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Boss!AU - Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3, Part 4

Time for the final part! This is actually my favourite part! It’s more fluffy than the other parts and I can’t leave the characters alone for too long so I’m sure we’ll dip in to the universe in the future again! I hope you like it - thank you for all the lovely comments I’ve had since starting it x

“Harry?” You speak down the phone after arriving in the office. It’s like a blizzard outside, raining and windy, and the last thing you need is your phone ringing when you’ve barely taken your coat off. You have his spilt hot coffee over your hand, and your clothes underneath are wet from the rain too; not quite the same weather as New York just last week. Harry had let you take Thursday and Friday off as a thank you for working the previous weekend so you’d spent the past four days with your phone switched off and holed up in your flat with takeaways and movies in between sleeping off the jet lag.

Your flat mate had flittered in and out in between seeing her boyfriend and she spent most of her time at the weekends with him now, which you were more than happy to see her do (and it gave you the flat to yourself), and you hoped you might have the same soon, if Harry would only make up his mind about whether he wanted something serious or not. You understand he has more to think about than most men his age, with his four year old son in the picture, and being the number one priority in his life, obviously, but you’ve decisions to make yourself. On the screen of your laptop is a draft contract from one of Harry’s rivals sitting in your emails, all you have to do is read through, get back to them with any adjustments, sign it, and you’d be free to sleep with Harry without fear of anybody finding out and frowning upon it.

Shit, it did sound sordid when you put it like that. Sleep with him? Be his assistant-with-benefits?

“Hey…” he sounds breathless, as if he’s running late. “Listen, I wouldn’t ask yeh if I didn’t need to bu’ I need a favour from yeh?”

You sigh, placing the coffee on the desk and pulling your hair away from your neck, the phone safely nooked between your shoulder and ear as you did so, and tried to do open up the place as he speaks. “What is it?”

“Sam’s sick.”

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Rika's back and MC gets left P. 4

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x) | Part 5 (x)

  • Rika felt a sense of satisfaction
  • She got off being the one everyone considered the most
  • sure, she lead MC to the RFA
  • sure she made a lot of trouble for MC and the rest of the members
  • But the one thing she did not want anyone to forget or even ever know really was
  • it also meant she could take her out of rfa with ease
  • And they wouldn’t ever know it was her or care if all went to her plan

– Yoosung –

  • From the last time MC invited Yoosung over, he remembered where she now lived
  • Why didn’t I visit her sooner?
  • Yoosung made his way to her building, knocking repeatedly and waiting for a response
  • Where is she? It’s almost midnight…
  • He almost gave up when she didnt answer either calls, text, or the door
  • Rika! Yoosung was surprised to see his cousin walk by
  • “Yoosung, what are you doing here so late?”
  • I came to see if MC is okay, shes been MIA for a while
  • “She’s fine! I talked to her not too long ago and she said that she was going to visit her family for a few weeks. I forgot to tell you guys about it too… sorry.”
  • It’s fine, don’t worry about it! Though, it would have been better if she told us herself…
  • “I dont know the details, but something about one of her family members being recently diagnosed with a terminal illness.. Yeah, it was terrible. She said they started to cough blood and she went to go help them through the process. Poor MC.”
  • You’re genuinely concerned for MC, you’re so nice Rika.
  • “Ofc, shes a memeber of the rfa too!”
  • Sorry, its just i know you dont know her that much, but im glad you guys get along well. Do you know when she’ll be back?
  • “I think after the funeral. Though it may be longer since i dont know how shell be okay after all of that. Next time we talk, ill ask her, okay? How about we go visit V? Im sure hes awake and wouldnt mind if you came over for a sleep over”
  • Yoosung felt like a huge boulder had been lifted from his shoulders now that he knew MC was physically okay
  • He felt bad that she didnt tell anyone that she was leaving to tend to a sick family member
  • But he felt that he would forgive her since she seemed more of a private person
  • I should get her a gift basket when she comes back; poor MC will be greiving when she returns- I could add chocolates and that coffee she likes with an uber soft blanket. Yeah, i wil do that for sure when RIka tells me when she comes back
  • Yoosung wanted to be a shoulder for MC when she came back since she was there for him when Rika was gone
  • he wanted to prove to her and himself and RIka that he was more than just a college student who played a lot of video games; that he was also a capable man

– Zen –

Zen has entered the chatroom.

Zen: MC! Please call me when you get this!

Rika: Zen, I forgot to tell everyone that MC went back to her home country to take care of a sick family member. I didnt want to say anything right away but she told me just recently that it may be a while before she returns because of how bad things are …

Jahee has entered the chatroom.

Jahee: Oh no that’s terrible. Is her family member in that bad of condition for MC to leave without saying bye?

Rika: I am afraid so. From what I know, they are really ill that it is now deemed terminal.

Zen: Oh man, i really thought something happened to MC

Rika: What do you mean?

Zen: I dont know, I thought maybe she got bored of us and left us or something happened to her health wise. I hope she knows that we are all here for her when she comes back

Rika: Dont jinx anything! I’ll let her know though that you were worried whenever we talk again ^^

Jahee: Please do. Id feel much better though if I could talk to her soon. Do you think you can let her know to call me please?

Rika: I will pass the message along!

Zen: me too please, I really miss her :c

Rika: I will, you guys worry too much ^^ dont worry guys, everything will be perfectly fine ^^

Zen: alighty then, i gotta go and meet some directors to talk about my wonderful gorgeous face making its appearance on stage soon, bye~

Jahee: Oh my heart!

Rika: Good luck!

Zen has left the chatroom.

  • He didnt trust Rika
  • He didnt even trust Jahee at the moment
  • He knows he saw MC at the store that night
  • And it seems highly unlikely that she would just leave without explaining the situation
  • Especially if someone she cared about was really sick
  • Would she?

– Jahee –

  • From what Mr. Han had been accumulating she knew what was going on somewhat
  • Though if the rest of rfa should know she didnt feel like she had a place to tell them
  • She did abandon MC just like the rest did
  • She wont deny that what the rfa did to MC was abandon her at a time she would have needed them 
  • despite all MC probably gave up to help them 
  • But she didnt want anyone to be in the unknown
  • Although, she didn’t know if Rika was lying or telling the truth maybe rika did know mc was sick and didnt want to tell because MC said so
  • Jahee didnt want to risk anything by letting the cat out of the bag cringing
  • For now all she felt like she could do was gather as much as she could about people with pneumonia 
  • She would look into it since that was all Mr. Han told her
  • Maybe find some coffee as well for MC and maybe chocolates as she thinks about pleading for forgiveness 

– Jumin –

  • He had no right to act like he should care for MC anymore
  • The moment they all left her, everyone in the rfa lost all the rights to care for MC
  • The only thing he could do was offer her the best treatment possible when he found out what she had it made him very uncomfortable to not know what she was suffering from
  • aside from the stabbing pains of being betrayed that he couldn’t fix for her
  • but that was only if Seven could find a way into breaking MC out of there
  • But he knew the longer they waited the worse she would get
  • When he saw MC through the camera on Sevens screen, he knew he never wanted to know what it felt to lose someone again
  • After he though rika died, he felt like his world tipped over
  • But if he loses MC, he knows he wont ever have a reason to go on living with himself
  • He did find comfort knowing that MC never seemed to have had lost her personality and all that made her so easy to be around
  • By the looks of it, it was all thanks to Paco who never seemed to leave her side
  • Are you almost done?
  • “I want her out of there as soon as possible as well, okay?”
  • Jumin was taken back with how Seven snapped
  • “Dont let it get to you, he always gets like this”  the famous ‘Vanderwood’ who leaned on the side of the wall said
  • I dont want to know
  • He decided he didnt want to get into what Seven did on his own time also bc ‘Miss’ Vanderwood was slightly scaring him
  • “Just get the IP address so we can get there and go”
  • “I cant just do that! Well, I can but there seems to be more stuff this guy is feeding me atm and its all about MC”
  • “Look at it when you get her out of there! Poor girl must be seconds away from kicking the stupid bucket”
  • Excuse me?
  • “DOnt take it to heart, he gets angry when he has to wait before a job”
  • “Shut the fuck up, I still have my taser, you oaf”
  • What do you mean hes feeding you?
  • “I mean, this Unknown guy wants her found but for some odd reason he cant let her go… idk myself, but it looks like hes just doing his job
  • “What makes you say that?”
  • “RIght here it says: Job. No. Yes.- Unknown
  • Isnt that a good thing then? That means we can get MC out faster
  • JUmin didnt care for all the extra side stuff
  • He wanted to just get to the point and storm in there to save MC and take her to the doctors he had on standby
  • Just hurry up!
  • “I would want to bu- OH shit”
  • Jumins heart stopped for a millisecond thinking that MC died
  • When he didnt see anything abnormal on the screen that showed MC he was confused
  • But looking at what Seven saw
  • He understood
  • Is that Rika?

– 707 –

  • Watching RIka give MC injections of unknown substances made him physically want to scream
  • Why would she do that?
  • What was she even giving MC?
  • Where is Unknown?
  • “Damn, white loaf can really go on strong” he ignored Vanderwoods snide comment focusing on V holding MC down so Rika could give her another injection
  • “Let’s go now Seven, no more playing around!”
  • Okay okay, let me just get this on my laptop so we can watch as we go
  • “If we take my helicopter we could be there quicker”
  • Yeah lets do that
  • Seven was in a daze
  • As he looked into the breadcrumbs Unknown was giving him
  • He began to wonder why Unknown even took MC away if he was going to help them in the end
  • Unless he too was forced into do this all
  • But why would Rika do this? What could she gain from this?
  • “Please dont”
  • Seven turned to look at Jumin who looked at him when they heard MC’s voice
  • “Ready or not here it comes~” Rika sang
  • “You both may want to look away” Seven heard Vanderwood say before turning away
  • Not once had he ever looked away from the screen while on the job

  • You begged her to stop
  • Whatever it was, it wasn’t the same anymore
  • You began to remember names and faces but you couldn’t match them together
  • Please stop this, it hurts!
  • “Sweetie, you’re dying anyways, this is me being merciful and helping you go faster. Be thankful.”
  • What about that other stuff? What was that other stuff?
  • “It will all be over quickly if you just listen to her, please MC”
  • You turn to look at the stranger with the sunglasses: who’s MC?
  • Am I MC? Are they talking to me ?
  • You think you know them but you can’t match any faces or names at all
  • “I’d ask if you have any last words you want me to give to someone but at this point, you probably don’t know if you have any friends or family “
  • You shake your head trying to think
  • Somewhere someone has to know who you are
  • Why can’t I talk?
  • You panic; thrashing your body away from the woman and man
  • “Stop it!” You hear it before you feel a stinging sensation on your cheek
  • “Like I said,you’re already dying “ the woman says as she huffs for air
  • The look on her face scares you
  • It looks like she’s enjoying whatever is happening
  • “You should never talk to strangers “ you feel the weight of something hard crash on you holding your face down on the now cold floor
  • “Don’t ever go to places you don’t know”
  • The pressure intensifies making your head build more pressure like it will explode
  • “Rika, that’s too much” you hear the man from earlier
  • Help me please! you silently beg 
  • You wonder why he doesn’t help you
  • “Stay out of this V”
  • You feel something stab your shoulder
  • Then you don’t feel anything at all

– Vanderwood –

  • Seven was annoying
  • Richie rich was annoying
  • They all were pissing him off
  • The rush to get to where this girl was chaotic
  • He was used to the silence that Seven would accompany him with
  • But not like this
  • This silence was deafening and suffocating

