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Yoooooooo I love you and I love your headcanons and everything you do is great???? Idk if you take requests but if you do pls give me headcanons about snarly, protective, Growly Boi™ Pennywise. Thank you!!! 🤡🎈💖

F I L TH!!!

But oh god yeah Penny would be so obsessive and protective

-if he has the slightest hint someone’s hurting you or they’re after you hes 0-100 LIKE T H A T

-say for example you’re on you way to the store or something and a guy stares at you weirdly Penny is right under you looking out the sewer grate at the guy and swearing under his breath

-you probably have to talk him down from killing people a few times and those aren’t always the most pleasant conversations..

-if y'all are walking around together (he’s in human form) he’s got his arm wrapped around you the whole time making sure everyone knows you’re his human.

-he’s basically just that one kid who doesn’t like to share so they throw a block at another kids head lmao

-as for confrontation you better believe he’s in their face screaming and shoving and he’s trying so hard to not get too violent because he doesn’t want you to be mad at him

-he’s probably snuck out at night and killed someone over a dispute before but he would never tell you because he hates disappointing you.

-“I swear I should put a muzzle on you..” And you’re just like joking but he thinks you’re serious and he just,,


Should you fight this lantern leader

John Stewart

-he will wreck u 

- look at those guns?? (i mean the actual guns and his arms)

- already has a plan and ur screwed

- don’t fight John dont do it 

-its not worth it

St. Walker

- why would u wanna fight him ??????? hes an angel

- dont do it u fiend 

- id fuckin fight u for threatening him

-so would arkillo 

- best try and stay away

Indigo-1 (Iroque)

- she will show u the pain u brought anyone ever and fuckin wreck u 

-then teleport away 

- pick fight at own risk

-would not recommend it 

Carol Ferris

-yes pick the fight

-she’d kick all of our asses and we’d all be grateful

-bcus she’s the best and we deserve it 

Soranik Natu

-might as well 

-you can’t murder her as hard or bad as dc murdered her character 

-im salty


-do it 

-kick his furry ass

- look at those skinny arms 

-he cant do shit 

-he murdered the other members so keep that in mind but idk i feel like u could fight him

Atrocitus (and dex-starr)

-u could pick a fight with him but hed destroy you

-then sick his kitty on you 

-would you really fight a cat 

-how could u 

- u monster 

Cute Nerd [E2!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: I have a earth2!barry request: how about he’s having an awful date and it’s going so terribly anyone can see it. Including you - their waitress. since he’s clearly uncomfortable but too shy to do anything, you decide to intervene and make something up to get him out of the situation. He’s VERY grateful so later he comes by to thank you and it’s all fluff and cuteness?? Idk i just could use some cute and adorkable e2!barry in my life right now and you’re my favorite writer <3

a/n: awwwww so cute………but short im really sorry

Why must dates be such a drag? Barry doesn’t want to be rude, but this girl is more boring than he is. Smiling awkwardly, he glances down at his plate of food; glasses dipping to the end of his nose. His fingers play with the hem of his cream cardigan nervously, not even touching his food.

From behind the counter, you frown, continuing to watch the awful date unravel before your eyes. The guy looks miserable. Deciding to go help, you fix your mint green skirt as you head towards the table. “Is everything goi- whoops!” you accidentally knock over the girls sprite, gasping. “I’m so sorry!” you apologize, trying to dab at her shirt. Barry’s green eyes widen from underneath his thin framed glasses.

When she huffs, excusing herself to the bathroom, you work on cleaning the booth. Your eyes shift in the direction of the guy. “It looks like you were really enjoying yourself, huh?” you tease, voice dripping with sarcasm.

He blushes down to his yellow bow  tie, leaning his torso against the edge of the table. “Is it that noticeable?” he cringes, squinting at you. You nod solemnly, making him sigh. “I was trying… I just… What should I do? I don’t want to be mean or rude or anything…” he babbles, shaking his head. You try not to giggle when his chestnut locks bounce.

