im so lazy im bad with that oops


I made icons

with bonuses from when i accidentally paused the video

Not an official hiatus but i dont have the mental capacity to keep filling up my queue with quality posts. For now we’ll have to deal with a random post here and there until i get up to speed again. I really want to spend more time on this blog but theres quite a few things bothering me. Sorry :/

Edit: they may not all be flowers or plant related sorry
first edition

HI GUYS! it’s almost 2 months that im here and i already hit my first hundred. id like to thank all of you. YOU ROCK I LOVE YOU!! i already started talking to a few people but i hope ill meet other people on this website and make other great friends. ps i dont have photoshop at home so i did a shitty edit. #sorrynotsorry 

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IM SORRY IF I FORGOT SOMEONE 😭 @people who make ff, dude yall my heroes its so long to do