– V –

  • He didnt want to harm MC
  • she was one of the good ones 
  • but he didnt want to make Rika any worse than she already was
  • He knew 707 or Jumin must have caught on by now 
  • with the help he got from Unknown, he knew they would make it but not soon enough
  • He made sure that whatever happened; it would all be on him 
  • Even if MC may never wake up again
  • even if Rika would spend a lot of time in the hospital 
  • even if Jumin and everyone in the RFA should come to hate him
  • even if he should become the villain; 
  • he would do whatever it takes to preserve Rika’s legacy and love and pride
  • He just needed for MC to hold onto life 
  • She was already sick 
  • and the medication he had replaced with the medication Rika wanted Unknown to give her seemed to have been working 
  • He made sure Unknown gave her the treatment she needed
  • But he didnt anticipate for Rika to inject her with a strong dose of whatever she had made for MC
  • By the looks of it 
  • it definitely was not the same that he had Unknown give her

– Unknown – 

  • Any minute now, it would all be over 
  • one way or another, MC would no longer suffer
  • He knew that by lying to Rika he was compromising his safety as well as Saeyoung’s
  • But he couldnt kill MC slowly
  • not with what RIka had made for her 
  • No. 
  • Instead, he made sure he gave her the medication she needed 
  • he made sure that Saeyoung would find the bread crumbs he left 
  • He expected Rika to pull something big for the finally so he made MC an antidote to what Rika had 
  • he didnt give it to her yet but he would have to leave it for Saeyoung to find if Paco didnt find a way of getting the vile out of his jacket before they got to MC
  • All he needed now was to find a way to make amends 
  • To MC and to everyone else 
  • but he would do that after he found a way to forgive himself and Saeyoung 
  • because if he didnt make him hate him; none of this would have happened 
  • and MC would have had treatment for this and have never been involved 
  • When would Saeyoung see how toxic both were to everyone else?
  • Especially to someone good and simplistic and perfectly normal like MC. 
  • Did Saeyoung even know?
  • Did his brother know how toxic both brothers were to everyone?
  • Like how toxic they were to one another.

01yuta  asked:

hello!! would you mind writing an apartment neighbor au for yuta, taeil and sicheng? i'm really in love with your work by the way and thank you so much in advance! 💓💖

wah how sweet of you!! and sure, no problem!! (some1 asked for sicheng!!!!)
find mark + jaehyung (here) // taeyong + ten + haechan (here) 


  • what is,,,,,cleaning? who made up that concept,,,,,
  • owns like 5000 chargers for different like tech stuff like his consoles, his phone, his microwave, his helicam he bought for no apparent reason except for the fact that it looked cool, probably owns that hoverboard from nct dream??? does he use it??? no???? but it has a charger and all those chargers are tangled right in the corner of his room and it’s a Mess
  • eats in his bed and then says he doesn’t but when sicheng is over with taeyong and jaehyun he feels a crumb under his butt as he’s sitting on yuta’s bed and he was like “what,,,,,,,,,,the heck”
  • owns a wii u and gets super competitive in wii sports resort like,,,,,he doesn’t take games lightly
  • other than that he’s pretty simple. doesn’t own a lot of stuff which becomes a problem because he has like one towel and that towel is in the laundry so he has to run naked from the bathroom to his bedroom
  • and like instead of money gifts he’s just like for the holidays can someone buy me some drapes. mine tore like 4 months ago
  • has soccer memorabilia in his living room but it’s not displayed neatly it’s just a mess of soccer balls he sticks into the shelves and team jerseys and some old photographs from japan
  • his mom sends him photos and he puts those up but that’s like the extent of his decorating 
  • walks around in sweatpants and nothing else and leaves the window open and the neighbors are just like YUTA every time and he’s like sO RRy (never changes his habit tho)
  • and speaking of which you know yuta and he’s really friendly always smiling and you even saw him once dancing to a SISTAR song that was playing in the grocery store you were both in
  • so you’re like you know he’s a cute, silly guy 
  • but what you don’t know is that he’s also LOL player summorname: winwinshyung WHO KEEPS COMING FOR YOU in GAMES
  • and it’s because your apartment building is right above a pcroom and you always go down there to blow of steam but everytime you queue into a game,,,,,,your like ok whatever different people on your team
  • but this one ,,,,,, player,,,,,,winwinshyung,,,,,,,,,will not freakign get off your back
  • and it’s happened like 3 weeks in a row and you just want to know WHO this dude is
  • and it’s by chance that you get up to go buy some snacks and as you’re walking past another booth you see that the person is playing league,,,,,and their summorname,,,,,, oh my god its him ITS WINWINSHYUNG
  • and you try to get a peak of his face but you can’t so you do the old ‘bump into his chair and apologize’ trick and when the person looks up you almost fall over because,,,,,,,,,,,,that’s,,,,,
  • that’s yuta
  • and you’re like WHAT and he’s like oh!! you live in my building and you’re still on the fact that he’s the a**hole from your game like you can’t believe it
  • and you’re like “winwinshyung,,,,,is you?” and he’s like YEAH are you on my team whats your-
  • and you’re like “no im on the opposite team and im going to c R U S H you” and he’s taken aback but you stomp off to your seat and crack your knuckles and you’re like LETS DO THIS
  • and the whole time you’re playing your like “do it so you won’t get embarrassed in front of him. he’s your neighbor. you gotta. do it. kill his TEAM,,,,,,curse him and his,,,,,really handsome face and good gaming skills”
  • but ofc,,,,,,,,,,,you lose and once you get up you’re shocked to see yuta standing there and he’s like smiling and you’re like he’s gonna rub it in
  • but he goes “you did really well!!! i was surprised you could hold me off for so long!!!” and you’re like what and he’s like “that was our team  strategy for me to keep you preoccupied. you were really strong though, we should game together!”
  • and you’re like.,,,why is he being all nice and you wanna be like “bye” but he’s like digging around in his pocket and he’s like “good neighbors should treat each other, want to go get chicken with me?”
  • and he smiles again and you can see how pretty his smile is, how pretty his eyes and skin are up close and you’re like dammit dammit damm i t
  • but you end up in the chicken place sitting with him in one of the outside tables eating together and yuta,,,,,is pretty funny like not only super handsome but with a great personality
  • even though he rubs some of the sauce off on his jeans which makes you laugh into your hand 
  • but it’s like enjoyable,,,,,and you talk about games but also he tells you he’s from japan and you’re like that’s so cool tell me more
  • and you end up only going back when it’s like 2 am and as you’re walking he like
  • steps around you so he’s walking closer to the street and you’re on the inside and it’s such a subtle,,,gentlemen-y thing to do but you find your heart skipping a beat
  • and once you get home he’s like “i hope we see each other soon!!” and you’re like “yeah!! thank you for the meal!!” but before you go inside you’re like “is it true,,,,i heard from some neighbors that you walk around shirtless with the windows open??? are you really like that?” and yuta bursts out laughing and he’s like “why, are you interested in the view?”
  • and you turn scarlet red and you’re like nO I JUST HEARD A RUMOR OK BYE NOW but it’s cute the next weekend you see yuta in the pcroom again and he’s like “hey, you’re gonna play?” and you’re like maybe a bit and he’s like cool tell me when you’re done so we can go on another chicken date
  • and you’re like yeah omg- wait did he just call it a chicken date (he did)


  • always has soft music playing in his apartment 
  • since he has the last name moon and people refer to that as his nickname he got a lot of moon shaped stuff during his housewarming,,,,which is pretty cute like he has a little lamp that is the shape of a crescent moon and some dining wear with a night sky theme and he’s embraced it,,,,he thinks it’s kinda adorable
  • wanted to keep plants but he settled for buying a fake mini-tree and putting it in his living room and covering it in little ornaments that double as photograph frames of pictures of his friends and stuff
  • yuta insisted that his picture be at the top and taeil was like,,,,,,,,,,,sure but when yuta came back for some reason it was haechan’s photo at the top Who Did This 
  • haechan voice: it was not me
  • doesn’t own a bed, lays out a futon when going to sleep and everyone is like that’s so traditonal of you and taeil is like no i do it because i could sleepwalk and end up falling off my bed, hitting my head, and dying
  • taeyong: why is that so specific
  • taeil with the same expression: because i have Fears taeyong lay off
  • likes warm shaggy carpets probably and like big blankets that he can roll himself up into and just sleep,,,,because he always goes to sleep way to damn late
  • the neighbors are always curious as to why his lights are on until like 3 am and it’s actually because he stays up listening to music and playing guitar 
  • makes guests wear slippers inside and all the slippers are different animals and there’s this cute secret side to taeil even though he’s really mature and awkward sometimes
  • and you’ve only really talked to taeil like twice,,,,,once while you two were getting mail and another time when he helped you fix your broken lightbulbs but other than that it’s a very smile-based friendship you guys have,,,
  • until you find yourself sick in bed, literally unable to move because your fever is dragging you into hell
  • and the friend you called like 5242 times isn’t picking up and you only have the strength left to get out of bed, ring taeil’s doorbell and beg him to go get you some meds from the pharmacy
  • and he does because taeil is a good person 
  • but he,,,,,,,,,has no idea how to take care of sick people. the motherly one in his friend group is not Him so he calls taeyong and explains the situation and taeyong is like get them meds, buy some soup from a local place, and then make them tea and taeil is like ok ok got it
  • but then he hangs up and he’s looking at all the medication and he’s like What,,,,,,,,,,,The,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hell
  • and so taeil comes back to your place with like ten bags and you’re like why in the world he need so many
  • and he’s like “i got 20 different meds. 5 different kinds of soup. and some packets of herbal tea, in a variety of flavors im going to read them outloud and make some kind of motion for which one you want ok here we go: raspberry, green tea, lemongrass- ok lemongrass? ok ill go make it”
  • and for someone who doesn’t take care of others a lot,,,,like physically,,,,,taeil works really hard to make you feel better and it’s really sweet
  • even though you don’t hear him call taeyong like ten times just to make sure he’s helping and not accidentally making you worse
  • and taeyong at some point is like “is this your significant other that you’ve been hiding from us or something?” and taeil is like. well he’s like nothing he just hangs up
  • because ok yes maybe he’s trying so hard not only because you know,,,,neighborly love,,,,,but he also thinks you’re cute
  • even when you’re sweaty and sick and coughing and wearing some oversized shirt and your hair looks like a nest
  • he still think you’re cute and wants to get you all better
  • and when he realizes you can’t even hold the bowl of soup and he has to feed you,,,,,you see his cheeks flush red and you think it might be because the soup is hot
  • but taeil is just like bkfgdsw im,,,,,feeding my crush,,,,,ok keep cool moon taeil you’re a manly, cool dude,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no just scream inside your head nonstop for the next couple of minutes
  • and with taeil’s care you’re back on your feet in like two days and you’re like “i don’t know how to thank you!!!” and taeil is like you don’t have to!
  • but you’re insistent and he’s like “it’s really ok, just if i get sick perhaps you’ll take care of me?”
  • and you agree, because of course you will but you also let it slip out that you wouldn’t mind just taking care of him everyday he’s so charming
  • and taeil is like what
  • and you’re like UM it’s the fever still speaking hahahahaha
  • but taeil is pretty sure you haven’t had a fever in the past few hours so he just smiles to himself hehe


