im so sick of your cuteness

  • “dude i know youre a werewolf and all but seriously that freaking howl laughter you do is so fucking extra and i cant take it anymore”
  • “you being part dog has its perks, mostly for me because whenever i toss something away your eyes follow it and you perk up like you want to chase it but restrict yourself and its honestly the cutest fucking thing ive ever seen”
  • “honestly though i hate my pack so much, like theyre a bunch of assholes but i ran into you on a full moon run in the forest and idk u seem pretty cool. wanna go hunting or scare some people or some shit? i know this sick ass lake thats always really warm, i can show you”
  • “yes i understand im a big bad werewolf now but really i dont want to hurt those cute little rabbits and deer, cant we just wait until we transform back to eat? thats not how it works? well cant i just eat before i transform so i wont be hungry–im sorry im just new at this and im sorta trying to go vegetarian here–”
  • “babe you know i love you and i would give up my life for yours but i sWEAR TO GOD IF YOU GIVE ME ONE MORE DOG TOY FOR MY BIRTHDAY IM GONNA PUNCH YOU SQUARE IN THE FACE”
  • “look im not a supernatural fanatic or anything but i swear man every time this kid next to me gets frustrated they actually growl and it sounds just like some rabid steroid induced dog, and im not saying their a werewolf man but theyre totally a werewolf
  • a werewolf getting personally offended when someone says they’re not a dog person
  • “as a werewolf i can personally talk to dogs and boyohboy does ur little pug have some tea to spill…"
  • “alternatively, i find you to be really superduper adorable and whenever i come over your little dog goes off on rants to me about the cute embarrassing stuff that you do when your home alone and honestly I wake up every day for these chats”
  • “when I saw you climbing out of the stream I was fishing in dirty, wet, and naked, I assumed you had just survived some kind of intense mob hit or something but really you had just detransformed from a werewolf after you were playing in the water trying to catch a fish, and ultimately failing. nice ass, by the way.”

hey, you, don’t you think its kinda cute that i died right inside your arms tonight?

01yuta  asked:

hello!! would you mind writing an apartment neighbor au for yuta, taeil and sicheng? i'm really in love with your work by the way and thank you so much in advance! 💓💖

wah how sweet of you!! and sure, no problem!! (some1 asked for sicheng!!!!)
find mark + jaehyung (here) // taeyong + ten + haechan (here) 


  • what is,,,,,cleaning? who made up that concept,,,,,
  • owns like 5000 chargers for different like tech stuff like his consoles, his phone, his microwave, his helicam he bought for no apparent reason except for the fact that it looked cool, probably owns that hoverboard from nct dream??? does he use it??? no???? but it has a charger and all those chargers are tangled right in the corner of his room and it’s a Mess
  • eats in his bed and then says he doesn’t but when sicheng is over with taeyong and jaehyun he feels a crumb under his butt as he’s sitting on yuta’s bed and he was like “what,,,,,,,,,,the heck”
  • owns a wii u and gets super competitive in wii sports resort like,,,,,he doesn’t take games lightly
  • other than that he’s pretty simple. doesn’t own a lot of stuff which becomes a problem because he has like one towel and that towel is in the laundry so he has to run naked from the bathroom to his bedroom
  • and like instead of money gifts he’s just like for the holidays can someone buy me some drapes. mine tore like 4 months ago
  • has soccer memorabilia in his living room but it’s not displayed neatly it’s just a mess of soccer balls he sticks into the shelves and team jerseys and some old photographs from japan
  • his mom sends him photos and he puts those up but that’s like the extent of his decorating 
  • walks around in sweatpants and nothing else and leaves the window open and the neighbors are just like YUTA every time and he’s like sO RRy (never changes his habit tho)
  • and speaking of which you know yuta and he’s really friendly always smiling and you even saw him once dancing to a SISTAR song that was playing in the grocery store you were both in
  • so you’re like you know he’s a cute, silly guy 
  • but what you don’t know is that he’s also LOL player summorname: winwinshyung WHO KEEPS COMING FOR YOU in GAMES
  • and it’s because your apartment building is right above a pcroom and you always go down there to blow of steam but everytime you queue into a game,,,,,,your like ok whatever different people on your team
  • but this one ,,,,,, player,,,,,,winwinshyung,,,,,,,,,will not freakign get off your back
  • and it’s happened like 3 weeks in a row and you just want to know WHO this dude is
  • and it’s by chance that you get up to go buy some snacks and as you’re walking past another booth you see that the person is playing league,,,,,and their summorname,,,,,, oh my god its him ITS WINWINSHYUNG
  • and you try to get a peak of his face but you can’t so you do the old ‘bump into his chair and apologize’ trick and when the person looks up you almost fall over because,,,,,,,,,,,,that’s,,,,,
  • that’s yuta
  • and you’re like WHAT and he’s like oh!! you live in my building and you’re still on the fact that he’s the a**hole from your game like you can’t believe it
  • and you’re like “winwinshyung,,,,,is you?” and he’s like YEAH are you on my team whats your-
  • and you’re like “no im on the opposite team and im going to c R U S H you” and he’s taken aback but you stomp off to your seat and crack your knuckles and you’re like LETS DO THIS
  • and the whole time you’re playing your like “do it so you won’t get embarrassed in front of him. he’s your neighbor. you gotta. do it. kill his TEAM,,,,,,curse him and his,,,,,really handsome face and good gaming skills”
  • but ofc,,,,,,,,,,,you lose and once you get up you’re shocked to see yuta standing there and he’s like smiling and you’re like he’s gonna rub it in
  • but he goes “you did really well!!! i was surprised you could hold me off for so long!!!” and you’re like what and he’s like “that was our team  strategy for me to keep you preoccupied. you were really strong though, we should game together!”
  • and you’re like.,,,why is he being all nice and you wanna be like “bye” but he’s like digging around in his pocket and he’s like “good neighbors should treat each other, want to go get chicken with me?”
  • and he smiles again and you can see how pretty his smile is, how pretty his eyes and skin are up close and you’re like dammit dammit damm i t
  • but you end up in the chicken place sitting with him in one of the outside tables eating together and yuta,,,,,is pretty funny like not only super handsome but with a great personality
  • even though he rubs some of the sauce off on his jeans which makes you laugh into your hand 
  • but it’s like enjoyable,,,,,and you talk about games but also he tells you he’s from japan and you’re like that’s so cool tell me more
  • and you end up only going back when it’s like 2 am and as you’re walking he like
  • steps around you so he’s walking closer to the street and you’re on the inside and it’s such a subtle,,,gentlemen-y thing to do but you find your heart skipping a beat
  • and once you get home he’s like “i hope we see each other soon!!” and you’re like “yeah!! thank you for the meal!!” but before you go inside you’re like “is it true,,,,i heard from some neighbors that you walk around shirtless with the windows open??? are you really like that?” and yuta bursts out laughing and he’s like “why, are you interested in the view?”
  • and you turn scarlet red and you’re like nO I JUST HEARD A RUMOR OK BYE NOW but it’s cute the next weekend you see yuta in the pcroom again and he’s like “hey, you’re gonna play?” and you’re like maybe a bit and he’s like cool tell me when you’re done so we can go on another chicken date
  • and you’re like yeah omg- wait did he just call it a chicken date (he did)


  • always has soft music playing in his apartment 
  • since he has the last name moon and people refer to that as his nickname he got a lot of moon shaped stuff during his housewarming,,,,which is pretty cute like he has a little lamp that is the shape of a crescent moon and some dining wear with a night sky theme and he’s embraced it,,,,he thinks it’s kinda adorable
  • wanted to keep plants but he settled for buying a fake mini-tree and putting it in his living room and covering it in little ornaments that double as photograph frames of pictures of his friends and stuff
  • yuta insisted that his picture be at the top and taeil was like,,,,,,,,,,,sure but when yuta came back for some reason it was haechan’s photo at the top Who Did This 
  • haechan voice: it was not me
  • doesn’t own a bed, lays out a futon when going to sleep and everyone is like that’s so traditonal of you and taeil is like no i do it because i could sleepwalk and end up falling off my bed, hitting my head, and dying
  • taeyong: why is that so specific
  • taeil with the same expression: because i have Fears taeyong lay off
  • likes warm shaggy carpets probably and like big blankets that he can roll himself up into and just sleep,,,,because he always goes to sleep way to damn late
  • the neighbors are always curious as to why his lights are on until like 3 am and it’s actually because he stays up listening to music and playing guitar 
  • makes guests wear slippers inside and all the slippers are different animals and there’s this cute secret side to taeil even though he’s really mature and awkward sometimes
  • and you’ve only really talked to taeil like twice,,,,,once while you two were getting mail and another time when he helped you fix your broken lightbulbs but other than that it’s a very smile-based friendship you guys have,,,
  • until you find yourself sick in bed, literally unable to move because your fever is dragging you into hell
  • and the friend you called like 5242 times isn’t picking up and you only have the strength left to get out of bed, ring taeil’s doorbell and beg him to go get you some meds from the pharmacy
  • and he does because taeil is a good person 
  • but he,,,,,,,,,has no idea how to take care of sick people. the motherly one in his friend group is not Him so he calls taeyong and explains the situation and taeyong is like get them meds, buy some soup from a local place, and then make them tea and taeil is like ok ok got it
  • but then he hangs up and he’s looking at all the medication and he’s like What,,,,,,,,,,,The,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hell
  • and so taeil comes back to your place with like ten bags and you’re like why in the world he need so many
  • and he’s like “i got 20 different meds. 5 different kinds of soup. and some packets of herbal tea, in a variety of flavors im going to read them outloud and make some kind of motion for which one you want ok here we go: raspberry, green tea, lemongrass- ok lemongrass? ok ill go make it”
  • and for someone who doesn’t take care of others a lot,,,,like physically,,,,,taeil works really hard to make you feel better and it’s really sweet
  • even though you don’t hear him call taeyong like ten times just to make sure he’s helping and not accidentally making you worse
  • and taeyong at some point is like “is this your significant other that you’ve been hiding from us or something?” and taeil is like. well he’s like nothing he just hangs up
  • because ok yes maybe he’s trying so hard not only because you know,,,,neighborly love,,,,,but he also thinks you’re cute
  • even when you’re sweaty and sick and coughing and wearing some oversized shirt and your hair looks like a nest
  • he still think you’re cute and wants to get you all better
  • and when he realizes you can’t even hold the bowl of soup and he has to feed you,,,,,you see his cheeks flush red and you think it might be because the soup is hot
  • but taeil is just like bkfgdsw im,,,,,feeding my crush,,,,,ok keep cool moon taeil you’re a manly, cool dude,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no just scream inside your head nonstop for the next couple of minutes
  • and with taeil’s care you’re back on your feet in like two days and you’re like “i don’t know how to thank you!!!” and taeil is like you don’t have to!
  • but you’re insistent and he’s like “it’s really ok, just if i get sick perhaps you’ll take care of me?”
  • and you agree, because of course you will but you also let it slip out that you wouldn’t mind just taking care of him everyday he’s so charming
  • and taeil is like what
  • and you’re like UM it’s the fever still speaking hahahahaha
  • but taeil is pretty sure you haven’t had a fever in the past few hours so he just smiles to himself hehe


