im so kawaii


OK so the first thing i envisioned when Amy said she saw Shadow flying was him in a hot air balloon. Then SEGA decides to release a new trailer, AND SINCE I CANNOT ACCEPT THAT MY SON HAD BECOME EVIL, this is the explanation that my sleep deprived self comes up with.


I think this cutie learned his lesson to not mess with the Sonic twitter anymore…

Confession time! I’ve been a big fan of the Game Grumps for almost 4 ½ years now. I’ve been wanting to make acrylic charms for a little while now, but I’m not really sure whether or not I should just go for it. So I’ve got a question for you lovelies: Would you like your very own EgoSonic charm (or sticker)?? Let me know!


‘cause it’s nine in the afternoon and your eyes are the size of the moon : patd music video series


28 / 100 days of productivity

29.07.2017 // setting up for August.
I’ve actually been so productive all week! But I haven’t posted so whoops.

Listening to: Icronic - Polyphia
Studygram: lilystvdies

Atsushi wearing the CA uniform gives me life 👀 👌