im so happy i just wish i could hug you right now



i’m so happy right now ;-;
i never thought i will reach 800 ;v;
oh geee just thank you all of you //hugs ♡

Okay soo~ I’ve been planning to do my 1st follow foreverfor quite a long time. I hit a certain amount of followers some time ago (the number isn’t too big, but enough for me ♥) and today (more like yesterday by now) is my birthday so why not make a follow forever now? ^^

I just want to thank all of you who fill my dashboard with awesome and pretty stuff (unfortunately crap too..). And all you wonderful people who’ve had the courage to be friends with me (a pabo) and actually talk with me, thank you so much haha! I also want to thank all of you who reblog and like my edits, it means a lot! Thanks to everyone who sends me cute asks and messages now and then, you really do brighten up my day everytime, thank you. ♥ I love you all so much and you make my tumblr experience the best ever! ♥ I just wish I could meet all of you one day! /hugs/

bolded = mutuals/friends/follows back (cos everyone who follows back is a friend)
italics = extra (cos everyone is special)special people/people who I talk with
* = hover for a small message

Let’s get started!

A-D ☼

49daysinthesecretgarden | a-egyo | aips * | baekwunsbangtankitties * | barkhyvns * | bbombbemyexobyunbaeby * | chabar0chahaknchandobidaenso * | derpingwithexo *

E-J ☼

ecstasyixing | enajyerbuaeuro2azn501everything-about-kpop * | exoclusivee | exolent-kyungsoo * | fartooawesome * | geuridda | gintori * | giyeuk | heonhi | hintofparadise | hokkaiiido | ilovehopanda | imochaan | incendir | jagiya-oppa * | jongincurable *

K-O ☼

kmexoplanet | korkyn | krisinsanity | kristergram | krisyeol | kwonfeels | littlehopelessme * | ljoesangellovertronic * | michi-gd | mint-hint * | misajocket | normal-is-boring-69 | ohfreakingsehuns | oneirotopia | oppa-is-victory * | overdoseu

P-Z ☼

seouliix| shinylightblue * | sodonewithexo * | soulli * | stilinskeyy * | strawberiily | sujumbgguk * | tabi-dreamer | tabiisprecioustaohuneylemontea | vixxmeen * | wuxiian | yifan-has-a-gun *

I’m 110% sure I forgot someone! If I forgot you, just send me a message and scold me for being such a bad person.

Thank you once again to everyone for making my dashboard amazing! ♥ And also thanks to all my followers, you’re amazing. Always when you guys reblog something from me, it makes me really happy! ^^ If you want to check out all the amazing people I follow, you find them in my blogroll.

Haha omg I just noticed a spelling mistake in the graphic/header (idk).. damn.. *alatarielinthecranberrywoods'