im so happy the song is so good


we were like gods at the dawning of the world

heith week day 6: colors
strange nature, to feel your tether… we could coexist - x

the fic i wrote (rated mature) 

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kick ass, go to space, represent the human race (with u)
kick ass, go to space, represent the human race (with u)

so i made another fan song!! this one’s klance, and no it’s not sad, this one’s more cute n happy?? we need positive vibes after that langst song… anyway, this song is based around keith and lance’s interactions in season 3 in mullet’s point of view. 


i don’t know when it started
it just slowly became
a feeling, a feeling
warm in my chest

somewhere in the midst of this
our hardships and battles
you began to mean more
more than i expected

i never thought that i would be
smiling so foolishly
at you
another fool

your hand on my shoulder
your words finding me a way
you were almost like the break of light
when my strength had worn away

and you can lean on me
like i’ve leaned on you
and though i’m not the best
at knowing what to say

maybe along the way
i want to grow with you
empower you

be a better team
a team of red and blue
with you

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Aaa the trailer looks so good wtf!! Emerald looks amazing, Lars’ CAPE and smug demeanor omg, Connie’s hair!! Lion!! Greg finally standing up to the gems!! A flashback with Bismuth!! Smokey Quartz is making a comeback, Lapis is having an arc and hopefully a song (possibly lapidot or at least a fusion which im sure a lot of ppl will be happy about!), not to mention the color pallets+heights look pretty good??

Idk I’m just so happy that I can be excited for SU again bc I’m rly hype rn and I haven’t felt this way since Summer of Steven!


Maknae Kyungsoo and his actor hyungs

“By age, Bae Sung Woo is the oldest, but by experience, it’s Cha Tae Hyun. The others are Jo In Sung, Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Ki Bang, Im Joo Hwan, me, and Do Kyungsoo” - Kim Woo Bin

“They are the hyungs that I got close to through [working on] dramas. We became close because we could all relate to one another so well.” -Kyungsoo

“The hyungs give me good advice. There are many things I learn from them. It’s not just acting but we also talk about life, experiences, and all sorts of other stuff. They really help a lot.” -Kyungsoo

“There’s a big dining table at Jo In Sung‘s house which serves as [our group’s] hideout, and we just have tea and talk.” - Kim Woo Bin

“Do Kyung Soo’s house is actually quite close to mine. He sometimes calls me in the morning and asks if I’ve eaten yet. If I haven’t, he’ll bring some seolleongtang (ox bone soup) over and we’ll share a meal together.” - Jo In Sung

“When the movie ‘Brother’ premiered, our group chat went wild. Every night we would post ‘Brother’s’ score and write congratulatory messages. We were so happy that Kyungsoo’s movie was doing well.” - Kim Woo Bin

“There are a lot of events to congratulate each other on. Kyungsoo started us off well so the feeling is good. The group chat will be on fire from now on. It’s always a little loud. We never stop talking.” - Kim Woo Bin

Extra: “Kyungsoo belongs to Woo Bin. He likes Kyung Soo a lot. It’s to the point where he’ll say, ‘My love Do Kyung Soo, where are you.” - Jo In Sung


[MV] MiSO(미소) _ KKPP(낄끼빠빠)

“T.O.P has opened his eyes”

All VIPs now:

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i hear you like bugs! what kind are your favorite?



  1. snails !!! very calm especially since they only come out in the rain !
  2. moths ! i love ! my stupid furry delicate children ! i love them sm !
  3. worm ! they r great and silly and friendly !!! and theyre pink ! good !
  4. beetles are big fat dorks !!! i love june bugs the most! big dorks !!! 
  5. slugs !!! house-less snails !!! please be nice to them thank you !
  6. spoopy spoopers !!! eight legs ? theyre so weird thats so cool !!!
  7. caterpillars are so furry and soft and theyre legs are sticky
  8. bees are loud ! not a fan of loud things but i love honey and theyre cute
  9. mantis friends! theyre so fancy and elegant ! gee !!!
  10. crickets !!! i love their little songs !!! so relaxing mmm 


umm i just wanna say i love vixx so much. like they work so hard and dont ask for anything from starlight,,, its amazing and i love them,, n loves and cares for vixx so much, he still wears and shows off his vixx friendship ring, leo takes care of the members and is so considerate of everyone, ken works so hard on musicals and comebacks he gets brusies, ravi makes songs for other members to showcase their talents and literally is such a good guy, hongbin loves ghe members, even tho he dont show it, he got mad when ravi said he didnt have friends and wasnt happy until he said they were soulmates, hyuk literally has grown up in front of us, becomeing his own person making his own songs, vixx is amazing and all of them deserve the world


I know him since maybe 2 or 3 years and he’s one of my favorite artist. His songs are always amazing, and I can’t find one that I don’t like!! But it always made me sad because he’s not that popular :^(( So if you have time listen to his songs it’s really really good!!