im so obsessed its not even funny


“im like.. plastic trash for my favorite show”
“what does that even mean”
“it never rots”

im excited about supergirl new episode. but then i remember supercorp isnt canon. and kara hasnt even thanked lena for saving the alien population. hell, no one even batted an eye. and worst of all,  lena might not even be in the episode. and i just… 

Fanacc : Key @ Jonghyun         ‘She is‘ showcase

- k: jjong is so obsessed w pink, women picking lipstick shades doesnt even         compare, he had such a specific pink in mind he kept showing pics
- t: onew even cried (bc he couldnt make it). ….was that too much of a lie
  k: u went too far. Too Far
- kibum keeps calling taemin “teacher” its so funny n cute im dying….cr

- M: Key have you seen grandmother Gyechoon?
  K: what have you been doing taemin? … ( pretends not to hear lol )
  J: he’s definitely seen it
- Key said Jonghyun kept on showing him the EXACT pink coloured hair he         wanted repeatedly
- K: Jonghyun with picking his pink hair colour is worse than a girl choosing         what lipstick colour to wear
- I still can’t believe Taemin physically called Kibum to ask him to upload a           photo on his Insta HAHAHAH…cr

- Lmao key said that since he was in the area he came in and jonghyun said is   that why you’re in your pajamas
- Key: without thinking about age and beside being the maknae Taemin is just     someone who needs to be taken care for
- Jonghyun: key would be the mc when I start the promos 

- The fans saying they like key’s V line then Taemin : I hear they like my philtrum  when it comes to me ….. cr

- JH: I’ll come back on MCD, Key-goon is the MC right? Will there be a fan           meeting?
   Key: usually there is for every comeback.
- Key: there’s always someone who wears the helmet, ah ah yes MPD.               You(MH) should wear it
   MH: Why me??! I have schedule of my own, why me!?
- When jjong said the dresscode was white shirt, he corrected for the fans,          then minho and key wore white while tae…
- When Keybum talks about how jjong keeps showing him the pink hair he            wants …[the pics below] .cr   ….  ( Jjong  expression was so cute lol )

Good luck Jjong ^^ i wish you the best with your new album *-*

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I am so obsessed with anything that is legitimately linked with Jeon Jungkook it's not even funny. I have a very big problem. He literally destroyed my life help.

Jungkook is also ruining my life as well as my bias list, like at this point, I think he’s my bias wrecker but i srsly don’t know lmao

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imma bout to slap that eyebrow of his fucking face cause im so done ahhh look at the angel on the right

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get out

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