Biting your lip, your movements slow. “Well, I know what you can do after…” you mumble, peering over your shoulder at him. As you ball up the rag, you hear him hum, interested. “You can ask for my number.” you grin, shrugging bashfully.

Gulping, his eyes go wide. “O-okay. I’m Barry, by the way.” he smiles, palms pressed to his inner thighs. “Thank you…”

“Y/N.” you wink, waltzing into the kitchen, leaving the cute nerd shook.

@fy1ao I just looked through NCT 127’s official Twitter and I’m actually shocked…Johnny’s teaser pictures are legit not there. SM posted everyone else but him. They really did that. I don’t know what to say anymore. At this rate we need to be grateful he even got a photocard in the album or even some screen time, idk. I feel like SM is mocking us for wanting to see him debuting so badly because this is a pure joke.


Secondly, he kind of thinks i’m your butler, so if you’d all play along with that, i’d be mightily grateful. Ok?

The V route issue

I think its time for me to address a problem (again) i really need to talk about and thats the whole V x rika situation. Its like everyone thinks they were meant to be. Like does NOBODY remember any of the terrible things rika said to v about how she doesnt need him, shes better off without him, shes stronger than him. The whole “she had mental illness” thing ppl use as an excuse really pisses me off. In fact, thats the more reason he shouldnt be with her. Her mental illness had gone too far out of hand for v to be able to help her. But because v irresponsibly tried taking action in trying to help rika he unintentionally made things worse. They were hurting each other. Yeah sure they still loved eachother but it just wasnt working out. Like at all. It LITERALLY resulted in v’s death. Now if you still think they should be together after THAT, let me add on to something. Lets say that in v’s route, you dont end up with v, but with you he realizes that he shouldnt be with rika and you do get help him in saving her. Now lets say that everyone lives and rika gets to go back to the rfa to get help. Do you think it would be appropriate to suggest to v, after all he’s been through to get back together with his severely mentally ill ex at that moment. HELL NO. “Oh but what if theres a time skip and rika is all better?” well i still dont think they should get back together. Again they had hurt each other at some point in there past. Their relationship was toxic. And the fact that they loved eachother very much, doesnt mean that they can HAVE TO BE TOGETHER. I would like to imagine that we do in fact play as mc and that we CAN romance v because its not impossible. I mean if we were able to romance a guy who had years worth of crippling depression, sorrow, and guilt for leaving his OWN brother behind, why cant we romance a guy who is suffering almost the exact same thing, except with his ex girlfriend. I know the situation plays off differently (duh brother doesnt equal loml) but what im trying to say is that we CAN change v. We CAN help him without having him end up with rika again. Heck maybe we CAN in fact help save rika together. We dont HAVE to make him fall in love with us, but if the route is romantic, i think all we need to do is just let him know we’re there for him and we want to help him realize his mistakes. And maybe. JUST MAYBE, he’ll fall for us without realizing its love he feels (yknow similar to jaehees route except in the end he realizes it). Idk how this will all turn out, but im kind of tired of hearing the same thing over and over about how its impossible to romance v because he was so in love with rika. Its making the players lose hope. I mean the real reason EVERYONE wanted this route was because we wanted to make v happy. WITHOUT RIKA. Again i understand ppl want to be prepared for anything that could happen in v’s route. And they want to be grateful to cheritz. I know i do/am. But i just want to let ppl know that v being with rika isnt the only possible ending in v’s route. Thx for reading. Have a nice day 😃👍

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Also, dearest, when you get the chance, I'd love a written up version of our bby Shisui biting Tobirama's hand in the Oval Office while Wifey is on vacation and Tobirama just glaring at Kagami like "Why did you have this child now I am scarred for life

More Political AU! This is probably the most iconic scene in this whole AU tbh; i dunno if i did it justice…

Originally posted by is-this-fr33dom-b4by

There were many things that Tobirama expected when he became President, some were simple and some were problematic, but none the less, all of which were things that he knew he could deal with. He had full faith in his ability to be able to combat whatever may pass along his way during his time in office. Never before had he faced something that he could not deal with, and so as he entered the presidency, he had been quickly approaching a point where had begun to think that he would ever find anything that he could not handle. Though there was one particular issue that came into the picture shortly after he became president that he had never anticipated and he was well aware that he was not fully prepared to handle…

And that was a nine month old Shisui Uchiha.