  • universally adored by the entire block. i would even dare say,,,,,the entire neighborhood,,,,,,,province???
  • has a shelf full of chinese movies and books and comics because he misses his home country so much that he’s gotten into the habit of collecting whatever he can find in his native language and his parents will always send a care package when they can 
  • is really proud of where he’s from so he ha chinese charms and items that his parents consider lucky hanging around his house
  • old photos of him in his costumes from dance are up in the living room and he even has some trophies too!!
  • seems like the type that wants a pet but doesn’t have the time so he has a pet fish that’s named after his home province zhejiang (which literally means zhe river which is a good name for,,,,well a fish)
  • keeps his place really colorful and pretty and won’t admit it but has an affinity for stuffed toys,,,,mark got him a little toy dragon once and winwin liked it so much he displayed it on a shelf in his bedroom he’s adorable like that
  • color coordinates his closet (he learned this from the one and only Taeyong)
  • owns a lot of card games,,,,seems like he’d be pretty good at them too because he’d always just have a cute angelic expression so no one would think twice about him having the upperhand but everytime they play they end up losing and doyoung is like winwin is magical and winwin is like “you all lost and owe me fifty dollars collectively” 
  • likes to buy fresh flowers because they smell good so he gets them for his kitchen hehe
  • you and winwin don’t talk much,,,,mostly because you’re always leaving your house in a hurry and he’s not much of a,,,,,open person with strangers a bit shy/???
  • but one day as you’re both taking the elevator up to your floor it suddenly shakes and you and winwin look at each other and then realize that,,,,,,you’re stuck
  • and you have no reception on your phones so you have press the emergency button and wait till someone responds to help you two and that could take literal Hours
  • so you and winwin slide against the walls and sit,,,,,,,,,,,in silence
  • and like 45 minutes goes by of you counting sheep and winwin looking down at his phone and you can’t take the boredom so you’re like “do you wanna play like,,,,,truth or dare or something?”
  • and winwin looks up at you and is like ??? and you’re like “sorry, im just really bad at being bored you can so no though-” but winwin seems intrigued so he kind of sits up a bit and is like “you go first”
  • and he picks truth so you’re like well is it true you’re from china? you know it’s the first question so you go easy on him
  • and he’s like yes truth or dare?
  • and you’re like ok dare and he’s like,,,,,,i dare you to do a handstand and you’re like in this elevator????? now????
  • and winwin is giving you an innocent smile and he’s like sure why not
  • and you’re like ok,,,um,,,,,trying to figure out how you’re going to do this without falling over and looking dumb
  • and winwin is like “let me show you!!” and he just, like water,,,,is able to get his hands on the floor and lift his body up and you’re like holy hell are you dancer??? 
  • and winwin after coming down is like “yes ^^ im happy you noticed!!” and you’re like,,,,,omg
  • but you try at first by walking your legs up the wall which like does not work and winwin is like let me help
  • and he reaches out to hold your ankles but you’re ticklish so you end up kind of kicking a bit and he’s like wOAH and you’re like s O RRy
  • and he’s like you know what let’s skip this dare instead um i dare you to take a really bad selfie and show me
  • and wow ok winwin is way more ,,,,,,, creative than you expect him to be
  • and your time stuck in the elevator is pretty fun until the lights suddenly go out and it’s pitch black inside and you,,,clam up in fear 
  • and winwin is like “are you ok?” because he feels your tense shoulder against his and you kind of lean in toward him and you’re like “im sorry, the dark scares me a bit,,,,”
  • and you can feel the warmth of his arm but you don’t want to be weird and like hide against him 
  • not until he pulls you toward him and your head gently falls against his chest and he’s like “im here. don’t worry”
  • and you’re shocked,,,,,,like he????? is full of so much mystery and charm
  • you thought he was the quiet neighbor too scared to talk with others,,,but he’s actually pretty funny and even,,,,,straight-forward??? it makes you kind of blush
  • also for a dancer he’s so strong,,,,anyway,,,,
  • you stay beside him and when the lights go back up and the elevator begins to move winwin looks down and you peek up at him
  • and you both turn red now that you can see each others faces and he lets you go and you get up to gather your things
  • and when the doors open you’re faced with the technician whose like “sorry i didn’t get here earlier, but hey - did you have fun together?”
  • and he winks and you and winwin are like redder than ever like WHAT NO ,,,,,,, and you both stumble out and go to your doors and the technician just shrugs
  • but you have to hold your bag to your chest once you’re inside because,,,,you still feel the warmth of winwin holding you and it ,,,,,it was nice
  • and winwin is also in his room remembering how nice your hair had smelled, you pressed against his arm,,,,,,,and he has to like shake his head and he’s like,,,,,,,,it’s,,,,what is this
  • he meets up with his friends and he explains that he felt a warmness from you and a warmness in his friends and jaehyun is like “winwin, i think you’re experiencing what we call a crush” and winwin is like i know what a crush is jaehyun,,,,,,,,,but ,,,,,,,,,,,maybe
  • haechan: good plan, get stuck in an elevator again
  • taeyong: no. that is a bad plan don’t do th-
park woojin - demigod!au; hermes

