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Been thinking about a sidgeno Lost Childhood Love AU on my way to work that reads like a sappy romantic dramedy novel-soon-to-be-turned-movie that starts off like:

No one knows who gave Sidney the ring, or why they did, and no know wanted to ask. All they know is that Sidney keeps it on a chain and wears it on his neck, pressing it against his lips before every game and closing his eyes briefly as he did so. They see him fiddle around with it whenever he’s nervous, feeling the metal through his shirt as he gives reporters the same answers to the same questions. One time, he’d accidentally misplaced it, and he had panicked so badly that both Jake and Conor were afraid he’d start twitching if Flower hadn’t found it at the bottom of a pile of unwashed jerseys.

It’s a Sidney thing, and Sidney is nothing but extraordinary, and extraordinarily peculiar.

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lately my favourite hobby has been thinking up incorrect quotes for the p5 cast


(heyaaa wow guess who’s going through her to-do tag-thingies (it me))

here’s the bias/selfie challenge-thingy! i don’t really have a got7 bias (besides good ol’ raymond), but mark,,,, has been coming for me as of late. so. here’s that.

i was tagged by @youaremv and a few others, bUT I DONT KNOW THEIR URLS OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD SORRY SORRY SORRY (i love you all tho!!!! i’m just dumb!!! sORRY) anyway, thanks for the tag!!!

if you’ve already done this (and you probably have. im 1735273772 years late to do this, per usual), or just don’t want to, feel free to ignore!! i’m gonna tag: @lovelydefsoul @nuggetsam @ddef @pizzawasabi @lapillity @asexualkimhansol @markwhyareyousodaddy @iloveujaebum and @defbald !!

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okay this has been on my mind a lot, lately im always on the topic ‘am i bisexual?’ i’ve been thinking about it a lot. i always imagine me pursuing a relationship with women, dates, kissing, all that jazz. but i know i like guys, it’s just i sometimes look in the mirror and try to say ‘i’m bisexual’ i choke up but it feels good to say it? but i’m confused on if this is bi curious ? i don’t think it is but i’m just looking for something, an answer? advice? cause i’m so confused and scared!

From what you’ve written, it appears you are bisexual, but are still in the closet. You said yourself it feels good to say you’re bisexual out loud, it’s just really hard to do. And that’s okay! There’s no rush to figure out what exactly you feel comfortable identifying as, but I can promise you you’ll figure it out someday. Whether that will be as bisexual, gay or any other sexuality, you’ll be able to say it out loud. Give yourself some time. We’ve all been there, it takes some time to accept who you are and say it, even if you’re okay with it on the inside. Good luck!  

-Mod Annie

Ask Compilation #6!

Where hugs were given :3 (I also decided to put the askers on Top not Bottom :D) And sorry for answering the asks so late! I wanted to wait till theres at least three asks and School kept me busy qwq

Askers @soflashtasitc​ / @mysteryart716 / @bettyfearpink123 (NO ANONS THIS TIME YAY-)

If y’all wanna know how the asks are or the responses are, feel free to click on ‘Keep Reading’! Thank you for the asks  ♪ \( ̄▽ ̄)/

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So I’m probably not gonna answer them all so I can actually keep some in my inbox for myself, BUT I just wanted to say: 

Thank you for all the kind messages, as well as to everyone who IMed me last night. I know “it means a lot to me” is a really generic response to that sort of thing, but it really does and it served as a reminder I kind of sorely needed. I don’t want it to seem like I Need Reassurance to stick around here, but as I said before, it’s been really rough for me here lately. Most of my own Personal Issues either stemmed from loneliness or figuring nobody would really notice whether I was here or not at all, so last night was really… nice. For extreme lack of a better word.

Thanks again. ❤ ❤ ❤ Please don’t ever think you’re bothering me by messaging me, or that I’m too busy for you.

(this is a collab with my brother. he sketched the drawing and he did the lineart for the desk and the cake. hes only 8 so im pretty proud of him!)

hopefully im not late but…

happy birthmas @foureyesguycomix! i dont know how old you turned so i just asked my bro to add three lil candles ontop of the cake. anyways i hope you like it! (also there in the corner is @regncomics because why not ecks dee)

duckland  asked:

Hi, its me. Im feeling incredibly sad and a bit angry cause all the drama going on around you lately when you are one of the most lovely and kind people I know in this hellofasite and this fandom. I don't go to drama. Ive been roasted before so I don't engage anymore with anything drama related, I just dont care (maybe thats why I dont bond enough too) but I DO CARE about nice people being harrased like I'm seeing here. So,hey! Stay brave, stay strong, stay as you are! Big hug ur way! LotsfLove!

And THIS right here is WHY I want to connect more with my followers and mutuals. @duckland Isa my dear, thank you!! You are such a lovely, kind hearted and awesome person. I love scrolling and seeing you on my dash. You wouldn’t believe how many times I just want to quit this freaking hellsite all together..just up and abandon my blog..but then I will see something you reblog/post and I feel lighter–drama free! Big HUGS back gurl. 😚

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Ps. no need to feel sad or upset. I’m okay. Truly.

i am late to the party, but here is moi. i’m elle, she/her and i live waaay over at the gmt+8 timezone but my sleeping schedule is beyond fucked up so im almost always online when most of you guys are ) and this is my daughter and sad ass bitch, charlotte bryant!!

Is that DOVE CAMERON? Nevermind, that’s CHARLOTTE. She’s a TWENTY year old. They are in the BRYANT family. People in Black Hollow say they have a DETERMINED, CONSIDERATE, CYNICAL and OVERBEARING personality. Nobody knows this, but CHARLOTTE is hiding THE FACT SHE IS ONLY FAKE DATING TO GET OUT OF HER PARENTS CONSTANT NAGGING.

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“Don’t move! Yes, yes. That’s perfect, Nico. Hold that pose.”

Older Nico di Angelo commission for KelseyAh! I’m so happy I got to draw my boy, The Underworld Prince. Look at him, so clueless lol. Redbubble