im so happy for you johnny!

Southside Royalty

For @jugandbettsdetectiveagency , I saw you were back and I’m so happy you’re feeling better because I really missed you and your blog. As a come back gift here’s a parents/kids parallels including Forsythe Pendleton Jones I and Granny Cooper :) (OMG johnny depp, skeet and cole look the same im shooketh)

Ten’s Smile Appreciation Post

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  Hi if you know me personally you know I love Ten more than anything he is my sweet baby and he means the world to me hhhh. I have a bunch of requests AND I”M DOING THEM AS FAST AS I CAN, but I felt the need to post something about my sweet angel so here ~~

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try and lie to me and say you don’t want to hug this sweet sweet baby

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his pretty smile his pretty eyes his pretty earrings dont get me started on how boyfriend he looks in hats lorrrrrrrrrd

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listen to me: we don’t deserve him in the slightest

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his smile is so genuine, he is so wonderful and kind i lovvvve him so mucccchh

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if i could witness this sweet giggle irl i would be good for life tbh

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his side profile is so beautiful my favorite sight in the entire world and his pretty earrings again i love this boy

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sweet baby honey baby angel baby fluffy baby

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he is literally so effortlessly beautiful he doesn’t even have to do anything and i will hype him up so hard LOOK AT HIS PRETTY LIPS AND TEETH AND CHEEKS AND EYES

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he is so sweet i am so in love with him i will never not be in love with him ok u know u agree dont call me crazy

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uhm i am trying to be soft right now pls stop pls i cant handle this right now i  did not ask for this hold pls i am transferring your call

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he is so radiant and bright and positive dont you just love the sun

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fluffy pretty sweet amazing thai prince i love so much

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hello i cant take much more look how happy and silly and cute and smiley and beautiful he is UGH THAT WAS SO SOFT IM GONNA PUKE you have all seen my weak spot now and my softest point in history

NCT 127: lazy days


  • These days aren’t really spent in bed
  • Most likely will wake you up by burying his face in your neck or chest
  • “It’s my first day off in months, pls wake up and do something fun w me y/n”
  • Wails if you refuse but I mean who’s gonna refuse
  • Walking around the city
  • Trying out ice cream from every parlor and cafe yall find interesting
  • Holding hands and being affectionate and just not caring
  • His arm will be wrapped around your shoulder until you’ve both walked back to the apartment


  • Stays silent as he first wakes you up and just kinda lets his fingers slide over your smooth skin as you lie in bed
  • Quietly whispers in your ear and asks what you’d like for breakfast
  • Yall would spend hours making cool shapes out of pancakes and failing ummm
  • Tells you to dress up so yall could take selfies in the mirror lmao
  • Not really going outside unless you wanted to go out for lunch
  • A huge plus if it’s raining bc he’d sit and hold you forever without saying a word
  • Just wants to chitchat and talk about life and worries and dreams
  • Smiles softly at everything you say


  • A hazy and loving look in his eyes as soon as he wakes up and sees you
  • “I have today off, watcha wanna do?”
  • Already clinging on to your warm body and not letting go so you don’t even have to answer
  • Probably makes popcorn for breakfast idek
  • “Let’s watch this new movie that came out” *pulls you into his lap and puts the popcorn on your lap*
  • Wants to kiss you every 5 seconds
  • Puts on music and dances in the living room w you
  • Stays in his pajamas all day and just cuddles cuddles cuddles :’)


  • Doesn’t even wanna get out of bed so good luck tryna haul him out
  • Is even more greasy than usual and whispers everything into your ear all seductively
  • “Let’s go back to the bed, y/n, please…..”
  • Grabs onto your waist and follows you around as you both do some daily chores
  • Suggests going on a picnic and packs lots of yummy food for you
  • Insists on feeding you and moans every time you feed him something lmao s t o p
  • Plays footsies w you even when you’re both just sitting on the couch
  • It’s never really a lazy day when it comes to yuta tbfh


  • Wants to be productive and do something but he honestly can’t w you giving him the bedroom eyes all day
  • “I could get used to having days off, but you’re seriously torturing me here”
  • “Well you never get days off ;(”
  • Orders in food bc what’s the point of leaving and going outside
  • More clingy than usual and he’s playing w your hair and stroking his fingers up and down your neck etc etc etc
  • Gets really immersed in watching tv shows and movies w you
  • Ignores his phone for the whole day
  • Lights candles when it gets too dark instead of actually turning on the lights lmao “set the mood”


  • Probably just wants to cook you a warm meal and chill together for once
  • Hates leaving your side and will text you even when you’re in the bathroom
  • Makes fun of your dorky pyjamas and unmatched socks but his are even dorkier
  • Tricks you into playing video games and he’ll always let you win so you could give him a kiss
  • But literally whatever you wanted to do, he’s down
  • Takes lots of candid pictures of you agdhjlggldksn
  • Does aegyo for you………..willingly (?)
  • Lots of talking and messing around and tickling each other 