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  • when he was younger, he was a master at pick pocketing 
  • in middle school, he wouldn’t stand up for kid being bullied but rather go to the bully and pick pocket back the lunch money 
  • he wouldn’t really hand back to them, he’d just put it on their desk, underneath their pencil bag or inside it
  • constantly transferred schools too, which meant constant new encounters, and he hated it 
  • he was sick of change, he just wanted something permanent
  • one friend, one home, one school, one setting 
  • he was always alone since he just kept leaving 
  • so when he made it to camp half blood, he was shook 
  • he wasn’t used to the atmosphere but he was immediately claimed by hermes 
  • he was quickly engulfed by a crowd, his siblings and they were are all so jolly, happy, snarky but also welcoming 
  • at first he was really reserved and shy but when head counselor taehyun introduced him to everyone, he was overjoyed 
  • overtime he came out his shell 
  • he was the master mind of plastic wrapping all the chariots together
  • is known for being very mischievous and silly 
  • very bro
  • is the type to blame it on someone else 
  • works half of time cause he’s good at playing innocent
  • “woojin it was you wasn’t it”
  • “what? me? why would i ever? no way!!!”
  • honestly, he does it for shits and giggles and never has intentions to ever hurt or anger someone
  • he’s really good at hand to hand combat (aka flipping people) 
  • he carries around a simple celestial bronze knife but rarely uses it 
  • is really talented 
  • raps and dances he’s pretty cool my dude
  • the apollo cabin doesn’t really see him as all that talented though they’re to busy thinking they’re better than everyone else 
  • you on the other hand, were constantly getting kicked out of schools because of your “problematic” behavior
  • it wasn’t your fault that people always listened to whatever you said
  • even if you had asked to cut in lines, get a’s or to skip class, it’s their fault for listening to you
  • at camp half blood, you were known to be quite fiery 
  • it was hard for anyone to believe you were an aphrodite child honestly 
  • you stand for what u believe in, you’re straight forward, and you have no problem with casting permanent make up on anyone 
  • one time, at the dining hall, someone tried to mess with your sibling’s food by placing a magnetic force around it so the food can never sit on the plate 
  • you immediately flung around to the giggling hermes cabin 
  • and this time woojin was out of the loop he doesn’t commit such petty pranks uhm hello??
  • “okay who did it?” you glared at all of them, honestly this happens everyday and normally you’d ignore it but honestly it was gettin out of hand 
  • “WOOJIN!” a hermes cabin kid screamed 
  • and everyone snickered 
  • he’s just there with a piece of bread of his mouth, puppy dog eyes, lost, looking up you 
  • “huh?” 
  • and you glared at the one who yelled his name and you casted the permanent make up on him and everyone else who laughed got ugly outfits with neon colors 
  • and all the other tables are doing obnoxious ‘OOoooOOOOoooooOOOOOOOooooooOOoOOH shiTTTTTT”  
  • the hermes kids now think you have a bratty princess attitude
  • but did you care????????
  • no 
  • and the next time woojin sees you, he kinda wavers around you, and you don’t recognize him at first
  • as you’re setting up your weapons for capture the flag (i love ctp okay im sorry if your’e sick of it omg) he just opens his mouth 
  • “sorry about my brothers and sisters yesterday…” 
  • at first you were like ??? oooOOOOHHH 
  • “hahahahHAHAHA no its no probleM!!” 
  • are you nervous ?? is he that cute ?? is it just me omg
  • he’s a little flustered, mainly cause he just feels bad 
  • may or may not have avoided playing pranks on you or just the entire aphordite cabin tbh 
  • he was gonna say something again but chiron calls for the teams to shake hands and you two are on different teams 
  • and so you had the found the flag, but your back up was taking forever
  • no one was on guard though, and the flag was just out and exposed in the creek
  • you wanted to go for it, seriously, your blood was chasing through your veins, it was getting hard to hold your back you impulsiveness. 
  • and suddenly there was cheering behind you 
  • and when you walked out of your hiding spot, you saw woojin being thrown in the air,
  • your team flag in his hand 
  • and you were chill, i mean it wasn’t the first time you lost
  • but what really bugged you was when hermes cabin wouldn’t stop reminding you 
  • this happened almost every time you lose 
  • and when you’re in greek history class, they were just at and you were trying so hard not to explode 
  • and just when you’re about to, woojin clears his through
  • “hyungs, please shut the fuck up, i’m trying to read here” 
  • everyone is shooketh
  • cause he isn’t that straight forward and he’s normally a witness rather an unpstander 
  • after class you thank him and he just shrugs it off like no big deal 
  • inside he’s all squishy and warm cause aw you thanked him ?? you thank people ??? 
  • and you’re blushy because aw he cared ?? 
  • and tbh you guys stay in this weird phase for a while 
  • very small talk, short glances
  • but nothing more
  • it was awkward for the both of you 
  • it was the first time to feel this warm in the inside 
  • you both knew there was something more there
  • there’s no way you two are just friends 
  • ya’ll both squishes for each other 
  • but you’re both convinced otherwise 
  • all of woojin’s siblings tell him to not for fall an aphordite kid 
  • they tried to convince him that he was just falling for your stupid but blessed love charms and looks
  • “they’re all heart breakers !! don’t know you know about their little game” 
  • yea, your cabin loved doing this point system thing 
  • each time they “won” a person, a point 
  • and whoever got the least amount of points got the shoes of shame 
  • you H A T E D it 
  • you’re cabin was trying to explain to you that you weren’t falling for some “disgusting, annoying dumb, hermes kid”
  • “no way !!! you have to date one of the hot apollo kids, or the ares kids, but cMON, not a hermes kid. don’t be silly!”
  • and it just makes you want woojin more
  • he started getting bolder though 
  • but hes still shy 
  • your little talks became conversations, you glances became eye contact 
  • then the conversations would last through the lunches and he would even walk you to your next activity or back to the cabin 
  • his eyes not only lingered but he would also flash his cute little canine at you or even make silly faces when chiron is teaching 
  • and you were complaining about your cabin with him one day during your shared free hour together 
  • “i just don’t understand them at times, i really don’t think i fit in that cabin a at all” 
  • “well i think you do”
  • you’re laughing as you look over at him but he aint laughin
  • “i think you fit in that cabin perfectly. you’re really genuine, kind to everyone but you’re definitely not a push over. you know that the inside personality is what is important, not the outside. everyone thinks that you’re just being mean, but i think it’s because you base your attitude on personality.” 
  • and at first his explanation doesn’t make sense
  • he thought he was being weird and he freaks out 
  • “oh my go-god,i-uh- i ig-ignore what i just said hah ha ha hahahah” he would utter out, redfaced and looking away 
  • “no please explain what you mean woojin” and you place your hand on his shoulder
  • “i-it’s just like how your siblings are with looks! not to say that they’re aLL vain!! i-i i mean li-like if they’re ‘ugly’ they would kin-kinda isolate them ya know?? and when they’re pretty they date them. you’re kinda the same, but with per-personality.”
  • you’re speechless and his eyes are glued to the grass 
  • “y-you just share beauty in a different way, that’s all, and i like that, a lot” he chuckles as he palms his neck nervously 
  • “t-thanks” you mumbled out and he’s grinning to himself cause you’re so cute
  • and the feelings are just floating in the air 
  • since he’s all shy and awkward and doesn’t know what to do
  • “i like you too” you smiled back 
  • and yall slowly and slowly become more comfortable 
  • you like watching him pick out the food you don’t like in your pasta
  • honestly he’s the cutest when he eats
  • his checks are puffed out and you can see the way he’s chewing and he’s just fluffy omg 
  • and he would catch you staring and have his confused mouse face 
  • how could you not want to feed him at that point 
  • but slowly he would start getting flirtier and flirtier 
  • he would run up to you and wrap his arms from behind 
  • omg imagine his cabin is so surprised and they cannot believe he swooped an aphordite child 
  • “brurhruhrhruhr you hella scored omg hooow???” 
  • “well i mean, i just told them i liked them ?? and they happened to like me back ??” and he’s blushing, lookin down and a small grin on his face
  • they all watch you both in amazed 
  • like you guys are laughing and smiling, arms linked, walking towards the mess hall and they’re just watching all wide eyed and jaws dropped 
  • “that’s so unfair” they’d all pout 
  • he secretly enjoys them being jealous
  • imagine him look all aggressive and hot while playing capture the flag 
  • you can’t even play properly ???? how can you function ???? 
  • like you’re suppose to be his back up but you’re so distracted 
  • you’re teammates know to never put you guys in the same team/group ever again
  • but he doesn’t realize you’re distracted by him,
  • he’s all sweaty and puppy like comin to you 
  • “babe are you sick ?? are you tired ??? you don’t look okay ..” 
  • “nO woojin i’m fine hahahha!!! don’t worry !!!” awkward laughter 
  • “ookay..” is still slightly worried 
  • the next day he comes by with cookies and he’s such a nervous mess cause omg your sibling opened the door 
  • ya’ll exposed af, all you’re siblings are watching the gesture 
  • and you slam the door on their face LOL 
  • “woojin what are you doing ??” 
  • “i was just worried, and i knew you liked jinyoung’s cookies so i got some for you cause you didn’t look well yesterday” and he’s all flustered 
  • one hand in the pocket, the other palming the back of his neck nervously 
  • he’s such a pup omg help the cutie out 
  • but all you could do is stutter a thanks out
  • your siblings on the other side are just giggling
  • jihoon, your half brother thinks you two are disgusting 
  • especially cause 2park is lyfe and you don’t in 2park
  • but overall, he’s very sweet and loving 
  • he maybe shy at times even though he’s wild with his siblings 
  • it’s just cause you make him nervous
  • you guys prove stereotypes wrong and people lOVE it 

i’m so sorry this took so long lmao, thanks 4 waiting  !!! esp the anon who asked for woojin a long long time ago

rainywaterproof  asked:


my secret is my sick soul


- Even more hyperactive than normal
- “Wait, I just thought of a cool guitar riff, lemme show you.” Proceeds to fall flat on his face after tripping on his blankets.
- Wraps himself in the blanket and lays on the floor. “This is my home now.”
- You end up having to drag his lanky ass frame back to his bed
- “You have to make a dope ass playlist for my funeral.” “Jae, it’s just a cold.” “I can see the light.” “Yeah, the light from your bedside lamp.” “Oh.”
- Still talks to the members through Kakao
- It’s mostly just weird stuff and boasting about how good you are at taking care of him
- Would probably dab after tasting your soup
- Actually can’t even taste it but he likes embarrassing you

- “I’m fine.” “Brian, there’s so much snot dripping from your nose, I could fill a bucket with it. You are not fine.”
- Insists on working on the lyrics for their next song but his handwriting looks like scribbly lines
- Tries to hold his bass but drops her accidentally. Cries and apologizes to her for the next three hours.
- Starts trying to apologize/thank you at the same time but it comes out as “I’m sorry that you’re being such a great friend.”
- Would thank you properly after he got better
- Lots of groaning and self-pity (basically whining tbh) about being unable to work
- You’d have to comfort him like a child while he’s sniffling and crying
- Would also be embarrassed about how much he cried after he’s healthy again. Denies it when the others tease him.

- Would definitely call himself Bob
- Busan accent so thick he sounds like a gangster on the street picking a fight
- But actually he’s saying stuff like “Thanks for helping me and always taking care of me. You’re a good person. I’m glad I’m friends with you.”
- Accidentally sneezes on you and looks like a deer in headlights afterwards
- Lists all the reasons why he can’t get sick now
- “Wait, let me just text our manager and the members that I’m sick.” “Okay, fine.” “And also our composer, producer, arranger, JB, Jinyoung, Jackson–” “Sungjin, no.”
- Also tries to act like he’s not sick
- When he finally accepts he’s too sick to do anything, he’ll suggest some home remedies his mother taught him
- Which ends up tasting really gross but he sucks it up until you stop him. “I think you’ve had enough; your face looks like it’s going to implode.”

