im so happy!!!!!!!! u go girl

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i am going to a concert in three weeks and want to look my best. do you have any suggestions on what to do to lose weight quickly? im unable to go to a gym so i dont know how exercising will please <333xxxx someone suggested that if i did the vs angels diet i could lose ten pounds a week, but would that even work??

Hey girl! I can totally help u!! Limit your calories to 500 a day and if u can’t do that make it 800-1000 a day. You’ll lose weight, I promise. Don’t do a short term fast diet, you probably won’t be happy with the results you’ll just be v hungry. Make a plan for your food and spread it out throughout the day so your blood sugar doesn’t struggle. Also drink drink drink!! Carry a reusable waterbottle with a straw
As for workout do 30 squats, 20 leg lifts per leg, 30 crunches, 5-10 push-ups (the ones on your knees count too)
If u need help with anything else feel free to ask or message me :)

Music Tag!
I was tagged by @sparkly-courf Thank u so much ilu

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Artist: MIKA

What’s your gender: stuck in the middle
Describe yourself: love today
How do you feel: relax, take it easy 
If you could go anywhere: any other world
Favorite mode of transportation: rain
Best Friend: billy brown
Favorite time of the day: happy ending
If your life was a TV show: big girl (you are beautiful)
Relationship Status: beautiful disaster
Your fear: lonely alcoholic

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V for your dumb letter ask thing

venus ofc (im being nice its ur birthday)

ur gonna get ur long letter thing rn bc like i dont have anything else to do rn and like why not make my love for u public. ahhh, happy birthday u hoe, im so glad that ur a year older. we haven’t been talking for long nor do i even know u irl but idk i like u a lot?? ur actually funny and have good memes and idc ur so pretty venus any girl/boy would be very lucky to call u their gf/bf bc ur so pretty i cri also ur actually really sweet to people and things. u go through sm and i want u to know that ur not alone in this even if u want someone to here u out, im here u hoe or if u wanna yell at me im also here. idk ik im not like the best person to have as a friend but im glad we’re friends and am v fortunate to have met ur dumbass. i love u lots venus and i hope that u have a lovely day today. happy birthday! <3

when u tell ur mom that ur schools extreme homophobia, sexism, and racism and bullying is affecting ur mental health and she doesn’t care 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 when all u wanna do is transfer but ur schools theater and language programs are too good and u wouldn’t have a chance at any other theater programs at other schools 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 when girls at ur school have ruined ur ability to make friends because they’re so two faced and bitchy 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 when u now feel anxious and paranoid around other girls and are automatically looking for ways to bring them down bc of how other girls have treated u 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 when youve spent so long covering up ur sexuality so now u think ur straight sometimes and want to date guys even tho all the guys at ur school would screw u over 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 when ur parents get mad at you for starting to work again 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 when ur parents say u need to focus less on school ??? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 when nobody takes u seriously 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 when ur made fun of in chemistry class because it takes u longer to comprehend the info than other kids 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 when girls make fun of u in French class because u moved from CP to honors and they make fun of u for it and ask u how u did it bc they ink ur stupid 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 WHEN UR SCHOOL LITERALLY HAD PHOTOS OF THEIR STUDENTS DOING B L A C K F A C E IN THE NEWSPAPER AND PEOPLE CALL UR BLACK FRIEND THE N WORD WITH A HARD R AND NOW SHE HAS TO TRANSFER WHEN THERES GRAFITTI THAT SAYS ‘WOMAN ARE INCAPABLE OF BEING PRESIDENT’ WHEN U HEAR KIDS CALLING EACH OTHER FAGS AND QUEERS WHEN UR SCHOOL IS SO TOXIC AND YOUD DO ANYTHING TO LEAVE BUT U CANT HAHA WHEN UR SCHOOL REFUSES TO ACCEPT UR LITTLE BROTHER BC HE HAS AUTISM !!

can we just talk about adam and jessa

look @ them (possibly) adopting a fish together !!

look @ her smiling at him !!!


remeber when she like just peed in public and yEAH U GO ADAM


oh more cute walky scene before the arrest

walky talky !

look @ them together oh gosh she’s so stylish okay love the dress and the shoes



u gotta admit they cute and that height difference im down for that


grrrr adam grrrrrrrr

ok whats happening here is this relationship on the rocks

aw look @ them theyre so cute togehter

And now im too happy to sleep haha

God just, can u believe? I didn’t even go into the anime knowing about her

I still don’t see why the anime is tagged “Shoujo ai” on 9anime though, cause none of the girls seem to crush on any other girls, including her? Im about maybe 6 episodes in so maybe that’ll change

