im so in love with their cover designs

Some villain Deku designs inspired by so many fics I’ve been reading! Not the design for my own fic, but honestly I’m in love with quirkless Villain! Deku!! 

Honestly my excuse to covering one side of his face to look edgy LOL ALSO i know that hand is bacwards god damn it im a MESS but let’s pretend I did that on purpose and it’s because ;3ccc maybe someone gave him a “hand” ;33cccc (excuses)

This is just

really bad, guys.

really really bad. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that this is the primary US cover of a real-life recent YA debut with a fairly average amount of publicity released by an imprint of Random House, and not some dinky self-pubbed thing photoshopped by someone’s cousin Jeremy who has a cracked version of photoshop. Nothing is working. not one element here is conceptually or executionally redeemable at all. all the elements feel completely randomly placed, and the fence/bird motifs are flat and uninterestingly used and tell me fuckall about the book. The eye wanders this image like a sad lost puppy, looking for depth or focus or interest or something and instead just gets callously kicked by how needlessly overwhelming the texture is, the completely pointless (haha) pointiness of the L and A (they’re like signposts pointing to nowhere), the drop shadows (the one on ‘guilded cage’ is black, but the one on the subtitle is white? what?), and the general fact that this design is so bizzarely unbalanced that it looks like it would simply topple to pieces if you poked it, despite it involving basically the bare minimum of elements.

truly remarkable.

Sidebar: how embarrassing would it be if a book with the exact same name and visual motifs but a MUCH better cover existed?

SO embarrassing, good thing that didn’t happen.


                                 IT'S COMING YOUR WAY  
                                                          THAT BITCH DON'T PLAY

It’s done! It’s finally done!
Tulip, Mazikeen and Zed! My gorgeous vertigo wives!
Their casting in tv adaptation are spot on perfect and I love them a lot so I had to draw them together. Just imagine little crossover !

Lot of fun to design and put together outfits for them inspired from on screen as well as comic looks. Especially with Maze the right half of her face covered with hair and little demonic features poking out :’)

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what were the stuff youve gotten from shein

my most recent items are:

  • pom pom beanie - great for autumn / winter since this really covers your ears and head
  • army green coat - this was really large on me. i’m not sure if its because im kinda thin or maybe i didnt look at the measurements properly.
  • grey coat - this coat is quite popular in the site and it’s perfect for autumn / spring since its kinda sheer
  • grey round glasses - cute aesthetic glasses. this was also too big for my face bc my face is kind long and narrow
  • embroidered jacket - I LOVE THIS JACKET SO MUCH!!! i love the design and quality of this jacket

some tips to help u out:

  • always remember to check the measurements bc the sizes here vary
  • read the reviews
  • LOOK OUT FOR SALES AND FREE SHIPPING bc they usually have promos during black friday, events, holidays, and etc

The Song of Achilles  | Madeline Miller | Book Cover Redesign

The colors used for the cover were colors I associate with the idea of ancient Greece. They are also colors I associated with the story as I read. The deep teal of the ocean and rivers that they had bathed in as they grew. The darkness of death and war and afterlife. The gold of Achilles’s hair and helmet. And Elysium that they had reached together.

The story is for Patroclus, therefore his helmet is facing an opposite direction from where the others are. Because his will to fight was not for Greece. It was for Achilles. 

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hey! your humanoid scp designs are my favorite designs that I've seen so far (and not portraying them all as sexy anime-styled boys is something I really appreciate) but I was wondering why scp-999 has two different colored eyes in the lineup pic and what the white part covering the other half of 682's face is? Regardless I love both features but I was really curious lol

thank u so much!! im still so happy ppl enjoy my designs ;;

and 999’s eyes are ‘different colors’ only for character!! i thought itd be a nice take, thats all.
for 682, the thing on his face is a skull, because i couldnt decided whether to use the in-game design or the one from his file, so i kind of just meshed the two together, if you look closely you can see bits and pieces from both designs!!

a few months ago i asked guillem march if he ever drew jason w/o his helmet on and he was like yeah pre n52 which was cursed bc.. u kno… redhead jason… and i was really hoping he would draw jason with his rebirth design bc i was curious about the difference and guess fucking what. the next variant cover? jason isnt wearing the helmet. im so used to giving..

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your art of vija makes me so happy... in the latest drawing you did of her it looks like she has a rly similar body style to me (near as I can tell bc her swooshy dress covers it a lil) and that makes me feel rly good... and I love her nose +profile a lot, she's rly beautiful and I want to romance her

:D :D im so happy my character designs bring u happiness! im so glad people like her and the other ladies… it means a lot to me to kno these designs resonate with ppl. thank you :’)

so recently i found cool this art/ask blog? and i just LOVED his/her character design of nemo von silver, hes just so cute! ( and yes hes a guy) so i decided i want to draw him being cute and shy with his girly body (can’t draw pony to save my life and im cool with that )

creative censorship to cover his boy parts, also hes an adult, that goes without saying, this was fun

hope you like it :3

The highlight of this week

Adrien spots Mari from distance and YELLS out to her

Adrien impressed because Mari designed his favourite singer’s album cover.

Adrien asking Mari her autograph because dang she’s cool af.



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Im loving keiths design so much because as someone who uses charcoal a lot thats literally how i look when im finished drawing. I cant tell you how many times ive smudged my face and clothes because i forget my hands are covered with it.

lol same :D charcoal is a mess and I hate to work with it but I adore artists who are able to create masterpieces with it! 

I don’t know about you but i think its a bit unfair how SM doesn’t bother to promote Zhou mi as much as Henry. Henry got to do a solo album, a drama, a movie and now he’s on a TV show. Zhou mi got to collaborate with other SM artists and sing one song in the entire album, which was a chinese cover of the song. 

Im pretty sure that Zhou mi has more patience than Henry does, i read it somewhere; don’t use up Zhou mi’s patience. He’s super talented in acting and singing not to mention dancing and fashion design, he knows Mandarin, conversational Korean, basic English and  Cantonese. He released a freaking book in Thai. He wrote the lyrics for “marry you” “love you love you” “a man in love” “Confession” “Love relay” “Love, Frequency” “remember” “many times” “you & me” “True love” - clearly this man is talented in writing songs.

So please would you pay more attention to him? he deserves it just as much as any of the members. 

Im not sorry, i need more Zhou mi in my life, on my dash and in my updates