im so proud of the first cap

despite the fact jin couldnt attend his ceremony im like, ridiculously proud of him for even being able to manage to graduate despite their year-round schedules and it just makes me so happy seeing him wearing his cap and gown because hes the first member to do so and im just so fcking ghhhhhhhh


Tsunayoshi is the 10th boss of the Vongola famiglia and is also known as “No Good Tsuna”. Tsuna develops from a weak individual who easily gives up to a leader who is dedicated and willing to fight for the protection of his friends, family and famiglia. 

Happy Birthday you amazing dork! ♡(º̩̩́⌣º̩̩̀ʃƪ) [10.14]


But did you see them in the latest GFH episode?? I yelled so loud when my boys came on!! Also lil Eta and Iota with big bro Delta sooooo cute ;U;!!

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u already know i dont watch that show but gimme some good ol joleyne my dude

i haven’t been able to read stone ocean yet but she’s already one of my favorites 


some pics of my grad cap + my valedictorian medal!


Here’s my art for this year’s Cap-IM Reverse Bang! 

I had the immense pleasure of working with asparrowsfall this time and she went above and beyond the call of duty with her amazingly incredible work, so go read it, seriously: Every Little Thing He Does Is.

Even though real life kept trying to interfere, we’ve made it to the end! I’m really proud of us, Sparrow!

I even managed to name the art pieces this time!

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CAP im taking two AP classes this year (bio and world history) and they're my first APs so i'm really nervous, plus im taking all of the highest level classes you can take in my grade... im super nervous and it's all i think about and i really need to take my mind off of it but all i think about nowadays is school? help? ? ? ?

Omg look at you being all amazing!!! It’s totally okay and understandable to be nervous! I know school can be very consuming, but I’m so proud of you for recognizing that it’s just as important to take your mind off of it and do other things: that self-care knowledge will serve you very well during your AP classes! In terms of taking your mind off, try to tap into the things you love: I know that can be hard when you’re nervous about something, but finding strategies to help yourself unwind will for sure help you do better in the long run!! You’re amazing and you got this: remember that you are always worth more than your most stressful school experience! Sending you lots of love and confidence, darling <3 <3 <3

who let ash help with the cooking. look at him. he’s so excited to be helping. he’s making a mess of himself. he’s probably only allowed to help mix things and ONLY if he sticks to the recipe given to him that’s probably why pikachu is there it’s to keep him in line. but does he care? no. he’s so fucking pumped to try doing shit that usually only serena and clemont do and he’s determined to be the best mixer ever. look at him. he’s stirring so hard that he’s splashing batter on himself and i’m wondering how long it took before somebody was like “omfg ash that’s not how you mix poffle batter you’re supposed to beat it and whisk it so that air can actually get in the dough why else do you think they’re so light and you’re making a mess and look just help bonnie put up the decorations okay. please.” anyways i can’t believe it’s been nearly twenty years and this is the first time in my memory that i’ve seen ash anywhere near a kitchen for anything other than eating food or cleaning or summat so look im gonna cherish this. im gonna fucking cherish this stupid single freeze frame moment in time that was literally only on screen for like less than a second because fuck you this is adorable i’m so proud of my boy trying to cook. he’s helping!


taylor!!! im gonna be at the st louis show TONIGHT (9/29) in section 317 / row p / seats 1-2 with my mom!!!!! this is my first time seeing you in my hometown since 2011 on the speak now tour and im so so excited to see you again here! its also my first time having a light up sign and im so proud of it!!!!!! if you wanna maybe hang out that would be super rad. ill have my polaroid camera with me too. you know. if u wanna play around w it.