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hi im a lesbian whos only out to a few close friends. some of my other (straight female) friends talk about how they just *know* a boy likes a girl because he mistreats her?? like "awww he locked me out of my car this morning and almost made me late to class <33 hes adorable!!" is... is this straight culture?

This is why I hate straights.

Not Yet // Mark Lee



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author note: told you i’d write it tonight and even though it’s late I did write it! you’re probably sleeping rn but i hope you see this soon! anyway alex i hope this cheers you up and pls remember that tomorrow’s a brand new day. i know you can’t see it now, but things are looking up ^^

- destinee

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“It’s so nice here,” you said.

Mark stopped paddling and looked around in awe at the cherry blossoms around the two of you.

It was the summer after you had graduated college and NCT was given an extended break, so Mark wanted to spend it traveling the world with you. The two of you had decided to play a game in your travels, in which you both would take turns picking the place you would spend a week in.

This week, Mark had chosen to take you to Tokyo. Specifically to Inokashira Onshi Park, where the cherry blossom trees overlooked a large pond. There were boat rentals, where people could paddle along the pond and feel the scented breeze of the air.

Mark had a real reason behind taking you traveling, and that was to make the best proposal ever made. He wanted to ask you to marry him before his break was over, and he figured the best time to do it would be somewhere beautiful and memorable. Somewhere new and exciting, just like the thought of marriage.

He wanted to show you how much he loved you, and how much he wanted to be with you. For the rest of his life, there was no other person he wanted to spend his life with. There was a ring burning a hole into his pocket as he sat in the boat, watching you admire the petals that fell every now and again. This would be a great time to propose to you. Now, while there were blossom petals in your hair.

However, he couldn’t find it in himself to pull out the velvet box. For in a boat across from you two, a couple sat, having the same thoughts apparently. The man pulled out a box similar to the one in Mark’s pocket and proposed to the woman.

Mark quirked a smile when he saw you watching the couple. You squealed softly and looked at him, making sure he was watching as well. “Aren’t they cute?” you asked.

Mark nodded, but he felt a tad bit annoyed at the other couple. Now his proposal wouldn’t seem as nice. It wouldn’t be as original as it once was. So he kept the ring in his pocket and refused to propose to you.

Not yet.


“I told you Italy was a good idea!” you giggled, tossing the pizza dough into the air as Mark struggled to tie an apron around his waist.

Mark smiled, “I can’t believe our whole week in Italy is just so you can make your own pizza.”

“This is the home of pizza, Mark. We have to do this here or we’d be missing out.”

“I understand,” he said, finally getting a hold on his apron and coming to join you. The pizzaiolo, or pizza man, as you had dubbed him, handed Mark a ball of dough and explained the process of spinning dough to him.

Mark was thinking about sticking the ring in the crust of his pizza. Even if you thought it was cheesy, he could play that off well, saying the two of you were in a pizza shop so cheesiness was allowed.

Just as he was beginning to think it wasn’t such a bad idea, the pizza man spoke up, “It’s so nice to have a fun couple visit for once. Usually we get a bunch of lovers who like to put rings in the dough and stuff like that.”

You snorted, “That’s so lame.”

Mark rolled his eyes. Of course. Of all the lame things he did that you supported, you chose to laugh at this one. “Totally lame.”

You stared at Mark for a minute, and Mark knew he had been caught. Of course, after dating for four years, the two of you knew each other from the inside out. “You liked the idea of sticking a ring into pizza!”

Mark shrugged and turned away, acting indifferent. “I was just thinking that it’s not the worst idea on the planet.”

You patted Mark’s cheek condescendingly, getting flour on his smooth skin, and smiled. “You’re cute.”

“Shut up.” He batted your hand away in mock-annoyance. He wanted to propose to you quickly, but it seemed he would have to wait once again.


“Let’s get matching hats!” you said. “Then we can watch the fireworks.”

Mark had chosen Disney World in Florida, in the hopes of doing the classic and romantic proposal in front of Cinderella’s castle.

It was his best plan yet. He would wait until the firework show started. Then, while you were distracted, he would get down on one knee and hold up the ring. It would be perfect.

