im so grateful that i can see again


So blessed, go grateful, my ears are pure again, I can see clearly, the world is changing, living is fun.
Rapmon is so hot fuck I’m depressed what a perfect human being ;;

anonymous asked:

hi I just wanted to say your scenarios are so amazing. The plots are so well written and interesting and the stories themselves are pretty long which is great because more reading! I love your scenarios and I can't wait to see more come out

Omg!! Thank you so much for your kind words ;~; this means a lot, especially because of the time i invest in each ^~^ Thank you for spending the time to read them, especially with their length. I thought people would stray away from seeing longer scenarios, but im happy to know you, and others, enjoy them as much as i do!!

Thank you again, im very grateful ;~;

So yea another year has passed! And also i reached over 670 followers! I truly have a great time being here and im glad i can share my interests with amazing people! So thank you for making my experience here awesome! And also i thank every single one of my followers, i see you all in my activity and im very grateful!

Im not good with words.

But first of all i want again to thank to my first 2 followers/mutuals which they gave me power to maintain and make this blog even better (even that they dont realise this!)

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If i forgot someone please message me!!

and also…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

help please!!

i feel really bad about having to do this, but im in a super tight spot right now and could really use some help

lately me and my mom havent been able to pay any bills lately including internet, power, and our phone bills. right now we dont have internet, we have a 48hr notice for our power and her phone just got shut off and mine is next. right now we really need our phones seeing as its our only way to contact anyone or really do anything.

im currently job searching but if my phones off theres really no way i could contact anyone about getting a job. so again, im really really sorry i have to do this but if anyone can donate thatd be super helpful and i promise once were back on our feet ill pay back every cent

i have a donation link on my blog and my paypal email is please donate if you can! if not then please reblog id be super grateful ;;