im so pleased with these designs aaaa


so last sunday i miraculously didn’t get much emails from work so i caught up with some mangas and was finally free to draw–

so guess how many shigaraki hands i can draw before giving up

the answer is one


it’s finally done *__* I worked on this FOR YEARS aaaa im so excited to show you my new skeleton oc.. Sons!! coming up with his concept took a really long time I’m kind of nervous showing him to you guys since I usually post  furries ; but I’m really too proud to NOT show you guys xD id really appreciate if you guys DID NOT base your characters off of him I appreciate you guys like him but please don’t -__- it took my blood sweat and tears to design this guy and 2 days alone to design his clothes and A FUCKING YEAR to make his character description!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so you better show this off!!!!!!!!!!!!! to all your friendlies!! and ur besties!!!!!!! please favorite this and promo it on ur journals!! plz. pretty plz.
anyway!!!!! heres his character description

name : suns
gender : a guy!!!!!! OBVIOUSLY!!
nickname : NON DUH!!!!! fuq u !!!!!!
age : why would u need to know his a skeleton doof!!
powers : EVERYTHING !!!
relationship : hes in a relationship with my fursona!! ofc. who else did you think…… its not selfcest!!!! shut up!!!!
likes : yaoi, yaoi, yaoi, puns, boy stuff
dislikes : girls, girls, girls
persoanlity  : hes super cool everyone loves him and his AWESOME puns!!!
backstory : he was born super duper cool and had every power in the world right when he was born!! he had a younger brother and a father who died in a tragic accident!!!  and now hes off to save the world!!!!

plz critque!!! no harsh critques tho!!! >n< ;;;