im so happy look at my idiots

“You’re rescuing kittens now?”

“Look, it’s got such lovely eyes.”

“We have places to be - though…you are right.”

so guess who loves ineffable idiots

Stolen Glances

Fandom: Now You See Me

Imagine/Prompt/Chapter: Imagine secretly liking Jack Wilder, and him liking you back, but neither of you knows it. Merritt sees it though and decides to help the two of you along…..

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 1306

(So sorry this took me so long to get out. Between my friend passing away and the boyfriend and family stuff that came up, I took way longer than planned on this. I hope  you like it though! @jaylee-crapnetier )

Out of all the guys you could have fallen for, it had to be Jack Wilder. You had met him when Dylan brought you along with him to meet the Horsemen one day. You worked as an FBI agent with him, and were always on the lookout for new information regarding them. You had gotten too close to blowing the case back open, so he let you in on the secret. And now you basically lived with them when you weren’t working.

The most surprising part of it all was Jack. That he was alive, that you liked him, that he was so kind, that he was so goofy. He was just a pleasure to be around. You didn’t realize that he thought the same way. That he enjoyed spending as much time around you as you did him. He didn’t smile the way he did around you for just anyone. You were the only person he would stay up with until 2 in the morning, getting caught up in teaching you card tricks. The only person he wanted to watch cartoons and eat cereal with in the morning was you. And you didn’t see it.

Merritt did though. He saw it clear as the cards on the table. He could see the look in his friend’s eyes when he watched you and you weren’t looking. He saw the way you constantly smiled at him. Yet neither of you were apparently smart enough to see it. Oh, young love. How blind it could be when you didn’t have wisdom and clarity over the situation. And seeing how he was older and wiser and didn’t have a puppy love blindness in his eyes, he took it upon himself to make it known to these two that they liked each other. Maybe they would actually do something about it and be happy with themselves, instead of stolen glances across the room.

“Hey Jack.” Merritt knocked on his partner’s door and waited for a response.

“Come on in.” Jack called from the inside. The hypnotist smiled as he let himself in and shut the door behind him. “What can I do for you?”

“I think this is more what I can do for you.” He strutted his way across the room and knelt down next to Jack, who was sitting in bed and fumbling with a deck of cards. As usual. The confused face oh the younger magician’s face was priceless. This was going to be fun. “Just look up into my eyes….. And sleep.” He caught Jack by the back of his neck and pulled him against his shoulder. He mumbled a few things into his ear, then snapped his fingers. Jack sat up like nothing had happened at all. “Good chat bud. I’ll talk to you later.”

Later that night, you and Jack were at the table in the kitchen eating dinner. Dylan was called for a case, J was on a grocery run, and Merritt was off hiding in his room. The two of you hadn’t said much to each other as you ate. Just a quiet meal together. Your feet would occasionally brush against each other’s under the table. As soon as they did, you would blush and pull your foot back, but it would soon be back where it had been and you’d do it all over again. Yet neither of you had the guts to actually admit how you felt.

Why in the world you were so attracted to him was mind boggling. Maybe it was how messy he kept his hair when he hung around the apartment. Or how he liked to use funny voices and made you smile. Then again, it was mesmerizing to watch him with a deck or cards. And his smile that lit up the room. He was funny too. Oh so funny. But extremely loving and thoughtful. He seemed to care so much for you. But, it only seemed to be as a friend. It didn’t seem to be a romantic type of caring. You wished with all your heart that it would be though.

Your eyes had drifted down to your plate as you finished up, but they shot back up when the feet of Jack’s chair scrape against the floor. He started to move his arms around and a bizarre stream of words came out of his mouth. It took you a second to realize what was going on. No. Oh no. He was NOT doing that…….

