im so over some of the people i know

alright so 

Kubo-sensei has, in my eyes, now confirmed that Viktor and Yuuri are indeed lovers/significant others


but I know that some people still had doubts or wanted an official confirmation so wELL HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE I GUESS IT’S AS CANON AS IT GETS NOW

If you need me I’ll be over here screaming into my pillow over these two 

their love is too good to be true I owe Kubo-sensei my life

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What if by some Kryptonian tradition kara marries Lena but doesn't know how to tell her.

“yeah hey kara so im just calling,”

“alex please, im really busy”

“sure sure sure but listen are you done BROODING? im watching you BROOD on national television the people are freaking out because you’re sitting on top of that building and catching lightning like are you done? is it over? what’s going on?”

“…i married lena.”

“okay, well,”

“and she doesn’t know.”

“unexpected turn.”



“what do you mean?”

“what do YOU mean?”

“i mean we accidentally fulfilled the seven steps of courtship and my marriage sign appeared this evening. what do you mean?”

“oh. accidentally?”


“huh. well i guess it’s not how i expected it to happen but im not all that surprised. how did she take it?”


“im calling mum.”


“kara danvers you get your butt over there and tell her or mum is going to get a call. my thumb is over the button. it’s descending, it’s descending,”

“im going!!”

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Hi! Could you please do a friends to lovers with Shownu? I love how you wrote his neighbor and college au (obviously i love your writing in general but scenarios about him are quite rare so im craving for more ;-; ) Thank you !! <3

im glad you like how i write him!!!! here’s some friends-to-lovers!shownu ~ 

  • most people are really shocked when you tell them shownu is your best friend out of all people because,,,,,,wow,,,,,he???? talks to you in sentences that are longer than five words???
  • and you’re always like ,,, guys i know you think he’s big and scary and silent but he’s not!!! he’s a sweet, emotional guy!!! right shownu?
  • shownu, deadpan stare: “correct.”
  • but no shownu really is,,,, more open with you than he is with others. maybe he’s not sleeping over at your house in his donald duck pajamas spending five hours telling you about his first love or something bUT he confides in you when things get rough or he just,,,,,needs someone that’ll listen to him when lots of things are on his mind
  • and you guys are always doing something sporty together,,,,like you’ll go one hikes on the weekends or meetup at a basketball court
  • and shownu has been trying to teach you the correct way to dunk since you were both in high school ,,,,,,,you just never really learned
  • but it’s on these hikes that you guys get to know each other better and it was the first place where shownu shared something personal with you
  • and it’s become like a habit for you guys,,,,, to know that whatever happens over the week you can talk about it while you’re climbing up to the top of the mountain
  • and when you’re there you always try to get shownu to do it with you,,,,,after pestering him he does,,,,,you two just yell out at the trees and agree that you’ve let your stress out!! and that you can forget what hurt you and move on
  • and on one particular hike,,,,since spring is right around the corner,,,,you bring your camera with you
  • and shownu asks if you’re going to take photos of the nature and you’re like,,,,,,hmmmm how about you take the camera and take pictures of anything you find pretty????
  • and before shownu can refuse, you drop the camera into his arms and give him a thumbs up before heading up the first trail 
  • and shownu looks down at the camera and mutters ‘something,,,,pretty?’ and you’re like c’mON !!!! catch up or ill leave you in the dust buddy
  • and shownu cracks a small smile,,,,one that not a lot of people get to see,,,,,but that has always been special to you
  • and as you’re hiking you’re telling shownu about this horrible embarrassing thing that happened on monday and you look back at him to see him with the camera in his hands
  • and you jokingly scrunch up your nose and go ‘please tell me you’ve taken some photos???’ and shownu nods slowly and you give him a smile and go back to your story
  • and finally when you’re at the top you and shownu stand there,,,,,,and you’re like “before anything, lets see what photos you took??” and shownu passes you the camera wordlessly
  • and you start to scroll through the log,,,,but,,,,,,,all you see are these blurry photos of you,,,,,
  • well the back of your head,,,, your profile,,,,, that moment where you stopped to tie your shoes,,,,,when you were getting water from your backpack
  • and you look up at shownu,,,,and you’re like “,,,w,,,why did you only take photos of me?”
  • and he shifts a bit,,,,and you swear you see the tips of his ears go red,,,,,but he just looks you straight in the eyes and goes “you told me to take photos of what i find pretty.”
  • because as he says that you basically feel the arrow go through your heart,,,,your own face heating up,,,and your hands gripping the camera tighter because alksdfjvdds did your best friend??? just compliment you????
  • and suddenly shownu tells you he’s going to do his yell,,,,like you’re always trying to get him to do and you’re like “wha-
  • but it’s too late and you hear shownu’s voice and the sound of your name followed by a loud, clear ‘i love you’
  • and it’s like the world is spinning as shownu embarrassingly covers his mouth,, looking down without turning 
  • and you don’t know what it is,,,,,,maybe it’s the fact that you’ve felt the same way for a long time 
  • but you go up to stand beside him and yell out over the trees “I LOVE SHOWNU TOO!!!!”
  • and you both look at one and other and you can only giggle because you’ve never seen shownu blush so bright
  • and he’s about to lean over to take your hand when a grumpy voice from behind you goes “hey kids, go declare your love at city hall and just get married!!! don’t yell it at the mountain!!!!”
  • both you and shownu turn to start bowing and apologizing,,,,,but you move your hand just in time to grab shownu’s palm in yours. 