- The worst sick person
- Would be so out of it
- Confused as heck
- Sweaty as heck
- The type of person to start stripping bc it’s too hot but stops halfway - with only one arm out of his sweater - because it’s the perfect temperature
- “(y/n), you were here?” “I’ve been here for the last two hours??” “Really?” “You’ve been talking to me the whole time???” “Ah, I was wondering why my head voice sounded like a girl.”
- Sleeps a lot
- Mumbles incoherently
- “I can drink water by myself.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” Spills it all over himself and the bed
- Also smiles a lot
- Would refuse to eat the food you made unless it tasted good
- Would totally forget about what happened while he was sick
- Apologizes after you/someone else reminds him

- Needy as heck
- Also whiny as heck (about how sick he is)
- So much aegyo
- Probably even more cross-eyed than usual
- Would still be able to play the piano decently tbh
- “You should leave. I don’t want you to catch my cold,” he’d say while cuddling you on his bed
- Would smile while you were talking to him but actually he’s not listening and just looking at you
- Wants you to fuss over him
- “I want strawberry milk.” “Okay, I’ll go buy some. Let go of me, first.” “Don’t wanna.”
- And his face would just scrunch up deciding what to do
- Eventually, he’d let you go but would end up cuddling you again when you came back
- Is embarrassed about how he acted afterward

- So quiet normally that you wouldn’t even notice
- You just touch him un/intentionally and he’d be burning up
- “I have a cold?” “Yeah, you idiot.”
- Hoarse voice
- Gummy smile
- Would giggle a lot
- Cries after eating the food you made him. “It was delicious.” “I literally just boiled rice and added salt. You know I can’t cook.” “But it was so good.”
- This is literally the only time he would ask, “Can I hold your hand?” because he’s normally too shy to
- Also cute as heck
- His fingers would still be tapping his bed and it’s amazing because the beat actually sounds good
- He’d be reluctant to ask for your help so he just whispers it and hopes you’ll hear
- “Can you get me some water?” “Huh? What did you say?” And then he’d just shake his head
- Sniffles a lot

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Oh my gosh your kado post showed up in my lobby i don't think ive hit the fresh button so fast in my life i actually smiled


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The gang when their S/O is sick

i love this aaaa and im sorry for taking so long!

-wont smoke around them
-puts on their favorite music for them!!!
-won’t hang out with the gang until s/o feels better
-always carries cough drops
-“your cough is soundin’ better every day!”
-always sending them cute letters!
-moves the garbage pail so they can easily throw out their tissues
-will totally try to find a cure for the common cold

-takes off of work to stay with them
-“my poor sick baby…”
-tells them funny stories about times he was sick
-he once sneezed and got snot in ponyboy’s hair :o
-always has spare tissues
-honestly so caring??
-“don’t thank me, doll. i know you’d do the same for me.”

-feeds them hot soup
-“i know it’s real hot, baby, but it’ll help you”
-might take a day or two off work
-an expert at taking care of sick ppl bc he’s taken care of everyone in the gang when they were sick at least once
-watches so many movies with them which is a surprise bc he’s really not a movie person
-picks up their dry cleaning????
-deep talks with them late at night
-prob tells the story of when soda got snot in pony’s hair

-a tad bit of a germophobe? but will Try His Best to help them
-wears latex gloves around them probably :P
-but there are still cheek and neck and forehead kisses. LOTS OF THEM
-always brings them food to eat after work
-makes s/o lots of tea!
-totally bakes them cookies (or at least tries)
-keeps track of how many days they’ve been sick on a lil calendar

-gives them his sister’s old stuffed animals (much to her dismay but she understands s/o is sick so she deals with it)
-gives s/o a bell to ring if they need anything
-when they ring it he goes “you rang?”
-basically a butler
-“*fake posh accent* will there be anything else?”
-“a fever ain’t gonna stop me from kissin’ my girl!

-randomly holds a tissue up to their nose and says “blow”
-checks their temperature by putting his lips to their forehead
-“that’s a bad fever, man.”
-prob greased their hair in their sleep as a lil joke hehe
-reminds them to do little things
-“make sure you eat, you hear?”
-will still kiss them bc he doesn’t care if he gets sick too

-visits them at their house every day
-thinks their sneezes are so cute!
-lets them lay their head on his shoulder
-offers to clean their house for them what a cutie
-brings them magazines to keep them entertained
-“i love takin’ care of you.”
-never leaves their side until they say it’s okay

(requests are open!)

You get sick||Why don't we||Preference two♡

Summary:They take care of you while your sick♡

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2126

Jonah Marais- When Jonah woke up at 3:30am on a Friday morning to the sound of you puking he got up instantly, running to the bathroom and pulling your hair back as he sat down next to you and rubbing your back with a wash cloth ready to wipe your mouth when you were done.

By the time you had finished emptying your stomach you looked up at your boyfriend of 8 months with tears in your eyes, you had never experienced stomach pain so bad in your life.

“Come here princess"Jonah said opening his arms as he leaned against the wall of your bathroom. You crawled into his arms, resting your head on his chest while his arms wrapped around your waist.

After a while of sitting there and your tears and pain didn’t stop Jonah whispered ‘hold on’ and picked you up as you wrapped your legs around his waist and his hand found a place on your bum. Unsure of what he was doing but having full trust in him, you buried your head farther into his neck as you felt him walk down the stairs and into the kitchen. Jonah turned on the lights before setting you down on the kitchen Island and going to the medicine cupboard to find the tums and some flu meds. You hadn’t been feeling well since the two of had gotten home from the Fancy dinner Jonah had taken you out hours before.

"You think you have food poisoning baby?” Jonah asked handing you a cup off water and some advil and placing the tums on the counter next to you and standing between your legs.

“Mhm” You sighed placing your throbbing head back on his chest.

“I just wanna go to sleep” You whispered as Jonah placed a kiss on your head before picking you back up and bringing you back up to the room you shared where you two cuddled while he sung you back to sleep and when you woke up the next morning you felt better and it was all thanks to your amazing boyfriend Jonah.

Daniel Seavey- When Daniel and the boys got back from the studio to the house you and the boys shared he was confused when he didn’t see you up and about like you normally did. When Daniel walked into the two you two shared and saw the tissues all over the bed and your head under the covers he knew it meant only one thing-you were sick.

“Baby why didn’t you call me at the studio? I would have come home and I would have brought soup” He asked shuffling over to the bed as you let out a groan and removed the duvet from your head to expose your horrible bed head and red nose as Daniel let out a chuckle as he took a look at his girlfriend.

“I didn’t wanna bug you baby, your working so hard on the new *sneeze* album and I didn’t want to interrupt you” You sniffled as he crawled into bed with you and pulled you into his arms.

“What have I told you? Day or night if you need me just call me and Ill be there” He said causing a sick chuckle to fall from your lips.

“Hot boy quotes himself to me. is it wrong if that makes me love you more?” You asked causing a large laugh to now fall from his lips, it was like music to your ears. It even made you feel a little better but that was until a huge coffee attack came and then Daniel got up causing a cry to come from you. He had been gone for 6 hours and all you wanted to do was nap with him.

“Ill be back, I’m going to get you cold meds and your favourite soup” He smiled before bending down and placing a kiss on your extremely warm forehead causing his eyes to go wide.

“Baby your burning up?!” He exclaimed before running into the shared bathroom you two had and got a face cloth from the drawer and soaked it in some cool water before coming back into the room and placing it on your face.

“Cheesy Potato Bacon for Tims right?!” Your horsed called out before he opened the door to your room.

“I wouldn’t dream about getting you any other kind of soup dear” he called out before closing the door behind him causing a tired smile to fall on your face before you closed your eyes and fell back asleep until Danny came back.

Jack Avery- Rolling over you let a huge groan as every bone in your body ached but you heard your phone go off playing something different and right away you knew it was Jack calling and if you had ignored it he would have started to worry. Picking up your phone that laid on Jacks side of the bed you slid the answer button to the FaceTime call and waited for his face to pop up.

“Hey babygir- you don’t look so good, are you okay?” He asked, worry completely filling his face as he looked at you.

“Just a flu I think, I feel like shit but ill be fine” You told him, trying your best to give him the 'don’t worry’ smile but today it wasn’t feeling well.

“Jonah give me your phone for a second” He called turning his face away from the phone causing you to assume Jonah was the boy sitting next to him.

You watched as he started typing on Jonahs phone and then looked up at you with a smile.

“How much do you love me?” He asked as he handed Jonah back his phone.

“With my whole heart you goof and you know that, why?” You asked with a tired chuckle, closing your eyes for a moment as dizziness took over your whole body. Fucking colds.

“Well since we are in New York and Im not there to take care of you and we both know you don’t take care of yourself when your sick Ive got Logan bringing over the flu meds that don’t make you loopy and your favourite food from Panera” He said causing a smile to fall on your face, a huge one. Jack was always doing cute things like this, he was always finding some way to take care of you and show you he loves you, he was amazing.

“I love you noodles, so much” you whispered before feeling tiredness fall back on you.