  • universally adored by the entire block. i would even dare say,,,,,the entire neighborhood,,,,,,,province???
  • has a shelf full of chinese movies and books and comics because he misses his home country so much that he’s gotten into the habit of collecting whatever he can find in his native language and his parents will always send a care package when they can 
  • is really proud of where he’s from so he ha chinese charms and items that his parents consider lucky hanging around his house
  • old photos of him in his costumes from dance are up in the living room and he even has some trophies too!!
  • seems like the type that wants a pet but doesn’t have the time so he has a pet fish that’s named after his home province zhejiang (which literally means zhe river which is a good name for,,,,well a fish)
  • keeps his place really colorful and pretty and won’t admit it but has an affinity for stuffed toys,,,,mark got him a little toy dragon once and winwin liked it so much he displayed it on a shelf in his bedroom he’s adorable like that
  • color coordinates his closet (he learned this from the one and only Taeyong)
  • owns a lot of card games,,,,seems like he’d be pretty good at them too because he’d always just have a cute angelic expression so no one would think twice about him having the upperhand but everytime they play they end up losing and doyoung is like winwin is magical and winwin is like “you all lost and owe me fifty dollars collectively” 
  • likes to buy fresh flowers because they smell good so he gets them for his kitchen hehe
  • you and winwin don’t talk much,,,,mostly because you’re always leaving your house in a hurry and he’s not much of a,,,,,open person with strangers a bit shy/???
  • but one day as you’re both taking the elevator up to your floor it suddenly shakes and you and winwin look at each other and then realize that,,,,,,you’re stuck
  • and you have no reception on your phones so you have press the emergency button and wait till someone responds to help you two and that could take literal Hours
  • so you and winwin slide against the walls and sit,,,,,,,,,,,in silence
  • and like 45 minutes goes by of you counting sheep and winwin looking down at his phone and you can’t take the boredom so you’re like “do you wanna play like,,,,,truth or dare or something?”
  • and winwin looks up at you and is like ??? and you’re like “sorry, im just really bad at being bored you can so no though-” but winwin seems intrigued so he kind of sits up a bit and is like “you go first”
  • and he picks truth so you’re like well is it true you’re from china? you know it’s the first question so you go easy on him
  • and he’s like yes truth or dare?
  • and you’re like ok dare and he’s like,,,,,,i dare you to do a handstand and you’re like in this elevator????? now????
  • and winwin is giving you an innocent smile and he’s like sure why not
  • and you’re like ok,,,um,,,,,trying to figure out how you’re going to do this without falling over and looking dumb
  • and winwin is like “let me show you!!” and he just, like water,,,,is able to get his hands on the floor and lift his body up and you’re like holy hell are you dancer??? 
  • and winwin after coming down is like “yes ^^ im happy you noticed!!” and you’re like,,,,,omg
  • but you try at first by walking your legs up the wall which like does not work and winwin is like let me help
  • and he reaches out to hold your ankles but you’re ticklish so you end up kind of kicking a bit and he’s like wOAH and you’re like s O RRy
  • and he’s like you know what let’s skip this dare instead um i dare you to take a really bad selfie and show me
  • and wow ok winwin is way more ,,,,,,, creative than you expect him to be
  • and your time stuck in the elevator is pretty fun until the lights suddenly go out and it’s pitch black inside and you,,,clam up in fear 
  • and winwin is like “are you ok?” because he feels your tense shoulder against his and you kind of lean in toward him and you’re like “im sorry, the dark scares me a bit,,,,”
  • and you can feel the warmth of his arm but you don’t want to be weird and like hide against him 
  • not until he pulls you toward him and your head gently falls against his chest and he’s like “im here. don’t worry”
  • and you’re shocked,,,,,,like he????? is full of so much mystery and charm
  • you thought he was the quiet neighbor too scared to talk with others,,,but he’s actually pretty funny and even,,,,,straight-forward??? it makes you kind of blush
  • also for a dancer he’s so strong,,,,anyway,,,,
  • you stay beside him and when the lights go back up and the elevator begins to move winwin looks down and you peek up at him
  • and you both turn red now that you can see each others faces and he lets you go and you get up to gather your things
  • and when the doors open you’re faced with the technician whose like “sorry i didn’t get here earlier, but hey - did you have fun together?”
  • and he winks and you and winwin are like redder than ever like WHAT NO ,,,,,,, and you both stumble out and go to your doors and the technician just shrugs
  • but you have to hold your bag to your chest once you’re inside because,,,,you still feel the warmth of winwin holding you and it ,,,,,it was nice
  • and winwin is also in his room remembering how nice your hair had smelled, you pressed against his arm,,,,,,,and he has to like shake his head and he’s like,,,,,,,,it’s,,,,what is this
  • he meets up with his friends and he explains that he felt a warmness from you and a warmness in his friends and jaehyun is like “winwin, i think you’re experiencing what we call a crush” and winwin is like i know what a crush is jaehyun,,,,,,,,,but ,,,,,,,,,,,maybe
  • haechan: good plan, get stuck in an elevator again
  • taeyong: no. that is a bad plan don’t do th-
We all look like we feel

MP100 Valentines Week
Day 5; Lanterns

pairing: terumob

Story tag


Shigeo’s immediate group of friends might not actually be very good for Teruki’s general well-being.

“So,” Tome says in an overly-casual, faux-disinterested tone that puts Teruki on his guard immediately, “you and Kageyama, huh?”

He shuffles his feet, trying not to feel as though he’s under surveillance. It would be easier, probably, if he wasn’t actually under surveillance. There’s a girl across the schoolyard leaning out from behind a tree with a small digital camera, and it looks like she’s taking verbal notes with a pocket tape recorder? Why?

“Is that strange?” he finds himself asking. “We’re going to the movies after school, and since the theater is nearby, I thought I could just meet him – ”

“The movies, huh?” Tome smacks her gum, leans a little heavier against the gate, and looks him over. Teruki isn’t shifting his weight nervously from foot to foot but that’s only because he’s steeling himself to maintain composure. He’s stared down delinquents and adult espers, he won’t squirm now. He won’t. “What are you gonna go see?”

“A new action movie. Shigeo picked it.”

Her eyebrows fly up. “'Shigeo’ picked it?”

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the worst roommate

Group/Member: GOT7 // Jaebum

Genre: SMUT

Word Count: 2.804

Prompt: Dialogue w/ Jaebum 47
“You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.” 

Summary: You were sure that one day you were going to kill your roommate.

Masterlist // AU Prompt List // Dialogue Prompt List // Rules

Until recently you truly had considered yourself a nice person. You rarely let your temper get the better of you, and when you were angry about something it was always more on the passive aggressive side, never one to raise your voice at people or yell. However, that had all changed once you’d met your roommate. The entire situation had started off bad from the get go. You’d never wanted a roommate, knew that roommates were always bad news, and had heard plenty of bad things. Unfortunately for you, it was your only option at this point. You just couldn’t afford your apartment on your own anymore, and finding another one and paying for the coast of moving would just put you under even more, so you’d done the only possible thing in that situation…you found a roommate.

Actually, your friend had found you the roommate. She’d told you that she knew a guy who was also looking for a place to stay. He had a solid job and wouldn’t have any problems paying rent. You’d been reluctant to letting a guy come and live with you, but in the end had decided that if your friend trusted him, it was better than finding a complete stranger. You’d been gone out of town the weekend that he moved in, leaving your friend with the key you’d gotten for him, and trusting her to help with everything and show him where he’d be staying.

Immediately after coming home from your trip you’d been faced with your first dispute with your new roommate, Im Jaebum.

Upon unlocking the door to your apartment and opening it, you’d been greeted with a whole lot of nakedness, and a lot more of Jaebum than you needed to see. “Jesus Christ,” you spat, covering your face and turning away, the dark haired male simply raising his eye brows, continuing to spoon eat the yogurt he was holding.

“Um, hello?” you said, struggling to set your bag down and shrug your coat off while avoiding looking at Jaebum.

“Sup, you must be [Y/N], I’m Jaebum,” daring to sneak a quick glance, your jaw dropped at his outstretched hand. Was this guy seriously standing in front of you butt naked and expecting you to shake his hand like it was nothing. “Umm, do you mind putting some clothes on before we exchange pleasantries, and is that my yogurt you’re eating?” you said, you tone clearly displaying the irritation you were feeling. Jaebum rolling his eyes lightly, pulling back his hand and heading towards the hallway that lead to your rooms.

“I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal, I mean we are roommates now,” he called before stopping and turning around again causing you to let out a huff as you simply turned away from him. “And yeah, sorry I’ll buy another one. You have good taste,” he said raising the yogurt cup in a salute despite you having your back turned to him. Biting your tongue as hard as you could you didn’t dare look back up until you knew that he was for sure gone. Feeling more than a little flustered you immediately pulled out your phone, sending your friend a text asking her what the hell kind of person she had let move into your home.

As the weeks went by things didn’t mellow out the way you had been hoping. You wished you had just gotten a roommate that kept to themselves, that minded their own business and who you really didn’t see that much. Thankfully the nudity had been reduced to just him walking around his underwear. Still not your favorite option but a lot better than having to look at him naked every single day. The irritating part too was that he was wasn’t bad looking. You’d be less angry if he wasn’t somebody you were attracted to but the thing was…he was one hundred percent your type. From his dark hair, to his piercings, the muscular build, and especially the eyes. More than once Jaebum had caught your eyes on him, deciding to use it to his advantage, making you more flustered by doing things such as bending over hear you in his underwear, or winking at you when he caught you looking. All of which successfully irritated you and ended with you storming out.

It wasn’t just the fact that Jaebum had a thing for being nude though. He was quite loud, constantly playing his music late at night, or talking loudly on the phone with friends. And don’t even get you started on when he did invite friends over. It was like they were all loud, raised by a pack of wolves you’d thought. Then of course the fact that Jaebum did not clean up after himself. There were always dishes in the sick after he’d been finished making something, or you would find a piece of his clothing laying on the hallway floor. The worst was probably the bathroom though; how could one guy make such a damn mess in the bathroom?

Of course, this led to many arguments, not afraid to confront him, because in the end you had gotten this apartment first. This had been your home for over a year and the fact that he was coming in here and making a mess and not respecting your space was pissing you off. His habits were seriously overshadowing his looks at this point. Your friend always saying she had done you a favor by having Jaebum move in with you. “You would have never talked to such an attractive guy like him had it not been for me.” She’d said one night while talking to her on the phone. “Yeah well, he may be attractive but I feel like I’m taking care of a teenager.”

That weekend you’d made plans to go and visit family, and while it stressed you out to leave the apartment to him, you knew that you needed the break.

“If you burn the building down I’ll kill you.”

“But what if I burn up with the building?” he’d said back with a smirk.

“I’ll resurrect you and kill you again…slowly.”

“Dang girl…you’re so feisty.” Your jaw had clenched hard at this, head shaking at him before picking up your bags and slamming the door.

Thankfully you had managed to completely forget about Jaebum or what could possibly going on in your apartment. Family time, it turned out, was exactly what you needed. Your mom made all of your favorite meals, your dad told all of the funniest stories, and even your siblings were more tolerable than Jaebum, yelling and shrieking when you kept pulling them in for kisses and hugs.

When Sunday came around and you were ready to come home, you felt more relaxed than you had in months. Your mood had lightened, and you were starting to feel like the old you again. Maybe you were just being too hard on Jaebum. In all honesty, he was annoying, but he wasn’t the worst roommate in the world. You were sure that there were a lot worse things he could do, and on the train ride back home you had decided that it wasn’t too late to try and get to know you roommate. You just needed to give him a chance, and maybe the two of you could actually be good friends after all.

The moment you’d unlocked your car however and made your way into the room you realized something…you were going to kill Im Jaebum.

“Jaebum!!!” you screamed at the top of your lungs, throwing your bags hard on the ground and whipped your jacket hard onto the ground. “You asshole!!”

All around you, your apartment had been trashed. There bottles everywhere as well as red solo cups. Chips and an assortment of other snacks and foods were clearly ground into the carpet. Somebody had managed to knock over one of your stands, the broken near laying not too far away. Breaths coming out in infuriated pants, you took tentative steps towards the kitchen, immediately feeling your blood boil when you saw the utter destruction that had become of it. Pizza boxes all over the table, some on the floor, even more beer bottles in here as well as more than a few broken dishes.