some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.

letting y’all know because i know some people get a lot of anxiety over this, if i ever message you using the new IM feature i do not expect an immediate response, even if you are online.

i often IM people because it’s convenient and quick and i might use it now rather than asks so it won’t get eaten like the ask box likes to do, and when people IM me i often times take a while to reply because of my own anxiety and introversion. you do not have to respond to me as soon as you’re free. you can take all the time in the world you need.

feel free to reblog this if you’re the same way.



It went pretty well! There was a lot of people! I’m happy the majority of the poeple i invited came!

Even my ex 3d animation teacher was there and i was so happy cause he is a really good person

(he kind of told me about how to get some really cool concept art books so i was glad i invited him hahaha)



*breathe in* *breathe out*






(turns out my teacher that was holding the exhibition changed the prices. She HIGH THEM BECAUSE SHE SAID I WAS SELLING ME TOO LOW. AND FREAKING PEOPLE WANTED TO BUY IT STILL)





I still need to know the details but omg 

is this like getting a job? idk idk idk omg this is so much

my anxiety was over the roof tho, too many pictures. i only wanted to talk with my friends xD



in all seriousness though watching a lost little warlock find one of her own people and connect with him as soon as she realizes he’s just like her is so healing because i truly know this feeling when i run into someone else who’s also of my ethnicity. i’m never more glad that it’s magnus bane whose allowed to make madzie feel safe and comfortable rather than some white shadowhunters

modelling in maya part one

so (low poly) modelling in maya is something i’ve been learning about recently, and getting started has been something i’ve had some difficulty with for a few years now LMAO.

so this is gonna be a real quick post to help other people get started.
im using maya 2016

in this part i’ll b covering like, physically Making something. part two where i talk about uv editing n texturing ur model is here:

first im just gonna go over your workspace, so you know how to change things to suit what you’re doing.

if you hold down space, you’ll bring up this menu

clicking and holding on one will bring up a radial menu, the one i use the most is just the middle Maya one, which lets you change view

you can also change your window layout on the left here

if you want to change a window in your current layout just click the little arrow in the square, and you’ll get a menu of options

and if you right click on one of the buttons, you can change what layout is assigned to it or edit your layouts and make your own

anyway. so, modelling. its not actually that complicated! its time consuming, but once you know your tools you’ll be able to make stuff 👌

- first you want to make sure you’re on the modelling menu in the dropdown, and on your shelf you want to have the polygons tab open.

the shapes there are your polygon primitives, and the base of models that you’ll make. I personally usually start with a cube, cause it doesnt have any triangles in it.

