im so mad shes so hot

im so so mad. the girls didnt give a shit about sana’s family until they found out she had a hot brother with hot friends. who doesn’t know basic facts about their BEST FRIENDS siblings????

and sana wants to keep them separate. she’s feeling so so isolated from the girls and she clearly likes her brother’s friends. as far as we know they are her only other friends from her culture, since she has the feud with the muslim girls at school. (and the girls make jokes of this - imagine how incredibly hard this must be for sana??? that the hijabi squad hates her???? that she has no female  muslim friends??? my poor girl ). the girl squad clearly don’t care about or respect islam, and she clearly doesn’t want her brother and his friends objectified by them. she knows how sex obsessed they can be - probably why she didn’t want them to come into the gym. this is her FAMILY, and she doesn’t want her white friends to reduce them to sex objects. she doesn’t want the girls to fantasise about her family’s intimate body parts. she kept them separate for so long and the girls dont even wonder why??? im just so mad and SANA DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER

– blackpink reaction to you finding a hickey they left on you ✧.

– ✧ = nsfw

– request = Hallo, i love your reactions!! Do you think you could do one where bp react to their gf finding a hickey they left and didnt tell them? Thank youuuuu

JENNIE → jennie would love to give you hickeys like even at random times, you walking in front of her ? she would pull you and give you a small hickey at your collarbone you wouldn’t mind unless if it was so very obvious and visible you might whine a bit making her smirk teasingly.

“ what do you mean ‘very visible’ come here and i’ll show you what is really visible ”

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JISOO → jisoo wouldn’t mind giving you a hickey but it isn’t that important for her to do like she might do it when both of you are in a heated situation but she doesn’t make it THAT visible until one day she did and honestly you were annoyed but happy because everyone will know that you belong to her only.

“ im sorry jagi !! put i mean you can mark me too, you know as a ‘pay back’ ”

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LISA → i see lisa being so chill with the hickey thing she wouldn’t care if the hickey she made on you is so visible in fact i see her being so proud and high fiving herself privately, if you got mad she’ll remind you of that ‘time’.

“ well remember that time you gave me a very big one and made me wear a turtleneck on a very hot day so my manager doesn’t get mad ? yeah i didn’t forget ”

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ROSÉ → chaeyoung would like to give you hickeys but it depends on the occasion if she knows that you have work she won’t give you one until one day she did in a very obvious place, she would keep apologizing awkwardly not wanting to make you mad.

“ i’m sorry i just got so into it !! ”

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im not even uncomfortable with this update on a /personal/ level (ive never been abused so i can handle seeing it) and i even didnt read it as sexual (in a positive sexual sense) because wrathia /is/ abusive towards ava and so i read everything like “she is abusive and thats the point”

but it should NOT be seen in a positive sexual way (ex. “lol so hot!!!1!”/”its not even that bad!!!) and people, especially victims, can obviously see this as a negative sexual thing and they dont have to like it or enjoy it. im pretty sure it’s supposed to be uncomfortable because wrathia is not painted in a good light, so why would you get mad at people over feeling that??

basically: i actually dont think this comic is inherently terrible over this since wrathia is portrayed as abusive and thats what shes supposed to be, but it’s not exempt from criticism, and it also doesnt mean that it can’t be uncomfortable or show some bad things. it’s supposed to be bad, she IS bad and thats the whole point, you dont have to defend it by saying it’s not… you dont have to shit on abuse victims…. you dont have to glorify bad people…. and yet some of you are so insistent on being disgusting it seems

Marlene King is literally the worst writer in television history.

We have literally wasted 7 years of hints and clues towards so many characters. To get a character who didn’t make an appearance until the very end. I’m so bitter. Hot For Teacher was the best reveal ever. I really wish they made Ezra or even Wren the twin. It would have been 10x better. This twincer BS is dumb. What was the reason to go after ALL the girls? Why did poor Hanna get tortured? What the hell did she do to the dumb british bitch…. ugh im so mad. I will never watch a Marlene King show ever again.




she will never be able to love this man her hatred oversees his hotness and it is the funniest shit im getting abs from laughing so hard

For karaline626 :  Can u make a fic of caroline get really mad at stefan. And stefan tried to seduce her to make her not mad anymore.

“Seriously Stefan?” Caroline had her hands on her hips and her eyebrows raised.

Stefan sat on the couch in the Salvatore house, lazily flipping through the lastest issue of Top Gear before Caroline charged through his front door. He stared at her with his eyes wide, his mind racing for what it was she was so obviously upset about.

Stefan slowly closed his magazine and placed it next to him on the couch before standing up and raising his shoulders slightly.


He knew Caroline was extremely pissed off. Her breath came out in a huff and her hip cocked out to the side aggressively.

She rolled her eyes at Stefan’s apparent obliviousness and sighed.

