im so self indulgent im embarrassed

Ok so heres the deal;;...

I am very. very. VERY shy about drawing kisses, multiply x100 for sharing them. Now the thing is i have drawn many shallura kissies and steamy moments, BUT IM SO EMBARRASSED;;!! But the funny part is that it’s not even that bad, and @kamillyanna can testify that i am a pure bean tm ( my highest point if sin is 3%) . So theres no, like, major nudity. It’s mostly just neck kisses ( God im already so embarrassed//). So yeah, i mean, bottom line is that although i am shy about it, i still want to share them cause really do love shallura!!
So uh;;;;;;; yknow if you guys are interested to see them or think its a good idea, i would love some of your feedback cause ghhh;;;??

Also to weenies like me i’ll tag them “ lavender vanilla” ;;