im so happy these tops suit me

BODY POSITIVITY POST!! Omg i cant even tell you how happy i am right now! I look GOOD! This bathing suit also sold me on wearing high waisted bottoms with crop tops. I will be rocking that look all spring and summer! Im seriously on a high off self-esteem and confidence right now lol! And its moments like this that remind me that becoming devoted to Aphrodite was the best thing I could have done. Before her i would have never even dared to try something like this on! So to everyone i say, love yourself because you are damn gorgeous!

anonymous asked:

Have anika's clothes im. Proved majorely postleap or is that just me

Nope, they have, overall! (Not counting whatever that weird yellow, half shirt thing was, the day she came back into OM.) Much more streamlined sleek silhouettes that suit her nicely. I loved yesterday’s black dress. She looked so gorgeous. 😍😍😍

Though I wouldn’t get too happy. Yesterday’s Instagram story had Surbhi wearing some kinda plaid off shoulder top that reminded me of the yucky sangeet episode outfit. Who knows when and where Shirali will launch a stealth attack our poor, unsuspecting eyes? 😞😞😞