“Get some more rest baby, Logan has a key. I love you princess” He whispered, you felt chills down your spine as it almost felt like he was right there with you, the last thing you hear was the call end, but not without Jack saying that he loves you once more.

That might before he went to bed he sent you a text making sure you had eaten and taken some meds, no one had ever cared for you as much as him.

Zach Herron- You, Zach and the boys had gone on a small vacation just a few hours away from the city to a beautiful beach house that was absolutely breath taking, you had been there for about 3 days out of the two weeks you guys were planning to stay there when you started getting horribly sick. You were puking and coughing like crazy and Zach hadn’t left your side since it had started happening.

“How you feeling baby?” He asked as you laid with your head on his chest and his fingers playing with hair trying to do anything to make the pain go away.

“Can I have some more advil?” You croaked, your throat in extreme pain from puking and coughing so much.

“Not yet princess but soon, Daniel should be back with your food and actually cold meds for you” He whispered placing a kiss on your forehead.

“Im not hungry” You whispered, snuggling your head deeper into his chest.

“Y/n baby, you gotta eat something. Its almost been twenty four hours and thats extremely unhealthy baby” He said, you could hear the seriousness in his voice, Truthfully Zach had never been so worried about you, all the boys were telling him that it was just a flu or a bug and that You’d be fine but every time he followed you into the bathroom to hold your hair back he felt his heart break even more. Zach had horrible anxiety and always worried that normal things were something so much worse, such as a flu being cancer. He couldn’t help but worry about the love of his life.

“Zach baby, its just a bug okay? I will be fine in a few days but yes, Ill eat something if it will make you feel any better. I just feel bad that this is how your spending your vacation” You frowned, placing a kiss on his lower shoulder.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than here taking care of you princess, I love you” He told you, kissing your forehead for the millionth time because he knew it relaxed your body.

Corbyn Besson- You woke up on your couch from a nap to pounding on your door. Sitting up quickly as you had been startled you looked around to see the sun had gone down and you were sweating like crazy.

Walking Dizzly to the door you opened it to see a worry Corbyn at the other end of the door.

“Y/n are you okay?! Ive been calling you for the last hour and No one has heard from you since two” He said as you stood out of the way so he could walk into your apartment.

“I um-What time is it?” You asked confused as you shut the heavy brown apartment door and looking at him confused.

“Its almost 11pm, Ive been so worried about you baby” Your blonde boyfriend of three months whispered walking closer to you and pulling you closer as he put his hands on your hip.

“I um- f-fell asleep. Im not feeling so well” You whispered closing your eyes making Corbyns whole face drain with worry, he had never seen you like this before. Placing his hands on your forehead his eyes almost popped out of head.

“Baby, your burning up! You need a cool shower, Ill try and find something for you to take while your in there” He said rushing you towards the bathroom.

“Corbyn I don’t think I can stand. Im extremely dizzy” You whispered, you could hardly keep your eyes open, everything was blurry.

Corbyn was officially freaking out now, he had never been so worried about you in his whole life.

“Wheres your Advil baby? We gotta break the fever?” He asked sitting you down on your couch, you directed him to the bathroom cabinet filled with different things and he came back with a bottle of pills and a cup of water.

After you had taken the pills Corbyn picked you up and brought you to the bathroom before turning on the shower and he turned to you.

“Im gonna help you into the shower okay? I know we still aren’t 100% in that place yet and you know I respect that but baby this fever is extremely high and a shower is the only way I know how to bring it down” he told you, if you weren’t sick and on the verge of passing out you were almost positive you would have told him you loved him right there and then.

Since you and Corbyn had started dating he had done amazing and beautiful things like this, he had made you feel respected and love and cared for without even trying. He was an over all amazing human being.

Stripping you down into nothing but your underwear he brought you into the shower where the not too cold but not too warm water either and sat with you at the bottom of the bath with you in-between his legs. Placing kisses on your wet head as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear.

You started feeling better after about half an hour later and Corbyn helped you get out and dried you off before bringing you in your room to get changed. Putting his hoodie on you before finding Pj shorts in your bottom drawer and helping you slip them on.

After tucking you into bed he placed a kiss on your forehead and waited until he thought you were asleep before he got off the chair in the corner of your room and headed towards the door.

“Please stay” you whispered before he could leave. You just wanted him, he made you feel better, he made you feel safe and when you were sick that was all you ever needed. He was all you ever needed.

  • [At Chanwoo's Birthday Party]
  • Chanwoo: I'm an adult now! When are you guys going to start treating me like one?
  • Donghyuk: When you stop playing video games 48 hours straight.
  • Chanwoo: I was going for a world record.
  • June: When you stop posting pics of yourself with bunny ears in our fancafe.
  • Chanwoo: But i look so cute :3
  • Hanbin: When you stop turning in fake sick notes signed by me.
  • Chanwoo: How do you know they're fake?
  • Jinhwan: When you stop introducing me as your mom
  • Chanwoo: So..."Mother" than?
  • Yunhyeong: When you stop telling people im your evil twin.
  • Chanwoo: Sounds like something an evil twin would want.
  • Bobby: When you can say "Homo erectus" without giggling.
  • Chanwoo:
  • Bobby:
  • *both giggle*
  • Chanwoo: I'm starting to forget why i wanted to be an adult in the first place...
  • Jinhwan: Yeah everyone does. *pats his back*
  • Jinhwan: Happy birthday son :)
Dissonance | #12 #20

Originally posted by vhagariel

Anon: Can you do 12 and 20 with min yoongi please! 

#12 “it’s possible to listen with your heart, you know…”
#20 “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

authors note: this one is really cute to me, i hope you like itღ 
summary: Your audition didn’t go well. He noticed.

He sat alone in the dorm, bedridden from a minor swore throat and migraine. There wasn’t much for him to do, he hasn’t so much as left the comfortable confines of need his bed, blankets and the excessive pillows you liked to buy for him. 

baby: im upset, come get me

He looked at the top of his phone screen, seeing your contact name flash momentarily.

Yoongs🍞🍯: um what happened, what about your audition

You looked over his message, your guitar case sitting at your feet as you grimaced.

baby: i dont want to talk about it. come get me plz☹️

He furrowed his brows, quickly typing his response with a slight smile. As soon as he pressed send he saw your typing bubble, he knew you were upset but he found you to be so cute when you were like this.

Yoongs🍞🍯: srry bby you know im supposed to be resting, doctors orders🤧

“How dare he…” You started typing vigorously. He thought this was funny but you didn’t think so. 

You: You’re not that sick Yoongi.😡  ANd how would you like to know that your soon to be ❌-girlfriend is sitting outside on a wet park bench. sad. so if you care about me Min Yoongi you’ll get your lazy ass out here and gt me. im not in the mood.💀

He read your text and it hit him that you weren’t kidding and if knew what was good for him he’d get up and get you. He sighed, taking the comfy blanket off and shivering from the freezing cold air conditioner. As he slipped on a flannel and shoes he was texting you back.

Yoongs🍞🍯: hold on I’ll be there in 20

You looked in the distance, hoping to see his car but he was nowhere to be found. It’s been 30 minutes since he last texted you and you had half a mind to catch the bus. It was about to rain and you’ve had it up to here today, one more mess up would set you off, you just knew it.

“Excuse me, are you Y/N?” You looked over the man standing in front, he looked familiar.

“Yes.” You glanced up at him, seeing that he had his guitar on his back.

For what it’s worth, I think you did great.” He smiled before walking off. It wasn’t worth that much, you thought. Now you remembered why he looked so familiar, he was one of the participates for the the song writer position and he actually made it, unlike you. As soon as he was out of sight you saw Yoongi pulling up to the front and he rolled his eyes at the way you glared at him.

You picked up your guitar case and up the back seat and tossed it back there. You opened the passengers seat with a lot of exaggerated body language and threw yourself in the seat.

“20 minutes my butt…” You mumbled, putting on your seat belt and crossing your arms. 

He pulled off, glancing at you with a sigh. “What’s wrong baby.” He knew you were gonna put off telling him the real reason, he was prepared to keep asking, like always.

“Wouldn’t you like to know…” You hissed, laying your head against the door, staring out the window.

“Yeah, I would but if you’re gonna act like a-…” He cut himself off, not daring to let that word slip from his lips.

You scoffed. “Act like what Yoongi? Act like what?” When he stopped at the red light he gave you a look. “You act like you’ve never had a bad day…” You already had a bad day and now you were fighting with your boyfriend. Could it get any worse?

“Fine. When you decide you’re gonna be a big girl and articulate your feelings. We can talk…” And he left it at that. The two of you would get in arguments like this a lot. One of you would be upset, the other would be pissed that they don’t know why. 

“I got cut, okay? Thay cut me.” You said bluntly, staring forward with no emotion on your face. “They said my melodies needed work and my progressions weren’t strong, they said listeners wouldn’t accept it well…” You peered at him, eyes almost teary. “They said I can try again next season…” You twiddled your fingers, waiting for him to say something. He just exhaled lowly, giving you an apologetic look before taking a sudden turn. Instead of taking you home he decided he would drive to your favorite date spot, the lake.

“Come on, get out.” He said casually as he got but you only watched him, slouching further into your seat. You wouldn’t mind if the world swallowed you up right now, not even your favorite date spot could change that.

Eventually you opened the door. He grabbed your hand to walk beside you to on pavement by the water. You wouldn’t really look at him, you stared down at your feet as you walked with heavy steps. 

