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Otp Reunions
  • Zervis:Aww, Zeref looks hot as ever
  • Gajevy:Gajeel's dorky face and Levy's fierce greeting kick
  • Nalu and Gruvia:Faints.
  • Jerza:holee crap let's fight the strongest mages before anything else because that's right you weaklings, we're the powerhouse couple and screw you mashima, give us a break!
  • Kagura:Gets out of the manga and unsheathes her sword and threatens mashima

thanks to the ask i got yesterday im now thinking about guan shan and he tian moving in together, so have some headcanons (i didn’t want to be that person, but warning for some sexual mentions!!) [also i feel like my english is really bad in this so i apologise for it]

  • it starts with guan shan slowly just leaving spare clothes at he tian’s apartment so he always has something to change into when he stays the night
  • at some point guan shan drags he tian to buy some damn furniture because he refuses to leave his stuff scattered on the floor or in old boxes like he tian does
  • pretty soon the apartment is full of guan shan’s clothes and video games and it starts to feel a lot less empty and lonely
  • it’s only when guan shan starts to work in the kitchen of a restaurant and is not around as much as before that he tian realises that the apartment felt less empty and silent not because of the new furniture or guan shan’s stuff, but because of guan shan himself
  • one evening guan shan manages to drop by but he is so tired that he can barely keep his eyes open, so he tian is finally like “you should move in”
  • needless to say that that wakes guan shan up pretty quickly, and he tian then proceeds to list all the reasons why that would be the best solution
  • guan shan asks he tian a couple of days to think about it and explains to him that it’s not because he doesn’t want to move in with him, but because he is worried about his mom being alone
  • the next day he talks about it with his mom and she almost laughs at him because really, he had been in a foul mood since he didn’t get to see he tian as often, and there she was, trying to understand why they hadn’t decide to move in together already and worrying that maybe something bad had happened between them
  • she then tells him that he should think about himself once in a while and do what makes him happy, she is going to be okay, and anyway he tian’s apartment is not even that far
  • when guan shan goes to move his stuff out of his room, it only takes like one small suitcase because everything is already at he tian’s place
  • the night he finally moves in, he tian slowly fucks guan shan into their mattress, and after they’ve both come down they just hold each other and realise that this is what they’re going to come home to from now on
  • about a week after guan shan has moved in, he tian tells him that they’re going to have a guest for dinner but refuses to say more, and when guan shan goes to open the door that evening he finds himself in front of his mom
  • as they walk back after walking guan shan’s mom home, he tian explains to him that he could see he was still worried about her feeling alone, so he had invited her
  • he also tells guan shan that she could come at least once a week for dinner, it’s not a problem, he likes his mom, and it’s not like he is the one who has to cook anyway
  • guan shan backs him up against a wall and kisses him so hard that he tian sees stars
  • the first time guan shan refers to the apartment as his home he’s on the phone talking to jian yi (because they’ll all become friends, i know this), and he tian stops whatever he is doing, takes the phone from guan shan, says “im about to blow him, so im afraid he’s gonna have to call you back”, and proceeds to give guan shan the best blowjob of his life
  • (jian yi texts he tian after a while telling him that he really didn’t need to know that. he tian replies he should consider himself lucky he got a warning at all)
A Most Surprising Realisation

Part II of A Most Unsuitable Arrangement!

She’d left.

He had pushed her away and gotten what he’d wanted; a solitary life.

She had not left even a note. Just an empty wardrobe, an empty room.

An empty life.

He was surprised by the sudden thought. But as he turned it over in his mind, he realised that that was how he felt. He looked around the room and the feeling of loss in his chess worsened.

He lowered himself onto the small bed and wondered when what he wanted had changed.

He had left on the case three weeks ago perfectly content with his life. Molly had barely flitted into his peripheral, yet her sudden absence when he returned had shaken his world. To his surprise, he began to realise that, though he had not often outwardly acknowledged her presence, she had made herself invaluable to his way of life.

He needed her.

He frowned.


He wanted her.

She had fit into his life in a way he never expected; quietly and patiently. Looking back, he saw now the brightness in her eyes, the intelligence that he had never let himself acknowledge. He had looked upon her as simply a means to an end, one step up from his skull in terms of talking companions. And his ignorance to just how important she was to him was rooted in fear. That he would come to care for her and fall prey to a weakness he could not afford.

Yet she had done what he had tried to make impossible and wound her way so intricately into his life, and his heart, that her leaving had ripped open a wound that he did not think could ever be stitched closed.

The sudden realisation of his feelings… and the loss his blindness, no, his cowardice, had cost him… was suffocating and he dropped his head into his hands with an aggravated shout.

