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Omg its freaken 12 but im so obsessed with Newt here some cooking headcannons

Its late. But i want to write

•Being Muggleborn so learning how to cook the muggle way and Newt being absolutely amazed
•Him begging you to teach him how to cook and you reluctantly agreeing because you know Newt isnt the best at cooking with Magic so god knows how it will go cooking like a muggle
•Newt being confused on why you had to do things by hand. Or why you started the fire with gas instead of Magic. Until you remind him its the muggle way and its much more satisfying this way
•Him taking detailed notes on you making a simple grilled cheese.
-“what kind of bread is that?” “White” “what about the cheese?” “Its american Newty” “How long do you cook it for?” “As long as it needs” “Okay but how long would that be?”
•You finish making the grilled cheese and he eats it with care as he wants to show you hard muggle work meant a lot.
•You telling him he cant cook unless you’re home. Which he does anyway which results in the kitchen almost catching on fire, Burnt cheese on the celling and half the living room covered in bread.
•You don’t have a clue how that even happened because you didn’t even have that much bread to begin with.
•Him looking defeated and sad because he wanted to surprise you with grilled cheese but he messed it up.
•You giving him a very grateful look because you think its so cute he wanted to impress you.
-But you make him clean it up anyway.
•Him practicing making a variety of recipes with you and Jacob and eventually he was able to make dinner for you, Jacob and the Goldstein sisters.
•You being extremely proud because you taught a wizard how to cook and him being embarrassed when everyone praised him for his cooking but happy that everyone enjoyed it
•Cooking becoming something the two of you do together and becomes a routine of Sundays to make breakfast no matter what.
•Getting into the occasional Flour fights when making pancakes.
•Hosting dinner parties and serving home cooked meals
•BUYING NEWT A KISS THE COOK APRON which he is flustered by but wears it a lot.
•Him making you breakfast in bed a lot and vise versa
•The kitchen smelling really good 24/7

Update. im really hungry and craving grilled cheese and its 12:30 now oops

vernon as a boyfriend pt.1

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  • this awkward meme is new to relationships so bear with him. 
  • him being nervous about skinship at first, but then being obsessed with it.
  • like for real, always has an arm around your waist, holding your hand, cuddling you etc.
  • lowkey, random AF dates
  • like movies and snacks.
  • or just chilling at the dorm.
  • constantly making fun of that boy because he is SOOOOO easy to make fun of. 
  • the guys always making fun of you two
  • but are secretly obsessed with your relationship, and wanna know ever detail
  • “DAMN *insert group member* BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE *insert color* VANS”
  • making fun of his raps but deep down loving them
  • you only make fun of them to see him pout tho
  • constantly trying to out dance each other while listening to ‘Hotline Bling’ equally terrible drake impressions
  • matching 'hotline bling’ sweaters because #relationshipgoals
  • being lazy one minute, and then chasing each other around the house the next.
  • cute AF selfies
  • sleepy kisses while cuddling in the morning  (HALP IM CRYING BRB)
  • playing video games with you in between his legs
  • stealing his clothes
  • him not noticing until one day he shows up at your door at like 3AM after practice and being like ???
  • and you being like “BOI I WAS ASLEEP”
  • really bad puns
  • like painfully bad
  • watching movies together, and then for like a week none stop puns about said movie
  • once you watched harry potter and he was like “hey y/n what are you doing?” “i was planning on going to bed” “well, mind if i slytherin?” “BOI IF YOU DON’T GET YOUR GREASY SELF…”
  • him trying to be romantic but then fails so bad its almost embarrassing.
  • but its lowkey the cutest thing ever
  • giving him random compliments and MAKING HIM BLUSH (OHHH MYGOD HALP)
  • putting makeup on him because lord help those eyebrows
  • the boys constantly questioning the sanity of you two
  • him making really bad jokes and you bursting out laughing like its the greatest thing ever
  • and the guys looking at each other like ???
  • having a relationship where people question if you two are dating or are best friends

i have so many more for vernon so i may make a part two.

i had to stop so many times and take a breather because FEELS

i also wrote in like 1 hour and im really tired so im sorry for any mistakes.

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GOT7 Reaction - When You’re Obsessing Over Another Idol

Thanks for the reaction! Here you go @hipster-shiz, i hope you really like this! <3 


Youngjae - *He’d feel a little awkward with having to see and hear you obsess so much but he’d take your phone of you and cuddle with you to calm you down*

JB - *He’d get quite annoyed at the constant squealing that he hears off you and would try his best not to get jealous, just trying to stay calm, telling you that no one is better than him in anyway and would try to clam you down by taking you out for food or something*

Junior - *He wouldn’t know how to feel about it but would do anything he could just to stop it for a while, cuddling you, buying you cute things and just being a sweetheart overall* 

BamBam - *He’d get really jealous and would try to get your attention with his powerful aegyo but when that didn’t work, he’d go through a list of ideas to try calm you down*

Yugyeom - *He’d try to clam you down from fangirling so much and would run his fingers through his hair and bite his lip just so you’d stop obsessing over another idol*

Mark - *He’d be reasonably calm about it all at first but then jealousy starts taking over then the snarky comments are made. He’d try to talk you into doing something with him with his low, deep voice, telling you how much he loves you to convince you to go with him*

Jackson - *He’d be a jealous one and also a very sarky one also. He’d turn off anything that could intentionally have the idol on and would pick you up, take you to the bedroom and would cuddle with you until you got the idea that he’s jealous* I’m the perfect oppa! I’m the one you should be obsessed over! 