You sighed, “I hate this. I tried so hard but it wasn’t worth it…I have to try twice as hard to be half as good and I still don’t get in…” It was true, you’ve always felt like you were over exalting yourself, trying to hard for no damn reason…

“Don’t be so hard on yourself.” He looked down at you, leaving a peck on your forehead. “Those idiots don’t know what they’re talking about, you make beautiful music and they’re stupid if they can’t see it.” At this point you had stopped to sit on your usual bench, overlooking the bridge and lake. 

“You’re just saying that because I’m your girlfriend, you don’t mean it…” You were really thick-skulled sometimes, he didn’t understand how you could be so stubborn when he was trying so hard to help you. He loved you though, he could never stop trying to get you to listen to him because he loved you so much. But for some reason, the gape in the relationship was you. You pour your love out on everything but yourself, that scared him. He feared that one day you might leave him because he couldn’t fill that gap.

“No, I’m not. I love you, I love you more than anything I wouldn’t lie to you, you know that.” He instinctively rubbed the back of your hand with his thumb, coaxing you to lay your head on his shoulder like always.

“It’s possible to listen with your heart, you know…” You made a small sound of confusion, not really knowing what he meant by that. “You do everything thing from your heart, I noticed that…that’s why your feelings get hurt so easily.” He giggled a little at the memory of you crying over little arguments you’ve had.

“In a way, you’ve shown me how to do that…listen to you, even when your not saying anything. But baby, sometimes you have to say something.” He delicate kissed your forehead again. “I’m here for you baby…Always.”

Movies - OngNiel but mainly Niel Au (??)

- admin xion

Originally posted by kingdans

genre: fluff but with swearing and sexual jokes
member: ongniel is science
word count: 815
requested: yes
side notes: i tried to do 2 requested in one lol

requested by: anon

Hiii, can I please request a scenario where you and your friend go to the cinema to watch a horror movie and end up sitting next to scarred puppy Daniel who got dragged by his friends, and you don’t know him but he keeps clutching your arm bc he’s soooo scarred XD and then when the movie ends u forget your phone or something and he runs after u to return it 😁 I know you said no more Daniel scenarios for a while but me and my friend watched IT the other day and this is all I could think about…

Hi can I please get a scenario where you’re friends with some of the Wanna One members and you go over for a movie night where you meet Daniel/Seongwoo (whichever I don’t mind I feel like they both work for this) and you guys start flirting like crazy… like the rest of the members are basically sick bc of you guys. Please make it cute and cheesy <3

- time to kill two birds with one stone
- btw im writing this from my computer for the first time in forever
- lol
- watching some scary movie
- i personally hate scary movies but enough about me hah…
- you were with your friend
- lets call her
- jeenun
- and jeenun also brought some of her friends !!
- that just so happened to be all guys !!
- wow jeenun what are you doing on your days off?
- when lining up to buy your tickets, you eventually learned all of their names
in which was jisung, jihoon and woojin
- the three of them claimed how their going to meet two more of their friends in the theatre too in which you simply agreed too
- entering the theatre with a large bag of popcorn and a medium sized drink, you followed jeenun as she skipped onto a few seats near the middle row and middle seat
- everyone sat around her as you sat beside woojin
- there were 2 seats available beside you
- hAH
- as trailers played, suddenly, you noticed woojin looking around as he suddenly waves
- two tall men
- and
- handsome
- and sparkling
- coughs what
- they waved back as they approached the two seats available next to you
- “yo, seongwoo it’s a girl, don’t loose your shit,” you heard one mumble as seongwoo punched him in the stomach
- the other one laughs as they sat beside you and you all introduced yourselfs
- suddenly, wow although we’re in 2017, thE 50 SHADES OF GREY TRAILER GOES ON AS YOU BEGAN CHOKING ON YOUR POPCORN
- daniel and seongwoo beGAN WHEEZING as seongwoo sPAT OUT HIS DRINK
- “daniel look that’s you,” seongwoo teased as he pointed to the screen of the girl that’s being slowly stripped eyes emoji x2
- “does that make you the guy who’s taking off my clothes?” daniel asks back
- “…maybe,” seongwoo mumbles as began to lAUGH
- throughout the whole movie, you were just whispering to seongwoo and daniel
- when suddenly, you conversation became quiet and all of your focus was on the screen
- as for them, it was the same
- the hand slowly creeped up against the characters back as she turned around and bAM JUMPSCARE
- but he just didn’t throw it into the air
- he “somehow” threw it all onto seongwoo and you
- seongwoo smiled forcefully
- very forcefully
- lowkey you were eating the popcorn without giving a crap
- “well i guess i could say, things would be a lot butter if i didn’t do that,” daniel joked as he began to laugh
- you chuckled as seongwoo softened up a bit and cackled
- “i’m gonna pop and corny pun now,” seongwoo replied
- “are you soda? because i want to mountain dew you,” you added on as you rose an eyebrow
- “oh my fucking god, will you guys stop already?” jihoon said as he accidentally released a curse word
- “yOOOOO JIHOON’S SWEARING” seongwoo blurted very lOUDLY
- “shHHHHHHHHH” you all shushed seongwoo as he instantly made a mischievous smirk
- “my god, we’re gonna get kicked out i call it,” jisung whispered-
- you rolled your eyes when a bunch of screams was suddenly released
- you jumped a bit
- when suddenly you felt a strong cling onto your arm
- looking to the left of you, daniel was hiding behind your shoulder as his teeth clattered
- “you okay there buddy?” you asked as you leaned a bit closer towards him
- he flusteredly chuckled
- “sorta,” he replied
- he smirked as he released the tightness around your arm, but still kept his wrapped around yours
- woojin tapped your shoulder and offered you a twizzlers as you accepted and placed it into your mouth
- you glanced over at daniel whom look at you at the same time
- before you knew it, daniel leaned in closer and took a bit of your twizzler that was dangling from your mouth
- “tHE FUCK THAT WAS MY TWIZZLER” you yelled as you were shushed aggressively
- daniel laughed and smirk as he ate his portion of the twizzler happily
- the movie soon ended as you all eventually parted your ways
- exiting the movie theatre, you noticed you were missing something
- your p h o n e
- as you turned around, you notice a running figure coming towards you aS THAT FIGURE TURNED OUT TO BE DANIELLLLLL WOOOOOW
- he came up to you with your phone
- “idiotttt” he says as he breaths heavily, slightly smiling
- you smiled warmly as you retrieved your phone and thanked him
- he soon ran off as you turned on your phone and unlocked it
- it had no passcode
- your wallpaper was different
- it was of daniel and sEONGWOO MAKING FUNNY FACES
- you opened your recent apps and saw contacts as you notice the contact “daniel (;” with
- his number beside it
- “tHEFUCK-”

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If Thomas baby sat Virge, what would happen? Love your blog

///*chants* uncle Thomas! Uncle Thomas!///

this is such a cute concept im crying

-Thomas “babysat” Virgil one time. it was one of those weird coincidental times the other three all had somewhere to be, and Virgil wanted to be in little space. Logan had to go to a meeting at the school, Patton had to run into his daycare last minute because two of his employees called out sick, and Roman had to be at the theater on a day Thomas didn’t have to be. so, Roman came up with the brilliant idea of inviting Thomas over to hang out with little Verge. Virgil was really nervous about it because even though he’s been little around Thomas plenty of times he’d never been little around him with no one else there. Virgil tried to convince Roman that he’d be fine home alone, but Roman wasn’t having it. he laughed, and told him, “Last time we left you home alone while you were in little space you climbed on the counter, and stole candy from the stash. Not happening again, little one.”

-So, Roman texted Thomas

Roman🌟: hey Thomas. are you busy? i kinda have a huge favor to ask
Thomas🎭: nah just watching tv. what’s up?
Roman🌟: Logan & Patton aren’t here and i have to go to the theater soon and of course Virgil is feeling little. i don’t wanna leave him here alone again. u think u could come over and hang out with him for a bit?
Thomas🎭: yeah i totally could! just give me a minute ill be right over
Roman🌟: ur amazing thank u
Roman🌟: oh he’s feeling a little anxious about being in little space with just u so try to make him feel a little more comfortable?
Thomas🎭: oh of course. anything else i need to know?
Roman🌟: he should behave, but if he gets grumpy u can just give him Scout and/or one of his pacifiers. he’ll probably take a nap. that’s pretty much it, but if u do need help u can text me
Thomas🎭: ok i can handle that. see ya in a min!

-As soon as Thomas got there Virgil hid behind Roman. Roman chuckled, and pulled Virgil next to him as he said, “It’s okay, baby. It’s just Thomas. You know he’s cool with all of this.” Thomas smiled as he said, “Yeah. It’s okay, Verge. C'mere.” then opened his arms for a hug. Virgil hesitated, but accepted the hug. Roman smiled at them then said, “Well, I gotta go. If either of you need anything don’t hesitate to text me.” Virgil quickly pulled away from Thomas’ hug to give Roman one. Roman hugged back, and kissed his head then whispered, “I love you, baby. Behave.” Virgil nodded as he said, “I love you too.” and reluctantly let go. Roman said one last goodbye to Thomas then left the house. Thomas turned to Virgil, and asked, “So, what do you wanna do, buddy?” Virgil looked down at the floor for a moment then quickly grabbed Thomas’ wrist, and pulled him over to sit on the couch. Thomas chuckled as he looked at the tv which was playing Peter Pan. “Peter Pan? Good choice.” Virgil smiled as he mumbled, “I wish Neverland was real..” Thomas laughed then said, “Me too, kid. Me too.” Virgil chuckled, but stopped as his eyes landed on his coloring book, crayons & pacifier on the table. Thomas followed his gaze, and said, “You can color if you want to, Verge.” Virgil let out a shaky breath as he reluctantly grabbed everything off the table. he looked at Thomas then down at his own lap as he shuffled over, and hesitantly leaned against him. Thomas smiled, and wrapped an arm around him. Virgil then popped the pacifier into his mouth, and started coloring.