“Hey, I was planning on getting up and cleaning soon.” The moment you heard the voice you spun on your heel, Jaebum taking a step back when he saw the look on your face. “You trashed my apartment,” you said in probably the most menacing voice he had ever heard in his entire life.

“Our apartment,” he said meekly, regretting the words as soon as they’d left his mouth. Within a flash you were across the room, arms straight out as you shoved him hard. You found it funny that despite every single other time the two of you had fought, despite every other encounter you had he was dressed this time, hair a mess because he had clearly just woken up from your yelling.

“This is my apartment! It has always been my apartment! You’re lucky that I even let you live here!” you yell, shoving him again. “If it weren’t for the stupid price I would have kicked you out after the first week!”

Up until this point you two had fought plenty of times…well you had yelled and he’d replied with sarcastic remarks, but never before had you lost your temper like this. Jaebum raised his eyebrows as he watched you come forwards again, this time grabbing a hold of your wrists before you could shove him again. “I’ll clean it up [Y/N], I swear! I’m sorry, I’ll pay for everything that was broken,” he said, just wanting to get you to calm down.

“Would you let me go?!” you yelled, not even close to calming down as you writhed and twisted in his grip, trying anything to get his iron steel of a grip to loosen.  Jaebum didn’t let go however, watching the way you huffed and groaned, knowing that it was a shit time to be the sarcastic asshole that he knew he was, but god you were hot when you were like this. Your hair was getting pulled from your ponytail, little strands getting in your face, and the way you were moving around, your t-shirt had been pulled to the side, a large portion of your bra exposed to him.

“You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex,” he said, his eyes searing into yours as he finally let you go, causing you to stumbled back a few steps, your eyes growing twice in size as you looked back at him, a mix of shock and anger taking over your face. Licking his bottom lip the two of you stayed just like that, doing nothing but starting until suddenly you were coming at him again, your hands grabbing the front of your shirt and yanking him forward hard, your lips smashing together…hard. It was like you were transferring all your anger, all your pure distaste for his man into that kiss. Jaebum thought he could taste blood, and whether it was his or yours he wasn’t sure, but god damn this was hot. His hands immediately launched forward, grabbing the hem of your shirt and yanking it off, separating your lips.

“I still hate you,” you hissed, ripping open the button-down shirt he’d been wearing, buttons flying around you as you exposed his chest. “I hate that you walk around naked all the time when I’m trying to concentrate,” you said, feeling him pull you back in for another hard kiss, his hands fumbling with the button of your jeans, your hands immediately yanking them down and tripping out of them.

“I hate how god damn messy you are,” another kiss, this time his pants being yanked down. “I hate your friends,” your braw disappeared this time, “I hate that you act like a stupid teenager,” his boxers were gone, your panties flung. Before you could continue your list Jaebum had wrapped an arm around your lower back and lifted you up, your legs wrapped around his as he made his way towards his bedroom, slamming your back into the wall, not watching where he was going while desperately working on your lips. Letting out a yelp you immediately dug your nails into his back, triggering a hiss from him as his eyes opened and looked into yours. The look of anger that you’d been shooting at him was still there but he was at least glad to see that it was now mixed with pure pleasure and want, partially registering the wet feel of your care that was pressed against his abs.

“You hurry up and get to the bedroom?” you hissed, making him laugh, a smirk overtaking him as he kissed you hard again, this time being more careful with where he was going. The moment that he’d thrown you down on the bed he’d moved to his night stand, pulling out the condom and slipping it on as quickly as he could. Before he could move on top of you, you had grabbed him, forcing him onto the bed so that he was sitting up, his back against the wall, you crawling into his lap and not even wasting any time as you sat on top of him, sinking down the entirety of his length. Letting out low groans of pleasure you immediately started moving, not even giving him a moment to catch up as you moved up and down as fast as you possibly could, your anger still fueling ever single action you made.

“You…broke…my favorite lamp,” You seethed at him between pants. “There’s a hole…this size of…your big…oh fuck…. the size of your…big fucking head…in my kitchen wall,” you managed to get out as Jaebum finally got on your level, one hand grabbing onto your hip while the other cupped your breast and he began to thrust up long and hard into you.

“I said I’d fix it for fuck sake,” he said, biting his lip hard as he took control of the pace completely and began lifting you on his own and then slamming you back down as hard as he possibly could. The position that you two ere in allowed him to get as deep as you possibly could, your angry being phased out for the time being as your mind went fuzzy, unable to concentrate on anything except for the feel of him as he hit the same spot repeatedly, relentlessly, giving you now time to breath. Your entire chest was turning a deep flush of red, your head falling back as small gasps left your mouth, unable to produce any other noise. Jaebum panted himself as he leaned forward and sucked hard on each of your breasts, glorifying in the pure roughness of the sex.

You squeezed, his bit, you scratched, and he hold on tighter. There would be marks all over the both of you, signs the roughness that had ensued in his bed. It didn’t take long before you felt your core take on that familiar coil feeling. It was like you were a rubber band that was being twisted and soon enough you were going to snap. Letting out a strangled noise that was somewhere between a scream and moan you completely lost it, cuming harder than you had in your entire life. Little bursts of black shot across your vision as Jaebum didn’t let up on his thrusts, gritting his teeth hard as he came a few more thrusts after you, your entire body on fire from over stimulation. Falling to the side, both of you lay in bed, facing one another but unable to say anything as you both desperately tried to catch your breath.

Finally, after minutes of nothing but panting and little moans that kept coming out like aftershocks, you felt like you could move. Pulling yourself off him, you rolled so that you were sitting on the side of his bed and reached down on the ground, grabbing one of his t-shirts, pulling it on before standing up.

“Where are you going?” he asked, still slightly breathless.

Turning back and looking at him, you only smirked at him. “I’m going to be my room to sleep…you’re going to clean the entire apartment.” You said simply as you walked to his door and opened it, turning one last time to looked at his stunned face. “Have fun,” you said simply before closing the door behind you, leaving a completely stunned and for the first time, silent Jaebum behind on his bed. “God damn she’s a force to be reckoned with,” he said, a smirk permanently on his lips.  

John Laurens version of satisfied

A friend reminded me how cool it would have been to have John singing/rapping a version of satisfied at Eliza and Alex’s wedding.

So I wrote it. She wrote the first fundamental truth and the first rap paragraph so shout out to becca.


okay okay okay! Everyone settle down! Everyone put your hands together, for the best man, John laurens!

A toast the groom!
To the bride!
From your best man
Who’s always gonna hide
All my feelings
In the hope I won’t get tired
Of trying
To look satisfied


I remember that night I just might regret that night for the rest of my days,
I remember me and the other boys tripping over ourselves to win the ladies’ praise,
I remember that dreamlike candlelight like a dream that you can’t quite place,
But Alexander, I’ll never forget the time I let you slip away

I have never been the same,
It was end of my life when she took his last name
And when he said hi he felt just the same
But in my brain, I was feeling pain
This is not a game

You strike me, a man you would never throw away his shot
I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, you have lost the plot
Your like me, and I like you a lot
Are you on pot?
Laurens I like you a lot
My name is John laurens
Alexander Hamilton
Where’s your family from?
Im an orphan, but there’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait just you wait

So so so this is what it feels like to match wits with someone with a passion what the hell is the catch?
It’s the feeling of fear of blurting it out
Saying my feelings by running my mouth
I feel like a mouse
The conversation lasted for two drinks maybe three drinks
Everything we said was in total agreement
He’s a bit of a dream is a bit of a hunk
And I’ve got no self esteem and I’m gonna get drunk
Im usually a flirt, but today I just shrunk
I asked about his family, did you hear his answer?
he says he’s an orphan, he thought I would flunk, he penniless, but he’s my piece of junk

Handsome, boy does he know it!
Is he straight? I wish he would show it!
I want to tell him i think he’s great
Is saying I’m a gay a risk I can take?

And I’m so helpless

Oh no! I am helpless

Do my eyes say helpless?

Then I realise three fundamental truths at the exact same time

Angelica, John is talking to me,
But I’m about to change your life!
If you insist, then lead the way.

Number 1!

I’m a boy where my job in this world is to marry someone who’s a girl,
My fathers homophobic so the thought of me being gay would make him sick,
So I’m the oldest and an abolitionist and my role in the war could make me the straightest,
And Alexander says he like women
Ha! That doesn’t mean I can’t win

Elizabeth schuyler, it’s pleasure to meet you
Another sister?

Number 2!

He’s after her because she’s a schuyler sister, that elevates his status I,
guess dating me was be social suicide,
even though he’s bi,
Now he’s married to Eliza
Now she’s his bride
Nice going John my dad was right, I don’t deserve my pride.

Thank you for all your service
If it takes fighting a war for us to meet it would have been worth it
what is he doing?

Number 3!

I love that man and it will blow my own mind
I have never met a man who is as brave that I could find
If I tell him that I love him
Eliza would be fried
He’d be mine
She would say I’m fine
She’d be lying

But when I fantasise in the trench
It’s Alexander’s eyes
As I romanticise what might have been If was a bigger size
And that told him the sexuality, just said it out right
I need to keep his eyes in my life

To the groom!
To the bride!
From your best man
Who’s always gonna hide
All my feelings
In the hope I won’t get tired
Of trying
To look satisfied

And i know, she’ll be happy as his bride
I don’t know if he will ever be satisfied
I won’t ever be satisfied


No hate please xoxo

sonofagxn  asked:

hi, i love your videos :D i just wanted to ask, did the nose piercing hurt? (sorry if It's a fucking stupid question, I'm curious xD)

alrighty bud, sit on down and grab a drink cuz im about to tell you a story…
one day, im visiting my dad (who did all my tattoos btw) and we’re stoned out of our minds (or at least i am, not sure how much he smoked, i’m a lightweight) and i tell him: “bro, my boyfriend (at the time) says i’d look good with a septum”
and hes like:“yeah i can see it, your one of those people who could pull it off decently”
and im like “yeah man i wanna get it done”
and he’s like: “i could do it for you”
and im like “really nigga?!”
and he’s like “or you could do it yourself, whatevers comfortable”
so he gets this metal rod and bends it into a ring and gets a hypodermic needle and gets a bead and blah blah blah
so he’s about to do it, but hes holding wrong and stuff and im like “yeah dude, i think ill do it myself, if im gonna fuck up, im gonna fuck up on my own accord.” and he’s like “yeah dude, thats cool, go getem’ tiger!”
so i get to the mirror, i got the needle, i push this thing through my nose after 10 minutes of hyping myself up, i push it through, there was a little prick and it felt tight, teared up and stuff, it did hurt. but i didnt even relise it was all the way through until it poked me on the other side of my nostril XD its that sharp. so i get the metal rod/ring, and pull out the needle, and of course its bleeding, and its sore as a motherfucker, and i have to shove this thing through an open wound basically and THAT fuckin hurt, getting the ring it (cause it wasnt a peircing needle, it was just standard issue hypodermic needle) but i got it through, then we closed the ring with plyers (oh yeah, getting this thing off is gonna be fun XD) it was sore for about a week, felt like i got punched in the nose really hard during the night XD but its better now, not so snotty (’cept when im sick or crying) but its still healing. im thinking about getting some plyers or cutters to get the bead off, i dont like the bead, then pry it open a bit so i can get it off whenever i get an ACTUAL septum ring XD
The End

Shattered [2/2]

Characters: Baekhyun x You

Type: angst, fluff

Word count: 2665

A/N: I wanted this to be as realistic as it could, also different than all those other bullying scenarios. I hope you like this as much as the 1st part.