“I’m a little teapot, short and stout.” Why why why why why? “Here is my handle, here is my spout.” You couldn’t help but laugh as he made the handle and spout with his arms. “When I get all steamed up hear me shout.” The dude wasn’t the best singer, but he actually wasn’t the worst. “Tip me over and pour me out.” You laughed even harder when he leaned as if he was pouring something out of his ‘spout’. As soon as the song was over, he stood there. The sudden shock of what in the world he had just done hit him like a brick wall. You could see the look on his face completely change from a happy smile to utter shame.

You haven’t stopped laughing though. How could you? THE Jack Wilder just stood up and sang 'Im A Little Teapot’ to you, WHILE DANCING!!!! You were laying against the table, unable to breathe from laughing so hard. A few minutes later, when you had calmed down for the most part, you looked up and saw Jack staring at you.

“What?” You asked, still grinning like an idiot.

“Nothing.” He shook his head, then took a deep breath. “Actually something. I really love seeing you smile. Even at my expense.” Wait…… what? He did? Holy crap, did Jack like you?!?! No….. or……. maybe…….

“You do?” It was the only thought that you could coherently make out.

“Yeah. I do.” He sits back down in his seat across from you and looks into your eyes. His warm brown eyes……. “I love seeing you smile. And making you smile. I love how you take care of us bums. How you’re an absolute sweetheart, yet won’t take crap from anyone. I have wanted to tell you this for so long Y/N. I just couldn’t though. I don’t…… I don’t do this. The whole really feeling things for a girl and wanting to be with her. Plus, I wasn’t sure if you liked me back. I thought you might, but I wasn’t sure. And I couldn’t say anything if I wasn’t 100% sure that you liked me back. And even now I’m not. I don’t know if you like me. All I know is that I can’t keep this to myself anymore.”

Your smile never faded. If anything, it somehow grew. He did like you! Oh thank goodness. You sat there with a sparkle in your eye, listening to him pour his heart out. It was all you really had ever wanted to hear from him. It felt like a dream honestly. For once, your reality was better than your dreams.

“Jack, I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to hear that from you. I’ve been falling for you since day one. But, like you said, I wasn’t sure if you liked me back and I was afraid to make a move. But, I guess I know how you feel now, so I don’t have to worry.” Jack chuckles and nods.

“Yeah you’re right. Hey, since I can’t take you out on a proper date, how would you feel about renting a movie tomorrow night and holding my hand?”

“That sounds perfect.” You and Jack. The fallen Horseman and an FBI agent. Who would’ve guessed?

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i saw ur ferre&r as twins and i thought i was only one who thought ITS AMAZING THING BUT JUST IMAGINE THEIR FRIENDS THINKING THEY'RE DATING (cos they live together, sharing almost everything and monthly family dinners ect) but then one night ferre watching some guy flirting with R, who is uncomfortable and screams at him like- "THE ONLY PERSON MY TWIN CAN BE EVER FLIRTED BY IS MY IDIOTIC BEST FRIEND WHO NEEDS TO GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER." Everyone is like WHAT UR BROTHER but enj looks conflicted

im just imagining Enj crushing on R so bad but not knowing what to tell Ferre and he thinks they’re happy and in love so he just sort of backs off but never stops having feelings for him

Enj low key flirting with R in his own Enjolras way and everyone KNOWS Enj is crushing and everyone KNOWS R likes him back but they all still think Grantaire and Ferre are in a long term relationship that is going to end in a proposal soon

But that night when the dude was hitting on R everyone was expecting Ferre to but in and tell him to hit the road (which he did) but he did it and instead of saying “bak off he’s taken” He was just “Back off of my twin brother the only man who can flirt with him is that blond beauty over there, whO SHOULD REALLY GET HIS SHIT TOGETHER AND JUST ASK OUT MY BROTHER ALREADY” 