  • Aw legit the cutest domestic relationship ever 
  • It’s always a lazy day w/ him………or at least it feels like it bc you’d always feel comfortable around him
  • Wants to do lots of cheesy stuff that couples do and make memories 
  • Will drag you out and makeout w/ you in the rain if the weather was bad lmaooo
  • Suggests cooking something together but gives up like halfway through bc he’d want to just cuddle eventually 
  • Lays his head on your chest and starts talking 
  • Super lovey dovey during these days and he’d say ‘i love you’ more times than you can count 
  • Movies playing silently in the background while you two stare lovingly at each other for what seems like forever 


  • Keeps asking what you wanna do bc he’ll literally just follow you everywhere
  • “Why don’t we just order some food and chill and watch movies?”
  • “Bc it’s boring n we always do that ???? Come on y/n let’s go feed some ducks at the park
  • Ends up throwing the seeds at you *queue food fight*
  • Yall end up going to the movies anyway
  • Smiles and blushes so much when you yawn and lean your head on his shoulder
  • Feeds you popcorn
  • Continues blushing as you hold hands when going back home 


  • Never wants to stay indoors and always has something up his sleeve smfh
  • From arcades, to the ice cream shops, to the movies…………it’s always lit w/ him
  • Is still a tease as always 
  • Can’t hide his smile when you ask him about his work and music
  • Bc he cares so much about you and it makes him happy that you care enough to ask :’)
  • Poses every time you take out your phone 
  • "Im literally just texting my mom relax”
  • *throws an arm around you and sniffs your hair* “so, where to next?”

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can you do a hc about ponyboy graduating high school?




-he was rly worried about getting the robe because of the Curtis’s money situation

-but Darry told him not to worry about it

-Darry worked so much just to get Pony his graduation gown and hat

-he never told Pony that he worked so long to get the money for this

-sometimes the best things remain a secret

-the day of the graduation he is really nervous

-his biggest fear is that he will trip and fall on the stage

-when he gets there, he goes and lines up behind some soc

-this boy looked so nice no one realized he was a greaser

-he was proud™

-the whole gang goes to graduation

-they all are ready to scream when Pony walks on stage

-Steve is secretly proud of pony (aweee)

-Darry is giving the gang a speech on how they don’t need to make a big scene

-they didn’t listen

-the principal called pony’s name and the gang stood up, jumped, and rang a cowbell two bit found under his bed

-pony legit didn’t care he was so happy

-Darry was emotional™

-soda was screaming “THATS MY BROTHERRR”

-Johnny stood up and clapped (my child so smol)

-Steve yelled so loud im surprised it didn’t break windows

-dally was just like “you go, man.”

-two bit was ringing that cow bell like a champ

-after the ceremony Pony found the gang and tHERE WAS SUCH A BIG GROUP HUG I CAN SEE IT

-Pony cried so much out of happiness.


A/N: bless your soul for requesting this. i loved writing this so much. hope you’re having a lovely day! thanks for requesting!!


hoooooo thanks for 1000+!!! im so happy so many people enjoy my silly little doodles ;;

