wanted him. You wanted the weird, quirky, blue-eyed, brown-haired boy. 

You were laying in bed and have been for about 3 hours now. You couldn’t sleep, think or eat anymore. You needed your best friend. You got up and put on a pair of your boots over your leggings. You slip your Nash Grier hoodie on over your t-shirt and grab your keys. You leave a note for your mom saying ‘I’ll be back in about 30 minutes. Dont worry, I’m good.” just in case she wakes up. You slip outside and get into your car and drive to the house you had been to so many times. 

You get out and walk out to the back. Nash was laying in the hammock, his back turned towards you. You begin to walk over to him, the leaves crunching beneath your feet. 

“Mom go away I’m fine and I don’t want anything to eat.” He snaps. 

You get into the hammock with him and put your arm over his chest. 

“It’s me.” You whisper. 

He turns around so you are now face-to-face. 

“What are you doing here?” He asks bluntly. 

“I miss you. And I cant sleep. And I needed to tell you some things.” You say. He nods, urging you to proceed. 

“What happened the other day was, well I don’t know what it was. Weird, I guess. I wanted to talk and tell you the way I felt, but Nash, I couldn’t get anything out. I’m afraid of commitment, you of all people should know that. None of my relationships have lasted longer than 2 weeks. And I don’t want that to be us. I can’t lose you. And that’s why I was too scared to tell you I feel the same way. But after thinking, I’m not scared anymore. Why should I be? You’re the only guy I want to be with and you’re sweet, funny, so hot, adorable and I cant get enough of you. Every time were together I love you even more.” You reveal.

He looks at you and grabs your cheek and starts to lean in. 

Your heart begins to beat faster than it ever has before, your throats locks up and you slowly lean in too. He looks into your eyes for permission, and you give the slightest nod of your head, allowing him to crash his lips onto yours, something that had been coming for ages. 

Your mouths mold together perfectly. He goes to put his other hand under you, to pull you closer, but when he does the hammock begins to shake, scaring you both and you both begin to panic, making you two flip over. As you both fall onto the hard ground you look at him and begin to laugh harder than you ever have, and he does as well. 

"Oh my God.” He chuckled after about 5 minutes of continuous laughter. 

“Well thats a story we’ll never forget..” You laugh, grabbing his hand. 

“I’d have to agree.” He looks up smiling at you. 

You lean in and kiss him again, this time without any interruptions. 

“(Y/N), does this mean you’ll be my girlfriend or are you too still scared to admit you have feelings for me..?” He teases, his dimples peeking through again. 

“Excuse me, but I just admitted my feelings for you!” You claim, laughing. 

“Whatever.” He joins your laughter. 

“But yes. I would love to be your girlfriend.” You say, watching his eyes light up. 

He pulls you closer and you two lay down and look up at the stars. 

“Nash, its already 2 am… and its a Tuesday. We need to get into bed.” You say. 

He laughs at you and sits up. 

“You’re so cute.” He smiles. 

“I know. Dont get sappy with me. But its 2 am. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You say casually. He laughs and kisses your cheek. 

“Text me when you’re home so I know you’re safe.” He requests, something he always asks of you. You nod and wave goodbye to him and drive home, not forgetting to send him a quick goodnight text. 

or uh. seven hundred thirty one.

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