It hurts to get all the fault for something you haven’t even done in the first place.

Part 1

Baekhyun never thought about what he would feel when reality finally caught up to him, it was something way more painful than the lawsuit actually triggered in the past. Seeing you being transported to the camping place and then flown away to a hospital with a helicopter was something that he wouldn’t really be able to ever forget, not with the immense guilt cursing through his body. It was unbearable.

“You found her Baekhyun?” The teacher walked up to him, stopping right in-front of him.

“I did.” He silently nodded. “I found her backpack lying there first and followed that trace.” It wasn’t a lie, he really found the place that way. So why did it feel like he was actually lying?

“I don’t believe you.” Mrs. Im looked ahead, her face grim and serious. “Since we came here, you were hogging her and bugging her to the extreme. Don’t think that I was believing you not showing her down the stairs of the bus the day we arrived.”

Baekhyun’s jaw tightened as a sick feeling spread in his gut. Was this woman serious? “Say that again.” He growled out, standing up and looking down at her startled body, spitting fire. “You knew? All this while and didn’t thought about stopping me, at all?!” Tears of disbelieve and anger streamed down his face as he looked into the face of the woman who could and should have stopped him! Why didn’t she? Why did she look away when it was her job to interfere?!

Gulping down in discomfort, Mrs. Im looked away. “I never saw you do something, it was always just a thought. I would have never thought you would be able to do this, not with how you was looking at her.”

“Don’t lie.” Baekhyun spluttered out, his face contorted in disgust at the adult in front of him as he ignored her last statement completely. “I had a reason to hate her, my fault is that I acted upon it and hurt her. But you only, selfishly, thought about yourself and let your student get hurt because of me! ”

“Selfish?” Mrs. Im frowned. “Student get bullied for the bully himself to feel good. Bullying itself is a selfish act.”

“But I am just a teenage boy who didn’t knew better.” Baekhyun finally exploded.“I never thought about the consequences and damage I was doing to her! Hell, I wasn’t even seeing them when she was always right in-front of me. I never noticed what it did to her personality! But you –“, a sob broke free, “you were able to see everything. You were someone who looked from the sideline and didn’t get emotionally into it! You had the subjective view, you are also an adult who probably heard and participated in thousand of lectures about bullying in high school and how to notice and prevent them!”

Mr. Im just looked at him with wonder, staying silent and not answering him in any way. Baekhyun was oozing with complete guilt and sadness. He was mad and while he was shouting at her, he was just releasing the pending anger he was actually feeling towards himself. His feelings are, again, misdirected.

“I will destroy you, Mrs. Im!” He promised, bitter tears rolling down his cheeks. “I will make sure that I am not the only one paying this price, I will take Y/N’s revenge on the both of us! She never deserved this.”

“I am sorry?” The teacher raised an eyebrow, now completely baffled. “Why is it that you always need to blow up on other people to feel good?”

“What?” He growled out.

“Bullying Y/N was because you were misdirecting your sadness and searching for a scapegoat for all the madness in you and now you are doing the exact same thing with me. The only difference is that you are finally giving yourself some slack and blaming you as well. But why do you need to always hurt other people to feel good?”

Baekhyun didn’t know how to answer to that. When did he turn into an egoistical jerk like that, giving people scars to heal his. Not wanting to be the only one with miserable feelings and be the source to that of others?

“I’m disgusting. I should have just left her alone, let her live her life in peace and enjoy the remaining days of her school life. Then maybe one of us would have a nice life.” He laughed at himself. “I should now just lock myself away and just come out for graduation or something.”

“Do you really think that would be what she wants?” The teacher sighed. “You are afraid to face her. But if you let that fear rule you, you won’t ever make your wrongs right, you know. You would stay this guilty, probably forever.”

“I don’t deserve anything else. Besides, she wouldn’t want to see me.” He looked away. “I wouldn’t want to see me.”

“That may be true, but Y/N deserves closure from that phase of her life. She deserves an apology, something that would mild all her bitterness and pain.” Sensing the questioning gaze in her, the older woman went on. “Y/N won’t be able to enjoy the remaining time of school anymore. She will only take the last exams before graduation and stay mostly home, she already signed all formulas for that some days prior to this trip. That was the reason why I had her on my radar the whole time.“

“She already prepared everything to get away from me.” He chuckled, self mocking.

The teacher just turned around, taking some steps away from Baekhyun. “You should at least visit her in the hospital, Baekhyun, just to see her. You guys were friends after all.”

“Where do you even know that?” He gaze turned glassy, his mind wandering to the past.

Turning to the boy, the older woman’s face broke into a motherly smile. “You may not even notice it, but like I said before, your eyes are searching her during class. And whenever they reach Y/N’s figure without her or even you knowing, they soften up. You have great affection towards her, which were deeply buried by your anger. Be careful, by now they could have turned into something so much more.”

Baekhyun left the trip that day and went back home, his conscious not giving him any rest. Opening the door to his home, he stepped in silently. Internally pleading that his parents weren’t home or wouldn’t have heard him coming back from the trip late at night and on the wrong day. Especially with swollen red eyes, while being all dirty.

But luck wasn’t on his side, he bitterly accepted it a chuckle when his mum walked out of the living room in surprise. “Baekhyun, already here? I thought you were arriving in the morning of the day after tomorrow? What’s wrong, why do you look so…”

“Mum, don’t.” He looked away. “You should be ashamed of me, disgusted of this son of yours. Don’t care for me, it hurts even more.”

Since the day of of his fathers lawsuit, Baekhyun started to shut himself off of the people he was the closest with. His former friends, you and especially his mother who he always loved to talk to. He would often ask for advice, him telling her his worries and her helping whenever she could.

Now after more than three years, her son was finally starting to turn back into the Baekhyun she knew. That night, Baekhyun fell asleep in his mothers arms, telling her his wrong doings he was so bitterly regretting.

It will take you a week to leave the hospital, another week to leave your bed and two months on top of that to heal your broken fingers and leg completely. Other than that you just had a mild concussion, which would heal completely in the week you would stay in the hospital. Everything will heal probably and nothing will leave any staying marks or damages on your body. Your mind, however, was something entirely different of course.

You would never ever completely forget any of the bullying experience, any of the feelings. Maybe things will get easier, maybe the feeling of utter fear and helplessness will dissolve with time and only leaving memories. But nevertheless, you didn’t want it to rule your life. To make you so scared of looking forward, that you will always look back.

It shouldn’t be that way. This experience, as horrifying as it was, should be something to learn from. You shouldn’t have had second thoughts of reporting Baekhyun to a teacher, you should have done it after the first incident of bullying. Because nothing is more precious than ones own condition and well fare. Nothing will be ever as important as protecting yourself from harm, especially if you were innocent.

You told yourself no more. Because with this you were absolutely free. From school and the classmates who never helped you, from a boy you thought was your friend and had the ability to protect you even a little bit, and your past best friend that held more meaning than you wanted to ever admit. He isn’t worthy anymore and probably won’t ever be again. You wouldn’t ever have to look at him anymore; well, that is what you thought.

The first time Baekhyun came to visit, was during the morning of the next day of your arrival. He seemed to have taken a shower, all dirt off him as his hair was messily tousled on his head. He was rather uncertain as he walked into your room slowly, his gaze on the ground.

Nobody else was in the room, your parents letting themselves get persuaded by you to go home and resume their work. They could come and visit after, you said. But now you were certainly regretting it. The want to just jump off the bed and out of the door was just as big as the feeling of wanting to throw a punch at his face for everything he has done to you, unbearable.

It was more than a surprise when Baekhyun’s shoulder started to tremble, quite sobs ranging through the silent room, only the machines you were attached to making an accompanying sound.

You just couldn’t look at his face, his figure. It was a mirror, a scene so familiar to you, it hurt. The roles were nearly reversed. This time it was him bitterly crying while you seemed nearly expressionless. But you weren’t him, and while he already died to you as your best friend and the boy you thought you knew, you were not going to stoop on his level and feel superior all of a sudden, going all out to hurt him back. No, you were not like that you will never be. And maybe that would be more painful, you killing him with kindness.

“I am so sorry, Y/N.” He chocked out, broken in a silent whisper as relieve washed over him at your well being. His voice hoarse and rough, it wasn’t his first time crying, you concluded. “I know what I did is unforgivable and so disgusting, nothing I say will and could change that. But just know that I am sorry for what I did to you and that I will forever feel guilty for it.”

The surprise washed pretty fast off you and your mouth moved faster than you could progress, the words out before you could stop them. “I forgive you.”

It should have been another relieve, one for both sides. He should have felt light, free of the guilt and sadness that wasn’t leaving his body. And you should have felt good, to actually feel kind of proud of your decision. Yet the memories of the bullying was still there, the hallow feeling in you wasn’t leaving. And Baekhyun? He was breaking down.

Sitting on the ground, his hands holding his face, his full body shook at the sobs breaking out fully. Just like you prior, he was shattering right front of your eyes. His conscious was taking the revenge you desperately ignored, it was tearing him apart further.

But was there really an ounce of real forgiveness in you, or did you just say that because it would have been the best?

“W-why?” His fists hit the ground repeatedly, his anger getting the best of him, leaning his head against the ground in defeat. “Why are you so kind? Don’t be! Hate me, shout at me, hurt me back!”

“This isn’t about me anymore, is it?” You whispered. “It agonises you, it’s giving you more guilt, doesn’t it?”

“You are doing it to hurt me.” He stated, his eyes looking at you, nearly hopeful. At this point, he wanted to get punished. It would be another way to feel better about what he did.

“No.” You smiled, a sad smile directed at him. Catching his eyes, you sighed.“The moment I arrived I wanted to hurt you back so badly. But now I am just so tired. Physically and mentally totally drained. Why should I hurt myself more with unnecessary pains and hatred? Letting go is so much easier, trying to forget will be so much easier. Starting from leaving this hospital my life will really begin.”

Baekhyun stayed silent, leaving soon after, not for the last time. He agreed that you should and would start your life after leaving the hospital. It would be a bit hard, but more than possible. However, who said that you needed to go through it alone? He would be by your side. Not to make himself forgivable (he already was forgiven), but to feel like he changed for the better. So that he could at least say that he did something good for you, so that he can be sure that you were coping up fine and will be fine in the future as well. He owed you that, and so much more. The least he could do was look after you.

It was strange having him come to visit you a lot more, each day with another present. At first it was get well soon balloons, then some fruits to get more energy, and one day he came with an old book in his hands. You remembered that book, it was a gift from you to him when you were in elementary school. And because Baekhyun was way smarter than you and learned to read way faster, he was the one who always read you the tales. You would have never guessed that he still kept it, not after voicing out his hatred countess of times.

“I couldn’t dare to throw this away.” He looked down on the cover, caressing it gentle before taking a seat besides your hospital bed. “It was too precious, I couldn’t even touch it.” Opening the book to a random page, he smiled up at you before starting to read.

Having him read each day was soothing. It was surely helping you with getting better, as much as you wanted to leave him and the past chapter behind. He was just sticking to you now.

Maybe your relationship won’t ever be as it was in the past.

Maybe you guys will part after graduation.

Maybe everything will turn even worst.

But you forgave him and he started to get his act together.

He shattered you and you shattered him. Karma will always come back, even unintentional. Life knows how to punish injustice, you just need to have patience and the will to go on.

You're the Only One for Me

Summary: Punk Louis, you dont know if he really loves you, so he shows you. (Smut) 

I hope you like it, if you have any ideas, tell me and feedback wuld be great. Thanks for reading. 