Boyfriend Taeyong

this is for you @freakydeakytaeyonq HAHA

  • this is going to be very fluffy because taeyong’s so soft omg
  • who can resist this guy though seriously
  • he was my first bias and im so happy and proud of him okay let’s start
  • you probably met him through another member
  • probably johnny because he’d be the first one to notice how nervous you get whenever you look at taeyong
  • and being the asshole he is, he’d purposely set both of you up
  • he’ll invite both of you for dinner but back out at the last minute so it’s only left with the both of you
  • and you’d be very nervous and awkward and think that taeyong didn’t like you because of his very cold expression
  • but who knew this guy was trying to keep his cool and not blush because he was as equally nervous as you
  • but after some time though , he’d slowly open up .
  • he’d ask you questions and try to keep the conversation going
  • he’d make you feel more comfortable by smiling at every word you say and listening attentively
  • and being the gentleman he is , he’d offer to walk you home and pay for your meal
  • and just like that both of you clicked and hung out more often
  • after some time it was obvious that both of you liked each other but didn’t dare to confess
  • until johnny and ten dragged him to your place because they couldn’t stand the awkwardness between both of you anymore
  • “ I…I-uh have feelings for you ”
  • “ Gdi taeyong you can do better than that ”
  • “ i agree with johnny hyung ”
  • and you’d stare at them in awe because you didn’t know what to say or do
  • “ ilikeyouwouldyoubemygirlfriend ”
  • then johnny and ten would facepalm
  • but you’d laugh and pull him into a hug while saying yes
  • probably lots of lazy hugs and late night deep conversations
  • he’d wake you up with a big smile and a warm hug every morning without fail because it gives him enough energy to sustain for the day .
  • when he gets too emotional during the talks though , he’ll cry and tear up
  • and your heart will soften because it’s just too pure
  • he’d hold your hand tightly for support
  • and he’ll hug you tightly while crying on your shoulder and you’d be patting him on the back ensuring that everything will be okay
  • be prepared for homecooked meals 24/7
  • he’d pack lunch for you everyday , with different menus and recipes
  • and you’d be so fascinated by his cooking skills and abilities like how ??
  • when you volunteer to help him cook though ,
  • he’d be watching over you every minute and make sure you’re not hurt by the knifes and tools
  • “ Tae.. it’s only a pair of scissors i need it to cut open the package ? ”
  • while he rushes over to snatch the scissors and packet away from your hands
  • and you’d give up because he wouldn’t let you touch anything because he’s afraid it may hurt you
  • so you’d frown and pout with your arms resting on the counter staring at his back cooking
  • after a while he’d notice and you’d see his expression change
  • because he thought you were really pissed
  • but you’d give him an assuring smile and he’ll quickly run over to you to give you a small peck on your cheeks then running back to cook
  • on days when you feel very lazy and want to have breakfast in bed , you’d try your best to persuade him but he’d be persistent and say no
  • “ please babe , im lazy to get up , just let me eat on the bed ? ”
  • “ No do you know how unhygienic it may get , all the fallen pieces of food - omg no baby ”
  • “ Pleaseeee ”
  • “ climb on my back i’d carry you out since you’re lazy ”
  • and you cant doing anything because febreeze taeyong has the say in everything
  • he’d probably be the very supportive boyfriend , encouraging and cheering you on whenever you had activities
  • when you’re sad though , softie and cuddly taeyong would appear
  • he’d try to make you smile while joking with you but when he saw it wasn’t working ,
  • he’d get all serious and talk to you about your problems , giving you good and honest advice
  • when you’re out and someone else gets too close or tries to flirt with you he’d get all manly and cold , firmly putting his hands on your waist and purposefully saying “ Let’s go now BABE ”
  • he’d most probably glare at the person
  • until you told him it’s okay , his expression would soften and he’ll become all warm again , smiling at you
  • he’d treat you like a princess on dates
  • okay maybe everywhere anywhere not only on dates
  • he’ll plan dates according to all your likings and favourites
  • and he always looked forward to seeing you smile brightly when you were contented with his plans
  • if couple fights do occur though , taeyong would apologise right after he calmed down and try comforting you
  • and of course you seeing him so broken tore your heart apart too so you forgive him , sobbing in each others’ arms
  • he wouldn’t be afraid to show everyone the relationship you guys had ,
  • and he’d be open with skinship
  • lots of kisses and hugs
  • from random pecks on the lips when you’re about to sleep ,
  • to him kissing you passionately after a long and tiring day of work
  • yall would probably be the parents of the younger members
  • to the point where jisung accidentally called you ’ umma ’ instead of ’ noona ’ once
  • because you’re always helping them with their school work ,
  • giving them advice ,
  • making sure their well fed
  • and making sure they have enough sleep
  • at the end of every day taeyong would thank you because he’s grateful for your existence
  • and you’d blush because even after so many months he still gave you that fuzzy feeling ,
  • the same one you felt when he was nothing more than a crush
  • and you love lee taeyong so much you want to protect him with all your heart
  • i’m dead after writing this
  • why am i blushing
  • hope yall liked it !!

Things I’m thankful for

TenTennyTen remaining my bias for the whole long ass rideLong ass ride“I wanna have xxx with you, love you fatass”
ten being gaythe 7th sense being such a lit debut songnct lifeNCT being treated well by SMpeople stanning nctmeeting other nct fans all my og predebut friendsnct being so fricking cutelegit everything nct has ever doneTEN
  • NCT: Hello everyone welcome to the "limitless" slumber party! Today we're gonna talk about some things
  • Johnny: So i just came here for nothing?
  • Ten: You're happy that you finally debut right?
  • Johnny: Yeah after 8 years
  • Jaehyun: Remember that i live in America for 4 years man
  • Mark: Jaehyun we talked about this we're the foreign swaggers remember?
  • Johnny: Oh so you guys leaving me out? xD
  • Mark: No johnny ofc not remember we are the foreign swaggers
  • Mark: you are but you're not from a country thats doesn't have a language called english
  • Mark: Alright speak it
  • Taeyong: *Ahem* "Strong power thank you"
  • Mark: yeah you need to work really hard on your english
  • Taeyong: you guys just dont appreciate my english skills
  • Mark: okay can you do this *Raps a part from mad city*
  • Taeyong: .....*What is this conspiracy*
  • NCT: ..............*What is this conspiracy x2*
The hellhole full of idiots that is tumblr