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Chris/Mon El's here to stay, folks!! I didn't have a doubt seeing how much time has been spent developing his character into the superhero he'll soon become. I have a feeling we'll see him in his suit by end of the season! lol at antis being delusional enough to think he'll just disappear forever, wishing the absolute worst outcome for him. This is actually good, they'll have more of him to obsess over :)

im so SO EXCITED, there’s so much of his character that we need to explore😍

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im dead ive never once watched doctor who all i knew of it was from my friend who was obsessed with it back in 8th grade but im watching the david tennant version of hamlet along with the reading of the play in ap lit so when i first saw you mention him here i was like "hm people are fans of him? i wonder what else he's been in" little did i fucking know that he was the doctor in a huge show like doctor who im such an idiot dkfhag

You got to watch the David Tennant version of Hamlet in class??? I’M SO JEALOUS WHAT THE HECK. That’s so funny too adflkjasdf;lasfd. I love David – you should totally watch Doctor Who!!!

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Despite initially seeming unapproachable, Minegishi is Team Mom of the Super 5 and the most open about caring for the others. Shimazaki is the opposite, priding himself on not needing others because he perceives it as strength. God, does he care about Minegishi, though. Against what he considers his better judgment, he can't keep away from Minegishi. It's almost like an obsession. Minegishi sees good in him, edginess aside. (Minegishi is emo, so really, they balance each other out.)

minegishi: alright fuckwads make sure you drink enough water when you go to beat up these children. here i have orange slices in my fanny pack

shimazaki: oh my god im going to murder you

shimazaki (internally): I Can’t Not Kiss Him On The Face


Ok, so im now like… OFFICIALLY OBSESSED with this game. To sum it all up, ive watched jacksepticeyes 7 hour paythrough twice now, soooo ya i think i need help. ANYWHOO, heres some doodlies. Josh deserved better (let me repeat: j o s h   d e s e r v e d   b e t t e r ), so i like to think chris went back to save him. 

Kitty Chat Kisses

a/n: I am trash. I am SO trash. Like, what kind of trash you ask? The one where you need four bags to cover up the smell while spraying air fragrance over it! I made an angst fic… :D

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Adrien would never admit this casually, but he really liked kisses.

He supposed it’s due to the lack of a mother. The memories that stained his mind when he tucked himself in bed and relived the moment she’d come in to kiss his forehead goodnight kept him up to the point of exhaustion. He’d close his eyes and remember the way she’d kiss his hand when he’d do something she’s proud of, or his cheek when she wished him luck to school. She’d press a kiss on top of his head in times of sadness, and pepper his face with kisses in times of love. It’s only a matter of time before his aching chest would require for someone to kiss him.

He once asked Plagg after a battle with an Akuma, but the little black creature heaved and ‘died’ in Adrien’s hands until the only thing that would revive him was a kiss with cheese. After that, Adrien felt reluctant to ask anyone. (There was always Chloe, but even Adrien knew he’d regret asking her the moment he’d approach her.)

During his job was Adrien’s chance to be pared up with someone and receive the kisses he so desperately needed. The romance market had Adrien’s name all of it, so it wouldn’t have to be hard. Besides, it was not like he’s asking for much, just platonic kisses; cheek or hand, he was fine to give back if they so required.

It got to the point where he’d greet his friends and co-workers with kisses (nothing out of the ordinary for a French), and left them with questions Adrien didn’t want to answer. He greeted Marinette one morning at their usual brunch on a Wednesday afternoon, with a gentle kiss on her hand that had her face red for the entire day. He couldn’t approach her without seeing red staining her cheeks. Before they went home, he apologised for his behavior.

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I would be remiss if I didn’t make a Happy Birthday post about my first obsession and favorite actor Tim Curry. I have been a fan of Tim since I was 8 years old and my mom rented Muppet Treasure Island. 

I was probably the weirdest kid in the universe with my obsession; especially seeing as how I first saw Rocky Horror at the tender age of 9. (My dad bought it for me for Christmas! He forgot what it was about. lol) I had a giant bear that I named TC and would positively die when my mom would wash him. My best friend and I’s favorite movie for the longest was Clue and to this day I can still quote it forwards and backwards. Same with Rocky Horror. And yes even Muppet Treasure Island and Annie. I have my kids obsessed with The Wild Thornberry’s and Ferngully.

He and his characters inspired me to begin writing and made me long and dream of becoming an actress in Hollywood. That bit may not have worked out but I never stopped dreaming. And maybe that was the best part about my “obsession” with Tim. He taught me to dream. And for that, I can’t thank him enough. 

So, Happy 70th Birthday Tim Curry. You are still my favorite. Thank you.

Don’t dream it. Be it!

so recently i’ve been practically obsessed with jessica and matt from until dawn so here are a few headcanons about them:

  • when the helicopter found him and jess he held jess’ hand the entire journey to the hospital whilst whispering comforting words into her ear
  • matt woke up first and wouldn’t let any of the doctors check over him until he’d seen her
  • but the doctors refused to let anyone see her
  • so obvs he snuck in
  • and couldnt help but brush a few tears away as he saw jess lying on a hospital bed looking so vulnerable and scared
  • he stroked her hand gently and pressed a kiss to her forehead
  • and then felt super bad bc jess wasnt even awake
  • so he left and spent 99% of his time at the hospital even after he was discharged
  • jess was the first person she saw when she woke up
  • matt calmed her down each time she started panicking
  • when jess had her first panic attack since she woke up matt was the only one to talk her down
  • a few months after emily and matt broke up he convinced her to talk to jess
  • they became best friends again
  • all my children were safe and happy with each other

Harry knew how set in his ways he was becoming. There was a rhyme and a reason to all of his frequent trips to LA, even if they were one or two days at a time. There was somebody behind the songs he wrote and sang. There was a girl with her chaotic flat in Los Angeles that kept Harry coming back, that held him in her embrace and made him feel like he found the home he had been missing.

In Your Atmosphere by fromherlips