(idk much about tris vs quads? but i do know that triangles dont edge loop!! so i avoid them, and most people say to try stick with quads where possible anyway)

- to make a primitive, you can just click on the shape there,

or if you want more options you can go to create > polygon primitives > and if you click the little box next to the one you want, you’ll open up the window for it

- so now you’ve got your cube (or whatever), and you want to do something with it.

if you hold down right click, you can change what part you’re selecting

you’ll be in object mode at the moment, which selects the whole thing. for changing the shape, the main ones you’ll be using are edge, vertex, and face!

to just select these, you want to use this tool

if you hold down shift, you can select and deselect multiple things, and in edge mode if you double click on an edge it’ll select all the other ones that loop around the model (edge loop)

- to manipulate these, look to the left of your screen at these bad boys.

you can select things with these tools also, they work the same as the select tool above!

anyway in order these are move, rotate, and scale. the different nodes are the different axis that you can transform on,

when you’re using the move tool, i strongly recommend only using the x / y / z axis on their own (the arrows)

cause if you use the combination ones,, it’s hard to actually know how you’re moving stuff cause its in a 3d space… and you’re looking at it on a 2d screen, so it could actually be moving down the z axis and you think its just the y axis!

so be careful, especially in perspective view. always remember to rotate your view to look at it from all angles, or work in one of the orthographic views (side/front/back/top etc) so theres no distortion.

so thats how to edit what you already have, but you’re probably going to want to do more than make a weird shaped cube.

to add more edges and faces n shit you want to get to know two new tools: extrude, and insert edge loop.

- insert edgeloop you find under mesh tools > insert edge loop, and then you just click (hold to adjust the placement) to add a new edge loop around your model

or alternatively you can hold shift+right click, and it’s on the list there.

- extrude you find under Edit Mesh > Extrude. you can also find it on the shift+right click menu above.

to use it, first you want to select a face, and then when you hit the extrude button it will look like this

ill be real i have no idea how to use those nodes, i just switch back to the move/rotate/resize tools at the side! also you wanna extrude faces and not edges.

anyway, you can move the face up   

or, you can scale it down!

this is useful to remember for making stuff like eyes, and also you can extrude again to hollow things out

another one you might want is the multicut tool (mesh tools > multicut), but that will primarily be for editing your mesh when you want to rearrange what edges are connected to what vertices.

You can use it to make edge loops, but i prefer to use the edge loop tool for that!

anyway! those are the basic tools in maya you’ll use to make stuff. theres loads of videos out there that explain how to use maya in more depth if you need it, but this should be enough to get started!

Touhou Characters and Fans: A Comprehensive Analysis

In this article, I will be presenting my in-depth research on the characters of Team Shanghai Alice’s Touhou Project in relation to their fans. The conclusions I have reached after conducting extensive minutes of research through are not based on any individuals, and especially not you in particular.

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Mystic Messenger First Impressions - Via My 10yr Old Brother

Yoosung Kim: hmmm. Large forehead. Lifeless, dead eyes. Likes. Brushing his teeth..? smeegul. Just. Smeegul. Wears brown thing in hair? (they’re hair clips) oh. No teeth. Doesn’t have emotions. (what do you think his personality is like?) Just is one of those characters that is like this all the time *holds creepy eye contact for like a minute with a frown* and, triPPIN BALLZZ.

Zen: (we’ll do zen next) Zenyana from overwatch??? What??? (okay what do you think of him?) looks like he’s gonna shank you in ur sleep. (do you think he’s handsome?) no. hmmmm. Likes old person wallpaper. Never does up his buttons on his shirt, a.k.a. douche-bag. (do you think he’s a p r e t t y b o i) no. just. No. Too much white. (are you being racist???) no, are you? Tristan eyebrows. Vampire. T H I C C. Uh. *gasp* HIPPY PONYTAIL!!! He looks like that guy we always see in town! You know the one that’s always fat and sweaty and wears those glasses… (ZEN ISN’T FAT) no just the fact that he has a ponytail and a turtle neck. R O A S T E D.

707: *makes grossed out double chin face* ummm. You said he was handsome… no. BUMBLEBEE GLASSES. Looks like a chick.. No. MANCHICK. I thought he had starbucks in his hands. Like. A pumpkin spiced latte or something. Definitely a God fan, he’s in the Jesus fandom. He’s got lots of cracks on his outfits (wdym???) look! Crack, crack, crack. He’s all cracked up. Jk I was talking about the cracks on ur screen. He puts on a deep mysterious voice when really, he has a S Q U E A K Y squ eaky voice. Has red. Obsessed with bumblebee colours and transformers. (What do you think his occupation is?) what does that mean again? (Like his job.) augh. *grins evilly* hm, being a loser, pizza shop, or telemarketing. Who calls their kid 707 (it’s code name, he’s a hacker) Why don’t they call him hacker 707 then??? (THEY DO)

Jumin Han: (we’ll do Jumin now) Jumin??? Is he Jewish (he’s probably rich enough). Uhm, has a dirty cat. (that’s a stray, the other one is his cat) THAT ONE LOOKS LIKE A PILLOW (her name is Elizabeth the 3rd) ohoho WOW. Younger, skinnier, whiter, different hair coloured homer simpson. Again, looks high as balls. Why does everyone in this game look high? Dating website or a website to buy drugs… grey, again, lifeless dead eyes. Looks like he’s gonna punch you in the face “You wanna mess with me”. Likes hankies, specifically purple ones.

