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Killing Stalking

I surprisingly have a lot of time for the first week of school! But I’m not here to talk about that, no I’m talking about a well-known manhwa that goes by the name of Killing Stalking.

Before I start “ranting”, understand that I respect people who don’t want to read it/uncomfortable with it/triggered by it/etc. I completely understand, and I wish you the best in life!

Now that we have the out of the way, I’m gonna be pretty blunt 

If you:

  • Believe all readers and people who enjoy KS are homophobic/ableist/misogynistic/etc Then you may need to rethink a couple of things. If you would talk to some of the fans you would see that they aren’t the “monsters” you portray them as.
  • Believe that minors who read KS and enjoy it have been or are currently being manipulated by adult KS fans you probably should rethink some things or just not interact with me I am a fan of KS, I haven’t read up on it in a while but I do like reading it. I am 14 years old, to some of you I am practically a baby but believe it or not no one forced me to read it. It was more curiosity on my part. A YOI blog reblogged a post about it, I went searching, read the description and continued anyways. I knew it was not for me, I read it anyway. That’s just how it works. 

  • Believe that gay men and survivors are the “bad kind” for reading and enjoying it you need to get your head out of your ass and rethink a lot of fucking shit stay the fuck away from me too while you’re at it  Just, no, please stop.

  • Believe that all (female) readers of KS are “fujoshis” or “yaoi fangirl” You make me laugh and you should probably rethink a couple of things. Not saying that there aren’t yaoi fans making those cringy fics (UWU SANGWOO HU MP MEE :>>>>> IM A SINNER) Just know that no one on this site is fucking 10 and it isn’t 2010. Like dude I have yet to see someone do that shit, and if they do do it caaatch me hitting that block button lmao. 

  • Believe that accusing KS fans of some really serious shit or harassing readers and shippers is ok because they read that “icky wicky nasty homophobic content uwu” Then fucking go away, why would ever even believe for one second that that shit is ok.

I bet you are starting to see a pattern here. Listen, KS isn’t a pure happy rainbow type of manhwa. You know that I know it, and I’m pretty sure everyone knows it. 

I’m not saying you can’t be uncomfortable with it, no not at all. However, harassing and calling readers gross/homophobic/abusers is so fucking shitty and the fact that you would say that shit over a fictional manhwa is ridiculous. Listen if you read KS and you enjoy it, good. Let it stay that way, don’t let hateful people bring you down over fiction. 

Make content, keep shipping and most of all stay safe. Because I love all of you guys, and you don’t deserve the shit you guy are going through <3

enjoy this random kwami swap doodle dump


spread this post to every bts fans, shipper, whatever or just kpop fan in general. REBLOG IT. this fan wars, gotta stop this.

so this jungkook “hickey” issue has been going around tumblr, twitter and whatever social networks that’s trending right now and i honestly think some of the bts shippers need to chill the f*ck down.

i know you have your own respective ship like vkook, jikook, yoonkook kookbts or whatsoever. you can ship whatever and whoever you want jungkook to be with. but please, respect other shipper’s ship too. you can ship your vkook while other can ship their jikook. 

there’s no need to start a war within the army circle by tagging vkook as jikook, jikook as vkook. stop. that’s so freaking childish. if you don’t like your bias to be shipped by other idol then why are you even on that tag in the first place? :)

logic right? if you don’t like your bias to be someone else. or seeing your bias with another idol/member on tumblr. simply don’t check the tag. and whatever about jungkook’s “hickeys” mark on his neck. that’s his own problem. you’re not his parents, friends, siblings or whoever to discuss about the hickey problem. who knows? he might injured his neck or something. but that doesn’t mean you should stop discussing. i mean, looking at the fans theories about whoever give kook a hickey is funny. but if you started a fan war by saying. “ its obviously from taehyung “ or “ its obviously jimin “ then simply shut up, thank you. just keep quiet and shut up and then shut down your computer. 

stop being annoying by tagging your otp with another otp because you know how it annoys other people. ok, you get annoyed people tagged vkook under jikook tag right? and you felt annoyed right? same goes to other shippers. whoever or whatever give jungkook that hickey. just let it be. stop making other people uncomfortable. or even mention bts on twitter. like, what the heck is your problem? stop yourself. 

unhappy with what i said? you can block me all you want. : ) sorry not sorry. though.

|Fluff and Fallen Leaves| Peter Parker

Request: Hello! I discovered your blog today and I love your stories so much!!!! I was wondering if I could make a request. Could you write a story about Peter and the reader doing cute Fall activities together while maybe incorporating some Spider-Man stuff in there? And can you make it super fluff lol. I know it isn’t Autumn yet but I seriously love Fall way too much, it just makes me happy haha. Thank you so much!