“What were you thinking?” She yelled. He was barely able to contain his laughter when she all but stamped her foot in annoyance.

Caroline leaned her head foward, her face full of expectation and irritation.

Stefan racked his brain for what it was that he had done. He looked to the ceiling, hoping to find answers but crossed his arms and sighed before looking back to his beautifully annoyed girlfriend.

“Caroline, Just tell me.” Stefan walked over to her, ignoring the scowl on her face at his approach. “What ever it is, I’m sorry.” He gave her a sweet smile as he reached his arms around her waist and pulled her against him.

Caroline pursed her lips and pushed Stefan away as she walked around him to stand in front of the fireplace.

“You have seriously lost your mind!” Caroline spun around to face him again, her hands outstretched. “Damon and Bonnie? I mean…seriously?!” Caroline was yelling now.

Stefan took in a deep breath, realizing exactly what he had done that had made Caroline so angry.

The night before Damon had come to Stefan and ended up drunkenly confessing his feelings for Bonnie. He and Elena had broken up a month ago and it finally came out why.

Stefan had encouraged Damon to be honest with himself as well as Bonnie. He had noticed his brothers change in behavior around Bonnie ever since she had gotten back and Stefan could tell there was more there than anyone wanted to admit.

Stefan walked slowly over to Caroline, his face calm, his eyes kind.

“Caroline.” He paused a moment, letting himself reach her and take her hand in his before continuing. “I think you are overreacting.”

Caroline huffed but didnt take her hand out of Stefan’s. He could see her face soften slightly in the orange glow of the fire that roared behind her, but her lips continued to press together firmly.

Stefan could feel himself reacting to the heat Caroline was giving off in that moment. He was turned on by her behavior but pushed it away for the time being, knowing Caroline would want to vent.

“So i guess you talked to Bonnie?”

Caroline’s face went cold again and her neck snapped up and to the side as she groaned.

“Talked? No. Walked in on a majorly disgusting display of hormones. You betcha.”

She pulled her hand from Stefan’s and sat down on the couch, tossing Stefan’s magazine to the gorund.

“Then when i started throwing things at them Damon left and Bonnie basically said that Damon declared his love for her- at your encouragement.” She was glaring at Stefan again, her arms crossed firmly against her chest

Stefan sighed and smiled softly as he moved to sit next to her.

“Caroline- I think maybe you need to back away from this. Get some perspective.”

Caroline rolled her eyes and groaned again but didnt interupt.

“Bonnie and Damon- they have something…and them exploring that…its really not your call.”

“But did you have to endorse it Stefan?” Caroline pleaded, her anger still apparent.

“I didnt endorse anything Caroline, i just told him to be honest with himself.”

“Honest? Damon? Ha!” Caroline joked cruely, her legs crossing and her eyes staring into the fire.

Her lips were pursed into an expression Stefan knew meant she was still angry but he coudlnt help but find it incredibly sexy.

“You know,” Stefan moved closer to her on the couch, reaching his hand out to push her hair from her face and leaving it on her neck. “There are much better things to get so worked up about.” His voice was suggestive and smooth.

Stefan brought his other hand to Caroline’s thigh and let it trail lightly up to her hip and back down again.

Caroline didnt move, she glared at Stefan out of the corner of her eyes.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She asked, trying to ignore the heat she felt at Stefan’s touch.

“Well,” Stefan moved closer again, this time bringing his face closer to hers and letting his lips find her neck. He trailed soft, wet kisses up her neck to her jaw line.

“I thought maybe, you could forget about the role i played in this whole Damon, Bonnie thing….” Stefan moved his hand from Caroline’s neck and brought it up and into her hair, playfully pulling athe the loose curls as he moved his other hand up her waist and to the hem of her tank top.

“…and find another outlet for all of this….frustration.” His lips still brushed against her jaw, his breath hot against her skin.

Caroline shivered and could feel her body respond immediately but didnt want to give in so easily. She was really mad that Stefan hadnt discouraged Damon from doing something so reckless.

She let him kiss her neck, actually rotating it to give him better access, but pulled at the hand that was making its way up her stomach.

“You are not getting off that easily, Im still-”

She sighed uncontrollably as Stefan moved his mouth down her neck and began kissing her collarbone.

“…really-” Caroline couldnt supress the moan that escaped as Stefan freed his hand from hers and moved it to her hip, squeezing her hard and pulling her closer to him.

“…really..mad.” Caroline’s breath picked up, her heart began to beat faster as she let Stefan work his way up to her breasts. His fingers expertly massaging as his palm pressed into her.

“Uh huh.” Stefan whispered as he brought his lips to Caroline’s, her mouth opening eagerly to welcome his tongue. They kissed wildly, Caroline’s hands making their way to Stefan’s face and pulling her against him as she rotated and fell backwards, laying them down on the couch. Stefan pushed his thigh between Caroline’s legs and pressed against her, never taking his lips from hers.