V: DEMONIC EYES. Old person mouth. Blue hair, yes, definitely blue hair. And a blue personality as well. She looks like she’s be an emo (SHE???) look! Boobs! One of those people who would say “man, I just robbed a bank with my emotions. My sadness was the get-away driver, and my anger took the money”. (SEE. NO BOOBS) still looks like a girl. *huffs* B O R I N G. why does he have a pimp stick? Or is that an umbrella? IS HE BLIND? (*nods*) ohhhh. OHHHHH. Well I’m gonna look an asshole. At least they’re not irl people. Very rich. Otherwise how would he get his pimp stick?

Rika: (Oh look it’s a picture of a snake!) ??? She’s got eyes the colour of shreks skin. ONIONS HAVE LAYERS DONKEY. Uh. Boring, boring, boring and boring. Butthole mouth. She’s looks like she’s going “Hehe, I just stole your credit card details and your boyfriend!” Allergic to peenor cheese (uuuuhhh, what do you mean by that..?) um. Uh. Things. You know queen. And she is the walrus god. 

Jaehee: (Opinions on queen Jaehee) uuhhh, business woman? Likes talking and typing about paper. Very small mouth. Dragon eyes. Likes purple binders. Why does everyone have purple things? Purple hankies, purple binders (Yoosung’s eyes are purple too) yep. Why does she have a um, neck thingie (Lanyon). Big forehead, again. (Do you think she’s pretty?) uhhh, no… not really.

Unknown/Saeran: Unknown smells, unknown sighs. *quotes unbreakable* It’s a silver gun, with a black grip. Is that a guy??? (yeah) Again, why has he got a woman’s shirt, pink hair and boobs. Did he get implants???.  (he’s just E D G Y) all I see is wannabee assassins creed. Punk. Goth. Emo.

So Which Ones Do You Think Are Gay:

Zen: uh no.

Yoosung: He looks like someone from final fantasy so yeah. Augh someone on tumblr is gonna roast me and say “bluh final fantasy is the best”

Jaehee: (what bout Jaehee, is she Gaehee???) Yes.

Jumin: (Does Jumin Han Is Gay???) No.


Rika: No. Cuz she’d be like someone who’s climbin in ur windows and stealin your bf.

Unknown/Saeran: Yes. (how much percent) He goes to the gay pub instead of the gay bar (why??) Because he exceeds over the gay bar, so he can get some- (stds) did you just say LSD?

V: No, because gay people- *laughs* I mean. Blind people, don’t know what gender they’re looking at. (HE’S BLIND NOT DEAF OR STUPID) 50/50 chance that he gay okay.

"They don’t need us anymore"
  • -"I feel like its the fans that they were talking about here. You know because we've been through it all with them and now we're all growing up and moving on"
  • It's true. I never really understood why some fans did the most peculiar things over made up people and shows but i now know. I saw the first episode of teen wolf when i was in grade 8 i think it was and the first episode didn't really get me but i decided to continue to watch it and i soon feel in love with it. I font know what it is, weather it was the plot or the fact i love werewolves and supernatural stuff or it was because the people who played a part in it slayed their character. Or it could have been the fact that these people made it work.
  • I had a shit highschool life and i remember getting picked on and not wanting to get up in the mornings but i always wanted to when teen wolf was on that night.
  • I remember always wanting to do nothing i jsut didn't want to be here some day's but watching shows like teen wolf really did make me happy.
  • I know know why tv shows and made up charecters really mean so much to some people.
  • Because we connect with them. They play roles that we never realized we needed.
  • They say the words that we never thought we'd here or ever thing of saying.
  • They bring the meaning to life for some.
  • And they give us hope.
  • They teach us anticipation.
  • How to laugh.
  • How to love.
  • How to cry.
  • How to get over a hearbreak or friendship.
  • How to get along with people.
  • They teach us how to live.
  • They give us life.
  • Im so proud of the cast of teen wolf and the director and creator's of the show.
  • And i thank them so much because weather they know it or not they made a big impact on my life.
  • And i appreciate them for all they have done and am extremely proud.
  • The same goes for the vampire diaries, chicago P.D, chicago med, chicago fire.

