im so nervous about that 0

honestly, im so nervous about the finale being awful. like i really really want to like it, even if its that its heartbreaking, i want to believe it and understand it, unlike the cece reveal. i want to feel closure, i want to feel relieved, i want to feel many emotions whether it glee or sadness, as long as it’s not disappointment. i would hate to have taken this journey along with the liars and all of you, to feel flat and left with a dry, unsatisfying goodbye from the show. fingers crossed that the majority of the fandom are pleased with the outcome of this episode and let’s get through this together!

Dessert Connoisseurs

                                             SUGAR PT.1

Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: This is the first installment of my AU series yeet!

Words: 954

Prompt: Struggling with the pressures of running a bakery in New York City, [Y/N] [Y/L/N] is your average, flour-covered baker. Bucky Barnes is your no nonsense, sugar-hating guy. What happens when the two get closer than Fate intends for them to?

Warnings: swearing, serious cat names??, shitty writing

A huge shoutout to @redgillan for being an actual angel and beta-ing this for me. 


In short, Bucky Barnes doesn’t like sweets. He despises the carbohydrate with every ounce of being. Sure, give him a bowl of spaghetti, he’ll scarf it down with inhuman speed and ask for more (with extra Parmesan cheese) but when it comes to sweets, he has a divergence to them.

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i did a t h i n G

for @raythrill and @objectionable-code

i hope you guys like it;; 

So I’ve been absolutely obsessed with @heyfightme ‘s punk au and I just had to draw Jack (I really tried to do any tattoos that have been mention I may have missed some thou!)

If you haven’t read baking is punk as fuck pleaasse do honestly it’ll change you

And of course if you haven’t read check please definitely do that too!

Isak: soo … I got a text from Sara 
you told her? 

Sana: yes 
sorry again for dragging you into this 
im really really sorry, Isak

Isak: naah forget about it 
what are buds for, huh? 

Sana: hehe
true, best bud  

Isak: haha <3
are you ok tho? 
with the girls and all?

Sana: i dont know 

Isak: hmm 
want to come over? 
Even is making pizza 

Sana: takk Isak
really <3


Originally posted by throughthelookingglass-lauriane

…are you mocking your boyfriend 

Isak: hahahaha 
so youre in? 

Sana: ja 😎
will be there in 20 


Kara gets night terrors. Most of the time when people see Supergirl flying at night or floating above the city they think she must be keeping watch or that it must be because it is peaceful up there away from everything. And in a way it is. But more times then not it is an escape. It is an escape from the griping fear that haunts her sleep, but more then that it is an escape from having to face Lena’s bruises.

Kara knows she used to get night terrors when she first came to earth. Each terror filled with images of a Krypton, of her body shaking uncontrollably as the ground shuttered beneath her feet, of rock crumbling and buildings falling, and of her parents. They always talk to her, the same way they did the night she left, but in her dreams she never hears them. She can see their worried expressions and their mouths moving, but is silenced from being able to hear their voices again. It is rare that she remembered the dreams, or waking up in the middle of the night drenched in her own sweat, fear choking her. She is thankful she doesn’t remember many. What she does remember is Alex and Eliza asking her in the morning if she remembered sitting up in bed screaming, if she remembered sleep flying or sleep walking, or thrashing in bed so hard that she accidentally hit Alex and Eliza when they tried to calm her down during the first terror. She remembers the pain she caused.

Kara thought she was free of the terrors as she got older, no more rude awakenings, Eliza and Alex no longer bringing them up knowing it would just upset her, as it upset them that they couldn’t physically help her in all those moments. But after becoming Supergirl, seeing Astra again, returning to Krypton even if only momentarily, being on red kryptonite, and thinking she was going to lose Alex, they had returned some time along the way. It wasn’t until Lena was sitting on a kitchen stool in nothing but a sleep shirt that Kara noticed a large blooming bruise on the outside of Lena’s thigh that Lena told her. As Lena told her that she had had a bad dream last night, and when she tried to wake her up Kara had accidentally kicked her, Kara realized they were back.

