im so shitty

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i’m going to be honest, this was literally one of the best things to ever happen in an anime. their relationship is so healthy and realistic and its actually treated seriously. its not used as a gag or bait to lure in lgbtq viewers, the series lets it develop along with the plot in a way that is so perfect and it


this normalizes same gendered couples and takes these kinds of relationships away from simply being a “weird sub-genre”. it’s proper representation, i really hope other production companies decide to follow in these footsteps. i don’t think i will ever be able to shut up about this

its 5 am, i havent slept in 3 days and im bringing back the classics


090393 – Min Yoongi
( cr. x/x/x/x/x/x/x/x trans. cr. x/x )

I honestly don’t know what to write. Whenever I write something for people that are important to me I always feel like it’s not enough to show my honest feelings. That’s why I made this huge thing, like I just can’t put it into words. And shit, it would be a lot longer if I didn’t have to worry about assignments, it honestly doesn’t do Yoongi justice. Do I sound overdramatic, like I’m exaggerating? I’m not, I mean it with all the meaning in the word when I say Yoongi is very fucking important to me. People that inspire me have a very important place in my heart and Yoongi occupies a large portion of it. I haven’t met another person until now that has given me as much motivation as this man. When I first heard Nevermind, I was so moved I was shaking, not because I was overwhelmed but because I felt immense anger towards myself.

All this time I was just tip toeing, thank you telling me to step harder. Happy birthday you rap god, I wish you more success ✌