(excuse the empty banner but i didn’t know what else to put)

(i also want to excuse my english because im swedish and really tired atm)

hello everyone!!

so. i’ve reached 500 followers. it’s not a lot, i know, but each and everyone of you means a heck lot to me and i’m really thankful to have you in my life <3 :( over these past months i’ve been on tumblr i’ve met some incredible friends, i’ve learnt so much and honestly had the time of my life. im sending you all the greatest hugs and im really excited for what’s to come in the future ^_^

below the cut is a few people i want to thank a little extra for always saving my day when i need it :3

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Precarious // 7

mafia!bts: park jimin
precarious: adj. dangerously insecure or unstable
Psychotic, that’s how he viewed himself. He was a precise hitman who never made a mistake, until now. Set on an all kill mission, he brings back more than just blood stains.
word count: 2183
warnings: explicit language, fluff? maybe?? 

[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] 7

summer is here now so i hope i will be able to update more frequently ((: pls let me know if i should add smut to this story bc im torn ive never written it b4 but it could fit well in some parts ??!!

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

The many floors disappeared under your feet. The elevator shooting up smoothly. The glass was clear all around you. Tiny people scattered below and became out of sight. The elevator was rather frightening because it was window all over, even under your shoes.

It stopped and a ding noise caught your attention. Jimin was on his phone the entire time, scrolling through emails and text messages. Several business men stepped inside, carrying briefcases and neck ties secured at their collars. Another stop followed with another ding. The elevator was slowly becoming crowded. 

The men eyed you with a mischievous glisten. An uncomfortable chill ran down your spine and you followed their many eyes to your slightly exposed chest. The dress was cut low, but Jimin said he really liked you in it. 

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i was at a pub talking with my dad and stepmom about how i don’t apply to fancy restaurants bc they dont hire fat ppl cause we look “sloppy and unprofessional”, and my stepmom was like ‘yes [my stepsisters/her daughters] mostly apply at “ethnic food restaurants” cause they have the best chance of being hired there’ (for context my stepsister works at an indian food restaurant even though she’s filipino and everyone thinks she’s indian there)

and my dad was like “you guys really shouldnt worry about that, i think it’s all in your head”

so like i told him to point me where a single fat server (or even just a single waitress over 150 pounds) was in the whole restaurant, and where a single server of colour was.

obv there was neither. and i didn’t even have to look around to know it. id already noticed

like.. i cant believe some people dont have to be acutely fucking aware everywhere they go that they’re not adequate, that they’re not presentable to the public

Rant on Autism and Symmetra

I posted this on FB but i thought it was good to put here too


As an autistic person, Symmetra finally being 100% confirmed autistic is really fucking amazing, because she’s not the harmful representation you normally see. Not that those are entirely untrue but more positive representation like her is ideal, because she’s just a normal woman, who happens to be autistic, and that’s how it’s is???? Autism isn’t abnormal, is actually A LOT more common than you’d think, it’s just that a lot of us, women especially, aren’t the way you imagine because you’ve been trained to only imagine the worst case scenarios when thinking of autism. You wouldn’t really guess that I was unless you REALLY knew a lot about the condition and how it can show. Autism is a spectrum and can effect people differently, some being worse than others. So to the people being assholes about this can shove it, and “who the hell cares?” Me, an autistic women much like Symmetra, and everyone else like us. Literally all representation that’s positive is important. I’m sorry, i’ve just only seen really hateful things since I saw the news and i’m pissed, so here’s a rant. And i guess if you actually read this then hey, if you didn’t know before, i’m autistic and im literally not any different than your other friends or family.

Thief (Part 6)

Pairing: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Light Smut (PG13)

AN: We’re getting to the end of my plotted out map for this story, so I hope you all enjoy this part. Also, my editing seems to have gone to shit so if anyone knows anyone who would be willing to do some Beta work with me please let me know? I’m happy to work with people as well on a back and forth basis. 