With the sound of a small hand clashing against paper in attempt to play with it, Tobirama’s thought process was completely halted, the small noise breaking his concentration over the documents he was trying to analyze. Nearly scowling as he lifted his eyes up from his papers and to his Vice President, Tobirama’s annoyance with the entire situation was evident as he silent questioned many of the events that had led them to their current position. On any normal day, he would have left his office hours ago and would have been enjoying his night in the blessed silence of the living quarters of the White House, yet that was not a possibility right then. With the nation in the midst of a somewhat controversial healthcare reform and a major decision over it all needing to be made within the next sixteen hours, both Tobirama and Kagami were trapped within the Oval Office until they could decide on what the morning would hold.  

And so, as Tobirama remained questioning why on earth he was still in his office at 11:34 at night, he looked over to his VP as he sat rereading over one of the legislative proposals with his child in his lap, gnawing on a vanilla wafer and trying to grab a hold of the very paper his father was trying to read. Tobirama’s frown was evident as he watched Kagami try to balance his attention between the nation’s newest healthcare reform and his son, the already burdenous night weighed down even more by the fact that there was a rather ornery child in the room. For a moment, Tobirama just watched as the nine month old continued on trying to grasp the paper, the cookie somehow remaining in his mouth as he reached for the document, while Kagami just kept reading the fine print almost as if he didn’t have a baby trying to get a hold of it. Now, Tobirama was well aware that this was going to be a long day, but the fact that it had lasted this long and now there was now an infant in his office causing interruptions, he was beginning to lose his patience. Breaking to silence of meticulous work, Tobirama questioned the presence of the unexpected guest in the Oval Office, “Is it really necessary to have a child in here this late? Couldn’t you have just found a babysitter?”

Glancing up from the paper, Kagami frowned slightly before trying to reason with him, knowing that this wasn’t an ideal situation, but at the same time Tobirama could have very much prevented having a baby in his office at such an hour if he hadn’t waited until the last minute for this reform. “Well, since you sent my wife out of the country on four hours notice, because of your trade with Romania falling through again, we couldn’t find a babysitter that could get him to sleep. He was just throwing a fit for the one we had and I wasn’t going to let them go through six hours of Shisui crying.” Kagami offered up, knowing that his son wasn’t the easiest to get to sleep, and it was just easier on everyone for him to simply take Shisui with him.

“Is it my fault your babysitter couldn’t get a child to sleep?”

“No, but-”

“And why couldn’t Y/N just taken him to Romania?” the president questioned, knowing that child had used his passport more in his nine months alive than Tobirama had used his in his entire life.

With a deep breath in Kagami decided that it was best to forego the President’s questions and just try to make to through the night as quickly and seamlessly and possible. “He’s not doing anything right now, and the faster we make a decision on what the final vote will be, the faster we can both leave. Besides he should be falling asleep pretty soon, normally he’s out by 7:30,” the Uchiha offer up, trying to appease both Tobirama and his baby.  

Giving a disapproving glare to Kagami and then Shisui, Tobirama inquired his VP’s previous statement, “Kagami, It’s 11:30, and he is still wide awake.”

Looking from Tobirama to Shisui, Kagami just smiled at his nine month old and questioned him, his tone completely changing as he talked to Shisui “Why won’t you go to bed? Aren’t you tired?” he asked lightheartedly as he held onto his hand, “Or do you just really care about passing this universal healthcare?” Kagami continued to joke, a completely different attitude evident when it came to his son.

And as soon as that was questioned, the only thing that could be heard throughout the Oval Office was the laughing of an infant as he hugged onto his father.

Helplessly smiling despite the fact that he could feel Tobirama’s glare, Kagami just laughed at Shisui’s reaction, “Aw, your mom would be so proud-”

“Are you seriously asking an infant about the approval of the nation’s healthcare?” Tobirama interrupted, almost in disbelief.