That moment when you accidentally come upon new FBAWTFT stuff and after months and months of misery are genuinely happy because look at Johnny Depp who looks fantastic as Grindelwald and WHO SEEMS TO BE THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THIS MOVIE OMFG I CANT BELIEVE IT IM SO HAPPY…and then you go to share your happiness on tumblr and just come across bunch of assholes who are trying to ruin everything good in your life….
I just wish that these teenagers (I bet most of you are teenagers or extremely ignorant adults) would take their heads out of their arses…. For someone who grew up watching Johnny Depp who is one of the best actors to ever exist …him being a part (and such a huge part at that) of Harry Potter universe is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Also as someone who is an actual adult with enough brain power to more or less not get swept up by media bullshit I can honestly say that I’m absolutely …I don’t even know what word to use…. Weinstein and Spacey are one thing…mr. Depp is another - Spacey as far as I know said that those allegations were true so there’s nothing more to say since he confessed ..that’s why his career is basically going down the drain right now… On the other hand mr. Depp was not guilty was never found guilty even the police officers who were there said this and there was so much evidence even HARD FREAKIN EVIDENCE of his innocence but now….it’s so “in” on tumblr to be a feminist and to “show all these white privileged men their place” that they keep saying that 2+2 ain’t 4 ….. So if you are so dumb to not see what’s right in front of you you might as well be dumb enough not to know how to freakin write some hateful shit…. And btw so many of you seem to think that Depp’s acting will suck…as if he is not one of the best actors on this planet…and y'all think that he will be a bad grindelwald…as far as I can see his exactly what I wanted grindelwald to be and even more and that from several seconds that we saw in the first movie so I don’t even know where y'all are coming from saying he’s bad as grindelwald y'all haven’t even seen him…and why are y'all forgetting that we are talking about more than half a century old man ( :D ) with acting experience bigger than the amount of breaths y'all have taken your whole lives….
For Christi sake I already forgot what I even started to write this for….. Anyway haters fuck of and don’t ruin this spectacular experience for me and many others…. We should just make a teenage side of tumblr….thank god tumblr didn’t exist when I was a kid I might have killed someone for ruining my childhood like this…you kids are horrible…and dumb too…. If you have such a strong opinion about abusers instead of using all your energy in putting your hate on this site go and look up some fact and stop accusing innocent men and even worse - STOP MAKING HORRIBLE ABUSIVE WOMEN INTO IDOLS !!!!
I swear to God as an abuse victim myself if I Ever see one more post proclaimin Amber Heard as a victim and Johnny Depp as an abuser I will go mental… I can’t believe I have to go with my friend to all the DC movies and see that abusive two faced human trash on the big screen ….
Anyway….all the Johnny Depp haters fuck off and let me enjoy the magic that is Depp + anything Harry Potter related . Peace out

[TRANS] 170706 NCT 127 First Anniversary, Winwin’s Rolling Paper


Ni Hao, Dong Saseong*. I heard you’re really bad at playing games, you should practice a little. You’re just so cute. I think you’ve adjusted to living in Korea well, and have gotten closer with the members, too. Dong Saseong, I love you.

*Dong Saseong is Winwin’s Korean name! Just like how Yuta becomes Youtai in Chinese, or Haechan becomes Kaicheng

Winwin is the person in our team who always receives the most love and who the members take care of the most. You’re curious about the reason why, aren’t you? There are many reasons, but I adore you so much because you are kind, and have such a pure and sincere heart. Winwin has a handsome and cool face, but your heart is seriously so beautiful. Hyung really adores you.

The real maknae of NCT~ but also the smartest and most desirable genius! These days I know it’s been hard, but for always trying your best and doing so good, I am so proud of you. Let’s do well together until the very end. I love you.

I love you, I love you so much. Wo Ai Ni. (I love you in Chinese)

Winwin-ah, even though hyung always nags and annoys you, you know I say it because I’m worried about you and I love you, right? As long as you know this, it’s good. Let’s be happy always.

Ni Hao. Sometimes I’ll think to myself, aren’t you just nine years old? It confuses me, but even still I love every side and everything about you. Let’s have strength. I will forever be your Pengyou (friend in Chinese).

Gege*, bro! Gege always brings us lots of smiles and happiness. I like it so much. Hyung might not know but from watching you, I feel like I can learn so much. Let’s always work hard together!

*Gege is older brother but in Chinese

Wo shi didi (I am the younger brother in Chinese)~ Our WingChicken who is always the most loved, you are a hyung who gives me energy and strength. Even if we are apart for only a short while, I miss you. You are just too cute, so seeing you reading a book or speaking in Chinese so fluently feels a bit awkward. But I know you’re actually the smartest~ Also, you seriously suck at playing games.


Eldest brother Taeil, Ni Hao. For always being so reliable and helping all of us, I’m so, so thankful. I love you!

*HEY JOHNY! You are a tall, manly, and reliable hyung. When I don’t understand something, you’ll always explain it to me. Sometimes you even do it in Chinese! You’re always thinking about and caring for the other members, too. For doing all of this, I am always thankful to you. Jiayou! I love you.

