im so proud hahaha

Additional fanart for Wolf Pack: Beacon Original
a collaboration between @fearfrost1211 and I for Sterek ReverseBang 2017 

please read it for some biker AU awesomeness :’D

I adore you.

might be working on a little something for Vita Brevis ;) Yuuri is a badass and I just *clenches fist* love it so much ok you guys. 

I’ve been a little lacking in inspiration for writing lately unfortunately, but i’ve been doing a good bit of drawing, and I think I might have my writing mojo back (at least a little), so chapter should be out soon!! And thank you all who have been waiting and who read chapter one for your patience, I really appreciate it!!! <3

A very rough sketch of my (exaggerated) summary of this week’s KNK v app!

* You feel like you’re going to have a bat time

An old-ish vent doodle that kinda got all serious. Haven’t done much OC things in a while and gosh I miss these bats. This would definitely be a cover idea for this ‘arc’ if I ever got my dream comics published ;v;