Standing up and placing Shisui on the carpet with a handful of teethers and links, Kagami shook his head as he turned back to the President, “No, but he needs attention, because I’ve been here all day and Y/N’s in Romania.” he offered up, justifying his reasons- reasons that were caused by Tobirama’s demands. “And if we’re being realistic, Shisui probably has more education and understanding behind universal healthcare than most conservatives in Senate.”

Hearing that, Tobirama fell silent for a moment, knowing that last comment was not far off from the truth. So inhaling, he just nodded, “Very, well. Let’s just finish this, so we can both go home.”

And for a good moment, the two men were allowed to work and make progress on their decision of what was going to happen in the morning, yet that was only for a moment. Like before, it was a small unfamiliar noise that broke Tobirama’s focus on the proposed bill. Instantly looking behind himself as he heard a small hand clash against the metal post that held the nation’s flag, an immediate grimace was upon the Senju’s face as he was able to take in the scene behind him. There, right behind him, was his VP’s child just casually chewing on one of the most iconic flags in the entire world as if was nothing more than a mere toy.

Taking note that he now had an audience, Shisui looked up to the President, and just gave an ornery little smile, the flag still very much in his mouth.

And it was that cheeky little smile that made Tobirama’s grimace turn into a full on glare as he picked up the small child, no longer having the tolerance for the baby. “No- stop being disrespectful.” he commanded as if he was talking to an adult before looking to the child’s father.  “I understand that he’s an Uchiha and your family does not have morals half the time, but allowing him to chew on the flag is inexcusable.” he reprimanded Kagami for allowing Shisui to crawl around and do as he pleased.

Wanting nothing more than to just go home with Shisui and go to sleep, Kagami didn’t even look up from the document as he replied to his superior, “Well then, you can hold him while I decide what the vote tomorrow will be since I am the one who gets the tie breaker vote.” he offered, never once breaking his concentration on the document.

With a shift of his glare, the President looked to the baby that he now held and just shook his head at the infant. “Just because your parents are two of the main political forces in the nation doesn’t mean you have free range in this office. I will not let you abuse these privileges, Shisui.” he lectured the baby as if he was cognitive enough to understand what was being said.

Though all this scolding did nothing, but evoke another laugh from the child. Shisui Uchiha may have only been nine months old, but in his short time alive, he had become very well aware of all the scowls and frowns that his uncle made, and even though these expressions instilled fear in many, there was something about irritating his uncle enough to cause these expressions that amused him like nothing else. Continuing that ornery little smirk, he grabbed onto his uncle’s hand and continued to play.

A small sigh escaped Tobirama, knowing that his competencies did not lie within the world of children, but if dealing with Shisui now allowed him to leave his office quicker, then he would do so. Leaning back in his chair, he allowed the infant to hold onto his hand as he glanced out the window, wanting nothing more than to have this healthcare reform decision made, so he could bask in the serenity of childless silence. And as he continued looking out into the White House pavilion, Tobirama honestly wasn’t even paying that much attention to the child in his lap until he felt a wet slobber envelope part of his hand.

Looking down in disgust as the baby began gnawing on his hand, Tobirama scrunched his nose as he questioned why his VP’s child was acting more like a dog than a human child. “Why is he trying to bite me? I didn’t do anything to him? He should be grateful I’m letting him stay in this office.” he snuffed.

Absent mindedly, Kagami answered, again not looking up to the President, “He’s teething. He can’t actually bite you; he only has two teeth right now. He’s cutting four others right now though, so he’s gnawing on everything,” Kagami explained as he kept on reading. “Just let him do it- he hates teethers and I ran out of frozen vanilla wafers, and if he’s chewing on something, it’ll stop him from crying.”