A/N: HI I’M SORRY IM LITERALLY THE WORST PERSON EVER AND HAVENT POSTED IN WEEKS (school is sttarrting up) so here’s a requested fic. uuhhh i didn’t know what you meant by fall activities so i just did this cute lil fluffy madness :#3 (also didn’t know what u meant by incorporating Spider-Man stuff?? but hope this is ok BASICALLY THIS IS BARELY LIKE THE REQUEST LOL)

@logoless helped me get out out of my writers block so thanks, love! and @sk2draws for the moral support.

Warnings: menion of robbery, kiss ;3, cringe, awkwardness, cutesie peter + reader, SCHOOL 

Words: 1331

Originally posted by pretty-gifs

2 more minutes

My foot tapped the floor rhythmically. It felt as if the long hand on the clock was moving slower than my 70-year-old history teacher was speaking. I gave my attention back towards the front of the classroom.

“And… The homework is page- one-hundred-sixty.” My teacher said sluggishly. I groaned internally and looked back at the clock. A smile inched its way onto my face.

56 more seconds

I bit my lip and tapped the desk with my index finger.

“Come on- come on…” I mumbled under my breath.

30 more seconds

15 more seconds

6 more seconds

“Hey- Y/N-” Before my partner, MJ, sitting beside me could finish her sentence, that glorious last bell rung. I jumped out of my seat, grabbing my bag.

“Sorry- gotta go- got plans,” I said, running out of the classroom and almost tripping twice.

“Gotta find Peter- Gotta find Peter…” I repeated over and over in my head. I walked towards his locker and took in a deep breath when I saw that familiar curly brown hair over the crowd of kids. “I can do this… totally…” I bit my lip once again and stopped a few feet away from him. His back was turned to me and he was putting a few of his books back into his locker. I reached out my hand to tap his shoulder and without me even touching him he turned to face me. My hand shot back to my side and I blushed.

“Y/N- Hi- I was just gonna come meet you at your class,” Peter said, smiling and shutting his locker.

“Oh, well I just saved you from doing more exercise.” I grinned and wrapped my hand in my scarfs fringe. He re-adjusted his backpack strap and I started walking down the hall. He bounded after me and slipped his hands into his pockets. “T-Thanks for walking me home- by the way. I just didn’t want to walk home alone again… Not after last time.” I nervously laughed.

“Why did you laugh? Being robbed isn’t funny. He probably thinks you’re psychotic!” I kept my eyes on the floor as he pushed the main doors open. The frosty air tickled my nose and we walked down the steps into the street.

“I mean- I want you to be safe. You’re my best friend. It freaks me out when stuff like that happens to you.” I smiled slightly as we started walked west down the slick side walk. It hasn’t snowed yet, but the morning dew from the grass gets breezed over to the sidewalk, which freezes over and makes it even harder to walk.

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anonymous asked:

hi pls help,idk if i did something wrong.My ex hit me up and we were talking and i asked him "so what u want?" he said "could i fuck u?:)" and ofc i got mad but then he said it was "a joke" and that im crazy for taking everything so srs & that im the most fked up girl he met,that i should go see a therapist.Is he just mad cuz i said no or ??? he literally started saying my life is shit,im immature & childish. What the fuck????


Honestly this sounds like a guy you should just block everywhere. First he disrespects you, THEN he tries to turn it around on you and act like you’re the one in the wrong. You’re not crazy at all, he’s just creepy and manipulative

im almost 24 but most ppl on tumblr are younger, i don’t worry much about the age of people i follow but if you are a minor and you’re worried about me following you, please don’t feel afraid to send me an ask telling me to unfollow!! i won’t be mad. i will, however, feel p sad if you just block me without explanation and i will worry endlessly that I said something to offend you so please if you want me to unfollow you just ask me!! it’s perfectly fine and I respect your boundaries, you just gotta let me know

about my “bts likes black girls = a fucking fact” post ; if you don’t like it then? oh well. if you think that i sound like that blog? then oh well (i would never go out of my way to do and say the crazy shit that they do, im 0% like them). honestly, i hope that some of you don’t think that i look for validation w/ bts or hope that they like black girls (im cringing about the thought rn). i honestly don’t care, i only care about how they feel about blacks as a whole. not just women. but it is a fucking fact that they’re attracted to black. females. idc there’s proof all on the internet. so if you’re mad at me for stating an obvious fact then? oh well. (but if a non black said that they liked/are attracted to black females y'all wouldn’t respond in a negative way, y'all would agree like most of y'all did w/ my other post. i know i’m not lying.) unfollow me block me idk do what you gotta do. cause it’s really not that deep. like i guess i’m the only one that’s seen yt stans say that bts (or any idols) don’t like blacks but y'all are triggered over a little factual post w/ a meme basically.. :/ hell y'all trigger me.

