im so proud of this stfu

the signs as wonderful people in the phandom
  • aries: gif makers!! v v important and hard working people who deserve lots and lots of love n recognition!!!!
  • taurus: @phanfictioncatalogue admins!!! tbh ur the backbone of this fandom we would be chaos without ur organization
  • gemini: actual dan howell my softest rose son
  • cancer: people who reblog stuff!!!! ur still an important member of the phandom even if you dont create original content bc u spread people's hard work and help validate n motivate creators!!! tysm!!!!!
  • leo: edit/ icon makers!!!! yall make the most beautiful stuff im so proud of u
  • virgo: fic writers!!! honestly, i am so proud of u whether ur work gets 5 notes or 5000 notes bc it is so hard to make words work ilysm
  • libra: meetup hosts!! thanks to you we get to see the beautiful people in this fandom and every time there's a new meetup i remember how gay i am holy heck thank u
  • scorpio: shitposters/ meme bloggers!!! ty for your wonderful humor to brighten up everyone's day uwuwu
  • sagittarius: people who send kind anons!! honestly the purest people ever, what did we do to deserve you
  • capricorn: video/ video edit makers!! literally how do you even do that video editing takes 938274 years i admire yall so much keep doing what ur doing friends
  • aquarius: actual phil lester smiley soft son
  • pisces: artists!! it takes so much practice to become so good at art and yall are slaying!! im so proud of u bab

Me, when writing fics: tries my best to sound eloquent and articulate, does research to improve my vocabulary, makes sure I use the right punctuation, uses almost no abbreviations, tries to insure I use and spell every word right.

Me when talking to people on the internet: ASDFGHJK YOOOO did u see the thing???!?!? I CaNt BrAEtHE OMFGGG!1!! Im. I cant. STFU LMAO. UMM???? EXCUSE U BINCH IM. wtf lol. IM SO PROUD OF MY BBY:’D. how tf??? IM LOV THIS. 

omgomgomg ok ok so

i have this friend, right and one day he overheard me talking to my other kpop friend and he was like “oh yeah i know kpop” in a joking way and kept butting into the conversation so ofc we were like stfu you don’t know anything and oUT OF SPITE the very next day he memorized all of bts’ names he listened to all their songs and he was like ok maybe they’re kinda cool and he listened to all their songs on repeat during class sometimes i hear him humming bts songs. he put his name and namjoon’s name in like this love test game, got 98% match and completely flipped his shit and bought their most expensive album on iTunes aND



So a streamer i watch does “fanfic friday” for his subs on his discord, but heres the catch he never reads his own fanfiction cause he doesnt want his community to attack eachother. Instead hes been reading My Immortal, you know the one that’s been titled worst fanfic ever, and he reads it exactly how its spelled and let me tell you its absolutely beautiful. He quite literally can only get through 2 chapters w/out getting a headache and often had a friend read one in between the 2 cause “he needs a mental break” (id like to point out he’s also an english major) and i 100% guarantee it will make your night

i want iris to find out about barry being the flash on her own, and instead of doing a big confrontation about it, she should just be really passive aggressive with a plethora of sarcastic puns to throw at barry

“hey barry i was going to ask you to have dinner with me but i heard you only like fast food” *death stare*

“hey barry do you want to watch a film? what about fast and furious?” *death stare*

“why isn’t this video playing? oh no my flash player must be out of date” *death stare*

“i better back this article up- hey does anyone have a flash drive?” *death stare*

Me showing Haikyuu to my cousin who doesn’t watch anime

Cousin: This is kinda gay…….like literally all of them can be gay for each other…


How I really reacted: OMGGGGGGGG I KNOOWWWW RITTEEE Im so happy we see it the same way all of them are so cute right!? Wat do you think about this couple? People call them kenhina…and here is kuroken. Omg I love these cute little dorks.


uhm my fave hoseok stan much???? okay but this girl right here, im so proud of her and her strength, but lets not go further into that rn. okay so firstly, you’re super gorgeous okay always remember that. I love talking to you bc we actually think the same about most things, idk about you but i think we have nice conversation hahaha. when i found out it lit takes me 5/6 hours to get to your town from my place i squealed and now i rlly want to get pannenkoeken together bc !!!!! fave !!!!! youre super nice and your humour is the best (i love it lmao) and your love for hobi is admirable and wow. Ily nugget!!! my language bud (not the best language i agree lmao) And i know youre not really a hugger but i cant promise i wont give you one when we do go eat some pannenkoeken together so… prepare?

not to be a dark phannie™ but tatinof was so good. thinking about how dan was someone who used to be so passionate about acting and doing just that and being good at it along side his best friend and combining it with something else he’s passionate about made me so happy. and phil,,, you could hear in every line he said that he was just So !!! Happy !!! and was having such a good time. im so proud of those fuckin weebs and you could tell the entire show that they’re having such a good time on this tour and that they’re so happy and so proud with everything they’ve created over the past 6 years.

what actually makes me want to cry is that Kishi is finally giving Sakura spotlight AWAY from Naruto and team 7 in general (they are in the bg though). For once she is in the spotlight she is fighting in her own way, her team is relying in her, they trust her power, SHE is the one who will save her teammate and I just, im so proud i cant even form comprehensive sentences sifgfslgn *has a break down*