Inhaling sharply, Tobirama looked back down to Shisui from a moment and just shook his head. “Children are fowl …” he murmured out before he looked away, not wanting to see an infant gnaw on his hand as if it were a chew toy. And though Tobirama was able to distance himself from the fact that he was now no better than a piece of plastic in the eyes of Shisui, that only lasted for a moment. Snapping him back into reality -in what felt like only moment after Kagami had told him that Shisui wouldn’t bite- was a sharp pinch down on his hand and sudden sharp pain piercing through his hand.

Instantly pulling his hand back out of pure instinct, Tobirama looked down to the baby and snapped at the child, “WHAT, CHILD- WHAT ARE YOU DOING-?!” he barked at the baby before looking back to his hand, which was now sporting a deep two teeth bitemark that was now beginning to bleed.

Almost immediately stopping his work as he heard all of this commotion, Kagami was almost in disbelief as he saw Tobirama glare down at his son, holding his now bleeding hand up in the air, away from Shisui in fear for the baby would bite again. Now, if Tobirama hadn’t hit his tolerance threshold earlier, then he certainly did then, and it was evident in the evil look he was giving Shisui, who was still giving him that ornery little smile, finding the whole reaction amusing. And so knowing that this was not the prime time for his son to be acting like this, Kagami nearly bolted up and took Shisui back from Tobirama.  

Glaring at Kagami almost as if he could have ended him right that second, Tobirama handed off the child. “I thought you said he wouldn’t bite-”

“He’s never bit me or Y/N-”

With his bloody hand as evidence, Tobirama shook his head in annoyance, “Kagami- do you see this; this is a bite- a bite that broke skin somehow.”

Running his free hand through his hair, Kagami just shrugged, unsure what to tell him, “I- I’m sorry; It wasn’t vicious; it’s just his teeth. He’s never done anything like that before.” he tried to defend his son, as he looked over to Shisui who was now just resting his head against his chest, as if nothing had just happened.

Still, the death glare persisted. “I am going to have a permanent scar on my hand, because of your child.”

“I don’t think that it will scar-”

Interrupting Kagami’s defense, Tobirama just shook his head. “Do you realize that when I picked you as my VP, you didn’t have children?”

“I know, Tobirama, but-”

“It should have stayed that way.” Tobirama butted in before his VP could have had a chance to explain himself.  Standing up, Tobirama began walking towards the door, “I’m done for the night. Vote for whatever in the morning, I don’t care; it’s your job. I’m going to go have to wrap up my hand that your child maimed.” he announced, making his irritation with the situation known as he exited the room.  

Hearing the door close, Kagami just looked over to his son and shook his head, “I know your teeth are bothering you, but you can’t bite people, you know?” he sighed as he kissed his son’s head, not upset by what just happened, but more or less just exhausted by it all, and the fact that his nine month old son had the power to cause the President to act as such. And so, picking up his messenger bag with his free hand, Kagami made sure that his important documents were in there before he began talking to Shisui again.  “Let’s go home. We’re going to have to call your mother and tell her what happened before Tobirama calls her saying you threatened treason, or something,” he shrugged as they began their way out of the White House and towards their car.

Within minutes, the two curly haired Uchihas reached the black Volvo and as Kagami strapped Shisui in his carseat, he pulled out his phone and dialed the familiar number, hoping that it wasn’t too early in Romania.

Picking up the call after about the third ring, Kagami was greeted by the commonly upbeat voice, yet in this instance there was some confusion in your voice due to the uncertainty of why he would be calling at such an hour.  “Hey, Babe, what’s going on? Isn’t it like one in the morning back home?” you asked him,  knowing that the time difference between you was starkly different at the moment.

Putting the phone on speaker as he got into the car, so that Shisui could hear your voice, he wasn’t even quite sure of how to tell you what had happened “Y/N.”

Caught a bit off guard by his concerning tone, you frowned. “W-what happened?” you questioned, knowing that it was seldom that Kagami ever sounded so exhausted. “Are you still at a stalemate with the reform? Just vote to pass it, Kagami. It’ll help a lot of people; some of the pharmaceuticals will have issues with it, but they shouldn’t be charging over a thousand dollars for an epi-pen.” you tired, thinking that could have been the only thing that would have caused him to be so exhausted.