everyone is shook

Especially Enj

just sitting there and connecting all the dots that are starting to make sense

Sleep over at Renjun's

Okay so this is gonna be bullet points again becuaseee, I just find it easier (tbh I can’t be bothered) Small note, we are gonna pretend that this is renjun’s house and not the dorms. Enjoy~ ——————————————————————–
- Right so we all know what a smol bean Renjun is
- So ofc when he messages you ‘Hey wanna come sleep over tonight?’ It’s all innocent and you know he just wants to chill with his best friend
- Also you being his crush may have something to do with it
- And you message him back like ‘Yeah sure I’ll bring snacks I’ll be there in a few.’
- By now you have accepted your feelings to Renjun
- But the fear of them not being mutual and it could ruin your friendship forever made you bottle them away
- You knock on the door and renjun’s mum answers
- You make small talk and just talk about life
- Which is alright cuz you absolutely adored Renjun’s mum just as she adored you
- Then Renjun comes down the stairs and is like ‘Mum you could’ve told me Y/N got here.’
- Cuz ofc this bean didn’t hear you knock at all, probs too concentrated in them Moomin episodes.
- So you both go upstairs and his mum leaves you be for now
- As soon as you get in his room you flop on the bed
- Admires his artwork that’s up on his walls, Gold hands istg
- Yall talk about school, how NCT’s going for him.
‘How’s NCT? Are my babies doing okay?’
‘We aren’t your babies Y/N.’
‘No you aren’t but they are.’
- Sighs internally every time you call Dream your babies honestly
but you stg that they are
- Starts watching anime together
- You know he gives 0 damns about your lie in april but you need to finish it
- Eventually you just end up watching Moomin cuz this guys snaggle toothed smile and doggy eyes is the death of you I swear
- After a while yall somehow get into a pillow fight????
- Honestly don’t know how but yall whooping each other’s asses not literally he’s a baby
-Then ofc his mum walks in just when you trip and fall onto Renjun
- yes your dumb ass just did that
- So there you are, lying on top of Renjun cuz of your stupid ass
- And then there’s his mum, standing in the hallway with the bedding looking sh00k af.
- Yet there you are still lying on top of Renjun
- finally gets up and come to your senses, smh
- So yall just standing there awkward af, you and Renjun blushing, his mum still standing there sh00k af
‘So I’m just gonna leave these here, Erm. Have fun…’
- As soon as his mum leaves yall burst out laughing, fully laughing your asses off
- like the look on her face was too funny not to laugh at fr
- After yall stop laughing you both go clean up
- obviously along with some banging tunes as well
- Cue you singing chew-chew-chew-chew chewing gum and renjun dancing with a toothbrush in his mouth
- Some truly great banging tunes
- Once yall are done washing up you go get changed separate rooms guys jesus
- Once you get back to the room there’s candles lit, fairy lights on and a cute little tent made on top of the bed
- pure comfort honestly
- You look around for the culprit knowing who it was
- He comes up behind you and taps you on the shoulder, now this boy be looking so troubled honestly
‘Do you like it? My mum told me she couldn’t find the extra bed and we’d both had to sleep in mine… So I thought I’d make something cute to sleep in.’
- all you are thinking is how long did you take getting ready for Renjun to have done all of this
- You hug him unconsciously, cuz?? Like??? Renjun just slaved away to make this perfect tf????
- This is when questions start running through both of yall minds. She can’t like me surely? She’s just hugging me cuz were best friends right?’ Or ‘Wait? Did he do this cuz he likes me? It can’t be right?’
-Yall get into bed, both drastically aware that if you move a little you’ll graze against each other
‘Well, err, goodnight Y/N’
'Yeah, um, goodnight Renjun.’
-:You weren’t going sleep but apparently you were really good at acting cuz Renjun definitely thought you were
'Aish Y/N, when are you gonna realise my feelings for you. I want to be with you so much but what it you don’t like me… I can’t ruin our friendship with these feelings, I must keep them secret.’
sorry I had to
- His eyes trebled in size honestly, this guy thought you were asleep ahhhhh. He’s actually dying inside
- you both just lay there, not knowing what to do at alllll
- Renjun finally speaks up
'Look Y/N I’m sorry you found out this way…. I’m really sorry. But I do really like you but it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way.’
- The look in Renjunie’s eyes omg, he looked so upset and as if he knew you weren’t gonna have the same feelings.
- oh how much he was wrong
- You somehow mustered up the courage to kiss him on the cheek????
- Then be able to say 'You idiot, I like you too.’
- His facial expression was a mix of OmFg IM So HapPY and DID SHE JUST KISS MY CHEEK OMG
- Tbh you’re face was just a mixture of beetroot and tomatoes so I guess it equals out.
- He cautiously wraps his arm round your body and hugs you close. He’s so damn happy you don’t understand you’re literally the girl of his dreams
'Does this mean you’re my girlfriend?’
'Yes Renjun, yes it does.’