-About two hours later Virgil started dozing off so Thomas took the crayon out of his hand, and placed everything on the table. he made sure Virgil was comfortable then pulled out his phone to pass the time.

-Another hour later Virgil started to stir so Thomas whispered, “Hey, Verge. You’re okay.” Virgil slowly opened his eyes, and took out his pacifier then looked up at Thomas. Thomas smiled, and said, “Hey, buddy. How ya feeling?” Virgil shrugged as he said, “Sleepy. Hungry. Anxious. The usual.” Thomas chuckled, and said, “Well, I can get you a snack. What do you want?” Virgil shrugged again as he said, “I dunno..” suddenly an idea popped in his head so he smirked, and said, “Logan said I could have some candy today..” Thomas noticed the smirk which made him suspicious so he said, “Yeah, I’m gonna have to check with him or Roman on that. If they say no what else would you want?” Virgil pouted, and said, “I dunno apple slices I guess.” Thomas nodded then headed into the kitchen. before doing anything he pulled out his phone, and texted Roman.

Thomas🎭: so, Virgil told me Logan said he could have candy today. how true is this lol
Roman🌟: oh that little shit,,, it’s not true at all. he’s totally tricking you
Thomas🎭: haha yeah i figured.
Roman🌟: thank you for checking with me. let me know if the little brat tries anything else
Thomas🎭: you’re the boss, hoss
Roman🌟: excuse you Prince Roman* & i still don’t even know what that means
Thomas🎭: oh please you played a prince role in like one play!
Roman🌟: two!
Thomas🎭: not much better, but ok Roman lol
Roman🌟: oh shush
Thomas🎭: haha ok ok
Roman🌟: make sure my little brat is behaving. i should be done in like 2 hours but Logan might be home before me
Thomas🎭: sounds good. see you when i see you 😄
Roman🌟: ☺️✌🏻

-Thomas put his phone away, and grabbed the healthier snack option then walked back out to Virgil. Virgil immediately scowled, and pouted at the snack. Thomas chuckled, and said, “You totally lied to me.” as he sat next to Virgil, and handed him the plate. Virgil shrugged, and said, “Worth a shot.” Thomas smiled, and rolled his eyes. the two then settled into a comfortable silence, and enjoyed each other’s company for a little while.

-A half hour later Logan texted Thomas.

Logan 🤖: Hey, Thomas. Thank you for hanging out with Virgil today. I’ll be home soon. How is he?
Thomas💫: hey, Lo! it was really no problem. he’s fine. we’ve just been chilling the whole time
Logan 🤖: Good. I assume he was well behaved then?
Thomas💫: well, he tried to tell me you said he could have candy, but that’s it.
Logan 🤖: Of course. That boy, and his sweet tooth. I already let him have some earlier today.
Thomas💫: aw. how come you control his candy consumption? i don’t think you’ve ever told me lol
Logan 🤖: He once ate too much, and made himself sick. But I’d still do it even if that never happened. He really needs to eat healthier.
Thomas💫: aw i feel his pain. eating healthy is hard
Logan 🤖: Yes, I suppose. Well, I’m leaving now. See you soon.
Thomas💫: ok see ya 😄

-About fifteen minutes later Logan came home to find Virgil and Thomas playing a game on his phone. Logan smiled at them as he said, “Hey, guys. I’m home.” Virgil immediately looked up, and ran to give Logan a big hug as he said, “I missed you, Lo Lo.” in the cutest voice he could muster. Logan smirked as he hugged back, and said, “Thomas told me you tried to deceive him into giving you candy. Don’t think you being cute will get you out of trouble.” Virgil groaned, and turned to glare at Thomas. Thomas chuckled, and said, “Sorry, Verge!” as he stood up. Virgil shrugged then turned to hug Thomas as he asked, “Are you going home now?” Thomas hugged back, and was about to respond, but Logan interjected, “You are welcome to stay if you want to, Thomas.” Thomas smiled at him as he said, “I’d love to, but I told Joan I’d help them with dinner tonight.” Virgil looked up at Thomas, and said, “Tell them I said hey. Talyn too.” Thomas smiled down at him, and said, “Sure thing, buddy.” then pulled away from him. Virgil went to sit down on the couch as Thomas & Logan said their goodbyes. when he left Logan sat with Virgil, and said, “You know why you’re not allowed to anymore candy today, Virgil.” Virgil groaned as he laid his head on Logan’s shoulder, and said, “I know, I know. Don’t lecture me. I’m sorry.” Logan sighed as he wrapped his arm around Virgil, and said, “Alright. Just behave next time. I mean it, Virgil.” Virgil sighed, and nodded before drifting off to sleep.


So i got this request a while ago but i lost it and i finally decided to write it, ‘ can you do one with Tom or Haz and the reader has a panic attack cause of and elevator and they end up together doing something cute.’  So like here ya go, hope you like it. also do send me requests im on break pretty soon not to mention im still sick so i dont have a lot to do other than write. :)

  You walked into the seemingly empty flat of your lobby and headed toward the elevator. You normally would take the stairs, but you had just gotten back from the club and going up four flights of stairs didn’t seem pleasant at this hour, or doable in your four inch heels. Even though you were severally claustrophobic, it would only be a couple of seconds. As you approached the golden doors, your hand reached to push the up button, a quicker hand pushes the button for you get to. Looking over your shoulder you see your neighbor, giving him a small smile. His smile reaches his eyes as you both step in.

  “What floor?” he asks, hand hovering over the buttons. You recognized them, its was your neighbor Tom,  Tom something, Holland maybe. He was your neighbor for as long as you could remember him and the boy with striking blue eyes and soft looking blonde hair ,and they rarely talked to you, but they always had a way of catching your eye. Maybe it was the they always carried themselves with confidence or the way their lips curled into a smile when they passed you in the hallway. Either way you were quite intrigued with both of the boys.

  “ Four, Please.’’ you reply, ‘’Thank you.” Walking to the corner, you let the cold from the metal seep into your exposed back. The dress you were wearing barely covered anything, the back cutout exposed skin all the way to your ass, the front covered everything except for the small triangle like cut out over your breasts, the skin tight black dress ended just above mid thigh, needless to say with a pair of killer heels it was one of your favorite dresses.

‘’No, It’s fine.’’ He said, slightly glancing at you. You could feel his eyes on you but you couldn’t bring yourself to open yours. Your heart was racing and the tiny space of the elevator wasn’t helping. Your breathing came out harder as the elevator beeped to indicate that you had reached the second floor, It lurched and came to a shuddering halt. You visibly trembled as a worrying look over came Tom’s face.

Doing some deep breathing exercises your therapist recommended where not helping you at the moment. Tom sensed your unease and in the most calming voice he could muster, ‘’(Y/N), are you okay?”

 “Are you claustrophobic?” He asks this time walking towards you.

 “Just a little you know, small spaces not my cup of tea, speaking of tea i would really like a cup of tea, ya know.” (Y/N) said rambling on with closed eyes. You could feel tears rolling down your face. The walls seemed to be getting smaller, and the level of oxygen seemed to be deplating. All you wanted to do was get out. ‘Distract me!’ You screamed internally, unable to form words.

 ‘’(Y/N), (Y/N)’’ Tom cooed. “ Hey it’s gonna be alright okay, I got you. Okay.” Lowering down to your level, he sat down bringing you into his chest. You hadn’t realized that you had even slid down till he brought your closer to him. Tom held your trembling frame, remembering something he had seen on a show a while ago.

Kissing the top of your forehead he looked down at you. You looked up at him as his lips hovered over yours. Your lips touched his quickly; noses crashing together, tears mingling with their lips. Your eyes widen in shock as the kiss deepens and their tongue finds yours.Tom’s hands find their way to your exposed back and waist, and yours move to his shoulders.The kiss broke, both of you desperately needing air. Tom settled himself against the wall and pulled you closer to him. Your arms still wrapped around Tom, you bury your head into their neck and close your eyes.

 The heat from his skin brings a wave of calm over you, and your heart rate falls to match his. You’re still crying, but it’s not as violent as before. Tom continues to shush you and rock you gently. Feeling like a baby, you try your best to stop, but cling onto his shirt tighter

 Several minutes later, you whisper into silence, ‘’why did you do that?”

 Tom looked down at you and replied, ‘’I read some where once that if someone is having a panic attack, you should try to distract them, and have them hold their breath from a few seconds.And kissing holds your breath. And honestly, I’ve been wondering what it would like to kiss you for months.’’

 Blush crawled up your cheeks, ‘’really?’’