Kneeling beside Lena, Kara brushed her lips lightly against the bruise. Kara apologized over and over hugging Lena as she hid her face in Lena’s lap her voice muffled as she said she would never hurt her again, and how lucky they were that she did not have a broken bone. Lena stroked Kara’s hair, her voice soft but strong as she told Kara that she would never have thought it was intentional. Hot tears fell on Lena’s thighs as she continued to hold a shaking Kara. Letting her calm down Lena’s fingers found Kara’s chin, pulling her up so that Kara had to look her in the eyes when she told her again that this was just an accident and that she knew Kara would never hurt her. When Kara nodded trying to lower her eyes Lena pulled her forward for a short kiss, leaning their foreheads together she stroked Kara’s cheek promising that she not going anywhere, that they would find something to help with the terrors.

We Intertwined: Ch. 1

An Ignis Scientia Story

AO3 | Chapter 2
Word Count: 1,600

@ladyscientia @chocobro-daydreams @chocobrodreamteam @iinkpools @mistressoli @cupnoodle-queen @itshaejinju  

Ever since he was a child, Ignis had a curious mind. He was always seeking knowledge, always curious to know minute facts about seemingly insignificant things. He wanted to know about the geography of Eos, the traditions of the Lucian royal line, the tales of Ramuh and Shiva. He loved hearing those stories, loved falling asleep to his mother’s voice, telling him about the might of the Archaean.

But Ignis’ favourite bedtime story by far was the one about soulmates.

“It’s said that everyone has a soulmate,” she’d told him one night, running her slim fingers through his tawny hair. “The Astrals created life on Eos. Creatures that walked on four legs with four arms and two heads. They had two hearts, two brains, and two souls. The gods were so afraid of their power that they split them in two, and humans have been wandering Eos in search of their missing halves ever since.”

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A Friend Of A Friend, These Strangers At The Party Never Paid

summary: “I left phone number on the bathroom stall wall and you text me about your day and your frustrations for a month & it’s really nice and cute but I still don’t know who you are” AU

words: 12.7k

warnings: smut, mentions of smoking, alcohol/being drunk, lack of imagination as far as fic titles are concerned


Can you believe this was meant to be 3k?? I honeslty don’t know what happened there. all I know is that I have five exams in less than three weeks that I should be revising for and instead did this. yikes I hope this was worth it. (also pray4me that I don’t fail everything) x

Also on the topic of exams the actual reason I wrote this now was bc I’m kinda not gonna be writing for a while because of Lovely responsibilities and school stuff and revision so I’m gonna leave yall with this before I’m off Working and doing fun stuff that adults do.

I hope this is ok!!


Dan’s halfway through skipping History when he does it.

He doesn’t know why he did it – he really doesn’t, he was just kind of bored one afternoon and happened to be carrying a Sharpie and hey, it’d just be a laugh, right? In a school like this, what’s the worst that could come out of leaving his phone number on a cubicle wall?

His pen squeaks across the pale blue paint, already tainted with curse words and penis drawings and tipp-ex and “Call _____ for a good time ;)”. He supposes the caretakers have given up with trying to cover up the graffiti – there are still thin layers of paint and chipped plaster coating every inch of the stall walls, at least showing attempted coverage, but people had just written over them, scribbles of song lyrics and “never got caught” tattooing every inch of the previously blank walls. No amount of assemblies or threats of “whoever did this-“, inserts picture of something someone had written about the Maths teacher on the hall projector, “is seriously going to pay” from the head teacher had ever stopped anyone, so, really, what does Dan have to lose? Sure, they could trace the phone number, but that doesn’t prove anything – he could just as easily throw on the ‘innocent’ act and say it was his friend.

07843983276, he writes. He doesn’t sign it off with any comment, nor kisses, not even a smiley face let alone a winking one. He just leaves it there, in a kind-of conspicuous place just above eye-level on the right hand side of the door, eleven digits amidst many others.