*wrote HEY JOHNY in English, spelled Johnny’s name wrong

Our leader, the most handsome leader! For giving me so much support/always cheering me on, I’m always thankful. If hyung is not here, I don’t know what I would do. I love you, hyung, I love you.

Yuta hyung! You are the most fun, the most handsome, and also the cutest. You help me so much with dancing and always make the atmosphere fun for the team. I will also help you and cheer you on a lot, so in the future, too, let’s keep on going together. I love you, Na Yuta.

Our smart Doyoung! You always take care of me and buy me lots of meals. But don’t push yourself too hard, you have to live everyday being happy. I love you. Now and in the future, too, I will try to help you lots!

Eat lots of food, and don’t be sick. Don’t do too many difficult things, always be happy. I love you.

Don’t work too hard, remember to eat. You can’t get sick, okay? Fighting! I love you.

Our cute Haechan! You are becoming even cooler and more handsome~ I love you!

kor fanaccs by @winwiningg & @nct_victory
eng trans by me! 
please take out with credit💕


really really quick posts that i made just to show you guys that im back for the time being and that im also working on finishing the requests in my ask box and so on and so forth !!! that being said!!! i made some moderations and I’m happy to say that NCT and all it’s sub units have been added to the family !! Yay!!! so if u have any requests for exo or nct, feel free to send them……now !

Father Johnny

Request: youve done boyfriend!johnny & husband!johnny now get ready for, daddy!johnny (dADDY AS IN FATHER NOT THE KINK)

A/N: this got me emo and this is so long im - i hope you enjoy reading this ;-;

  • this is my first time writing this so im sorry if it’s real bad
  • smdmdm thank you so much reading my boyfriend & husband! johnny
  • he’s gonna be a father here im-
  • ;-;
  • okay let’s go

  • so you and johnny hadn’t really planned on having a child or thought about it seriously yet