I thought we were good for each other, but sometimes almost is not enough, he could’ve just told me. If he wanted out he could’ve talked to me but no, i just had to see him, see him with her like that touching each other, i feel sick.

I sighed, and walked out of the party, i couldn’t get them out of my head, his hands all over her. I loved him with everything i had and now i cant even look at him, without that sight, i just need to get out of there.

i walked in the front door and locked it, i leaned my head on the door, i wanted to cry, but i don’t think its worth it.

I understand who he is, and how he acts even when i say ‘i love you’ i knew that he felt the same way but never i thought that he would do this and that girl. His ex, honestly i don’t know what to think. i walked into my bedroom, everyone told me that ‘he will break your heart one day’ and that ‘he is bad for you, you’ll just get hurt’ i didn’t believe them.

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The Demons Apprentice 8

…I’m posting this too soon. I’m going to trip over myself again. *rubs face* AGHHHHHhhhh… but ignore me, enjoy yourselves 



[part 8]

[Chapter 4: I’m So Tired:]



Something was wrong.

Cipher sat up, limbs still achey. Where was PineTree? He looked around. Not in the room. He got up from the bed and walked into the hall. Not there. He continued to go down the hallway. 


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Hey can you make an imagine where you don’t realize your bff Robbie likes you and you make jokes with him every now and then on how you’re “forever alone” so he tries to do really romantic things for you but you just convince yourself its nothing because you think its too good to be true, and then one day he just rambles about his feelings for you? **if you want an added challenge, try to make it as fluffy as possible, so much fluff I could knit a sweater with it XD Thanks :) -Anon

The school bell rings and you let out a huge sigh as you walk out of class. You walk to your locker and wait for your best friend Robbie. “Thank gosh it’s friday” you say as you see him. “This week has been so long and awful. Ugh” Robbie laughs and says “well that’s finals week for you. So, im thinking we should celebrate. How about some starbucks?” You roll your eyes and laugh “where else would we go" 

The two of you walk outside to the parking lot and get into Robbie’s car. As he drives to the local starbucks, you guys chat about the finals and what you thought about them. "Okay, seriously, that English final was hell. Like I swear half the stuff was either not on the study guide or we didn’t ever learn it” you say. “I mean, it wasn’t that bad. It was pretty easy to bs that stuff” Robbie says. You narrow your eyes at him. He looks over and says “what!?” “ugh of course it was easy for you.” And then you mimic him as you say in a high pitched voice “im Robbie Kay, Im so smart and everyone else is so stupid. I get all A’s yay!” “hey!” Robbie says “Stop it, my voice does not sound like that" 

The two of you pull into the starbucks parking lot laughing and go inside and order your drinks. You sit down at a table and mention to robbie how empty it is today. "everyone probably went home to get some sleep” he says. The two of you start chatting and lose track of time. When you check your phone, you find that you’ve been sitting there for about an hour and a half now. “geez,” you say. “time just flies by” “tell me about it” Robbie answers. The two of you just kind of sit there quietly for a few moments and you look up to see a couple walking in. You can’t help but stare at them and how they’re holding hands and hugging each other. 

You look at Robbie who’s watching you watch the couples and say “ugh. couples. they keep reminding me how im so forever alone” “aw dont say that” Robbie says. “you’ll find someone one day. and hey, you’ve got me..” “that’s true, if I dont find anyone at least I always have you. If we’re 40 and im still not married, im coming to you.” Robbie smiles and says “deal. Ill always be there for you." 

your mind starts going off. "did he just flirt with me?’ you think. "nah, it cant be” “anyways,” Robbie snaps you out of your conversation with yourself “are you coming to that party with me tonight?” “yea I wouldn’t miss it for a thing" 

later that night as you finish getting ready, you get a text from Robbie which says "im here. you ready?” You quickly look at yourself in the mirror before heading out. You were wearing a little black dress which hugged you in all the right places. You had on your favorite pair of bright pink heels, hair curled, and a some shiny lip gloss. “Maybe ill finally catch a guy tonight” you think. You run outside and Robbie’s eyebrows go way, way up. “Woah” he says. “too much?” you ask with a wince “no, its, um, you look really…hot to be honest” he said hot like it wasn’t in his vocabulary and it made you laugh. “aww thanks Robbie. that was the point. I need to find like a hookeup tonight or something. I done with being a loner" 

As he drives you to the party he says, "you don’t need a hookup when you have me” “i know, i know, but i can’t exactly makeout with you can I?’ Robbie wishpers something that sounds like "yes you can” “what?” you say. “nothing. anyways we’re here lets go” You shake your head and tell yourself you didn’t really hear that. 

You and Robbie go inside and talk to a few friends and then head to the nearest couch. You find yourself losing track of time all over again as you talk to him. But you don’t really mind, you loved to just sit and talk to Robbie. You look away from Robbie’s face and see so many couples making out, grinding, or groping each other. You sign and whisper to yourself, “why don’t I have a guy?” Robbie must’ve heard you because he leans forward and says ‘can I have a dance?“ 

You smile and say "of course” Robbie takes you over to where everyone is dancing and puts his arm around your waist. He’s a pretty good dance, you’ve got to admit. You laugh as he twirls you around and it makes him grin. Someone taps your shoulder and you turn around, getting ready to yell at someone for interrupting your and robbie’s dance. But you couldn’t. because the guy who tapped you is mega hot and you’re dying on the inside. 

“sorry for interrupting, but i was wondering you wanted to dance” you will yourself to form a coherent sentence as you say “uh, sure, of course!” The hot guy smiles and you turn to Robbie and motion that you’ll meet up later. Robbie walks away with a look of hurt on his face. 

The dance with the random hot guy was pretty awesome and the two of you walk over to a random corner. He pulls you closer by the waist and you think “yes its finally going to happen” soon, you start making out, and it was pretty flipping awesome. later that night, you met up with Robbie again and you can’t wait to tell him what happened. “omg Robbie guess what? We made out! That cute guy and I made out! It finally happened!” Robbie scowls and says “yea, yea, that’s great” “robbie, what’s wrong? Why are you acting like this?” “I just, no reason, im sorry, do you want to go home now?” “yea..sure" 

on your way home, you try to think of reasons why Robbie might be acting strange. "could he be jealous?” you ask yourself. No, that can’t be it. Why would robbie be jealous? that would mean he likes you, which he obviously doesn’t. Robbie pulls up to your house and you say thanks and go inside. That night you cant sleep because you have this nagging feeling that Robbie might like you. You think of all the things that Robbie has done. How he set up such a wonderful dinner on your birthday. He gave you a flower and wore such a dashing suit and tie and made you feel so special. How he always brings you your favorite food when you’re sick and lies in bed with you and watches your favorite shows. How he is always taking care of you. is that friendship or something more? Could Robbie really like me? But it cant, it’s all too good to be true. You sigh and turn over, and fall asleep.

The next day you yet again have another party. That night Robbie arrives at your house a little earlier so he comes up to your room as you get ready. “Ugh, im running out of time!” you yell. you fell asleep and woke up half an hour before you had to leave. “relax” Robbie says. “Can I help with anything?” “Can you put on my makeup and straighten my hair?” “well, makeup I can’t, but I can straighten your hair" 

You slowly turn around. "seriously?” “yea, I mean It seems pretty easy. I can try.” “uh yea go for it” Robbie smiles and says “no problem” you turn around and watch in the mirror as he picks up your straightener and starts to straighten your hair. He’s not perfect at it, but pretty good. “seriously, thanks Robbie” “it’s no problem at all. Now hurry and do your makeup” There’s no way this is just friendship you think to yourself. Suddenly, you really want to know the truth. You have to find out. 



“can i ask you a question?”


“why were you acting like that yesterday? you got all sad and kinda mad when I danced with that guy and later when I told you about it you were scowling” you look in the mirror to catch a glimpse of any facial expressions

Robbie freezes up. “uh, no reason really. I was just thinking about something”

“what were you thinking about?”

theres silence for a minute “what the world has come to. and how there’s bad people out there" 

you snort and turn around. "yeah right. Cut the crap Robbie. What were you really thinking about?" 

"i just, i dont want to talk about it" 

you stare him down and give him that look that you know scares the crap out of him. 

"okay, okay fine. Just stop looking at me like that. I just, I felt bad when you were dancing with that guy because i wanted you to keep dancing with me. and…when you came to tell me that you made out with him I wanted to be the one to do that with you. and its so frustrating because you cant even see how much i like you. I like you so much and you’re always going off about how youre going to be forever alone but i tell you no because ill be there for you but you dont seem to get it and I just like you so much. i want to hold your hand and kiss you and hug you and do all these couple-y stuff with you.” Robbie stops and his eyes widen as he realizes everything he just spewed out. 

your eyes are wide to as you realize everything he just said. “you like me?”

he nods

“why didn’t you tell me earlier you idiot?! Then I wouldn’t have made out with that guy and instead made out with you!”

Robbies eyes widen again

“And i actually didn’t realize that you like me until very recently and i always thought of you as a best friend because I thought i would lose you if i thought of you as something more. But, I actually think I like you too" 

Robbie smiles and says "so, tonight at the party, instead of looking for other guys to kiss…" 

"ill already be kissing you” you finish with a laugh. Robbie laughs too and the two of you walk out to his car holding hands.

*geez this was really long. It’s not mega fluffy and im sorry for that but i hope you likee :)*

anonymous asked:

hc request! rfa members react to MC having to stay home due to really bad period cramps and nausea. dont know if its been done but i havent seen it sooo~:P

i know no one asked, but im gnna write this one with them in high school (again)


  • every time MC misses school Yoosung gets so dang worried
  • so of course, MC wakes up from a nap at around 11 AM with about six texts from Yoosung
  • “MC, are you okay?”
  • “did your car crash on the way to school?”
  • “are you sick?”
  • “vomiting?”
  • “dead?!”
  • as MC reads the texts, they start to laugh
  • “i’m not dead, Yoosungie, although i feel like i am. i have bad cramps today, thats all”
  • “cramps so bad you had to miss school?!”
  • “yea”
  • for the rest of the day Yoosung doesn’t respond to MC
  • but that’s fine since he was at school anyway
  • at around 2 PM MC hears a knock on their door
  • they’re still in pajamas, but answer it anyway
  • “Yoosung? what are you doing here?”
  • Yoosung was standing in their doorway with two blankets and several DVD’s
  • school ended at 2:15, which means Yoosung ditched school early to see MC
  • “i thought you must have felt lonely cooped up inside all day”
  • Yoosung smiles sweetly at MC, admiring how cute they look in pajamas
  • “i know i was lonely without you at school”
  • MC blushes and lets yoosung in although they suspect Yoosung is using them as an excuse to cut class
  • the rest of they day they spend together cuddled up under blankets and watching movies
  • Yoosung doesnt even care when MC falls asleep during the movies 
  • he knows that resting will help their cramps
  • relaxing with Yoosung helped ease MC’s pain


  • Zen came in the morning to pick MC up for school
  • he rang the doorbell and waited a bit for MC to answer
  • they opened the door still in pajamas, hair messy and eyes barley open
  • “sorry i forgot to tell you, Zen. i’m staying home today”
  • “is everything okay?”
  • “yea, it’s just cramps”
  • MC grimaces a little
  • Zen thought that MC should have someone to take care of them since their parents worked during the day
  • “good thing i’m free today”
  • Zen walks inside past MC
  • “free…? it’s a tuesday, Zen. go to class”
  • “how can i go to class when my damsel is in distress?”
  • MC blushes, although they hardly feel like a damsel right now
  • Zen thinks their bed head is adorable, though
  • Zen gets MC medicine when their cramps act up
  • and he even rubs their stomach while they fall asleep
  • and while MC is sleeping he runs out and buys chocolate for them
  •  “hey there, sleeping beauty. i got you something to cheer you up”
  • “you’re the best, Zenny”
  • taking care of MC makes Zen feel like he cant understand why some dudes are so afraid of periods
  • although Zen hated seeing MC in pain
  • he enjoyed the opportunity to care for them