“Oh, don’t worry about that; I was already going to vote to pass it tomorrow,” he agreed with your thinking before getting to the point of why he called you in the middle of the night, “I just wanted to warn you that Tobirama will probably be calling you soon-”

A small sigh escaped you, “Why- what happened? What did he do now?” you questioned, not wanting to go on another impromptu business trip, because the President was terrible at handling foreign affairs and you were always the one who had to go out and fix it.

For a moment, Kagami was silent as he looked back to Shisui, who now looked like he was about to pass out, exhaustion finally hitting the infant. With a deep breathe, he offered up the truth, “Shisui bit Tobirama earlier…”

A slight pause came from you, before a slight laugh could be heard. “Oh, no. He made Tobirama a chew toy?” you joked, finding it comical that of all people your son chose to bite, it was Tobirama.

Hearing your laugh, a small smile came upon Kagami’s face before he told you the severity of it, “Yeah, but it actually bled-”



“I bet he’s going to milk that as long as possible…” you remarked, knowing the Senju too well.

Kagami nodded to himself as he gave you more details to that aftermath of it, “He said he was ‘maimed,’ and ‘permanently scarred,’ by Shisui and then went on to say how he picked me as his VP before we had Shisui.”

Rolling your eyes, you frowned slightly before advising something that Kagami probably was already thinking, “So, maybe we should hold off before telling him about the second baby then?”

“Yeah, I don’t think he would be able to handle the possibility of us having another child that has the ability to bite him…” the Uchiha slightly chuckled.

Joining in with the laugh, you shook your head, “Whoever would have thought that a nine month old child had the ability to test Tobirama so much?”

Teenage Angst Edgelord Baz Pitch

I’m very funny i know and the basil joke totally hasn’t been made a thousand times before ahaha

Also isn’t this the laziest shading you’ve ever seen?? The answer is yes but do i care?? also yes absolutely please don’t hate me

i don’t normally let anons get to me, but i just spent like the last half hour crying over one tbh. so now that i feel totally stupid, I’m gonna be honest. I’m just having a really really hard time being here rn. I would like to do replies but I am just really emotional and I don’t know why. To those of you who sent kind words or defended me against the harsh words I’m eternally grateful and I’m going to try to message you back so I don’t seem like a tool. 

but right now I’m having a hard time being online. im going to spend time with elijah and feed him and idk give him a bath because he’s probably growing potatoes behind his ears. but I’m really sorry for my inactivity and my really negative mood lately. I am trying, I promise.

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J when he's depressed

  • JUSTIN shrugs off any advances when he’s in his feelings. as much as he loves you, he really isn’t interested in you at the moment.
  • HE’S super sensitive ! he’s a pisces so he usually takes things you say to heart, but any negative comments you may utter (“you’re not looking too good, jay” or “would it kill you to put your dirty clothes in the hamper?”) will only put him in a worse mood. if he doesn’t snap at you, he’ll trudge back to your shared room, and you’re never really sure which is worse.
  • YOU’RE not always at the top of your game and his pouting and general quiet demeanor sometimes goes unnoticed. when you do realize, however, you’ll give him his space for an hour or two before approaching him.
  • SOMETIMES his only desire is to talk and sometimes he would rather sit in silence. whatever he chooses, he’s really just glad you’re beside him. despite what you think is your better judgement, he doesn’t like being alone.
  • IF you guys aren’t together (and let’s be real, it’s more common than not) he’ll manage to get you on skype for as long as he needs to vent. 
  • HE’LL stop talking every now and again, glance at the time, and persuade you into going to bed because he’s convinced the time zone difference and lack of sleep might just kill you. 
  • YOU always assure him you’re fine, but doze off minutes later.
  • HE’LL linger for moments afterward just to admire you.
  • YOUR presence doesn’t always make the bad feelings go away, but God, he is so grateful to have you.