  • but y'all still did it anyway without protection becayse y'all didn’t see the need to
  • and both of you thought there was only a small risk of you getting pregnant
  • until one day you woke up feeling nauseous and you threw up right on the bed
  • and for some reason your head was hurting really bad
  • worried johnny rushed into the room immediately after he heard your coughs,
  • and his shocked expression, looking at the mess you made almost left you in tears
  • but he still cleaned it up and asked you to rest on the couch, while he poured a warm glass of water to you
  • another wave hit you and you were sent to the bathroom, your head above the toilet bowl and vomiting once again
  • johnny’s arms was wrapped around yours tightly and you just fell on his chest, the nausea still there
  • “babe do you want to go to the doctor’s”
  • “no it’s okay, i’ll be fine soon”
  • “are you sure? i can drive you there right now”
  • “no it’s really okay”
  • “please rest well today, i’ll stay home with you”
  • it got better when afternoon came
  • and you thought you were feeling better already, so you assured johnny and asked him to go to work the next day
  • but then again, the first thing you did when you woke up was head to the bathroom, vomiting again
  • by this time johnny’s hair is in a mess, as he frantically thinks of how to help you and what to do
  • and you just sit on the floor hopelessly bawling your eyes out for no reason
  • blame the hormones
  • johnny’s cleaning you up again and assuring you that everything’s going to be fine
  • third morning and the same cycle happens again
  • but this time round you hide in the bathroom alone, and it hit you that you were two weeks late for your period
  • and for the past two weeks you had been having crazy moodswings
  • and you remembered how your small “make out session” with johnny turned into a whole night of making love™ just one month ago
  • you were certain that you were pregnant, but you didn’t want to have false hopes
  • and at the same time, give johnny a false alarm so you kept your thoughts to yourself
  • and your thoughts were interrupted by johnny’s knocking on the door
  • “babe please open the door, we need to go see a doctor right now”
  • “i can’t bear to see you suffer like this every morning”
  • “baby please, are you still vomiting? do you need me to come in?”
  • and when you open the door, you just hug and he softens, his hand playing with your hair
  • “i’ll just head to the nearest pharmacy to get some medicine later”
  • “let me do it”
  • and you got all flustered because you were planning on getting a kit on the way too
  • “no it’s okay, i’ll go myself”
  • “babe you need your rest”
  • “oh- i… let’s just call taeyong to get it for us, he’s supposed to visit today anyways right??”
  • “oh yeah, i’ll call him”
  • “let me do it!”
  • and when you call taeyong to ask him and tell him, he freaks out and you can almost hear him crying
  • “taeyong i need to confirm that so can you please keep this a secret for now”
  • “taeyong… so are you getting it for me or not”
  • “OH- UH- yes okay i will, be there in 5”
  • a moment later taeyong arrives and he manages to slip the kit into your hands
  • and he gives you the proudest & emotional smile ever
  • clueless johnny didn’t suspect anything -  next thing you know you’re in the bathroom again, the thin stick between your fingers, too afraid to look
  • so you take a deep breath and finally looks at it
  • and you scream so loudly when you see two lines, johnny comes running into the bathroom again
  • and he tears up instantly when he sees the kit
  • both of you are so happy y'all actually spend the rest of the day cuddling and probably crying
  • quoted from taeyong, “he’s so happy he called all of us instantly and this was the happiest he has ever been, congrats y/n”
  • skipping the pregnancy period because it’s gonna take super long so request if you want to read this part!
  • fast forward to nine months later,
  • you were just folding your laundry, listening to some classical music
  • johnny has his hands on your big bump, a proud and warm smile on his face
  • “aw she’s kicking”
  • “someone’s impatient”
  • but a sharp pain suddenly hits you and your expression falls
  • johnny instantly realises and he carries you bridal style into the car
  • the pain is so excruciating you’re already in tears
  • johnny has on hand on the steering wheel, the other is clenching your hand tightly
  • “hang in there baby”
  • “you can do this”
  • minutes seem like hours in the hospital and your contractions are only getting worst
  • doctor predicts that baby would be born in a few hours
  • johnny’s so nervous he barely even talks, his hand just holding onto yours
  • but when you catch eye contact with him, he gives you smile and leans down to give you a small peck on your lips
  • “everything will go fine”
  • two hours later everything’s done, and as soon the doctors bring baby Ella (don’t ask me idk smsmd) into the hospital room,
  • you and johnny tear up again as she has eyes and nose that resembles johnny’s
  • her lips form a small little pout as she moves slightly at your touch,
  • and johnny reaches out his finger towards her, her tiny hand wrapping around it
  • johnny leans down to peck her forehead and you see a smile you hadn’t seen on him before, and it melts your heart
  • okay but really clueless at first and has no idea what to do
  • always waits for your instructions and listens to what you ask him to do
  • “what do you need me to do?”
  • “babe go change her diaper”
  • “how many scoops do i put into this?”
  • “two is enough”
  • “babe do you think a pink or purple skirt would fit her today”
  • “hmm purple”
  • “okay hehe, my beautiful princess Ella”
  • the other members all come to visit once in a while and they all squeal over your baby girl and loves playing with her
  • and johnny always has that proud and fatherly look and smile on his face that simply says
  • “yes that’s my child”
  • becomes the softest person in front of your daughter
  • loves playing cook and role playing with her a lot
  • “daddy’s the king today, what does he need to do?”
  • “go kiss mommy the queen!!”
  • “okay my princess”
  • and he comes out to you and gives you the longest peck ever
  • his arms wrapped around your waist,
  • “i love you my queen”
  • and your child comes running up to the both of you, hugging both your legs and giggling
  • johnny picks her up with his long arms and gives her a small peck too
  • probably also buys her what she wants and won’t hesitate at all
  • a toy that costs more than 70bucks?
  • johnny wouldn’t even look at the price and just get it because it can make his daughter happy and that is what matters most to him
  • but you nagged at him for it, but his usual affection and cuddles made you forgive him
  • loves kisses from her!!
  • always giggles to himself and becomes a small child again when she pecks his cheek
  • haechan: “this is the only time i get to see hyung so giggly wow”
  • gives her a big and warm hug every morning
  • “good morning my princess, did you sleep well?”
  • “yes hehe”
  • “that’s great, let’s go wake mommy up now”
  • “she’s just as beautiful as you”
  • but as much as he shows affection to your child, he doesn’t forget to show it to you too
  • warm back hugs and long kisses every morning is his way of showing his never ending love for you
  • and he doesn’t forget to make breakfast for you every day

  • “don’t you think she’s just adorable? just like her mother”

  • “oh god, thank you for blessing me with two of the most beautiful angels in the world”
  • still the sweet husband he was before,
  • probably even sweeter now
  • and he puts both your priorities above his own all the time
  • loves bringing you both to small cafes and restaurants
  • but also loves spending quality time together at home, just cuddling together on the bed
  • but as soon as your daughter sleeps, he’d lean over and kiss you
  • “thank you for everything and i love you”

A birthday is a date on a calendar.
Its a day.
Just because Mark has turned 18, it does NOT make him a god of lust/sexual things.

He is a talented dancer, rapper, singer, an icon, a good leader to the Dream Ducklings™, and certainly one of the most hardworking people I know.

I’ve read a few Mark smuts before his birthday (and reported them), and I don’t think his birthday should change the fact that he shouldn’t be sexualized.

Write smut about him all you want, but please remember that even though he legally turned 18, he’s still a kid to the majority of us NCTzens.

Please remember that he is human.

Mark was absolutely fully capable of stealing my heart, and I don’t want to break it because of all the smut about him. I mean, you can write it, I’ll still support it since its pure fiction and I support fellow writers, but please don’t be really extreme.


Happy birthday Mark 💜💜

johnny’s hair is growing longer again !!! it’s gonna go WHOOSH again !!! on both sides of his head !!! instead !!! of !!! one !!! i’m excited !!!!!!!!!!!

