im so lame sob


Say ello to the new design of Deimos. 
He’s a cruel and tricksy scumbag, but is also very classy and might have a bigger soft spot than he thinks. He likes drinking wine and champagne and even my tea, and likes listening to classical/orchestrated music and old-timey tunes. Also likes pocket watches.

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just chankai being dumb and in love

Riku! I had 5 days of insane amount of time spent playing and got angry at myself several times because of that but I finally played through Kingdom Hearts 2. I like Riku! He’s such a great friend, at least when he decides not to hide all the time ever because darkness this and that.

I managed to mess up a certain part of the final fight that’s kinda heavy on reflecting missiles too, I completely missed the fact that Sora’s attack command changed to reflect and only saw reaction command for Riku, so all the time it looked like Riku was protecting Sora. It looked great even though I was losing hp, so I went with it. Best scene ever.