You wrap your arms around his waist, and you being to talk to him more and more. It was an hour before the doors were peeled open, it opened a little above the second floor at least you didn’t have to climb in a dress. The two of you both headed up the stairs which were always more favorable. You entered your flat, surprised that Tom followed you.You took a quick shower as Tom went next door to change. You both agreed to watch a movie at your place seeing that Tom’ roommate was already asleep. The movie had barely started and you were already laying on his chest. Tom sweetly would kiss the top of your head and hold you tighter every few minutes and not even an hour into the movie you fell asleep on his chest.

Lamb Skewer!AU w/ Jungkook
  • CREDIT FOR MOODBOARD: @bangtanhoseok thank you so much for the moodboard you angel
  • aight lets start off with first meeting
  • you guys would meet when you get a job at this cute lil cafe/restaurant that is known for its lamb skewers
  • he first comes in with two other dudes and always avoids eye contact with you
  • at first you thought it was because he didn’t like you for some reason but after they come in alot more you’re like ok whatever hes just a lil weird
  • but jungkook isnt like that at all lmao hes just scared of saying something wrong
  • but his hyungs are getting real sick of hearing about that cute lamb skewer place waitress/waiter 
  • one day, he comes in alone and youre ready to take his order and he hasnt said a word yet
  • like fr hes just staring at you bc you didnt do your hair that well today and its kinda messy since you slept past your alarm today
  • but he thinks you look amazing and hes just like w o w im so out of their league 
  • you both think that the other is like only someone you could date in dreams 
  • hes just staring at you and youre staring at him before he clears his throat 
  • ‘could i have one combo #5 and an mango iced tea please’ (youre lowkey like how can iced tea sound so good rn)
  • and youre so shooketh his voice is so nice and his cheeks are so pink
  • your brain is like is it possible to be so in love with the sound of someones voice
  • but how are you supposed to start a conversation about mango iced tea so you go to get his order
  • youve got other tables so you werent the one to give him the food :( 
  • hes really shy still tho lmao so he didnt have the guts to go up to you
  • after that he ditches his hyungs alot more to go alone 
  • the hostess is like y e s im living for this real life drama
  • she’s so ready but also so tired of this so she seats him somewhere else for a while until he comes during a slower hour and then puts him in your section
  • sounds weird right? but turned out to be genius bc you were like :(((( susan what the heck but when he sat at your tables 
  • you were so excited that you completely forgot about the what would you like to order jazz and started blabbing to him 
  • he was like o H but was totally cool with it 
  • you just end up talking and you found out his name after all this time god bless
  • you guys couldve gone on for hours but your manager was like :))) i dont pay you to flirt i pay you to do your goddamn job 
  • but when he goes to pay, you walk past him 
  • he grabs you by your elbow and is like 
  • ‘i- um- canipleasehaveyournumberithinkyourereallycuteandyea’
  • you thought he was speaking another language from how fast and jumbled it was
  • you asked for him to repeat that and he turned even redder
  • ‘can i have your number? its just i think youre really pretty.. and cute..’
  • you were like asdfkfILJKN Y Es 
  • you exchanged numbers and before you go to bed you get a text saying ‘are you free this saturday at 1?’ 
  • you actually had plans to hang out with your friend but you were like ‘y ES IM FREE’ 
  • sorry mysterious friend 
  • long story short you went to bed and dreamt of the cute lamb skewer boy and the date you were gonna have 

A/N: no one is gonna read this but lmao thank to everyone who told me i should start scenarios! this is my first time doing a bulletpoint so any feedback would be appreciated! -peanut

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Can I request a Connor x reader where Connor takes care of a sick reader? -sweet pea

★connor is all stoic and grouchy 100% of the time but the second you text him, that boy is literally in the car in two seconds flat

★ he knows where the spare key is hidden (it’s under that sunbathing garden gnome; you put it there bc u know he hates that gnome)

★he orders takeout for you when he gets there 

★ you feel super icky but the boy is like insisting you get all bundled up in a blanket so he can cuddle with you 

★ lets you pick all the movies you guys watch

★ he pretends to be grouchy when you put on big hero six but he’s your personal baymax (emo-baymax) and he doesn’t fight you

★ connor only puts his foot down when you try to put on up

★ it makes him emotional and it’ll make him cry

★ hydration is v v important to him!!!

★ “you’re not gonna get better if you don’t drink”

★ “you’re not my real mom”

★ honestly that boy is sO LOW-KEY MOM FRIEND

★ when he holds you he wraps his arms around your middle and puts his chin on your shoulder and kinda nuzzles your jaw and whispers about how cute you are even though you need a shower and you’re icky

★ he’s the best boyfriend even though he doesn’t do such a great job taking care of himself 

★ you repay the favor when he gets sick 

★ he definitely caught it from you 

★ “you’re the fucking worst”

★ “yeah but im cute”

What She Wants

Ok so I’ve owed @krzed some chlonath for the longest time but I have been so busy and I’ve had the worst case of writer’s block. But here it is! I’m still not 100% proud of it but it is honestly better than what I have been trying to write these past few months.


The question had been at the forefront of Chloé’s mind for the last few months and she couldn’t think of any possible answers.  Why couldn’t she focus on anything for more than 10 seconds? Why couldn’t she stop thinking about her mother? And why would her thoughts keep shifting to Adrien and his stupid and that annoying artist with his obnoxious red hair and kind turquoise eyes and his thin lips…

It was frustrating. She was frustrated. She couldn’t take this… these memories… the last time she had thought about her mother was years ago when she was  briefly reminded about her walking out on herself and her father all those years ago. She hadn’t thought about Madame Bourgeois in over 10 years, and yet in the past few months she had found herself being taken back to a time when Mme. Bourgeois would brush her hair when she had been a little mean, and tell her that she shouldn’t let her actions define her. She was brought back to a time where Mme. Bourgeois would reassure her that she was loved even though most of her classmates couldn’t stand the very ground she walked on. She was brought back to a time when someone actually saw light I the darkness, when someone actually believed in her.

The memories were warm, but she couldn’t help but feel upset. How dare she be reminded of her mother? How dare she be reminded by her mother by him of all persons? Chloé found the situation utterly ridiculous. Of course she had called the one person she could trust with her mommy issues- Adrien. She wouldn’t even lie and said that he had helped her even the tiniest bit. “This is serious Adrikins. I keep thinking about him, which reminds me of her who reminds me of him… again!”

“Isn’t it obvious Chlo,” he laughed through the phone, “You like him. Just tell him already.”

“What the fuck Adrien? I’m trying to be serious here!” She couldn’t believe him.
“I’m just saying. But it’s pretty obvious. And don’t pretend to be so repulsed about the idea of liking Nathanaël.”

She had slammed the phone down on the table before remembering that it wasn’t a landline. Poor screen was cracked beyond repair. It wouldn’t even respond at all. Could anything else go wrong today? A rapid knock on the door followed by “May I come in?” She couldn’t say no. She was in his work space after all. He was being nice to ask. Of course he had to be nice. Of course he had to make her think twice before telling him to fuck off until she was ready to move. Of course every time it slipped and she said or did something he had to brush it off like she didn’t just offend him. Of course she had to feel guilty and of course he had to be a smooth shit about it, reassuring her, telling her “It’s not your fault Chloé, you were probably having a bad day.” What she hated was when he gently reprimanded her for her wrong actions. Who did he think he was? She was sick of it. She was sick of him.
Who did he think he was? Calling her out for her bullshit but still not letting her feel like shit when he was done. Who did he think he was making her want things? She hates him.

“Come inside.”

She hates Adrien too. How dare he suggest that she liked Nathan? Absurd!

“Hey Chloé, I finally found the subjects for the final piece for the hotel lobby. It took while but I-“ He finally looked up from his phone and found that his temporary boss was staring daggers not so subtly at him. “Hey are you alright? I can leave right now if you want me to.”

“Shut up okay? What do you know about what I want?” 

Nath was a little more than shocked, and a little shocked. “Are you okay Chloé? Do you want me to get Sabrina or Adrien or-“

“Shut up, okay? I’m sick of you and your being kind and considering and understanding, alright? I’m sick of you caring and asking about my well being. I’m sick of you reminding me of the best few years of my life over and over again. I’m sick of it.” He had no idea where this outburst was coming from, and gosh, he wished he at least knew that since he had no idea where it was going.

“I’m not done, shut up! And while we’re still on topic, what makes you think you know what I want? You want to know what I really want? I want to apologize for bullying you basically your entire life, okay?  I wanna like hold your stupid fucking hand and kiss your stupid fucking lips okay? I wanna lean against your stupid fucking shoulder and cuddle UP WITH YOU UNDER THE STUPID FUCKING BLANKETS AND HAVE STUPID FUCKING LATE NIGHT CONVERSATIONS WITH YOU ABOUT EVERYTHING GOD IM SO MAD UR SO FUCKIN CUTE! That’s what I want okay?” Neither said a word. Chloé, because she was waiting for Nathan to say something, and Nath, he was just trying to process the new information. She was getting sick of the silence though, she only just poured her heart out to the man. “Say something, please.”

He smiled. “How about we start with dinner, Chloé?”


“So… how’d it go?”

“He fucking smiled then asked me out Adrien.”


weeps gently into my arm,,, for the past 3 weeks that i’ve been here, i’ve met so many amazing people and roleplayers !  all of you guys have been nothing but kind and wonderful and i can’t thank you all enough for wanting to interact with me !  <33  here’s a little bias list to show the appreciation i have for each and every one of you !

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