There were fifteen minutes until the fireworks started. To pass time, you and Mark were hanging out in a nearby gift shop to pick up souvenirs. You wanted to get the classic mouse ear hats. However, you couldn’t decide between Minnie, Donald Duck, and Chip. It actually could’ve been Dale, since Mark could never remember which one had the red nose and which one had the black nose. He had already chosen his hat: Winnie the Pooh.

You glared at the hat in his hands, “How is it so easy for you to have a favorite character?”

Mark shrugged. “I don’t know. You’re looking at all the classic characters. Why don’t you look at the princesses, or the ones from Toy Story?”

“Well the Ariel one it really cute…” you mentioned. “I’ll get the Ariel one.”

“Great. I’ll go buy them.” Mark said, accepting the hat you handed to him.

“I’m going to go check and see if the fireworks have started yet.”

Mark let you go before walking up to the counter. “I’ll take these two, please.”

As he was extracting bills from his wallet, you came back inside, your hair slightly damp. “Bad news. It’s raining so they aren’t doing fireworks tonight.”

“Really?” Mark frowned, “You can’t even hear the rain from inside.”

“It’s our last night,” you said, pouting slightly. “We should still stay until the park closes. What do you say we go watch a show or something?”

Mark smiled at you after paying for the hats. Although he really wanted to propose under the fireworks, he supposed he would have to wait, yet again, for another opportunity to present itself.

“That sounds great.” He placed the Ariel hat on top of your head. “It suits you.”

You giggled when he put the Pooh one on his own head, “We look like annoying tourists.”

“We are annoying tourists, babe,” he answered.

Throughout all of your fun and laughter, he still couldn’t help but want to pull out the ring right then and there. However, he had to remind himself to wait if he wanted it to be special.


“It’s beautiful,” you mentioned, leaning on Mark’s shoulder and looking out at the view.

The two of you were currently at the top of the Eiffel Tower, both lost in thought. There was only one week left before Mark had to return to SM for another comeback, and he knew he had to propose soon if he was going to do it at all.

He had chosen Paris, claiming that a couple in love should be in the City of Love at least once in their relationship. You agreed, of course, especially because you had always wanted to see the City of Lights at night. Now your dream was coming true, as you stared out over the railing. Windows flickered off and lamp posts flickered on as the night grew darker and colder. Mark thought proposing on top of the Eiffel Tower wouldn’t be such a bad idea at all.

“I can think of something more beautiful,” Mark said.

You elbowed him in the stomach, emitting a laugh from your awkward boyfriend, “What? I can’t say you’re beautiful?”

“Not in a cheesy way,” you answered, your cheeks heating up at his words.

He laughed. “Hey, Y/n, can I ask you something?”

You turned to him, a contented grin on your lips, “What is it?”

Mark reached into his pocket to find nothing. It was absolutely empty. He hastily checked all of his pockets before realizing it must be in the hotel, for the only thing in his pocket was his wallet and the hotel key.

“What are you looking for?” you asked him, amused at his panicked expression.

“What? Oh, I just thought I had lost the hotel keys. But here they are!” He held up his key awkwardly.

“So, what were you going to ask me?”

“I forgot.” Mark said. He threw his arm around your shoulder as the two of you walked towards the elevator. “Let’s get back to the hotel before it gets too cold. We need to pack for the airport before we go to sleep. By the way, are you ever going to tell me where we’re going next?”

“No,” you smirked. “It’s a surprise.”

“But it’s our last week before we have to go back to Seoul. Shouldn’t you at least give me a hint?” Mark would have to propose to you there, wherever you chose. Otherwise, he would have no time to even think about proposing as he practiced for the comeback.

“Your hint is that you’ll love it,” you said. “It’ll be the best week out of all of our weeks.”

“I doubt that.”


Mark doubted, but he doubted wrongly. As soon as the two of you were in the airport and you asked the woman for two tickets to Vancouver, Mark couldn’t stop the smile from forming on his face. “Y/n! You’re taking me to Vancouver?!”

