im so shitty

Like it’s really cold and you can’t feel your fingertips and your entire body goes numb
Like you drink Ginger Tea to make you can feel again
Like how really worn in clothes feel soft and faded
Like you are submerged in lukewarm water
Like when you take a bubble bath and there are little bubbles and soap suds left at the bottom when you are done
Like clouds in the summer when the sky is clear except for a few wispy clouds and they are faded
Like stretched out cotton candy
Like the last few drops of water swirling down the sink drain
—  My therapist has been trying 2 get my 2 explain what i’m feeling to him for the three weeks and this is all I can come up with

JB’s Song Recs: a compilation of songs JB has recommended or mentioned/sung at fan signs or other events // listen here

Braggin’ & Boasting - Sound Providers & Little Brother // Footsteps in the Dark - The Isley Brothers // Pink Matter - Frank Ocean // 그때 우리 처럼 - 장지연 & 이형근 // Smoking Dreams - Jazzyfact // 돌아와줘 - Quaint Flow // I Hate You - Urban Zakapa // See Through - Primary // Just Friends - Musiq Soulchild // Bye Bye Bye - Junggigo // So Close - Ragoon // Stick Up Kid - Lyfe Jennings // Please Return My Call - Trey Songz // Blind - Junggigo // Stronger Than Me - Amy Winehouse // Talking to the Moon - Bruno Mars // Think About ‘Chu - Asoto Union // 습관 (Bye Bye) - Rollercoaster // Stay for A While - Angie Stone & Anthony Hamilton // We All Try - Frank Ocean // Understand - Joss Stone // 가끔 - Crush // I’m in Love - Narsha // No Love - August Alsina // Brown Sugar - D’Angelo // 멀어 (Away) - Primary // Love Note - Gagle // Aqua Man - Beenzino // (You Are) More Than Paradise - Port of Notes // Officially Missing You - Geeks // 난… - Bernard Park // She’s Got A Way - Billy Joel // Volcano - Damien Rice // No Love - Jun. K // Do You… - Miguel // Don’t Let Me Go - Kim Ji Soo // Creep - Radiohead // The Rat Within the Grain - Damien Rice // 날개 - MOT // My Life - Kool G Rap


Sophmore Year - Fall Semester

Why do I do this to myself? why do i do it to you? i swear to god if i make anymore of these jack will be happier. I tried to make him appear angsty and stressed in his freshman year (previous two jack and shitty posts) cause I headcannon that he still wasn’t dealing with everything very well (i ask myself why he missed the frog hazing). Idk, i headcannon him telling shits at some point and being better off for it :)