Caroline spoke against Stefan’s mouth, her breath ragged. “Seriously, I am…”

She kissed down Stefan’s cheek to his neck as she pulled his shirt up and over his head.

“Still so pissed.” Caroline’s tone was aggresively seductive and Stefan responded immediately.

“Oh yeah?” He pulled back slightly, his hands working her shirt above her head and bringing his mouth down to her bare breasts.

“Mhmm.” Caroline bucked her hips up into Stefan’s as she squirmed in pleasure.

“Let me know how that works out for you.” Stefan teased her nipples with his tongue and bit them gently.

“ Oh Shut up.” Caroline groaned as she reached for Stefan’s pants, pulling them down to his knees quickly.

Stefan slipped off Caroline’s shorts as well and threw them over his shoulder, his eyes burning with desire. There was absolutely no better sight than looking down at Caroline’s body. Her skin glowing from the fire, Stefan couldnt help but pause a moment, caught up in the beauty of her.

Caroline pulled him down to her eagerly though. For her, having Stefan crave her the way he did, she was like putty in his hands. She was still angry about what had happened, but in this moment, there was no emotion more powerful than her passion for Stefan.

She spread her legs as she wrapped them around Stefan’s bare waist, bringing his lips to hers.

Neither of them noticed that Stefan had thrown Caroline’s shorts straight into the jumping flames of the fire.

They were far too occupied.

  • Juvia: Gajeel-kun, hold this sign for Juvia.
  • Gajeel: -takes sign- M'kay. What is it?
  • Juvia: Don't mind that right now.
  • Gajeel: -looks-
  • Gajeel: WHAT IS THIS?!
  • Juvia: Juvia is shaming Gajeel-kun for when he tried to arrest Juvia.
  • Juvia: Yes, and Levy showed Juvia a video of people pet-shaming cats and dogs, so Juvia thought she should do this with Gajeel-kun!
  • Juvia: You're pretty bold with Levy-san in the hot springs, so Juvia thinks so.
  • Gajeel: Fucking -! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!
  • what she says: i can't wait for the she's kinda hot ep!
  • what she means: i can't wait to illegally download the she's kinda hot ep because those australian fuckers made it unavailable in america yet again even after we all threw a fit about the don't stop ep being unavailable in america you know what it's okay that's fine i've sPENT ENOUGH MONEY ON U PIECES OF SHIT I WILL KEEP ALL MY MONEY THANKS FAM
Things to do instead of listening and talking about SGFG getting leaked:

- Don’t listen to it (DON’T)

-Preorder it on ITunes

-Watch the Hey Everybody music video

-Think about Michael in a hot dog costume

-Think about CEO Luke

-Think about Ashton in a dragon costume

-Think about Cal walking 12 dogs

-Write a book

-Take a nap

-Tweet the boys about how proud of them you are

-Kill Target and anybody who is posting lyrics/audios of it

on saturday i was in a store and shes kinda hot came on and i was bored so i yelled out ‘THATS SOME GOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE SING IT BOYS'and everyone in the fucking store just turned and looked at me and my mom was like so embarressed and i just kept looking at the shirts

i finally watched 1x14

the woman randomly falling off the window

Catherine and Henry being awesome together


Lola baby

i just had a lot of Lola feels. She’s my lady ok and i just love her so much and poor thing must be going through so much

Mary i understand 100% that you’re mad at her WITH REASONS but im not here for you to blame it all on her ok i hope that you somehow let francis know that you know ok ok

Kenna every episode

i have a love/hate relationship with his girl. I love her because of her sass and she just owns herself u know what i mean..

but at the same time i just cant with her attitudes.. idk ughh

Bash’s hotness, awesomeness, flawlessness

Put a light on your window


if i could hate you i would

Im fine really

Mary trusting Bash with the Lola thing

( wondering why she didnt ask her husband because by then she didnt know the child was his ) so why didnt she ask him?  i just LOVE that complicity thats always been about Mary and Bash. She just trusts him and every time she needs to do something she counts with him first and foremost like i cant ok.

Catherine and Henry’s plot twist (the priest)

also where the hell are my Greer/Greith scenes? seriously it’s been way too long without these babies and i need more Greer SL pls


every single part of it i loved it. One of my favorites by far

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So earlier today i was in the car with my uncle. We were at a stop light and a car pulled up by us. The guy in the car was really hot (tattoos, gauges, cigaret, ect ) and i said "ooo hes hot" and my uncle rolled down the widndow and screamed " she thinks your hot!" And i was freaking out and tried to hide. And the guy started laughing and said "so is she!" And i was blushing like mad. I said back "are you sure your not drunk?!" And he said "im not drunk your fucking gorgeous!" And i almost cried