“Yeah! Surprise!” You grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the line so other people could buy their tickets. “We can spend a week there. I’ve already talked with your family. We’re having dinner with them tonight.”

You knew Mark’s family from the few times they had visited him. However, you had never had the opportunity to go to his hometown and visit them, since Mark was always so busy. It wasn’t a surprise that you snatched the opportunity up as soon as you saw it.

Mark had thought about going to Vancouver, sure. However, he was afraid it would be too selfish of him to ask for a whole week there. He should’ve known that you knew him too well, and therefore thought ahead. You knew he wouldn’t ask about it, so you took it upon yourself to just go without consulting him.

The result was a very happy Mark.


Mark’s older brother was the first to the door, grabbing Mark by the shoulders and pulling him in for a hug. Mark’s parents weren’t far behind, and he suddenly found himself being pulled into a group hug, courtesy of the Lee family.

He reached out, grabbed you, and pulled you into the hug as well. “If I suffer, so do you.”

“I’ve just set dinner out on the table!” Mrs. Lee said after finally letting go of her son. “Let’s go eat before it gets cold and then Mark can show Y/n around the place.”

Everyone agreed and you let Mark pull you into the kitchen to eat, as you were both starved from the long flight.

“So, how has the traveling been going?” Mr. Lee asked you. “Has being with Mark twenty-four-seven completely annoyed you yet?”

“Dad…” Mark whined. “I’m trying to keep her, not scare her off.”

You laughed, “We’ve been dating for four years, Mark. If I had a problem with your annoying self I would’ve left you a long time ago.”

“Hey!” Mark protested as you gave his dad a high five across the table. “Don’t high five my dad!”

You only laughed as his family continued to taunt him.


“You’re family is so fun,” you told Mark. “I love them.”

“I love them too,” Mark smiled as the two of you walked towards the lake near his house. “I wish you all wouldn’t gang up on me, though.”

“It’s fun!” you said.

“That’s not an excuse,” Mark replied, acting offended.

The two of you walked towards the end of the dock and sat down, your feet hanging over the edge. It was dark out, so the only light came from the moon as it reflected off the lake. Mark took your hand in his as the two of you watched the stillness of the water. “In all honestly, though, I’m really glad my family likes you.”

“Of course they like me,” you joked, “I’m wonderful.”

Mark snorted and spoke sarcastically. “You’re hilarious.”

He suddenly knew this was the moment to go for it. There was no place more special to him than his home. Not Japan, or Italy, or France. Just his happy little home nestled in the heart of Vancouver, Canada. This is where he wanted to propose to you. This is where he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. In this moment, while the two of you were comfortably joking around with each other. “Y/n?”

“What?” You yawned, leaning into his side and resting your head on top of his shoulder.

“Will you marry me?”

You pushed yourself off of him quickly, and examined his face. “Are you serious?”

“Well, yeah. I mean this isn’t how I originally planned to propose and the ring is tucked away in the abyss of my suitcase, but I really want to marry you. I want you to be with me even though I have this job that doesn’t allow us a lot of time together. I want you to always be with me. So, will you marry me?”

Even in the moonlight, Mark was able to capture the dark hue of pink that appeared on your cheeks. “Of course I’ll marry you, Mark.”

“Great,” he mumbled before leaning in to kiss you. As your lips met, a sudden crash of thunder appeared and the two of you parted, jumping at the noise.

You looked up just as it began to rain. “Should we go in?”

Mark looked at your wonder-filled expression, taking in the soft pellets of rain as they fell and bounced off of your cheeks. He smiled to himself, “Not yet.”

~the end~

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Hey, I know learning a new instrument can sound really challenging, but it's actually easier than you think- and, if you want to, I'd recommend starting as soon as possible <3 Just so you don't forget about it and regret it later in life~ I taught myself guitar, piano, ukulele, and a bit of violin in the past eight months. Sure, it'll take time, but definitely go rent a guitar or something- it's never too late to start!!

im planning to start this summer!

