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Ya know iv rarely see posts about humans adrenaline. I mean your fighting against a human and actually WINNING then soon they get this whole rush that makes us ×10000 stronger. Im mean thats kinda scary

Buddy pal, I was SO PSYCHED because I like the way you think, and when I saw your note like a week ago I thought, surely I have something like that lurking in the dark realms of my queue, and I have not been able to find it, and I am SO DISAPPOINTED because I was going to be able to say, “Buddy pal, LOOK WHAT I FOUND!” but I have been combing through posts and I can’t find it at all so now I’m forced to face the idea that maybe that post doesn’t exist.

And now I’m questioning my memory and sanity and it’s not really your fault, buddy pal, but this particular round of sanity-questioning is juuust a little bit your fault so I recommend we fall back upon hot tea and Mary Roach’s book Packing For Mars which also is not about humans beating aliens via the power of adrenaline but is very awesome nonetheless, and let us never speak of this again.

(jk someone run with this idea and restore my sanity)

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ok but like the thing im Most Proud of is the mountain dew red bottle cursor


IT’S SO CUTE…Ser you’re truly a gift to this world and I am SO PSYCHED for your blog you have no iDEA

The Captain America AU we never needed

Omgcheckplease AU

My friend @seaofdrunktoddlers has brought to my attention that we don’t have a MCU universe AU for omgcheckplease and this troubles me so here we go

  • Jack is Captain America. I know Jack is a bit quiet and he’s not exactly what you think of when you think captain america, but hear me out
  • Jack grew up with superhero parents. (think sky high people)
  • Bad Bob and Alicia were really fucking famous for their superheroi-ness. Bi Bob may have been Super Strong and Alicia can control lightning. They kicked butt all across the city as teens and they go to college together at Samwell. Because Samwell is known to be really accepting! Of super(queer)- kids!!
  • So like, imagine these four years of Alicia in cute high ponytails teasing Bob for being all brawn and no skill. ((of course shes just teasing because hes actually really smart and helps her with her math sometimes)) But then she gets flustered when he does something romantic or sweet like give her flowers or a shy peck on the cheek and her hair stands on end like static and when she blushes there are actual little sparks (ohmYGOD HELP ME)
  • They get married!!! And they start their own league of superheros!! ((In this AU the government pays super heroes for their work and also, alicia is still a successful model when not in costume)) Then Alicia is having little baby Jack and it’s so amazing. The world is literally their cheerleader. Like,, when the heir to the throne is born kind of popular
  • At first they don’t know what his gifts will be, and he shows no signs as a kid. Like, the whole world is watching this kid intensely. His parents are fuckin legends so this kid has to be really fuckin powerful right?
  • Fun fact! The Jack Poops In The Cup photo still happens but its when his parents get the key to the city.
  • Lil ugly baby jack and they’re like “maybe he can see through things?? What are those things in his eye balls?? Whats a pupil??”
  • and then he turns into a chubby kid and they’re like “all that chub, perfect for a shape shifter!!” but no  !!
  • (Honestly this went crazy so…)

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