im so late on this i know

this is….a very weird question but ive been really nervous to ask anyone about it and get laughed at….? 

for some context, i grew up in a dirty, neglectful home where i wasn’t taught basic hygiene habits and a ton of other basic shit, but i’ve been learning ever since i’ve left but i’ve really been scared to ask what the actual amount i’m supposed to do things? like i know to brush twice a day. but how often do people shower? do their laundry? do their dishes? brush their hair? clean their rooms ? like…what is the expected amount ??

here you have a pic of my ship i was asking you for naj Faith (sorry im in kinda in stress, so it will take some time til i finally write a fanfic -_-’)

her name is Rose and she is a volunteer helper in the library

my idea is that Faith’s teacher want, that he have to take Private tutoring, because his grades got worse (because he’s always late etc.) and the teacher asked Rose (who is one of th best students) for help; of course he’s not very enthusiastic about it; she is very shy and is a bit nervous (because she know Faith hang out with the bullies) but Rose is to kind and always want to help; after some time Faith beginn to appreciate her company and they become Friends (or even more? ;) )

i don’t want to spoil to much, hope you like it

you guys, cherish your friends. especially your best friends. cherish the ones who know just the right things to say even when they don’t realize it and cherish the ones who will stay up with you late into the night even though they’re tired just because you’re upset and need someone to talk to. count your blessings ♥

Secrets & Surprises

pairing: pippa soo x reader

word count: 1300

warnings: pregnancy

prompt/request:  “"Twins? We’re…we’re having twins?!” pippa soo and reader” from an anon

a/n: i dont know how ultrasounds work and im also SO BAD at writing pippa but forgive me. enjoy!!!

It was late when you arrived home from work, and the sun had just sunk down below the horizon when you jimmied your keys into your doorknob, turned it, and pushed the front door open. A sigh escaped your lips as you stepped inside your darkened home. Long days seemed to be more common than usual lately – more common than they had ever been, actually. Every hour at work felt like it dragged into two hours; some days it felt like it dragged into three. The highlight of your day was coming home to the most beautiful woman in the world every single night of the week. You reached over to flip on the overhead light and glanced around the living room for her.

“Y/N!” Your eyes widened when you heard your partner, Pippa, calling you from somewhere inside the house. “Y/N, come here! Right now!”

“Pip?” you shouted back, slinging your bag onto the couch near the door and hurriedly taking off your jacket. “Are you okay? Is everything alright?”

“Just come here!” she yelled in response as you swiftly slipped your shoes off. “Hurry!”

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190217: 2033


i believe you must have heard the latest development. hunnie told me you have been keeping to yourself again and refusing to talk to anyone about it. i really hope you will try to open up and share more with others. its unhealthy to keep all those emotions and worries inside.

i am sorry that i cannot always be there for you in person due to our schedules, but i just want you to know that im always here for you, anytime. please pick up the phone and call me if you need to. i am never too busy to speak to you.

i have some free time this weekend. let me cook something simple and we can go for a short picnic to the mountains. i think you have been too stressed and worried lately with filming, recurring ankle pain, dancing practices and that rumour too.

im really worried about you and im feeling helpless now. so please let me do something to ease your worries.

you do know that seeing your smiles brings so much joy to me, right? i miss seeing those smiles on your face.

your happiness is my motivation. and even if you closed your doors to others, please let me in.


anonymous asked:

seo :( ive been so stressed lately bc i feel like im a failure because i have no clue what im going to be when im older. i feel like im too stupid for any job and that ill just fail at everything or the fear of my future boss firing me is terrifying. im only in gr 10 but already everyone knows what they're going to be :( im not in AP programs bc i feel that im not smart enough and i wont be able to handle more work but i just feel so bad about myself and idk how to stop these feelings

ok first off, you rlly don’t have to stress about the future as much. things change and people change and you don’t have to be absolutely 100% certain about what you want to do in life. in fact, that kinda pigeonholes you into a certain role for your future, and personally, i think it’s better for you to grow into your own life. if you’re that concerned about it, try doing different things + joining different clubs + volunteering at different places, and see what you really enjoy?

and a final thought: you are what you believe yourself to be. you can do a lot more things than you think you can + there’s no need to compare yourself with other people. “smart” is a relative word, you know. and a quote from henry ford: “whether you think you can, or you think you can’t - you’re right.”

anonymous asked:

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5yrs now and everything was perfectly fine but lately hes been acusing me of cheating even tho I didnt. making me feel like a piece of shit Ive tried to prove that Im innocent but it just got worse to the point that I havent heard from him since 2 weeks now.. and we didnt really break up Im heartbroken I love him more than anything but Im just so tired calling him and making him stay When he treats me like that I just feel so empty inside

Love, I’m so sorry :’(
That’s a tough situation, you know.
The only thing that comes to my mind right now is calling and asking him if you could meet up somewhere (in a cafe or restaurant maybe) and talk this through.
Because not talking about this makes each of you wonder where you stay in your relationship.
Talk about it, make clear that you DIDN’T cheat and say that it hurts if he accuses you of doing it even though it never happened.
I hope everything works out well! Love to you! xx

somerandomdork  asked:

*slides in casually* i know i'm late and shiat but happy valentine's day-- *softly shoves a flower bouquet and chocolates and gifts to you* also ilysm thank you for your beautiful art-- now if you excuse me-- *tries to slide away but fails miserably*

WHAT THE HECK YOURE SO CUTE AND SWEET I’M ON THE VERGE OF TEARS RIGHT NOW!! I LOVe you too!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m gonna kiss you 400 million times!!!!!! IM BLUShing so hard rn i look like a tamoato,, youve reduced me to nothing but a mere puddle..hngg thank you so much ive got the dumbest smile on my face rn…..i’m going to hold you in a loving embrace until my last breath

ALSO YOUR ART IS SO CUTE!!!! IM GOing to tattoo it on the insides of my eyelids so i can view it forever!!!!!!!!

babe, I know we haven’t interacted for a while now (my internet was gone, and…before i just…^^“ I’m not good with staying socially active sometimes…TuT”)

buuuuuuuut, I’m sending you some (late) valentine’s love!! <3<3<3<3<3

hope you had a good one<3


“Don’t move! Yes, yes. That’s perfect, Nico. Hold that pose.”

Older Nico di Angelo commission for KelseyAh! I’m so happy I got to draw my boy, The Underworld Prince. Look at him, so clueless lol. Redbubble


Some YOI! Iwaoi babs ☆ For @tartatail​, Happy Belated Birthday Ell