From below, the door to the loud London streets opened and closed. A familiar cadence of steps sounded up the stairs, continuing up to the upper level. The tip of an umbrella passed in front of Sherlock’s view and he raised his head.

‘Hello, brother dear.’

‘Where is she?’ Sherlock demanded without preamble.

Mycroft looked over his brother. With a raised eyebrow, he sat down beside Sherlock and rested his hands atop his brolly’s handle. ‘She is staying with Anthea and myself. Until this evening.’

Sherlock looked over, the knot of dread in his stomach tightening.

‘She is to leave on the night train for her mother’s estate in Manchester. She intends to remain there for the duration of your marriage. Should you choose to divorce, I shall see to it that the both of you have no damage to your reputations and the financial contract is dissolved.’

The ache in his chest threatened to overwhelm him and Sherlock quickly stood, pacing away from his brother to hide the sudden burn of tears.

‘However,’ Mycroft continued in a soft tone. ‘She is willing to consider another option.’

Sherlock held his breath.

‘A ruse, as it were. You and she will remain married, but in name only. With the exception of the occasional social outing, no more than four times each year, for appearance’s sake, she will remain in Manchester and you will lead your separate lives.’

Sherlock spun around and fought against the horror welling up inside at his brother’s words.

‘You will continue to have access to her monthly stipend, but you are to have no contact with her whatsoever apart from previously stated social outings.’ Mycroft stood and brushed off his trousers. ‘Those are the choices she has laid out for you, brother mine.’

A crushing weight threatened to suffocate him. Sherlock stumbled back a step and hit the wall.

No. No, I can’t lose her. Not when I’ve just found out what she means to me!

Mycroft stood and walked toward the door. When he stood just beside Sherlock, he paused. ‘However…’

Sherlock looked over at him, only a thin thread of hope holding him together.

Mycroft kept his gaze fixed firmly ahead, but the lines around his eyes softened. ‘She cares for you. If you were to properly make amends and open your heart to the possibility that you might come to love your wife, I believe you will be able to convince her to return.’

Sherlock considered his brother’s words. Could he see himself falling in love? Being a true husband, in every sense of the word?

The image of Molly sitting on the settee, listening happily as he rattled on about a case or experiment, the small smile on her face, as if she was truly happy, flitted across his mind.

Yes. Despite his doubts and previous scorn of love, he could easily see himself coming to love his wife. And in his heart, he knew he was already falling.

‘Will you take me to her?’

Mycroft tilted his head. ‘Yes. But if she refuses you…’

Sherlock laid his hand on his brother’s shoulder and Mycroft turned to him. ‘I will accept it as the consequence of my actions. But I refuse to let her go without doing everything within my power to convince her to stay.’

anonymous asked:

Can I get a headcannon or scenario in which the rfa members including v and Saeran find out MC has arthritis and MC was hiding it from them? Pleasssse and thank you!!! :D

  • All of RFA started to notice whenever MC seemed to be moving slower
  • They just said that they had started to exercise and were sore
  • Zen congraulated them on beginning a working out regiment and offered to work out with them
  • Weeks later, though, they were getting even slower and they would grimace in pain sometimes
  • Everyone was worried– if they were working out, they had to be getting used to the exercise, right? 
  • Jaehee asked Zen if he would go with MC to exercise so that he could make sure they weren’t hurting themselves
  • When MC made up excuses on why they couldn’t work out with him, everyone started to worry more
  • Yoosung was worried that MC had an incurable disease
  • Seven thought MC was involved in an underground fighting ring
  • Jaehee wasn’t sure, but she had looked up the symptoms on Google thousands of times to no avail
  • Zen was in denial, choosing to believe that it WAS the workout and they were just doing it wrong
  • Jumin thought that perhaps MC was in need of a spa treatment
  • V was trying to be positive and was hoping that they were just getting over a bad illness, such as the flu
  • Saeran didn’t know but he was super worried and it was making him snappy to the other members
  • It got to the point where MC bent to pick something up, winced, picked said thing up, winced again and dropped it, hissing in pain and holding their wrist with one hand
  • Everyone immediately went over to them to make sure they okay
  • They explained that they had recently been diagnosed with arthisis and had just been embarrassed about it
  • “It’s kind of weird, I mean, I’m not old at all…”
  • The others reassured them that it wasn’t weird– Yoosung mentioned that his dad had gotten slight arthritis in his knees when he was only 29
  • With tears in their eyes, MC thanked all the others who were all comforting them in some way, shape or form
  • After that, all the members of RFA threw themselves wholeheartedly into helping MC with whatever they needed
  • Whether it was medication, physical therapy, or a pick me up
  • They were there!

~Admin MC