  • Jaehee was always the sweetest to MC when their time of the month came
  • maybe it was because she was a woman, but she insisted that MC contact her whenever they needed taking care of
  • so when MC woke up with cramps that kept them from going to school, they decided to text Jaehee
  • “Jaehee, would it be too much trouble to visit me after school today? i’m in so much pain! i wish i had some of your tea right about now T.T”
  • Jaehee never responded to the text, but instead was at their door in a matter of minutes
  • “I was on my way to school when i got your message, so i just decided to come over”
  • “Jaehee-”
  • “go rest some more, MC. when you wake up we can have breakfast”
  • MC agrees to sleep, feeling too groggy to convince Jaehee to go back to school
  • when MC woke up again, they were greeted with the smell of chocolate chip cookies
  • MC walks into the kitchen, rubbing their eyes sleepily
  • “hey there. feeling better?”
  • “a little….did you bake cookies, Jaehee?”
  • “i sure did! i already ate some though”
  • Jaehee craves sweets when she’s on her period all the time, so she figured she’s whip something up for MC
  • MC smiles
  • “I made you some tea, too”
  • Jaehee’s tea was always perfect for calming down MC’s cramps
  • “Jaehee, i wish you were here all the time”
  • Jaehee turnes bright red when she hears MC say that with their cute sleepy voice
  • Jaehee wishes she was with them all the time, too


  • Jumin hates school without MC
  • everyone at school was so annoying
  • MC was like his saving grace throughout the day
  • so of MC isn’t at school
  • why should he be?
  • MC didnt get out of bed till around noon, their cramps keeping them bedridden 
  • when MC comes into the living room, they see Jumin sitting on their couch, watching TV
  • “Jumin?! how did you get in here?!”
  • “I got your garage code from Seven”
  • he stands up and walks to MC, taking their hands in his
  • the sudden gesture surprises them
  • “school is to hard without you., MC i thought i’d come take care of you”
  • Jumin would honestly much rather spend all day taking care of MC than go through a day of high school without them
  • “i even made pancakes”
  • Jumin had made pancakes, but he kind of did a terrible job
  • “i’m not hungry”
  • “that’s alright. what do you need? i’ll get you anything.”
  • Jumins willingness to grant any request MC could have made them blush
  • “i just want to go back to sleep…”
  • “alright. come here and i’ll be your pillow”
  • Jumin sits on the couch again
  • MC lays on the couch, putting their head in his lap
  • the two fall asleep like that
  • the picture of comfort


  • MC usually got up around 6 AM to get ready for school
  • but they had awful cramp pains so they just decided to fall back asleep
  • around 7 AM they were woken up by their phone ringing
  • it was an incoming call from Seven
  • “Seven, what is it? im sleeping”
  • “Hello, this is detective Seven Zero Seven calling for investigation purposes. you’re on speaker phone”
  • MC hears the voices of the other RFA members over the phone
  • they must be in their usual morning hang out place before class started
  • “what are you investigating, Seven Dork Seven?”
  • Seven ignores the insult
  • “the disappearance of MC”
  • “I’m just having bad cramps this morning, Seven. i’m in too much pain to show up for class”
  • MC hears some murmurs over the phone, but Sevens voice rises above them
  • “it’s cool guys, i got this”
  • then Seven hangs up
  • well that was….annoying
  • it was sweet that Seven wanted to check on MC
  • but that call felt kind of pointless
  • about an hour later MC is woken up once again, this time by the doorbell
  • “Seven?”
  • he was at their door in his pajamas holding a basket of food, two smoothies, and like ten DVD’s
  • “your care package is here!”
  • Seven lets himself in
  • “i figured you would be in your PJs, so i thought we could match. you like strawberry smoothies, right?”
  • “um..yea”
  • MC takes the smoothie
  • all the movies Seven brought over also happened to be MC’s favorites
  • Seven even made them breakfast
  • MC had no idea Seven could cook?
  • MC bites into a chocolate chip pancake, their pain dulled a bit after taking medicine
  • “you’re like, the best care package ever, Seven!”
  • Seven smiles brightly as he joins MC to eat breakfast
  • “anytime you want just give your pal detective Seven Zero Seven a call, okay?”
  • MC giggles
  • “okay!”


i’m natasha (22) and this is the kind of girlfriend i am, it’s long but bear with me, could possibly be worth it:

i’ll love binge-watching netflix with you even if we don’t actually end up watching, i’ll spoil ya physically and emotionally. i enjoy pizza.. a lot. i use emoji’s when texting. i’ll always be myself, which consists of lots of silliness when i want to be but serious when i need to be. ill never act/pretend/lie around you because i’m hoping you’ll accept me for who i am, that’s part of the deal and definitely want you to do the same. ill hug you too tight when you’re sad and hope you’ll do the same because its a two-way street, takes two to tango (ay get your mind outta the gutter). but i’ll give you your space when you need it.

i’ll hide little notes where you least expect them just to remind you how i feel about you when im not actually there to tell you myself. i’ll wait for you if you’re late and not complain, or just come to your house and make us both even later, im one of those weird people that’s nice to cashiers, valets, and waiters because i work same level jobs while in school. i’ll probably show off at times but know it’s specifically for you, no one else. the simplest things you do will mean the most and sleeping in will have a new meaning when we’re doing it together. i’ll take extra care of you when you’re sick, buying too much dayquil/nyquil and looking up every home remedy that exists. i’ve been told i’m awesome at giving massages, so expect plenty of them. everytime i see you, you’ll see the excitement i’m feeling on my face. i’ll let you be you and actually will WANT you to be. i’ll sleep better when you’re next to me and can only hope it’s the same for you.

i’ll hold the door open for you everytime. i won’t walk away without a goodbye kiss.. or two. we can watch your movie/show first because i’ll trust in your choices. i’ll pull you close to me when i can’t handle the cuteness anymore. i can get ready really quick and let you wear all of my shirts if you must. i cant turn down a challenge and am very competitive. i’ll totally understand when you get jealous.. and do everything i can to show you there’s no reason to be. then i’ll still get jealous. i love hand-written notes and letters. i can definitely keep a secret, my work trains me for that. you will always look cute/hot/beautiful to me. when you’re sleeping, i promise to stay quiet, but i can’t promise that i’ll be able to hold back and keep my kisses to myself.. and if that wakes you, i’ll be so sorry. every single time.

done this before, met awesome people, so this is round dos. if this didn’t scare you and it’s what your looking for, or you just want a loyal as fuck gay friend, follow/message me. if you read this whole thing.. you get a cookie, seriously. and yes i did spend 45 minutes on a sunday writing this.

tumblr: @natinthecity
insta: natashadevita


BSM: He blames you for your parents divorce (Part 2)

A:/N Thank you for all the notes and messages on my first BSM! So glad you liked it so here’s part two. I got over 150 new followers from this so thank you!!! I’m always excepting requests and my masterlist should be up soon. Sorry if this sucks…I wrote it in school

Niall: You haven’t spoken to Niall since last night after he stormed out and to be honest, you didn’t want to. What he said really hurt you and you hated that he made you think the same. Now you thought that you were the reason for your parents divorce. It’s true that you family was getting along before Niall left to pursue his dream. So it makes sense that it had to be your fault for them splitting up.  

You woke up the next morning and went down stairs to see Niall making breakfast, which was weird cause he never cooks-not even for himself. You tried to ignore him and go straight to the fridge so you could get your juice and go back up to your room and pout by yourself. 

“Wait, Y/N” he said softly before you could leave. You sighed and looked at him before he could say anything, “Look, about everything that I said last night— I didnt mean any of it. It isn’t you fault that mom and dad are splitting up”

“No Niall it makes sense. we were on a good page before you left. It’s a coincidence that they’re getting a divorce when I’m the only one living with them.”

“No no no no Y/N,” he sighed, “everything I said was bullshit. I was just angry because I never saw it coming. It’s just hard to believe. You didn’t do anything to spark this. Mom and dad will even say so themselves. I talked to them late last night. You didn’t do anything wrong, Im sorry” He hugged you.

You sighed, “It’s okay. I love you Niall”

“I love you to sis…. Now lets eat some breakfast” he said looking down at his now burnt eggs.

“Maybe we should go out for breakafast” you smirked

Zayn: (his pov): The family dispersed from the table after that. Now it was just me and Perrie who was giving me a disappointed look and wiping the water off my face with a towel. “Zayn, you and I both know that there is no way that Y/N is the cause of your parents divorce,’ Perrie said putting the towel down and holding my hand. 

“Zayn..” My mom came in. 

Perrie let go of my hand, “I’m gonna go check on Y/N”

“Zayn honey-” “I know mom. What I said was uncalled for,” I said finishing for her. 

“Zayn, Y/N barely acknowledged me because I’m barely acknowledging her. She won that award weeks ago. I think shes just upset that I haven’t been giving her much attention. She in no way was the reason that I’m signing the final papers in the morning…Nothing that any of you kids could do would make this better. Its just what has to happen. And Im sorry it does but it’s the best for me and your dad,” now she started crying. 


“Please go apologize to your sister”

I ran up to Y/N room and saw her puffy face and red eyes as she laughed at something Perrie said. when she saw me, her smile left and she looked sad again. “Y/N I’m so sorry about what I said down there in front of everybody. Mom and dad splitting up has nothing to do with you. Mom said so her self that there is nothing you could have done to stopped it. I’m sorry for being a bitchy brother,” I lightly laughed. 

She sighed, “It’s just that mom…”

“I know she told me. I had no idea. I think the divorce has just been on her mind. She feels really bad about it. I’m really really sorry. You’re not selfish I promise.”

“It’s okay Zayn.”

“Well aren’t you going to apologize?” I smiled,

“For what?” She looked confused. 

“For throwing your water at me.”

“No way. You deserved that” She laughed,

I laughed to and put my hands up in defense, “Alright, alright”

Harry: You woke up and talked to your mom to apologize. She said nothing was you fault and that in fact she was very happy that you told her. This made you feel a lot better about your choice about telling your mother. After you and her cried, she stood up and smiled. “Im gonna need you to go get ready now.”

“Why? where am I going?” you asked, standing up and rubbing the tears from your eyes. 

“I need to talk to your father so Harry suggested taking you and Gemma out for lunch.”

You laughed, “They dont want me there so they can just go without me. I’ll find something to do”

“Gemma and Harry feel very bad about last night. Especially Harry. He was about to wake you up just to apologize. But you and me both now how crabby you can be if your woken up early” She joked. 

You smiled and left to get changed into something more suitable then your pajamas. After cleaning yourself up, you walked downstairs to see Harry and Gemma waiting for you in the family room. 

“Uh, hi” you said awkardly.

They both looked at you and stood up and caught you in a hug. “I’m so so sorry Y/N” Harry whispered in your ear, “You did the right thing by telling mom. I’m sorry for being so rude about it last night. You did nothing wrong. I feel awful I’m-“

You laughed and pushed him away, “Harry shut up its okay. I mean it is now. I’m not mad at you. I realized that I made the right decision with telling mom. I’m sorry for ruining the happy family dinner though…I just couldn’t stand looking at dad looking at us like we were his perfect family.”

“I dont blame you, I just cant believe this is actually happening”

“So to make us happy Harry is taking us shopping” Gemma tried to lighten the mood even more. 