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handmaidsonhuluI present to you, the cast of The Handmaids Tale at our premiere @tribeca ( minus a few key peeps who couldn’t be there im looking at you @amandabrugel, we missed you!!). My fellow actors are the most talented group of bad ass people and I’m so proud to work with them. I honestly thank my lucky stars every day to just be able to call them my friends:) [x] (Posted by Elisabeth Moss)


Anonymous asked: what do you ship yoona with the most?

Yoona x Food, of course! (I think you meant ‘who’ but 'what’ is okay too)

Boyfriend Haechan

Lmao haechan didn’t like you

-when ever asked about you


haechan didnt like your presence
worst thing was

you always had to see him
because mark as your cousin
An your parents wanted you to be a model and dancer

so here you are working hard
When haechan first saw you he knew you were related to mark

i can feel it
So moving on
He had to help you

“i want to kill my self”
“Shut up I’m suffering as much as you are”
You actually had a crush on Winwin
“Isnt he amazing?”

“Y/n you’re an idiot”
You and Haechan grew close
But he still hated you

Y/n-ssi stop thinking about si cheng and focus.
“I can’t i just really like him”

And bam his crush on you was crushed
Haechan actually liked you

Since you both met
But he also hated you

He became cold towards
After your debut
He never spoke to you again
“What’s wrong?”

“None of your business”
So then you visited Mark after promotions
And as soon as Haechan saw

You his ass was out the door lmao
You didn’t cry you just felt hurt

“Hey, Mark..Why does he hate me?”
And mark just laughed

Like thx u idiot for making me feel great

Okay dude chill.
“He actually likes you. Why are you so oblivious?”

Because im related to you

So then you chased haechan

And then you found him talking to Si cheng
“Oh my god Si cheng looks so cute today”

And then you saw haechan and you ran to him

Both Winwin and Haechan looked at you
“Lee Donghyuck”

He had a questionable look

“I..Like you”
And then you felt to your knees
“You do?”

And winwin is just there confused af
He smiled as he said something to Winwin

“Mark told you didn’t he?”

He sighed as he looked at you happy.

You walked towards him as you kissed him Lmao winwin was just standing there awkward

“Hey y/n..Do you think we can do it again?” “You need to explain first” “Mark already did”

“Don’t sass me”

“I will and i can”

I hate you

Then why did you kiss me ?

Because you like me and i like you

He smiled “Go out with me” “Are you deman-”

“Then i guess it’s a yes” “I didn’t-”

Lmao both of you were trouble makers.

No one ever messed with you The dream team actually likes you But

because you were with haechan they barely saw you Jeno was like your brother But when

he saw you were dating haechan His ass was out the door

Lmao not being a victim during yaga time

Haechan actually always takes care of you

Even if he is cold sometimes

But when ever someone hurts you

He makes hell

One time jisung came

“Hyung are you taking Y/n out for ice cream?”


He just laughed nervously

“You see we were playing and she fell”

Haechan drops what he is doing.

“And she is bruised”

Haechan stares at him while

The Coconut head runs to his other hyungs to be saved


And then he sees you on the ground looking at the bruise

“Oh my god- are you okay? Do you need anything? Can i kill Jisung?”