-this is for those who are triggered about the post.


Joshy 💦

this is a whole new ass tumblr , like I deactivated my last one needed a break & so I barley have followers & shit , I turned anon off cause mfs be so fucking bold thru that bc they not tryna let me see who they are & catch that quick block .. just a bunch of pussies but if you dont like what i post thats ya opinion & thats fine but why follow me just to hate ? Talking mad shit but at the end of the day you took the time outta ya day just to come on my TUMBLR , loook Up & down my page …. sad case Im done , get help .

Any guy I post is for sale or the special Trade if you tryna pay & hmu for prices 💦

hey guys

if i ask you to “dont reblog a post” or “dont tag as” can you…plis respect that?

i know i should have put that last vent post under a cut but i was upset and i used my phone for that…

i really dont want to block more people because i know you dont mean wrong but sometimes i dont want a post to be spreaded in certain ways.

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adjskgd the trans peter hate comments tally on my drawings is up to at least 15 and theyre all from the same generic people?? im so mad but im just deleting them?.?? but they comment again on how im "a pussy" bc im deleting them??? im so beyond angry god dammit

yeah it’s always funny to me when people get mad for blocking them/deleting their comments when they get transphobic, and they always say shit like “you’re blocking me bc you know i’m right” like nah binch you’re just a cardboard cutout of every bigot i’ve ever encountered and i’m Tired™ of hearing the same damn nonsense all the time presented by some dick who thinks they’re really saying something new and eye-opening. you aint special, hoe, you’re just the human equivalent of an ugly rash that keeps coming back and i’m not dealing with that shit if i don’t have to.

anonymous asked:

It's definitely the middle section blocked off that's confusing to me like what's the point in that?? I mean especially if even vip couldn't get them. I'm from the uk so got my tickets last week but just sorry you guys have had this mess

yeah im confused and mad

Im Sorry - Part Seven

A/N: so this one is pretty short, but its suppose to be due to the fact its just an part to show what the boys were doing while y/n was waiting to make the deal, and what they were doing when she did you know? I also had mad writer block while i was writing this, but the next part will be better, Its not that great honestly but itll due, enjoy loves xxx

Pairings: Dean x Lisa, Sam x Dean

Warnings: Nothing

Word Count: 1039

Sam made his way down the stairs, towards the exit, guilt rushing over him knowing he just left his best friend, the girl who would do anything for both of them behind, to die alone. Opening the passenger side door he looked over at his brother who seemed to at this moment look twice his age, fine lines and creases being more distinguished than ever before. Dean started the impala, roaring to life. As Dean pulled out of the gravel area Sam sighed looking at Dean before being the first one to speak up.

“How’re holding up Dean?”

“How do you think i’m holding up Sammy? The love of my life is dead in the trunk of my car”

“It could be worse” Sam spat out

“What the hell do you mean?! What could be worse than this!” Dean shouted

“You could be left alone on a roof dying, by yourself”Sam shouted defending you.

Rolling his eyes “You’re really gonna stick up for her” Dean so disgusted with you he didn’t even wanna mention your name.

“Oh grow up Dean! She did more than you did, you have no idea what the hell happened on that roof, after everything we’ve been through with y/n from the good times to the bad, she’s been there way longer and for way more things than Lisa EVER was, i’m not excusing Lisa’s death but you’re excusing y/n’s” Taking a deep breath, then sighing Sam continued “Lisa didn’t deserve to die the way she did, but neither did y/n”

Dean knew Sam was right but he didn’t want to admit it, they pulled up to the motel, Dean heading to the trunk grabbing Lisa’s limp body out, making sure no one seen him. Carrying her bridal style up to the motel, Sam unlocking it. They shuffled in, Dean setting Lisa on the bed, gazing at her pale body before taking a seat on the chair across from Sam.