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Hi i read the tag on your recently reblogged xiuhan pic.. And i was wondering why you are proud of them? ^^

i’m proud of the 11 members who are working extra hard rn for the upcoming concert

because of Kris’s absence,its most likely that they have to re-do everything from member formation,having 12 members and now fix it to 11 position isnt exactly the easier thing to do,also they have to practice extra choreo w the usual choreo,fix performance list since there might be special/collab stages that kris was spozed to be in,then they have to cover extra singing/rapping part.they already filmed the vcr and w such sudden news and short notice on top of having schedule,its almost impossible to refilm them so they’re in a sticky situation.barely 8 days but have to do all of these things and even more

i thought it will be hard to see K members’s face.but u know what,after reading the fan acc of all the pre recording,i just feel so proud. they try to cheer up each other,fool around and even joke around w the fans.they create fun atmosphere and laugh and try to make each other smile w their lil yeol kept bothering soo then get punch,or how baek keep doing the dance,yeol tease the fan by pretending to film the fans when he saw the fans cover their face when the camera come ,keep reassuring the fans that they’re fine and dont be worry and promise good stage or the concert etc they worked hard to bring great performances and suho did a rlly good job w their winning speech.he included the M members and the fans and thats presh 

and i know they might not be as happy as they look.but a smile is better than a frown and i hope it ll somehow make them feel better too.i appreciate their effort to smile and to make joke to make the fans feel better. they are trying,for them and for us and that’s wonerful

on top of that,they arent also in their best condition rn.kai injured his back and it hurts so much that he had to crouch down,get the members to pull him up and now he went to the hospital.yeol kept touching his arms,baek kept rubbing his stomach but at least sehun’s hand got better.they are practicing till midnight for the concert and participate in activities in the morning.kyungsoo is in the middle of filming his drama rn they barely rest yet they didnt let us feel bad by showing their exhaustion and keep saying they’re fine dont worried. they hold back their tears,it hurts to see suho up there alone giving his speech and do encore and looks like he was on the verge of crying. its all for their sake and our sake. i know i’ll laugh at their silly lil joke but literally gon burst into tears if one of them im grateful for their smiles and their fooling around. im just idk im so grateful and also worried.would they be alright physically and emotionally to take care of everything in 8 days and carry on a 3 day long concert?

fans said they kind had :[ and :( while leaving and waving to the fans.i know they are exhausted.but they still try their best;u can tell by just looking at photos.but every single day they all come to SM building and practice till 2 3AM or even later.and did i mention K performance was really good? if no one tells me i wouldnt know Kai is injured cuz his charisma and passion is still there tho it hurts to even move.the fanchants are amazing i heard M member’s fans voted for K too and there’s this bursting feeling in me jahdadhakdhadhakdhaksd

also, i know Tao looks up to Kris and they are rlly close.obviously he’s affected by this whole thing and somewhere along the line i wonder if he felt like giving up cuz he’s so sensitive but he proved me wrong .last night he was singing and crying at midnight and it broke everyone’s heart.yet he post and say he’s working extra hard and he’s grateful and motivated to work even harder and told the fans to be strong and dont cry. if anything,he’s even more pumped up and i’m thankful for his hardwork and positivity 

Yixing waved to the fans this morning,Luhan was on Weibo these past few days so he knows what’s going on.we hear nothing from Xiuchen but at the end of the day they all gather together and practice extra hard to make it work.all of them are putting effort into this and it hurts to see how tired and hurt they are,but at the same time im thankful and proud of them.for doing all of this.i rlly appreciate it and it just makes me feel better.

honestly everyone is watching them and predicting their future. they arent in a position to say anything but they know we are worried and they care guys.they are working this hard despite the pain for who? its for us,their fans,the one who support and cheer and worry for them.rn they only have us. and we need to stick to them and support them on this journey ahead.its not gon be easy but we learn and grow every step along the way.they’re in a shitty situation,there are so much to do and to say,everyone is watching and hurting, the company wont be easy on them after this and the group’s schedule and salary prob gon be complicated.but they are doing this for us,so we should do what we always do : be with them and support them and love them

again i’m so so so so proud of them ;__________;