You just laughed at how dramatic he is

“Im okay”

And one time Taeil took you

To the supermarket with him

And Haechan thought you were kidnapped

“Call thE POLICE”

In public he doesn’t hold your hand

He puts his arm around you instead.

He loves doing Aegyo is public

One time you and Haechan wanted a game

And you saw Taeyong walking in

By the way you were both looking at him

He knew what you were planning and he was like

“Fuck this shit im out”

And then Johnny. Johnny is your favorite

Because he is always spoiling both of you

He comes in smiling like “ :D ” and you both

Look at him and go from “ =_=|| to :))))”

Taeil is also good at handling you both

But Haechan still salty about the super market thing


Dont get me started with Mark

He is so over protective

Like he doesn’t like it when youre alone with


He is a third wheel

“We are going to the mall”

“Me and Jaemin are going with you”

“We are?”

“Of course we are”

And then the both of you start making noises.

Haechan is like a fucking Ninja

He can sense when you’re down

Like you could be crying and he burst trough

The door asking a million questions

Overall Haechan gets jealous ALL the time

But he pretends he doesn’t

During Christmas he sang “With out U” in front of everyone at the mall

Which ended up in Both of you being chased by Fangirls.

You really love haechan a lot

And he loves you a lot too

Eric cheating Pt5

Brandis face quickly matched your own. Shock and fear flashing in her features.

“Your…your pregnant too?!”

You yelled out in both pain and anger as Brandis manicured hand collided with your cheek. Eric grabbed you with lightning speed as you tried to in return launch yourself at Brandi. Determined to beat the living shit out of her, in that moment your anger controlled you.
You cared not for yourself, her or either of your unborn children.


Eric struggled to keep you in his grasp as you tried to kick free from him. Half carrying and half dragging you, he pulled you away from Brandi. Who like a toddler being told he wasn’t getting any cake was still screaming, crying and yelling at you. When she finally saw that Eric was taking you away she began yelling at him to come back.

After a few minutes Eric managed to wrestle you into a nearby empty classroom. He released you and quickly closed the door. Your growled loudly in frustration and anger at him from stopping you pummelling Brandi into the dirt. He took a large deep breath before turning to face you.

“Are you fucking stupid?!”
“Excuse me?!!!”
“You’ve got to stop hitting people 1st and asking questions later y/n!! It’s not just you anymore!”
“What so I’m just to bend over and take that shit from her huh?!”
“What?! No! I mean…FUCK!”

Eric grasped a close chair and hurled it across the room. He began to pace back and forth, his hands grasping at his head. You in turn were trying to slow your breathing down and not go charging back out and finding the life wrecker. Something or some tiny voice of reason though, kept your feet rooted to the same spot. Eric was right in one thing. You needed to stop answering all your problems with your fists or volatile displays of pure aggression. It wasn’t just you anymore.

“So now what then huh, I guess I should congratulate you huh?”
“Yea real helpful y/n…”
“Well excuse me for being pissed off since not only did you knock me up but fucking HER also! How did it even happen with us! We were always careful right?”
“Ok I’m guessing you’ve guessed how so care to fucking refresh my memory?!”
“Zach’s party…we were shit faced and you kinda dragged me off into the bushes…”
“I don’t remember that!!”
“I’m not surprised…you chugged back an entire bottle of gin trying to prove you could beat Dylan”
“Why didn’t you stop me then?!”
“Hey your…I mean you were my girlfriend! You were horny and as if I can say no to you!”

Your cursed loudly and pushed past him. He asked you where you were going, you spun around and snarled that you had to get to class. One more suspension and your ass would be expelled, if didn’t end up that way anyways. You slammed the door shut on him. Listening to the sounds of more furniture being thrown around as you left. Your hand subconsciously cradled your belly as you fought with all your might to hold back tears.