If you want to read the previous parts of this story find them here::::
Part One , Part Two , Part Three , Part Four , Part Five 

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Fuck it all to hell, you had told Finn, told him so many times that you’d felt like a parrot. It was only to be him and Clarke at this meeting with Anya. Just like Anya would only bring you and her second. Of course you’d been naïve to think either of them would keep their word. Clarke had definitely brought more than just Finn and Anya had brought a whole horde of warriors.

It had been inevitable at that point that someone was going to get an itchy finger and fire without meaning to. Unfortunately, that person had been on Clarke and Finn’s side. Bullets had rained down on your people and you had all retreated back with untrusting eyes falling on you. Why had you let Finn talk you into this? You were going to pay for how badly this had all turned out.

Tris had been hit with one of those bullets and from the sickly pale colour of Anya’s second you doubted she would be recovering anytime soon. No one within your own tribe had the medical skills to heal bullet wounds. Poison and arrow’s yes, but bullets? There was a reason why you had been sent to steal the vast majority of their ammunition.


You jerked at Anya’s voice coming from behind you, turning to look into your leaders face. She looked tired and more than a little bit concerned for Tris.

“I need you to do something for me”

“What is it?”

“Scouts brought in Clarke and Finn earlier on this morning, I need you to go to the sky people’s camp. Keep that boy in the walls”

“That boy?” you asked curiously then continuing “you haven’t hurt them Anya?”

“I haven’t and I won’t as long as the girl succeeds in healing Tris” folding her arms across her chest she levelled her gaze on you, tiredness banished “You are to keep Bellamy Blake within the walls of that camp Y/N. I don’t care how you do it, but he needs to stay away”

“You don’t care how I do it?” Anya had a tone to her voice that you didn’t like, it implied something about your relationship with Bellamy that you hadn’t even admitted to yourself yet. “You sound like you have some idea about what needs doing Anya”

“Don’t try and cover up your feelings for them Y/N” her face pinched into a look of distaste. “It’s impossible to miss how you talk about them all of a sudden, your becoming more like Lincoln day after day”

“I am nothing like him”

Anya simply shrugged her shoulders “at this moment in time I don’t care what you believe, in fact your fondness for them is helping my immediate goals. Go, keep Bellamy occupied enough to leave Finn and Clarke here”

You wanted to keep pressing, to try and get some sort of guarantee out of Anya that she wouldn’t hurt Finn or Clarke. However, you knew Anya to well to think that you were going to succeed in that respect instead you would take what she had given already. “When do you want me to go?”

“Now” Anya held out your coat, the dark green one that allowed you to blend so well into the back drop of the forest. “As long as you can Y/N”

“As long as I can” you slipped into the coat flicking the hood up over your hair and doing up the buttons.

You knew that when Anya said now she meant now you didn’t bother looking back to try and get any sort of glimpse at Finn or Clarke instead simply taking off for the borders of the forest. Stealing wasn’t your only skill nor was slipping ropes. You could also move almost inhumanely fast through the forest; it was a talent you hadn’t been able to teach to anyone else. The way you jumped over the undergrowth and missed hazards around you. All of it added up to the fact that reaching the sky peoples camp would have taken others hours but took you only one.

Movement was frantic around the camp and you could see hordes of kids running around seemingly unsure of what they should do. Who you couldn’t see was Bellamy though, the one person who you were supposed to be distracting.

Distracting, that was the interesting word. What exactly was distracting Bellamy going to take and just how far were you willing to go to uphold Anya’s orders.

You stayed in the trees for a moment scouting out time in the guard’s rotation to slip through the tunnel and into the camp. From the edge of the tunnel it was easy enough to skirt around the edges of the camp and tents to towards the one you knew was Bellamy’s. You were taking a guess that that was where he might be, planning what to do next. From the outside you couldn’t hear any voices so taking the risk that he was going to be on his own you slipped inside.

Your luck apparently was holding because sure enough Bellamy was sat on the edge of his bed, head in his hands staring down at the floor. “I’m not in the mood for another lecture Clarke”

He didn’t know that Clarke had gone yet, that was good. “Then it’s a good job I’m not Clarke”

He jerked, jumping up from his bed to spin around staring over at you. “Y/N”

“In the flesh” you pushed your hood down revealing your face to him, smiling softly at his visible surprise. “Sorry for skipping out on you again, but I did promise to be back”

“What are you doing here?”