You smirked, “I hope you’re bringing your credit cards because I’ve got a list of things I want. I want new vans, this shirt from American Apparel, a dress for a party thats coming up…” you went on listing everything that came to your mind. Harry playfully rolled his eyes and pushed his favorite two sisters out the door. 

Liam: (his pov): I woke up in the middle of the night with door opening and closing shut. I heard frantic foot steps on the hardwood floor out in the hallway and my mom’s anxious whisper echo in the dark. I shut my eyes before getting up, throwing a shirt and sweats on and walked outside in the hall to check on my mom. 

“Mom whats wrong?” I asked. 

“Where’s my baby?” She asked,crying. 


“Y/N..I was up just thinking about everything when I realized Y/N didn’t take her medication. So I went to get it to bring to her cause she can get bad without it and shes not there, Liam. She’s not there.” She paced back and forth. 

My foggy mind was now cleared. I wasn’t in a sleepy state anymore. “Okay Mom dont panic she can still be here.”

“What happened? Did she say anything to you?” She asked hoping for an answer that would lead her to Y/N..that place being a good place.

I thought back to the fight I had with Y/N. I yelled at her. everything I said was just awful. I blamed her for the divorce and told her she didn’t need the help of a doctor when I knew she did. My heart started picking up the pace. What if she did something extremely terrible? I ran to my car, yelling to my mom that I will find her. 

I drove to the bridge figuring that if she was going to do something stupid that it would be there. She has hinted it to me before in different conversations and I made sure to keep it in mind.

There she was, looking down and holding on to the railing that was there to make sure cars wouldnt fall down. She was crying. I ran to her, before she could do anything, I threw us both on the ground, my back landing on the ground and her on top of me. 

“What are you doing Liam?! Let me go!” She cried trying to push herself off of me. 

“I didn’t mean anything I said. Nothing you did was wrong. I so sorry for putting the blame on you. None of this is your fault. I love you so much I don’t know what I would do without you. Mom was worried sick about you. You’re perfect. Never do this again please. I was so scared” I was crying now but I didn’t care. 

She cried into my shoulder, “I’m so sorry Li-hum” She hiccuped.

“C’mon let me take you home,” I said picking her up and driving her home, keeping my eyes on her from now on. 

Louis: You started feeling extremely guilty that you were the reason your parents were getting a divorce. It’s been two weeks and Louis has yet to talk to you and that made you upset. You tried apologizing for what you said the night of your blow-out but he ignored you. Your sisters werent even talking to you. You felt so guilty for your bad behavior that you tried to change, hoping that it would make your parents get back together and your brother and sisters to talk to you again. 

You did all your homework, broke up with your boyfriend, and unfriended everyone who had a bad influence one you. You’re teachers were happy with the improvement of your grades, and so were your parents. But unfortunately you parents were getting along still and your old friends hated the new you. No matter what you did, you always do something wrong. Now your old friends bullied you. Called you names you tried to ignore, even would bring up your parents or brother. 

Things have gotten really bad. They would physically do things to you. The girls would pull your hair and the guys would shut your locker on your fingers. They were badasses. They didn’t care if they would get in trouble. 

You came home crying one day hoping that no one would be home. Too bad for you, your brother was home with Fizzy who must have come home from school sick. Louis looked at you and rushed to you. Even though he was upset with you, he knew it was rare for you to come home crying.

“What’s wrong Y/N?!" 

You ran upstairs instead of answering, but before you were out of view he caught a glimpse of the bright red spot on your cheek as if someone slapped you. which is exaclty what happened. You tried standing up for yourself by saying something that was a sensitive topic about the boy who slapped you, resulting in the slap. 

Two hours later, Louis walked through the door with two cups of tea and sat down on your bed even after you refused to look at him. You were under the covers facing the wall opposite of the door.  ”Y/N….”

"I tried so hard to change..for you and for mom and dad. But when I do my old friends get mad at me and hurt me and get me in trouble. Just like you said Louis, everything I do is wrong. I can do nothing right and I dont know what to do anymore.” you turned your head into your pillow and cried, secretly hoping for the comfort of your brother. 

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I feel awful about everything I said to you a couple weeks ago. Mom and dad aren’t getting a divorce because of you. It just angered me that they finally made the decision. I saw it coming but when you hear it being said..But I’m so proud of you fo trying to change into a better person.”

“They’re so mean to me though.” You cried, “I would rather keep getting in trouble by mom and dad then be beaten.”

“I already got them suspended” Louis smirked

“Louis!” You sprung up and looked at him shocked, “Now they’re just gonna hurt me because my brother got them suspended.”

“You didn’t let me finish,” he smiled, “mom agreed with me that it would be a good idea for you to come live with me. You can finish school online and come tour with me and the boys. You can start over" 

The smile grew on your face, “reallly?! you would do that for me?” 

"Got it cleared and everything" 

"Holy shit you’re the best” you hugged him

“Now tell me who this fucker was so I can personally beat the shit out of him” he smirked and playfully punched your cheek. 

You laughed and slapped his hand away so happy to have your brother back. 

Head Down Low (Twenty-One - Repost)

Summary: Dan isn’t right. He’s not like most of the others, he’s not genetically pure. He has no destined path, he has nothing going for him in life. He’ll be lucky to get himself a job in a fast food kitchen, and everyone looks down on him like he’s a piece of dirt stuck at the bottom of their shoe. Except one person: Phil Lester.

Warnings: Non-con/dubcon, later consensual sex, mentions of depression and low self-esteem, references to ocd, references to ptsd.

A/N: sorry something fucked up with my theme and idk but im having to repost. also im ill so im really sorry for how shit this is sigh

Last Chapter || Masterpost || AO3 link

“How’s Alex?” Phil asks as he slips on his shoes. The second Dan woke up he was on the phone to his Mum, and he seems to be in a good mood this morning.

“He’s a lot better. They think he might be able to come home in a couple of weeks. Not that I’m looking forward to that, but at least he’s okay,” Dan says with a shrug, doing up the buttons on his (Phil’s) school shirt carefully in the mirror.

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Haters - Michael Clifford Imagine

Rating: G

Pairing: Michael Clifford

Word Count: 


The tweet was quite simple, though it was vague and easy to take it the wrong way.

“sick of all your bullshit” was all it said. There was no people tagged, nor a name involved. Just five words that drove very fan absolutely mad. And they were certainly the ones who took it the wrong way.

Things like: “ooo y/n’s in trouble”, “we all kno who this is about am i rite”, and “bitchy y/n is back, back again, bitch is back, tell a friend” were all over every social media 5 Seconds of Summer had ever been even slightly involved with. Everyone assumed that it was about Michael Clifford’s girlfriend, Y/N, because he had been the one who tweeted it. For some reason he thought it would help remedy things but all it really did was cause more confusion and false accusations.

No one stopped to think that the tweet wasn’t actually about a single person, but about the many in the 5SOS fanbase that somehow got off being cruel to Y/N. It was Bryana all over again, but almost worse.

“Michael!” Y/N called from the living room, eyes staring down at the bright phone screen held in her hand. She stood in front of the couch, looking at the tweet Michael had sent out a little less than twenty minutes ago. Taking in a deep breath, she squeezed the bridge of her nose between two fingertips. “What the hell is this?” She called again, waiting for a response. Y/N sighed before starting to walk up the stairs, figuring that his headphones were turned up a little too loud jamming to another band he was checking out.

When she approached the bedroom there was no noise coming within, so she lightly pushed the door opened. Stepping in and closing the door behind her, she stopping her phone from falling asleep before looking up to find Michael sitting with his back against the headboard, eyes closed with headphones stuffed into his ears. A small smile graced her lips at the look of pure bliss on his beautiful face, thoughts softening slightly.

The girl slowly crawled onto the bed, Michael’s eyes fluttering opening to meet hers. He smiled gently, reaching down to pause the music that blared in his ears. When he removed the headphones, Y/N had settled beside him, back also pressed against the headboard.

“I want to ask you something…” She trailed off. He instantly moved his arm over to her lap, grabbing her hand and intertwining his fingers with her own.

“Yes?” His voice was quite gruff, though soft to the ears.

“What was the tweet about?” Her voice was small, almost scared of his response.

“Which one?” He giggled, thumb tracing small circles across the back of her small hand. Y/N quickly pulled out her phone, unlocking it to reveal the tweet. “Oh.” Was all he said when she showed it to him.


“Yeah… that wasn’t referencing you by the way.” She instantly felt relieved by his words, every message and hateful sentence that was sent her that day didn’t seem to matter anymore, because it was all based on false facts. “I’ll never be sick of your bullshit.” He pressed a small kiss to the side of her head, bright pink lips curling up in an adorable smile.

“Good.” Y/N turned her head to the side in order to kiss the blonde boy, his chapped lips meeting her soft ones.

“I love you, baby.” He spoke, his tone breathy and sincere.

“I love you more.” She smiled.


“So who is it about?” The girl couldn’t help but wonder, for she couldn’t remember Michael mentioning anything too frustrating or annoying lately. He sighed to himself before responding.

“It was honestly… it was towards the fans.” She couldn’t help but be taken aback by his words, for he loved the fans with all his heart and it was very rare that he ever got truly upset with them. Responding to the confusion on her face, he continued on. “I’m just so done with all the shit they say about you, they think we don’t see it just because there are so many posts out there and they think it’s okay because they don’t say it to our face. As if that makes it okay, or makes it hurt any less.”

“You don’t have to be angry at them, I understand why they’re sending it.”

“But that doesn’t make it right, I mean I understand why people steal things but it doesn’t make it okay. They shouldn’t think it’s okay to just go around saying shit about the girl I love. And I love you with all my heart, you make me happy. I thought that they said that was what mattered.” Michael closed his eyes for a second. “But I guess it’s not.”

“To be honest with you, I don’t think subtweeting your entire fan base really helps. They think it’s towards me, which is the only reason I even asked you about it. They say shit about me because they think you’re frustrated with them. But if you need to say something to them, just say it. They can’t read your mind, baby.” The tall blonde nodded along at my words, understanding that he needed to be more clear with his actions.

“Okay, yeah, you’re right.” He leaned away for a second to grab his phone that he had placed on the night stand, unlocking it with his thumb and opening the Twitter app. Michael tapped away for a while, grinning sometimes and sighing at others, but she just closed her eyes and rested her head upon his broad shoulder. “Alright, done.” He said after a while, handing the phone to her. She tiredly took it, scrolling through the multiple tweets he had sent out in the past few minutes.

“guys we need to talk. it’s about y/n”

“im not okay with the way youve been treating her”

“she’s the love of my life but you treat her like scum and thats not okay”

“im done with all this bullshit about her, about how she’s not good enough for me, but she is”

“im not good enough for her she’s the best thing thats ever happened to me besides the band”

“i love her so much and i hope one day you will too”

“but until then keep your mean comments to yourself”

“thanks i love you all”

When Y/N was finished, she smiled gratefully to herself before handing her boyfriend his phone back.

“Thank you, baby.” She whispered. “You’re the love of my life, too.” His lips softly connected with hers, moving in a way he couldn’t express with words. The pure love he tried to channel into the kiss was better than any song he could write, or any ballad he’d ever heard.

“C’mere, princess.” He mumbled roughly against her lips, pulling her closer to his chest so that he could hold her tight. Michael never wanted to let go; and he never would.


22. - And Hit it More than Once a Day.


Despite the freezing cold that was drifting in my tiny bedroom, I once again found myself falling asleep in the nude. I had my blankets wrapped around my body like a cocoon and my head was buried deep against the softness of my white pillow.

The lack of another humans body heat didn’t help my current situation and if I wasn’t so tired I would have gotten up and put on some appropriate clothing. However on this particular day, I had absolutely no desire to get out of bed let alone see or talk to anyone.

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