Chenle with a chubby girlfriend

  • He treats you like an angel
  • He is the best boyfriend ever
  • Like he will probably fall in love eith you on the second date but would be too scared to say it for a while. Like months
  • When he does say it though it by accident
  • You were hanging out at the nct dorm and you walked into his room
  • “Baby come cuddle with mee”-chenle
  • You get into his bed and he wraps his arms around your tummy and buries his face in your neck
  • “God i love you and your cuddles”-chenle
  • He freezes but you dont hesitate to say it back
  • after you say it he probably doesnt leave your side until its time for you to go home
  • He walks you home
  • “You really wanna be dating that gir? She looks a little too big for you”- some idot whispered that in his ear as he was walking hand in hand with you
  • “Yes i do. I want to date absolutely gorgeous girl, you arent even worthy to be within 20 feet of her. Shut your mouth. She looks way better than any girl you could ever date. And NO she isnt too big for me. She is wonderful just the way she is. I love her that way. Quit being a shallow idiot”-chenle
  • Then chenle kisses you in front of the guy.
  • My heart💫💫💜💜
  • He finishes walking you home after that
  • “Thank you for defending me back there chenle”
  • “No problem babe. I love you. I will do anything for you”-chenle
  • You guys hug at your door step for like 20 minutes until you have to let go
  • He loves cuddling
  • They boys love how happy chenle is after he met you so they love you
  • Chenle gets jealous when he sees you talking to another guy
  • Then ignores
  • “Why dont you go talk to johnny. Looks like you were having a great time. Might as well be dating him”- cheele, in bed, buried in blackets
  • “Um ew. First of all he is like my 80 year old brother. Second of all IM DATING YOU and nothing will change that. Now stop being jealous and lets cuddle and watch movies”
  • “I HEARD THAT. I AM NOT 80 YEARS OLD”- johnny being nosy from the other side of the door
  • He doesnt let go of you for the rest of the day and makes you stay the night to watch movies
  • The boys agree only if the door is open because they are nasty

First Kiss- Johnny

Prompt- “Hellooo :) can you make a first kiss with Johnny??? I loved your mark one”

Johnny Seo 


YALL im so sorry i haven’t been writing i’ve been preparing for finals and it’s been kicking my ass but im finally writing lets go hoes 





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Johnny had texted you this morning to be ready by eight and that he was taking you to go see Christmas lights. You smiled at the text and got ready as fast as you could, he knew you loved Christmas lights. Right as the clock struck eight you heard a knock on your door and you rushed to open it. You smiled up at the tall man who looked just as happy as you. 

“You look wonderful,” His voice was quiet and his face adorned a soft smile. 

“Thank you,” Your cheeks felt hot at the complement. 

He grabbed your hand and tugged you through the door frame. He waited for you to lock the door before taking your hand again and dragging you down the hallway to the elevator. 

The elevator ride was quiet but not awkward, his large hand held your gently and your head rested on his shoulder. When the elevator dinged he, once again, tugged you into the lobby and then out onto the street. The cold air hit you hard and you shrunk further into your coat. The cold didn’t stop Johnny though, he had a mission and the mission was three blocks away. 

Neither of you talked, you just enjoyed each others presence, that was until you saw the lights in the distance and let out a soft gasp. Johnny looked back at you and let out a soft laugh. Your eyes were wide and the lights shined against your pupils. The wind brushed your hair back and you had somehow  managed to push your jacket up to your ears. You looked absolutely stunning. 

The rest of the walk was short and you let out a small squeal at the sight of the lights. You walked to a house that was covered from porch to roof in lights. You smiled at the blow ups of Santa and his reindeer. The lights were so bright you had to squint slightly. 

“Johnny look,” You tugged on his hand and pointed to a blow up at the side of the house, “The reindeers move.” Johnny looked at the large figure and smiled when he saw the reindeers took turns moving their heads up and down. 

You and Johnny moved slowly further into the neighborhood, at the end was the most lit up house. You two laughed and made conversation over the lights and when the next time you could see each other. You two had only been dating for about three months, but you had know each other since your teen years. He had asked you out on a date after seeing you again after many months. On your fourth date he asked you to be his girlfriend and now you two were stuck at the hip. Despite both of your bust schedules you two always made time for one another. 

The more and more you two made your way down the street the more Johnny got clingy. His hands were now wrapped around your waist and you two awkwardly waddled down the side walk, completely oblivious to the smiles and stares you were getting from the people around you. 

When you two made it to the last house you were in complete awe. The lights were draped around the entire house and around it. The bushes were covered and the lawn held every type of inflatable imaginable. The lights blinked and changed colors according to the Christmas song playing. You were so dazed by the house you almost didn’t notice Johnny turning you around until you were pushed against his chest and his lips were on yours. You completely melted into his arms and kissed him back. You had been kissed but nothing compared to this. 