Slowly you undid the buttons of your coat dropping it to the floor as you came over to a still tense Bellamy. “You tried to kill Anya, you nearly did kill Tris”


“Anya’s second. She isn’t happy”

“Do you really think that bothers me?” he snapped out anger filtering over his features as he stared down at you.

“I think it should” you took the final step towards him so your bodies were only inches apart. “I think if it honestly doesn’t than your more stupid than I thought and that’s just…disappointing”

Bellamy reached up grabbing your arms and squeezed to such an extent that it was almost painful. “I’m only going to ask you once more Y/N, what are you doing here?”

“Can I not want to see you?” his nostrils flared at that, he wanted it to be true you could see it on his face. He wanted to believe that you wanted to see him. It was interesting, it seemed that Bellamy was fighting just as hard as you were to deny that there was anything but hostility between the two of you. That the chemical pull you felt towards him didn’t actually exist. You slowly raised your hand up to rest your hand against his chest, you could feel his heart beat accelerating under your touch. “I did want to see you again Blake”


“But that’s not the whole reason”

You’d reached a crossroads, right now in this moment your life could go one of two directions. You could do as you had been raised to protect Anya and not tell him that is was likely that Clarke and Finn were both going to die at the hands of your people. Or you could tell him the truth, you could betray your people and you could take the final step towards living a life like Lincoln lived.

“I need to know something from you before I tell you”

“Need to know what?” Bellamy’s grip loosened on your arms but he didn’t completely let go of you, almost like he was scared that you were going to vanish once more.

“Would you have killed Lincoln? If I hadn’t gotten him out of this camp. Would you have killed my friend?”

He went silent, eyes flicking down from your face to instead stare down at the floor. “No” he whispered out. “Is that what you want to hear? That your enemies are weak. That I wouldn’t have been able to kill him when it came down to the end”

“I don’t think your weak” you moved your hand up from his chest, tracing his collar bone and up his neck to lift his chin so you could stare into his eyes once more. “I don’t think mercy is weakness Bellamy. On the contrary I think it takes more courage to show forgiveness” lifting yourself up onto your toes you pressed your lips against Bellamy’s.

Unlike the first time you had kissed him Bellamy didn’t stay motionless for long. His hands went to your hips pulling your body up to his own, then wrapped around your waist. One large hand splayed out on the base of your back and the other moved up to tunnel into your hair.

Your body lit up like it was one fire, Bellamy’s touch sending shivers over your skin and made your brain vacate the premises. You barely managed to wrench yourself back under control breaking away from his lips.

“Wait Bellamy, I’m a distraction” you gasped out gripping onto his shirt. “I’m a distraction”

“A distraction?” his own eyes were still unfocused with lust as he kept you wrapped in his arms.

“Anya, she has Clarke and Finn. If Clarke can’t save her second, she’ll kill them. I’m the distraction”

Bellamy tensed but surprising you he still didn’t let go of you or try and restrain you. “Why are you telling me this?”

You bit your lip staring up at him. “Because sometimes mercy is most courageous thing you can do”

❛ history of japan ❜ starter meme

So I saw this video for the first time and I’m trash so take this and enjoy it. (Or not. That’s cool). Feel free to change/add/whatever anything to make it fit. Blanks mean “insert your word here” I guess.

