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i've been trying to match up star wars characters to who their best friend would be in star trek, and all I got is scotty would adore rey??? who would make heart eyes at leia? who would join han for completely fucking up, but doing it with decent intentions and with cute smiles? who runs screaming into walls like R2? who awkwardly walks into situations like C3P0? who bitches with Bones??? WHO IS IN LOVE WITH FINN

Aight, ive gone in a slightly different direction here. only slightly, tho

Scotty would take one look at c3po, r2d2, and bb8 and just Freak Out, he’d immediately be requesting to take them downstairs to have a look at. They agree as long as Luke and Poe can go along, so the three of them head to engineering and it’s essentially Luke and Scotty alternating asking questions while c3po panics and Poe climbs around the engineering room, poking things

Most of the bridge crew is involved in a tour of the ship. They get to Sulu’s greenhouse and Rey starts asking what everything is, so he and Chekov stay behind w her to answer her questions. After she asks a bit about the brightest plants they find themselves in the shuttle pod bay, taking her through the inner workings of their shuttles. Once they pull out of warp, she asks to go for a joy ride. Poe gets wind of this and joins in

Uhura spends time with Han and Chewie, listening intently to Chewie’s noises so that she can understand. It takes her about thirty minutes before she can understand enough to get the rest from context, then she starts quizzing Chewie about his home planet and life in their universe, speaking in wookie where she can (which isnt much, but her gargled yells garner her some amusing stares)

Bones is instantly smitten by Leia (strong women are his type) and offers to show her sickbay and the viewing lounge. Spock decides to tag along and make sure that Bones stays professional. Leia is more interested in hearing about Spock’s upbringing than listening to Bones talk about his medical practice and how lonely life on an ol ’ship can be. Bones gives up at some point and wanders off, running into Han, who has left Chewie alone w Uhura, and they have a nice old complain about youths

Jim doesn’t really trust any of them, but he’s ended up with Finn on the bridge looking around uncomfortably. It isn’t until they come out of warp and Finn sees the stars and moons around them and smiles his big, beautiful smile that Jim starts to think maybe these people are alright after all. That, and when Finn smiles Jim feels his heart get tugged towards him. Jim makes it his personal challenge to make Finn smile as much as he can. 


I had a one-way ticket to a place where all the demons go
Where the wind don’t change
And nothing in the ground can ever grow
No hope, just lies
And you’re taught to cry into your pillow
But I survived

I’m still breathing
I’m alive