“I loved her Sammy” Dean sobbed out. “I loved her so much, more than i ever thought i could, god she was the one”

Giving his brother a look of sympathy before responding “I know you did Dean, Lisa loved you to you know”

“No Sammy, i’m not talking about Lisa”

A confused look took over Sam’s face not long after a look of realization “y/n” Sam breathed out.

Nodding Dean, continued to sob. Sam had no idea what to do, he’s never seen his older brother like this before. He was always the strong one, the one who never let any emotion besides anger on the surface, who thought he didn’t deserve anything good in life, but, he was the one who deserved it the most.

“Dean, I don’t know what to say” Sam choked out “We could go back, she could still be alive, this is y/n were talking about, you know how strong she is.

Dean shook his head “Sammy, you seen the wound, not even she could survive that for this long” Wiping away the tears that were now burning his cheeks.

“Im sorry, Dean”

“Its not you who should be sorry, Sammy”

 Both of the Winchesters faces laced with confusion and shock hearing a groan that certainly didn’t come from either of them.Neither of them turning towards the sound until they heard a voice a female mumble “Dean?”

Finally turning around to only to a revel a confused alive, no longer dead Lisa “What happened?”

“L-lisa” Dean mumbled out before jumping off his chair rushing to her side pulling her into a hug, tears falling freely down his face, Lisa pulled away from the hug only to wipe away his fallen tears. Dean putting both his hand in either side of her face, just taking in the fact she was indeed alive.

Sam cleared his throat diverting all the attention back to him “How’s this even possible” Bringing Dean out of his daze, his face going pale, making eye contact with Sam with a knowing look of possible reasons.

“Where’s y/n?” Lisa questioned looking around for you.

Completely ignoring her question Sam asked gently “Lisa, what happened up there?”

Starting to sob Lisa put her head in her hands, Dean wrapped his arm around her shoulders trying to comfort her the best he could.

“S-she tried so hard Dean, the thing went to stab me but she jumped in front of me and it s-stabbed her instead, there was so much blood, oh god, is she okay? I need to see her, she saved my life”

Looking at his brother, Sam gave Dean one of the most disgusted looks Dean ever seen, and Dean knew why. He said all those things too y/n and none of them were true, she did the best she could more than he ever did, she always did her best. She was willing to risk her life for Lisa, hell she did risk her life for Lisa, and his last words to her. God, he could’t stop thinking about his last words to her.

“Dean can i speak to you a minute, outside, alone” Sam said sternly.

“Yeah, Lisa will be right back” Dean said patting her leg, pushing himself off the bed following Sam outside the motel door.

“Sam, please don’t start, i kno-”

Shaking his head Sam cut Dean off “That’s not why i asked you out here Dean, Lisa’s alive, i think y/n made a deal”

“How? When we” Pausing before rephrasing “When I made you leave her, she was dying, how would she even make it to a crossroad?”

“She wouldn’t have to”

“What do you mean? Of course she would of had to!” Dean argued

“No Dean, think about it, all she would of had to do was destroy her hex bag, and boom, any demon could of found her easily, that’s probably why she ushered me of the roof so quick” Sam raising his voice near the end of his statement realizing this could’ve possibly been his fault due to his ignorance of the situation.

Dean pulled out his phone dialing a number before bringing his phone up to his ear.

“Who are you calling?”


Six rings later that smug British accent came through the speaker “Hello Boys”


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↳  brutalmoose


About this.


Alright since you fckn blocked me and i didn’t get to even begin I’m going to blow up here instead I guess because I’m so fckn angry right now. Here’s what I wrote but couldn’t send because you’re a scared little bitch:

Some shit are meant to be kept private, unless you want to make someone extremely fckn uncomfortable. And a problem with me that you’ll notice now is that when I get too uncomfortable I get real fckn angry and ready to start tearing heads off. So unless you want me to kick your head off your shoulders, wrap it in sallad and feed it to you for dinner then shut your mouth and consider doing what normal people do. Which is don’t be a fcukn dick because I will chop that thing right off alright. :)

Whole convo under this:

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[okie dokies since i got another message in my inbox and promptly blocked the person…

if u got a problem with me, come to me so we can discuss it. im an adult. a 26 year old married woman. i’m an adult and i have the maturity of one too. ….most of the time. 

that’s neither here or there. anyway, if you have a problem with me, just come tell me?? and if we can work out like adults let’s do that? im not gonna get mad at you unless i have a good reason too. 

i welcome an open communication and my partners and friends know this. 

thank you for your time.