  • ‘ Japan is an island by the sea filled with volcanoes and it’s B E A U T I F U L. ’
  • ‘ It’s b e a u t i f u l. ’ 
  • ‘In the year negative a billion ______ might not have been here. ’
  • ‘ And now there’s lots of trees. Because it’s warmer. ’
  • ‘ They’re basically hanging out in between the mountains, eating nuts off trees. ’ 
  • ‘ Ding dong, it’s the outside world. ’
  • ‘ They have technology from the future. Like really good metal. And crazy rice farms. ’
  • ‘ That means that if you own the farm, you own the food, which is something everybody needs to survive. So that makes you King. ’
  • ‘ A heavenly super person, or Emperor for short. ’
  • ‘ Knock, knock. Get the door. It’s religion. ’
  • ‘ Please try this religion. ’
  • ‘ Then the government was taken over by another clique. ’
  • ‘ Can you call us something else, other than dipshit? ’
  • ‘ How about ‘Sunrise Land’? ’
  • ‘ They conquered the north, finally. Get that squared away. ’
  • ‘ They really didn’t give a shit about running a country. ’
  • ‘ How are you supposed to protect your shit from criminals? ’
  • ‘ Hire a samurai. ’
  • ‘ Everyone started hiring a samurai. ’
  • ‘ Correction: rich people hired a samurai. ’
  • ‘ They let the Emperor still be “Emperor”. ’
  • ‘ Breaking news: The Mongols have invaded _____. ’
  • ‘ We’ve invaded _____. Please respect us, or else we might invade you as well. ’
  • ‘ So the ______ came over, ready for war, and died in a tornado. ’
  • actually a Typhoon
  • ‘ And the Emperor can still dress like an emperor if he wants. That’s fine. ’
  • ‘ It’s time for Who’s Going to be the Next Shogun? ’
  • ‘ So he tries to get his brother to quit being a monk. ’
  • ‘ Everyone voted so hard that the palace caught on fire and burned down. ’
  • ‘ Knock knock, it’s Europe. ’
  • ‘ No, they’re not here to take over, they just wanna sell some shit. ’ 
  • ‘ Like clocks, and guns, and Jesus. ’
  • ‘ Now I’m going to invade Korea and then hopefully China, he said. And failed. And also died. ’
  • ‘ A lot of people support him. But a lot of people support not supporting him. ’
  • ‘ No one can leave and no one can come in. Except the _____. ’
  • ‘ Knock knock. It’s the United States. ’
  • ‘ Somehow made the Emperor the Emperor again. ’
  • ‘ And you know what else is western? That’s right, conquering stuff. ’
  • ‘ Stop, no, you can’t take that. We were going to build a railroad through here to try and get some warm water. ’
  • ‘ Can you maybe chill? ’
  • (scared of russia)
  • ‘ ___ make an alliance together so they can be a little less scared of Russia. ’
  • [You’ve got mail].
  • ‘ im interested in taking over the world, and i was wondering if you could be my friend. ’
  • (1) new war request.

sportalovely  asked:

sportarobbie fluff: Robbie tends to get a little touch starved and when it happens, he usually "accidentally" brushes up against sporp for that physical contact and eventually the sportsman catches on so whenever robbie goes and does that he just swoops in, picks him up and nuzzles into him (and probably carries him around for most of the day)

It gets to the point where as soon as Robbie comes into town, Sportacus stands uncomfortably close *just in case*. Some days Robbie just rolls his eyes and goes home but, as we all know, some days are harder than others. Sportacus will be doing stretching with the kids or something and Robbie just slogs over and lays his head in Sport’s lap. Sportacus cards a hand through Robbie’s hair and tells the kids to take it easy for the day.

Bonus: The New Favorite Game among the kids is to tackle hug Robbie after a scheme goes wrong, before he can disappear back into his lair.

This is So Pure I’m so grateful for this idea.

Thank you for 700 followers!!! I remade my blog only 2 months ago and I remember being devastated because I had lost seemingly one of the most important things in my life lmao but that gave me a chance to start over and make an effort to actually talk to people!! yay!! socialising!! ok here are some people that are really cool (ps the idea for the meme edit is someone else’s i just can’t remember wHO pls help me)

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anonymous asked:

how do u feel about the whole 'don't give vernon Shaw and leighton gray money your money for dream daddy bc the game grumps voiced in it' biz. honestly I feel like you should do whatever you want and like whatever you want but I wanna know your opinion on it

well ive already bought the game and intended to buy it since i heard about it so im not exactly unbiased lmao

i hadnt heard about this until i got this anon but i feel like those people are just reaching to find a reason to try and boycott an indie game (with killer lgbt representation) made by a tiny dev team who worked their butts off to get this game out.

and for whatever reason these people also seem to think that the game grumps are directly involved in the creation and production of the game? as far as i know dream daddy was published under the game grumps brand, and had a few of the grumps voice characters. thats where the involvement ends.

also im not to sure why people are so up in arms over GG voicing characters either, but trying to dunk on the entire game just because theres some people you may not like doing VA work in a dating sim is a bit of a trashy reason to encourage people not to buy the game and support the devs lmao

but yeah. please go buy dream daddy on steam yall. dont pirate indie games.