im so s or ry about this

talking about Ian nd Mickey’s relationship from season 1 to 5 like

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im blocking you because of your posts about the Fr**ch Re*********ry w*r. thanks for being a horrible person and not thinking about people's tr*ggers.

I’m so sorry. I cant believe I did this. I forgot that actual king luis XVI follows. I’m so sorry for being so insensitive about an event that happened 300 years ago. I’ll be more careful in the future

mmm im sure someone already said this and probably said it way better lmao but have i mentioned i like the whole buildings in the sky thing about lex and bruce in BvS?

idk its like both of their most important meetings happen on buildings, lex’s is so tall it reaches to the sky oh but there’s superman still above him “the problem of you on top of everything else”, he doesnt like that at all lex needs to be on top so he gets the god to come down to earth and kneel before him, and he’s on top again.

bruce’s isnt that tall is it, it doesnt reach the sky and its old and ransacked, because he is still a man and he knows it, oh but his signal is on that buildings and he projects his symbol and myth into the sky as a challenge and superman comes down to meet him, and as the fight progresses the get deeper through floor after floor in the building, bruce way of bringing the “god” crashing down, but bruce is also going down too isnt he? he’s becoming less than what he used to be “We’re criminals alfred nothings changed”

lmao anyway thats just something i noticed and liked ayy

imagine pearl and amethyst alone one night in the barn having the kind of deep conversation you can only have with a certain person and with the right timing. it’s about them, their situation, pearl’s innermost thoughts regarding rose. it’s so deep and so hurtfully truthful that pearl begins to cry, and so does amethyst- but amethyst holds pearl. amethyst is hurting because pearl still misses rose, but understands that the healing process takes a long time. despite her understanding, she can’t help but feel like pearl is using her as a replacement. she voices her concern and that brings more tears to pearls eyes. pearl assures her that isn’t the case, brushing amethyst’s bang from her face delicately. she says something along the lines of “she was my past, and you are my future” in the soft, angelic voice she always offers. she explains to amethyst that moving on is a natural part of life and she will overcome the struggle, and with amethyst’s help. rose was one chapter of pearls life. she’s gone now, and pearl will be okay with that soon. pearls feelings will be centred around amethyst. she won’t lose amethyst. she won’t be fearful. their relationship will grow even stronger than the one pearl and rose shared. pearl makes a promise to amethyst to always protect her, and to see her as her number one. amethyst can’t help but grin, nodding gently as she puts her small hand in pearls. pearl’s fingers wiggle through Amethyst’s, bringing their palms closer together. she rests her head on the purple gem, whispering a soft “i love you, and only you, amethyst”, causing amethyst to tense up, tears of happiness streaming down her face. she laughs as she cries, and she couldn’t be happier in this moment. amethyst tells her that she loves only her, too. they share a gentle kiss and they stay in the barn the rest of night, holding each other and speaking through gentle touches.

I talked about a url change a while ago and that’s still happening. It’s not that big of a deal but I’ve had this name for almost 2 years I think? But nah, I’ve been sick of it for a long time and I just didn’t have a good idea what I could change it to. I mean the new name is not that good either but it’s a bit better. The new name for this blog would be “rysarts”. because I ended up being that creative by combining my nickname and the word art into a word that doesn’t mean anything.

Shorter version?

That’s about it. I’ll change the name in a few days.