After a few seconds he pulled away and smiled down at you. Your eyes were wide again and the fluorescent lights danced against your skin. His cold hands rested on your cheeks and your eyes fell closed at the contact. He giggled at you and pressed a quick peck to your lips and then took your hand in his.

“Come on, lets get you out of this cold weather.”

Dally adopting a girl who has been abused Headcanon

* Dally is 35 in this Headcanon because I don’t think he would want kids when he is 20"

* also Johnny is still alive and sodapop never went to war ( don’t hate me) *

requested by @gemini-winchester

- He felt like he was too lonely by himself since he is 35

- he adopted a 12 year old girl who used to be abused

- when the people talked about you to him he knew he wanted to give you the love he never had

- Sometimes whenever he yells you’ll flinch out of instinct

- when he sees you cry he’ll give you a big bear hug

- one time you told him a story about how you got one of your scars from your old dad

- not gonna lie he cried

- he relized that you were kinda like him and he swore to always protect you with his life and love you with all his heart

- when you got older maybe about 15 he told you about his life in New York

- One day you got to meet the rest of the gang and they instantly swore to protect you also

- he likes to buy you things but he doesn’t spoil you

- one day Dally meets a really nice girl and they start going out

- you were a little uneasy at first but after a while you were okay with calling her mom

- Pony likes to buy you books since you like to read too


- Dally will not allow it. He doesn’t want you following in his footsteps

- when you hang out with friends you best better believe there will be a ton of questions

- He likes taking you to the drive in a lot

- whenever he’s busy you will stay with Johnny or Ponyboy

- when you get married Dally is crying his eye’s out

- don’t even get me started on the father daughter dance

- He holds you so tight as if he’s afraid you’ll fall and break

- “look at you my baby, all grown up”

- he starts crying and you wipe away his tears

- “I love you so much dad”

- he moves your hair to the side and gives you a kiss on your forehead

- at the end of the day it’s nothing but laughter and happy tears

- and his present to you was every picture that yall have taken over the years

Note: im so sorry I couldn’t do an imagine I was a little busy and I could only get this done. But I hope you like it❤

Body Positivity;Johnny

Request: girl.. you already know who i’m gonna request for the body posi series (my sweet giant) 😂😂💜

  • aye im back with another body positivity post!!
  • im glad some of you actually read the winwin one
  • i know how many of you are weak™ for johnny so im gonna write it in such a way that it can help boost your confidence
  • hope this helps!!
  • let’s go

  • okay knowing johnny, he’s 101% positive and always encouraging/supportive

  • he’d do ANYTHING just to ensure you that you’re perfectly normal and have no flaws at all
  • says “i love you” every other hour
  • followed by kisses and hugs
  • sometimes it’s all warm and sweet, his soft lips just brushing lightly against yours
  • other times he gets a little aggressive, pushing them harshly onto yours and as his hands would touch each and every one of your curves
  • not because he’s angry,
  • because he’s frustrated that you can’t see the same about of beauty he sees in you
  • and it makes him sad that you feel insecure at times
  • but don’t worry, he’ll get over it quickly
  • and probably shower you with lots and lots of compliments
  • “my queen”
  • “forget wearing makeup today, you look gorgeous”
  • “anyone seen an angel before?? because i see one everyday oh my god”
  • “and she’s beautiful”
  • when he’s in the mood too, he loves kissing and pecking each and every inch of you skin
  • as his fingers trace them lightly too
  • “god babe you’re so beautiful”
  • “it’s a blessing to be with you”
  • and when you get all shy and deny
  • he denies it even more and tries to convince you to love yourself
  • which always helps because he’s just too sweet to reject??
  • “see!! so many people were staring at you today, your beauty attracts too many people”
  • “what if they were staring for another reason?”
  • “please babe, there’s nothing else on you but pure beauty?? what do you mean?”
  • “johnny you’re being so cheesy right now”
  • “just saying the truth”
  • worships you like an actual queen
  • always complimenting you and making comments/sounds to boost your confidence
  • “oh damn”
  • “wooo”
  • “that’s my girl”
  • “ahh!!”
  • /claps hands excessively/
  • and this sight is too adorable to watch you end up just feeling all fuzzy and 10× better about yourself
  • is even more open about pda and always has his arms around your hips, waist and shoulders
  • and every piece of clothing he sees, he’s try to compare it with you
  • “this dress is nice… but you know what’s better? if you wear it”
  • “please babe i dont think i’d look good with it”
  • “try it on, trust me”
  • and you do because it’s johnny™ and his fashion evaluation skills
  • and as johnny mentioned you actually look stunning
  • so he ends up buying it for you
  • which is also why he spends lots of money on clothes that can help boost your confidence
  • but at the same time he also plays a major role in helping to push if up too
  • thanks to his sweetness and convincing words, you’re now much more confident about your body and how you look
  • whatever insecurities you have, johnny would help get rid of it for you
  • because he loves you
  • with all his heart
  • and all he wants is for you to be happy

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