If Seiko gets a girlfriend I’ll flip my fucking shit cause a Bi trans girl!? God I’d pay money for that

u are looking at one VERY TIRED yet VERY HAPPY girl and here is why! :

- I worked tonight and it was only my 2nd night as a waitress and my first night was SO awful that i went home and SOBBED for literally like 4 hours

- BUt tonight instead of sobbing I told myself i would be happy and try my best to do rlly well and i KILLED IT??? like i didnt mess up a SINGLE order and my coworkers were all really nice to me and my boss even said “it warms my heart to see a beginning server do so well” !!!!!!

- and all my tables were really sweet and loved me!!! so my tips were SO GOOD!? I’ve made almost enough to make rent this month already? i literally made more in 5 hours tonight than i made in like…. a week at my last job… like… waiting tables is such good money now i get why ppl end up doing it forever bc its just…. not that hard once u get used to it, and without any kids to take care of or loans or anything it’s just like… a steady flow of money? this is the 1st time in my life ive had that!

- one table left me a $55 tip which was like… a 50% tip on that order…. and i literally straight up cried

- the money is good but its still not enough quite yet bc im not getting enough hours yet but im really hopeful that during the month of April im actually gonna Get My Money Right for the 1st time in my life:’)

-anyway, night ONE of 3 nights of closing in a row: DONE! and im getting better every minute! if i do this well in tips tomorrow & saturday night i could? literally make rent in 3 days? who is she

im not a writer so bear with me

for new years i want maya and riley to be talking and maya telling riley that she knows she still have feelings for lucas, and riley being like “i want u to be happy” and then leaving to go with farkle and then maya says something like “but its almost midnight” and riley says “ill be right back” but then josh appears and asks maya whats wrong bc she hasnt been acting like she always does around him, so maya says theres nothing wrong, so josh tells her how he feels and then he kisses her at midnight and lucas sees them but ofc they dont see him, and after the kiss mayas like “that was so weird, like kissing my uncle” and josh says “like kissing riley” and they laugh and maya says “that was my first kiss i finally have a good story to tell everyone” and they laugh again, and maya between laughs says “i should go find lucas, thanks” and she leaves, asks riley where lucas is, and she says she saw him going into her room, so maya goes and lucas is sitting on the bay window on the dark, so maya goes sit with him and asks him whats wrong and he says he saw her and josh kissing and that if she still likes him bc shes being so difficult and hes so confused, and maya says “oh, u saw that” and hes like “yeah” and then maya says “he kissed me, and u know what?” then she smiles and says “i didnt feel a thing, it was like kissing my uncle” so lucas says “really?”and shes like “yeah, really” and he believes her bc tru lov !!!so she goes near him and she puts her head on his shoulder and takes her hand and he says something like “i really like you maya, and not in the platonic way, i really really like, i have feelings for you” and he starts caressing her hand and she laughs nervously and says “i have feelings for u too” then it shows lucas smiling and then she adds “but i guess u already knew that” and they both laugh, then maya looks up at him and smiles before putting her head on his shoulder again, then it shows riley staring from the door smiling bc her best friend is finally happy, then she leaves and thats the end of the episode

important Things:

1. clarke finally got laid even tho she prob hadnt showered in forever and im so proud. get it girl. u deserve that shit

2. jasper tackled shawn mendes off of a piano but i wish he had tackled both of them right off the show

3. raven and the rest of my children had a beautiful moment of happiness in that car. i think it was the first time since they landed on the ground. except raven she’s never had a happy moment #STOPFUCKINGHURTINGRAVENREYES2K16

4. miller touched monty’s arm while singing “i’ll make love to you” right after the bf reveal we all know where this is going right. like. instead of going the background love triangle route can i instead suggest a happy lil threesome.

5. that Look from raven @ octavia. that was. that was Gay.

6. i could not give less of a fuck about jaha’s storyline please stop focusing on that dumb crap and just give us our gay distressed children it will be better for everyone.

hey yall so im not the most skinny or toned girl going round and i don’t have big boobs etc but like bro honestly i am happy with my body atm for the first time in like 3 years like i still have a way to go before I get to my goal but im over the moon with my progress in less than 2 months and honestly if I can do this so can u seriously