im so happy i caught this moment

I was dying Easter eggs today and I stamped the word ‘TARDIS’ on one because it had a crack (like Amelia Pond’s bedroom) on it. I wanted to get a picture of it and I decided to take one with Doctor Who in the background. I waited for the commercials to be over and tried getting a good shot, but none of them were good. Finally, I saw that the Doctor, Rory, and Brian were on and tried to get a good picture. And this is the result!

Happy (early) Easter!!:)

lilmissziva asked:

Bones, for the fandom ask game.

favorite male character: Lance “ cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure Sweets. Like how can you hate on this adorable little guy?

favorite female character: The Lovely Temperance Brennen possibly because I’m like her in many ways lol

least favorite character: ugh i hate to say this but if it had to be anyone it would have to be Cam. 

favorite ship: BoothXBones shall always have a place in my heart

favorite friendship: Angela and Brennan 

 favorite quote: This beautiful gem:

worst character death (if any): I haven’t gotten caught up to season ten even though I’ve heard spoilers that might change this part up but i guess the saddest so far would have to be of Vincent Nigel Murray. Im shall continue to miss his random information.

this made me so happy you have no idea moment: when the squinterns all worked together to solve the death of the homeless veteran in “ The Patriot in Purgatory” All the emotions that were shown made it such a beautiful episode. Especially when Brennan said she was’t proud of not shedding any tears while digging up the victims’ remains.
saddest moment: When Bones and Hodgins almost died in the buried car in “ Aliens in a Spaceship” I literally lost my shit when they ran out of oxygen
favorite location: the lab no doubt i mean its so badass it even has a king!

i hung out with straight people yesterday and for the most part it was really lovely and i was like what wait maybe i need more straight people friends (obviously i was caught up in the moment…)

like all of them were so happy and carefree and gender and queer theory and activism and sj and stuff like that didnt come up at all

it was so nice to be free from that for a bit and idk these people didnt say anything problematic it just didnt come up

and like they were so relaxed bc they didnt have to hide their gender or sexuality or anything like that 

and it felt a bit like a vacation for me- i love my friends and im so grateful for all of them but it was amazing to just have fun without any serious conversations happening like sometimes i just feel like there’s no off button when im with them

and i mean i guess there shouldnt be because racism and transphobia and homophobia and everything else like that are constant

but yesterday felt like self care 

indelible-wishes asked:

Its good youre respecting it but you being hurt is reasonable Its natural to feel sad and it sucks I dont know what else to say but im sorry. You deserve t do things for you, small things tht make you happy Watch your fav movie or something like that

I can’t think of what to watch.

I can’t do a new save for some of my favorite games because I don’t think they have cloud storage so I’d end up having to restart when I move into my new place next week.

And the show that makes me the happiest; I’m all caught up on. Steven Universe doesn’t have any new episodes at the moment.