As the door slammed shut he grabbed the next chair closest to him and threw it before sinking to the floor. What was just prior, the most joyful day of his life had quickly disintegrated into a living nightmare. He was positive he’d always wore a condom with Brandi. It was not just for safety but also to hide what he was doing from you. He lowered his head and let his emotions take control as large wet droplets fell from his cheeks into the floor.
He didn’t want to have a baby with fucking Brandi! He wanted his one with you! Only you. He had been planning in his mind how this would end up reuniting you both. Just him and you, you’d be a happy family! Just the three of you. No one would fuck that up….but they fucking did.just like everything else good that ever happened in his life. He smashed his fist into the ground as the droplets turned into loud sobs. His whole body shaking from them. He wiped angrily at his eyes before rubbing his face. Trying to get some self regulation back in order. He needed to find voDKa and fast. He quickly exited the room and sprinted for the pit. Joy filling him as he saw that Dylan was indeed there.

“Whoa now what’s the rush!”
“I fucked up man! Worse than before!”
“I’m taking that y/n told you then huh?”
“What? You knew?! Never mind! Yea she told me! I’m happy as fuck man!”
“Then what’s the problem REB?”
“Brandi….she is too…”
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!! First y/n then your slut on the side too! Didn’t anyone fucking teach you about safe sex man?!!”
“Not helping V!”
“Well what the fuck so you expect me to do? I haven’t knocked up anyone! I’m gonna help y/n in anyway I can but you and Brandi are on your own dude!”

Dylan rammed his shoulder into Eric’s as he slouched away.

“Dylan wait!”
“I’m like 99.9% positive I always wrapped up with Brandi.”
“That still a .1% chance dude”
“I’m serious! I don’t…I don’t think she is! And if she is I’m pretty sure it ain’t mine dude!”

Dylan paused before turning back to Eric. His eyes cold and hard as he glared at his friend. Eric swallowed hard before sitting into the ground again. Burying his head in between his knees and shaking. As much as Dylan wanted to kick his ass he knew that Eric was terrified. It was bad enough that he’d knocked up y/n but now dealing with the potential that he’d done it to Brandi must of been agony.

“So what your saying it Brandi is lying about it being yours or being pregnant at all”
“Sounds pretty extreme thing to lie about though man”
“She’s fucking crazy Dylan! You’ve seen some of the shit she’s been trying with me!”
“…..that’s very true”

Dylan crouched Down next to Eric and out his hand on his shoulder. He told him that he’d help him figure this shit out. And if Brandi was lying he knew just the way to find out.
It was no secret to Anyone that Brandi like to hang out in the gymnasium but many people didn’t know was he like to hide out and skip classes in the auditorium. Dylan only knew this due to his work in the sound booth for the school productions or for student commitments. He was constantly getting dragged out of class to fix something or get music working. Here is where he thought they could hatch a plan to catch her out.


That whole lesson you nervously drummed your fingers on your desk. So much so you got yelled at for it. Your breathed a sigh of relief as the bell rang. You headed for a quick snack in the cafeteria, as you waited in line you heard Brandis shrill voice yelling loudly.

“Attention everyone!! Just thought I’d offer my congrats to y/n! You’ll all be so happy to know that she’s pregnant!! WITH MY MANS FUCKING BABY!! SHES A FUCKING SLUT!”

You froze yet again as you watched every pair of eyes turn to you. Looks of disgust, horror, humour painted across their faces. Calls of skank, idiot, loser, home wrecker ect filtered towards to. Two could play this game you thought angrily.


You stormed back out of the cafeteria, your face ablaze as the uproar began, those same voices now turned towards Brandi. Twice as much hatred and loathing emanating from them as she weakly protested against them. Something did catch your eye as you left tho. One of the jocks. Michael hardy’s face went white as snow. He was tugging at Brandi’s arm and muttering something. Fuck them! Fuck this school! Fuck everything and everyone!


Eric and Dylan hid quietly in the sound booth. Dylan assured Eric that Brandi ALWAYS skipped her 5th hour on Tuesdays.
They both went deathly silent as they heard the creak of the auditoriums door opening. Two hushed voices arguing with each other.