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you have any good victuuri fics to recommend? :D i love kic btw, i've read it more than i've read my thesis and that's saying a lot! (Mostly about how I definitely make good life choices shhh!)

omg fkdjfdk thank you i’m so glad you’re enjoying kic!!! here are some awesome oneshots i’ve read recently:

  • Hey, Jealousy by @rcmclachlan
    gen / 3k / yurio pov fic about russian hockey team being in love with yuuri and victor is Absolutely Fine Of Course Why Would There Be a Problem ? ?  ?  (yurio voice is srsly on point) 
  • A Hitman’s Guide to Emergency Gift-Giving by @exile-wrath
    not rated / 2k / vicyuu are hitmen, it’s victor’s birthday, yuuri gifts him the decapitated head of his longtime rival; can u say, romantic? 
  • all you’re giving me is friction by @alykapediaaa
    teen / 2k / scruffy!victor…. need i say more
  • Laundry Day by @lucycamui & @victorsporosya
    explicit / 7k / vicyuu does the do on a washing machine… seriously folks… this is not for the Delicate Cycle-hearted… this is strictly for the Auto Soak of us 👅💦😩 👏  (seriously this is spicier than the ghostiest of ghost peppers)
  • Stay the Night by @dystopiansushi
    mature / 6k / speaking of ghosts… victor is a ghost who haunts a hotel. yuuri stays the night (WARNING this GOOSED me so if u are EASILY GOOSED then… then u have to read this too ok come and suffer w me dkafdkfjaskdfj) 
  • To Wine and Dine by @kiaronna
    gen / 3k / victor is a renowned chef and yuuri is a food critic who thinks victor’s only giving him a grand dining experience because he’s figured out what yuuri’s there for and i am absolutely sobbing this was so beautiful hECK and its in paris [heavy sigh]
dress me up, buttercup I three (m)

Originally posted by osyub

pairing : hoseok x reader

genre: idol+stylist!au, drama, humor, angst

warning: face sitting, fem dom, dirty talk

word count: 8.1k

summary: There are nearly 1,000 reasons why mixing work and romance is a terrible idea. Unfortunately, Jung Hoseok makes it very hard for you to resist.

chapters: one | two | three

✩ a/n: this was really just an excuse to write whiny, needy hobi….. (゜▽゜;)

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(FANMADE) vernon solo mini album concept “cataton1c”

01. 무게 (the weight) | 02. one of me (나 하나) | 03. 20:80 (ft. s. coups, wonwoo, and mingyu of SEVENTEEN) | 04. me, you, us, we | 05. sugar in my skull | 06. 시간 (time)

click pictures for HQ. i apologize if the korean is not correct, i’m not fluent, not even close lol {pic credit} if you have corrections/suggestions, feel free to message me!

under the cut there’s an entire analysis track by track lmao

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i am
that if i
myself i will not
stop pouring. (why do i fear
becoming a river. what mountain
gave me such shame.)
— jamie oliveira | erosion

end of hiatus

ayyyyyyy!! hi y’all!! that hiatus turned out to be a loooot longer than expected. so much has changed in my life since then – i’m in university now! i never thought that would EVER happen after my anxiety and depression screwed up my high school years and prevented me from graduating. i’ve been in a massive slump for 4 years now, but finally i’ve lifted myself out of it through diligent therapy, meds, and support from my friends and family. i feel so alive now, when only a year ago i wanted the complete opposite of that…

this is a lot more sappy and depressing than i wanted it to be haha, especially since i don’t usually speak about my shitty personal life. but yeah! i’m kind of back now??? sort of??? i finally bought a proper gaming pc so i’ve been playing games like overwatch and civ 6 this entire time, but i’m slowly but surely getting back into ts4. i have a couple of asks in my inbox that i’ll try and get to, but i just wanted to stop by and idk… say hello?? and thank you all for the massive support while i was gone! i have 3.5k followers now which is a lil insane lmao

i’ve been playing around ingame a bit – and by ingame i mean cas and build/buy of course LMAO. i haven’t gotten a chance to try out city living yet so i made a lil sim to do so. anyway, the point is i’ll be posting again soon! love you all, as always, and i hope 2017 will be a happy one for you as well!!  (*´꒳`*)