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okay you are literally my favorite fanfic author. like, i always get so excited when i see that youve written more work or if i find ones i havent read yet. youre the only author whos works i actively keep up with because even if i dont ship the characters i know that the characterization will be 100% and when i read your stories its not my voice in my head but tony or steve or peters its so good. and dont listen to people who say otherwise. like, no wonder anon is hiding, im ready to fight them

That’s….really so nice to hear wow! Thank You! I am Sorry for the weird late night emo posting last night it was just a Very Not Good day and I was. Not ready to deal with that but!!! I’M SO SO HAPPY YOU LIKE MY WORK THAT MEANS AN AWFUL LOT TO ME HAVE A GOOD DAY FRIEND

sorry i’ve been kinda mia lately but!! tomorrow is the first day of fanime and im so excited ; w ; me and eric have been saving up a lil bit of money and im excited!!! 

would anyone care to see merch pics? I know some people like them but im just curious if i should like,, put em up on my blog or not :v

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I was supposed to be packing for a trip tomorrow but instead I've spend an hour going through your blog and now it's really late and as much as I wanna be mad for spending so much time on this blog I know it was not a waste cus your art style and story lines are fuckiiinng awesome. Im not a massive shipper in fandoms but I definitely ship your version of tjeff and ham. Keep doing what your doing I love it

OH my god this is so nice!!! Thank you so much I hope you have a great trip bb <3

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hey honey!! i need help: when it comes to creating charas, what methods do you use to develop their backstory and personality? bc i always get intimidated w/ that part bc i want my chara to be realistic , y'know?

alright this is super super late but !!! here are some key factors:

1) avoid the cliches.

rich kid plots are ruining good characters. none of these rps offer much when it comes to groups because guess what .. everyone is literally the same. you can explain them however you want but it’s always these lukewarm characters with very little development opportunity. if you call your character something like “my little ball of sunshine” or “my angry son” or anything other typical intro post bullshit like … your character is boring. super boring. unless they’re unique enough, which .. they rarely are. the new mary sue is an angry asshole matthew daddario or literally any female fc with a sweetheart personality. everyone keeps limiting themselves because they want to play likable, easy characters, and that’s not what good writing is.  

2) find the polar opposite and run with it. far, far, away with it. 

my first thought when i pick the fc i want to play is to assess what they’ve already been associated with, and go in a totally different direction. with actors its easy because most people tend to (intentionally or not) stick with their fc’s most popular role, and model their character after it. i’ve never seen shadow hunters, but the common ground most matty d’s share are assholes/lotharios, so i can only assume that’s the type of character he plays. dylan obriens tend to be sarcastic funny guys. lindsey morgans are tough girls with no feelings, and josefine pettersens are generally soft and sweet. while these character ideas are good, the fc match is a bad choice because … everyone is expecting it. it’s nothing new. your character doesn’t have depth. i honestly can’t remember a single character’s name that had that type of personality/backstory matched with those fcs. your character is your work, and your work should be good enough to be remembered. 

with models, its a little harder, but think of your stereotypical gigi/kendall/bella: rich, stubborn, stuck up or sweethearts, bland and boring blah blah blah, but honestly how hard can it be to switch that up?

when it comes to underused fcs, i honestly just take them at literal face value. sure i research a little bit  (i’m careful not to make singers into singers, models into models, etc) and try to avoid mimicking any character i can find that they’ve played. a lot of my process is just thinking about everything these entertainers are NOT, and moving on from there.

3) write WHO you know, and WHAT you don’t. 

you know other humans, yes? you’ve seen tv, you’ve read books, you know stories …? even rumors about people i go to school with inspire me. no matter what you do, parts of your personality (your speech patterns, your thoughts, ideas, etc) will shine through your character. if those personal traits are the only realistic parts of your character, then you aren’t doing enough for them. think of your friends, of anyone you know. think about what makes them … them. their ticks, their interests, their history, their humor. for some reason, everyone in the rpc is afraid of writing REAL flaws. so many of these characters are so 2 dimensional because people are so hung up on getting their characters to be likable or sexy or perfect and its just like … you’re writing a human being, aren’t you? write manipulative characters that spread lies or rumors. write characters that fuck up and get defensive and are wrong in the argument. write characters that harbor actual *secret crushes* that aren’t just the first step to a ship plot. let them be embarrassing, and slam their hand in a door trying to be cool in front of someone. give them real insecurities, like where they fit in with society. characters who can’t control their emotions and cry at confrontation, even if they started it. give them opportunities to fuck up and grow without ridiculous ooc meddling in thier affairs. even stuff as small and useless as allergies help connect both you and other writers to your character. its little things that give your character flare and realism. 90% of my traits and ticks and flaws in characters come from people i know in real life, or my own experiences. don’t be afraid to tackle personal things like that.