“Let me go Michael!”
“Is it true?! Are you pregnant Brandi?!”
“Well who’s is it? Mine or his?!”
“Tell me!!”
“It’s yours ok Michael! But I don’t want you! I want to be with Eric! It’s easier this way trust me.”
“How can you say that! That my baby not his!”
“I don’t care Michael! I told you! It was only sex with us!”
“Not to me! Anyways…word is that’s exactly what you were to him…just a quick fuck. Nothing more.”

Eric and Dylan looked at each other and grimaced. So she was pregnant, but it wasn’t to Eric. Eric had to try his damnedest not to yell out in happiness. Dylan nodded his head back towards Brandi and Michael, signalling to keep listening.

“He’s just confused Michael! Y/n has him all kinds of fucked up! He knows deep down he wants me and only me!”
“Are you even listening to yourself Brandi?! Your willing to cast me aside, YOUR BABYS ACTUAL FATHER for someone who wants nothing to do with you! Your willing to destroy his happiness with y/n because your jealous!”
“I love him Michael!”
“No you fucking don’t! You just want to hurt y/n! Don’t fucking lie to me and say your not!”
“……she deserves it. Little miss fucking perfect! She acts like a fucking guy yet you all drool over her!”
“Ever stopped to realise that I’m like that with you?! Or does that not matter!”

Eric shook his head, he’d heard enough. He stood quickly and slammed open the booth’s door. Making both Brandi and Michael jump. He glared at Brandi as he walked over.
Ignoring brandi’s pleas that she was lying, that it really was HIS baby he turned to Michael and extended his hand. Michael shook is gently, a look of pure confusion on his face.

“Good luck man, your gonna need it”
“Um…you too Eric. Congratulations by the way…”
“I could say the same to you too dude.”

He turned finally and glared at Brandi, he looked her up and down.

“As for you Brandi…stay the fuck away from me and y/n or you’ll live to regret the day we ever fucking met…”

He turned on his heel and left her pleading for him to stay. He felt bad for poor Michael. The dude clearly felt something for the stupid bitch and she was too consumed with her own obsession with himself and now y/n to even see it.

Human Sunbeam. She must be protected. At ALL costs!

Yvonne Strahovski attends the Premiere Of Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on April 25, 2017 in Hollywood, California.


GOD BLESS SARA GOODMAN, i loooved damsels, i’ll have to rewatch it soon but cass immediately choosing to go with tulip/look out for her was So Good. also him asserting himself as more than the idiot sidekick, and the way he asks if tulip wants company when she leaves at the end aaaaahhh. also tulip like..lowkey trying to tell jesse whats going on but never getting it out killed me and cass respecting that even if he disagrees AND im really happy they showed what really happened between eugene and tracy that was so heartbreakingly sad wtf :(

YES she knows what we’re about!!! Monster Swamp was my favorite for all the reasons I discussed in my recent podcast about it - it encapsulates the existential horror and fundamental injustice of Annville as an entity ruled by white patriarchy and really lays out the mechanisms by which it operates, it gives us our first Julip flashback and great insight into Jesse’s morality in the Jesse/Quincannon Alamo scene, and ofc Tulip and Cassidy have the best meet-cute/meet-gross I’ve ever seen. 

Damsels is very interesting - I’m still picking it apart but the theme of the foibles of thinking of yourself as a hero in search of a reward/validation run through it - we see that in the scene with Eugene and Tracey which devolves into absurd tragedy and in the scene with Jesse and Featherstone where she plays him by preying on his need for validation (especially re: his mission to find God) and his weakness for playing the hero and the gentleman for those he considers vulnerable. And then there’s Tulip who is also no traditional damsel and despite the fact that she’s in distress won’t accept help from anyone, though she ultimately relents and tells Cassidy what’s going on. It’s hard for me to analyze her reticence much without knowing what exactly it is she did to incur Viktor’s wrath, but according to Ruth the reason she has trouble telling Jesse is bc she’s afraid he’ll shame her for it - we saw how awful he can be about that in s1 ep8 “He Gone.” She comes close to telling him and Jesse does reach out to her but Tulip isn’t able to trust him with whatever it is she’s afraid of sharing - though she does ultimately tell Cassidy. 