as far as WHAT you don’t know: stop being afraid to step out of the box and write a real human being. write characters with disabilities, with hearing aids or wheel chairs or speech impediments. its been like four years and i STILL remember a blind colton haynes i met in an rp because he was so .. unique. 

4) for general inspiration, hit spotify and tumblrs.

the more obscure the song, the easier it is to base a character off of it because … no one’s heard it, have they? so i get lost in my indie spotify acc, or i find a random huge aesthetic tumblr blog and i dig from there. you can find those by typing in literally any random word for the url, but for some help to get started these are some of my faves: x x x  … you can also just go to @museinspo​ ‘s page and go to like … a random page in the 500s and build from there !! 

5) honestly ? write who you want to see.

at this point there’s only like … four different personalities and backgrounds that every rp character has atm, so i just make it a point to .. write the kind of character i’d be interested in writing against. granted, this doesn’t ensure a perfect character experience (sometimes i make a character too complex and i lose interest much faster bc .. bc its just not right for me, you know?), but it does create a bigger personal investment in what you’re writing. when it honestly comes down to it, you can build a character out of a shitpost if you take a couple seconds to just … think one out. when it comes to plotting i find it easier to just leave as much room as possible in your character’s backstory/current life to make stuff more flexible so it works, but honestly like … the less dramatic you go, the easier it is to make them realistic. that’s just something to keep in mind when you write up a new character.

this sort of got away from me and a lot of it was just getting stuff off my chest but heRE you are my friend i hope this sounds less bitchy than i think it does !! but if u got any specific questions i can probably chill and answer with a decent lengthed response jfdkaf

 // SORRY i’ve been so slow lately! WOW you guys are real nice, STAP REBLOGGING THAT YOU KNOW IM TRAsh

  ANYWays, my askbox is always open! Tags are alWAYs welcome, and if you have ideas or want to plot never be afraid to pop in IM’s! 

Also, if you guys want my Skype or go to friend me on there please lemme know first!! Just so I know who is who!

   Centaur Maes is still up so if you guys want to go and pester him, feel free! Hopefully I can get more active soon here!!

“Don’t move! Yes, yes. That’s perfect, Nico. Hold that pose.”

Older Nico di Angelo commission for KelseyAh! I’m so happy I got to draw my boy, The Underworld Prince. Look at him, so clueless lol. Redbubble



The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 5 Year Anniversary - My Name is Lizzie Bennet - Ep: 1 (April 9th 2012)

Who am I? I’m a 24 year old grad student with a mountain of student loans, living at home and preparing for a career.

(( the quickest doodle to have ever doodled 
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Hey guys..
So I got kicked out of my home for good today, one for coming out and two bc I spoke my mind. So I left and I’m thankful that I can stay over at a good friend’s home for the night.
I will probably be on and off of here bc I have a lot happening right now. Im really sorry but I might be late to answer any vent asks or messages. ;;
I don’t really know if I can do commissions right now, I’m really sorry, but I really do need some support.
You guys know I’m really shy and dont like to ask for stuff, but my Paypal is and my patreon is
I would really, really appreciate it if my followers could share this. I have a pretty decent following but, it would really matter right now.
Thank you so much guys for everything you’ve done for me up to this point. I really want to start enjoying life and I hope I can get everything sorted out.

Happy 20th, Pokémon anime!

I can’t believe my birthday falls on the same day as the anniversary of my favorite series - It has been such a constant part of my life since the beginning and the main reason how I got into Pokémon in the first place.

Thanks for all the fun memories and here’s to many more!! ✨✨