I’m confused about the scene at the end - did she go out to get caught on purpose? It’s hard to tell, but whatever the reason she certainly accepts her fate at the end there (also I love how Viktor sent like 12 people after her - they know how resourceful she is!). From previews I think it’s clear she goes a long way towards getting herself out of the situation (and fights that one Vinny Vega-looking guy), and I kind of wonder if Jesse uses Genesis on Cassidy to get him to tell him where Tulip might be (accidentally bc he’s freaked out or on purpose bc who could blame him, and also Cassidy may just tell him himself) and then they go to help her but she’s already on her way out and possibly then the SoK shows up and shoots everyone lol….and later we get that scene of Tulip punching Cassidy for telling Jesse probably - they seem to be dressed in their clothes from that episode (Tulip’s incognito hoodie outfit and Cassidy in his yellow polo). Poor boy - just trying to protect and help everyone as best he can. :( Obviously he and Tulip will work it out though - I think in the next few episodes we’ll probably get that blood bag scene and we’ll lose our shit lol

It was great to see Cassidy asserting his usefulness to the group (like he did last episode with Jesse) and his right to know what was going on as he’s been made party to all these secrets. It’s easier to keep Tulip’s secrets than it is to tell Jesse about them bc telling Jesse would hurt both Tulip and Jesse whereas just keeping the secrets leaves Jesse blissfully unaware so at least one party doesn’t know how they’re being harmed by the secret. But on top of all that, it’s clear he has Tulip’s back and cares deeply about her - when she leaves bc of her “sharp, grabby feeling” he wants to make sure she’s ok because he knows in that moment that emotionally, she needs his company more than Jesse does, but he also reassures her that it’s best to tell Jesse because he loves her and he might respond positively to hearing about her “troubles” - to which Tulip replies that doing so would only make things worse. And there’s the way he knows what’s going on with her emotionally because of personal experience - you can tell that in particular when he says “you’re afraid of someone” with such heartfelt sympathy. 

oh man this episode was SO MUCH. I’ll have to include all of this in my review (working on the episode 1 review rn). btw did you listen to my podcast on the first two episodes? how did you like it?

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I was listening to Prom Queen by Molly Kate Kestner and it lowkey made me think about Stella

oh my god this is def Stella’s theme!! 

I don’t know but it feel so applied to BHS!Stella?? But like, maybe, minus the part in the lyrics about ‘playgirl, look at the future’ part (or maybe this is how she thinks she might ended up BUT OOPS SHE GET GAY AND HAD TWO WIVES AND LIVE IN A SMALL COMFY HOUS—Okay yEAH)

but also

And she lives her dreams through the magazines
And her daddy’s gone and she needs someone
And she’s got the looks and the boys on hooks
But she’ll trade it all for a heart that’s whole


Phrases I've heard from the signs:
  • Aries: i just wanna go to a fancy restaurant and eat a chimichanga
  • Taurus: those MUST be cookies...if not, let it be steak
  • Gemini: you've gotta be remotely kidding me.
  • Cancer: u whot m8
  • Leo: BYE FELICIA (every time someone leaves)
  • Virgo: that's idiotic af... yay for idiocy?
  • Libra: hello im a saint my class calls me patron of technology
  • Scorpio: yuppers! wait did i just say yuppers
  • Sagittarius: i was so happy that i bought an ice cream sandwich
  • Capricorn: thats amazing and i dont care
  • Aquarius: hA ya mum (shortens to ya um)
  • Pisces: The kitten was so small that it looked like a puppy!